Proper living home: rich, of the major shareholders of the door massage project on?

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the rise of O2O, traditional service industry have played a door-to-door service, only in the field of the door massage the country has more than one hundred entrepreneurs. Segmentation, bears, and focus on the Chinese medicine massage with kung fu, hua tuo to, hand girl, comfortable, pedicures with the door to help, dynamic frog, e pedicures, etc. Cloud network hunting today introduce proper living home, although incoming late, but menacing.

appropriate home is rich Chinese traditional offline pedicures chain Beijing launched the door products, has completed the HongTai fund $3 million angel financing, A round of funding are in progress. Beijing rich overseas Chinese was founded in 2003, so far in the country has nearly 800 offline store, there are nearly 20 chain stores in Beijing. As rich overseas Chinese online platform, proper living home officially launched on December 26, 2014, currently include symptomatic toning and foot massage of TCM two categories, first has the technician team of nearly 400 people.

proper living home founder form, a former media people, founded China entertainment network, in 2003 started investing in the rich Chinese, offline store for 12 years. Appropriate students health management center, founded in 2012, mainly for the traditional Chinese medicine health care personal health management research provides solutions of a class, but in the process form only to find that the fragmentation of time for users and the cost is very high. How to close to the user, better solve the user’s pain points to form the O2O mode.

HTML said in an interview with hunting cloud network, is now his massage O2O time most ripe, “I can say is the massage industry the most understand the Internet, and Internet industry most understand the massage.” Coupled with the rich Chinese nearly 50000 technician support form of confidence. At the same time, in an interview with hunting cloud network, according to online on proper living at home has four orders over 1000.

based on proper living home WeChat side, users can advance booking an hour and a half Chinese medicine, foot massage, health care, pedicure, nearly 20 categories such as door-to-door service, at present has covered Beijing city (north rings to south third ring road, west east rings to the rings), the average unit price is 176 yuan. Compared with the type of door-to-door service, proper living home price is not dominant, but to form cloud network hunting cites the daily order of more than 1000 reasons:

1, the rich Chinese itself offline resources of endorsement, guarantee of an offline store let users more trust.

2, enough resource supply, industry recruitment for more acquaintance introduced the pain is not the problem of proper living home, technician enough resource.

3, regulate the quality of teacher, standardized services. Category of traditional Chinese medicine recuperation is recruiting more, must have three years work experience, with four card mount guard, after verification platform must meet the national standard of occupational physicians; Leisure health technicians for hiring more rich overseas service standard of trained staff.

4, to the technician and the user’s security, the technician is strict censorship screening system, the platform guarantees to ensure the safety of users; For technician has strict security measures, can trigger the alarm within short time.

it is thought the door massage is fired out false demand, the form does not agree. He calculated brushstroke zhang: to complete the daily average of 1000, a year is more than 360000 single, it needs to invest 20 million decorate cost, rent 50 million, decorate to 10 stores, hiring more than 200 managers, need to spend nearly 100 million dollars a year, 4 years to complete. And the form is in four months spent 4 million won to average $1000 single, HTML is very confident, “Internet orders growth and cost is not proportional to the growth of the relationship, may order increase, the more the more income, cost instead of smaller, but the equivalent of a traditional business will only bigger.”

O2O price war is inevitable, user habits must be fast, but the form does not think the habit of users has been mature education at present. “Now also belongs to the early, the country more than 100 massage O2O added up to the total amount of less than one percent of the traditional industries, to meet the needs of users and didn’t get the big.” In addition, the form also admitted that in the process, the biggest difficulty is the recruitment and assessment of the technician.

the development direction of the next step for proper living got home, reveal will continue to expand the city form, plans to extend to the end of more than 10 cities, hiring nearly 4000 technician team. “Other cities will choose copy translation mode, is therefore more to the quality control, ensure high quality.”

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