Programmers auction model, 100 offers how to play?

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“when talent auction this pattern in 100 offer to the limit, I think we will go to study 100 offer should have what kind of business model.” This is offer 100 founder Jia Zhifan in zhihu one answer, topic is “how do you comment on the programmer to auction 100 offer web site”.

it was in September 2014, because of this answer, I know this can “auction” the website programmers — – a service in high-end programmer in vertical recruitment platform. Time soon, immediately by March 2015. After less than half A year, 100 offer unexpectedly took out A copy of this paper: 2600 enterprises, 20 million yuan A round of funding.

to tell you the truth, as a segment and then segment the recruitment platform, has such performance has been pretty good. So, 100 offer how? How much it will be the value of space? The competitive environment?

product model

it is understood that the target user of 100 offer located in 200000-800000 annual salary of programmers, generally in the Internet company for 3 to 4 years.

100 offers the auction model USES a programmer. The auction issue every week, duration of 2 weeks. In two weeks time HR can send invitation to programmer is auction. Each auction scheduled for Monday.

auction model of process is this: the programmer will resume, making accounts, social networking accounts submitted to offer 100, after 100 offer audit, 100 offer to programmer for packaging, such as a word description, etc. Through the review of the programmers will enter the auction process.

be granted an interview, this platform will provide the programmer with its partner of vehicles, to the interview. Incorporated into the position of programmer interview is successful will receive money and gifts from 100 offer. For there is no satisfactory position in previous programmer, also can be directly into the next phase of the auction, no need to repeat to disclose the information.

it is important to note that in order to ensure that the platform has a good auction environment, 100 offer for programmers and hiring companies have also set up a two-way constraints mechanism:

1, the Internet giant, such as removing the BAT 100 offer requirements in enterprises must be from the north to guangzhou, hangzhou, getting financing, have clear line of products or services. Platform in more than 1900 enterprises at present is to filter out of the filing of 6000 companies.

2, programmers need to bind himself making accounts, social networking accounts, after 100 offer staff screening in the auction, now a month about 8000 programmers apply for registration, the passing rate is only 5% to 5%.

and on privacy protection, 100 offer have comparative perfect way:

1, when fill in the data, the programmer can choose shielding with the current enterprise company mailbox suffix, so now the company’s HR programmer any information could not be seen.

2, display information to the other company HR, HR can only see a simple introduction, name, telephone and specific experience are hidden. Only be seen in after sending the intention to invite the HR, the programmer’s details.

there is no denying the fact that 100 offer has figured out a set of more perfect “auction model”.

value space

“traditional recruitment delivery produced no 1 10 times interview, more than 90% of the resume. In 100 offer, 1 time delivery within two days can receive an average of 14 an interview.” Jia Zhifan disclosed during the interview.

Jia Zhifan also introduces, “100 offers platform for 4 auctions per month, a programmer to participate in the auction of 400 people, to the end of the year up to 800 people; Currently has more than 40000 programmers and settled in this, the national 2600 Internet companies one in every four programmers in 100 offers.”

are such effect, in Jia Zhifan view, because compared with the traditional headhunting company, 100 offer has the advantage that traditional headhunting clinch a deal in January a single even very good results, because traditional recruiters to repeat to introduce different HR talent. But 100 offer saved same time by means of the Internet; Besides traditional headhunting services in more than 20 enterprises only commonly and thousands of people, there is no press power on both sides, and with the 100 offers the more, the greater the number of job to apply for the two sides are enlarged, can appear the corresponding rewards and punishment mechanism, can guarantee the credibility of both sides.

and many other online recruitment company is by sells flow to the company, the pattern is different with 100 offer. In his view, the recruitment is a low frequency, only one person in every 30 people want job-hopping, so precision is very important. So, 100 offer has the role of “recruiting experience”, make the traditional search firm of professional advisory services: help to participate in the auction programmer outstanding resume highlights, screening the personalized requirements, such as appropriate position until orientation and track the programmer interview situation. But on this platform, the service is done through the phone and the Internet.

clearly, accurately, by spectrum, high efficiency should be 100 offer to attract users to the three advantages of value.

competitive environment

mode of talent auction, as actually comes from silicon valley. In May 2012, the United States established talent auction platform Hired in the same year in September, Hired founder Matt Mickiewicz and launch more vertical DeveloperAuction as co-founder (programmer) auction, let programmers to display their talent, and give yourself a “sale” label, let startup options. Matt Mickiewicz argues that there are a large number of silicon valley start-ups can’t in need of high speed development phase recruit enough talents, thus missed opportunities and even on the brink of collapse.

apparently, Jia Zhifan obtain the inspiration from Hired. However, as to get inspiration, and he not only offers a 100 in China. It is understood that at present Beijing JobDeer, the strength of the shenzhen etc are also through the way of talent auction recruitment on the Internet. JobDeer is planning a new round of financing, power in March by ali is personal millions of angel investment.

not only that, although the traditional online recruitment website gradually weakened, but also strong growth emerging online recruitment website. At the end of march last year, relying on the 3 w coffee create pull hook net to bertelsmann, A $5 million investment, only five months later, pull hook net was announced to the $25 million B round qiming. Almost at the same time, cooperated has got amazing C round of $70 million. You know, pull hook and cooperated two main recruitment is the Internet industry.

however, in the definition of Jia Zhifan, 100 offer real opponents or traditional headhunting company. Although other emerging recruitment website dimension and scale are greater than themselves, but in the programmer this niche they are not necessarily can he so precise and thoughtful. And in his view, and the hook, cooperated big, 100 offer do is recruitment, programmers did not come here to apply for a job, but a demonstration. 100 offer to do so, in a sense, the search of live, but it is not “traditional”. His way in the use of the Internet, he thought, the traditional headhunting industry, he want to use the Internet to connect the programmer and thousands of Internet companies.

this let me can’t help but think of Jia Zhifan in the answer on zhihu, this one line:

“100 offer vision is through auctions this new model to change the recruitment of this industry. I hope, let more good programmers and employers to offer 100 the platform, look at the auction this model what can bring for the old industry changes, what bring good programmers job change, this is our offer 100 team’s first goal.”

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