Programmers to auction 100 offer announced for 20 million A round of funding, we are willing to work with the Internet people treat others “gentle”

(article/who 闫森)

today, dedicated Internet programmer auction 100 offerceo Jia Zhifan tell hunting cloud network, A start-up company access to the domestic 20 million yuan for A round of funding, temporary not convenient to disclose the investor. ()

Jia Zhifan startup reason is due to their demand,. The cause of the roughly Jia Zhifan summary for this time. information opaque, high-end talent by headhunters to control. Market salary is not transparent, the programmer’s real interest no efficient venting channel .

Jia Zhifan tell hunting cloud network, 100 offer positioning is “is one of the best programmers find better offer”. in contrast to the traditional recruitment website resume sea way, offer 100 showed the selected candidates to the employers, after being clear salary, again by the candidate selection is interested in the opportunity to communicate the interview. Information confidential, job seekers don’t have to worry about .

100 offer to target users located in salary in 200000 ~ 800000 annual salary of the programmer. The income of programmers are often not in ordinary recruitment website meet the needs of treatment of appreciation, also do not belong to pursue profit maximization of headhunters attack.

, according to 100 offers the founder Jia Zhifan conforms to the platform positioning programmers in total 5 million programmers in China accounts for about 10% ~ 20%, which means that the population up to 500000 ~ 1 million. Now offers 100 registered users has exceeded 30000.

at the same time, 100 offer, when choosing registered employers must meet five big city from north to guangzhou, hangzhou, and to get financing, have a specific product or service online. Platform now has 1800 Internet companies offer registered in 1800.

according to Jia Zhifan, 100 offer a month about 8000 programmers apply for registration, but pass rate only 5% ~ 10%, the approval and to participate in the auction of programmers, the average each issue can get 5 ~ 10 interview invitation.”

a month we will hold four period auction, programmer to participate in the auction of 400 people every month. Compared with traditional recruitment website, job seekers need to one-to-one delivery resume and watch for more highly paid people and spend a lot of traditional human headhunters, 100 offer still has certain advantage in talent efficiency .

100 offer to get financing, promotion and operation is the key to the future. Jia Zhifan tell hunting cloud network, then he will lead the team in technical level, human services, and marketing three aspects, try to break even at the end of the year.

in terms of user scale, 100 offer plans to achieve at the end of this year to participate in the auction to 800 a month; Income, the platform since this year have been advancing charging mode, namely to employers a successful entrants pay 10% commission.

in the planning of Jia Zhifan, talent auction mode should be suitable for more position or industry. We believe that the auction is more job seekers, not too limited programmers, “now we have proved the value of this model in programmer recruitment, we will explore more similar position step by step, such as product manager, Internet sales, UI designer, etc., goal is also to be: help the best Internet in finding better offer .”

at the same time, the recent Jia Zhifan team is also looking at a situation in which, the this is also the problems faced by most recruitment website: to HR qualifications whether can let they can on the platform to screen the programmer to more appropriate?

they approach is to sign with companies, such as they sign with an appliance merchant company, this appliance merchant company has several HR, he has a few accounts offer here in 100, since we signed a contract to tell them about our products and how to use the after. they directly to follow up on all HR internal, nine technical department to the background where direct screening . Because early at the beginning of high quality talents has been our screen, so as long as the technical department to find a time to do a timely check is ok.