Programmer inn: gather scarce programmers resources, talent agent


58 market are merged, and the Chinese talent net behemoth, seems to be recruiting industry didn’t get to play. Do vertical “the Internet recruitment” pull hook into the financial recruitment, seems to be vertical recruitment is a false dichotomy. However, there are also a exception. Different from 100 offer dedicated programmers recruitment, programmer inn to do good programmer’s agent, hunting cloud network thinks he has a light social connotation, together to get to know it.

high LengFan son programmers agent

it is the most tight resources in business circle, the new enterprise, a necessary resources, traditional enterprise information resources most urgently. Yes, it is program apes, as the name implies, the national protected animals, however, good programmers are scarce resources.

programmer inn aspire to do good programmer’s agent, services for the programmer. Specifically, you don’t have to prepare for a job interview with care, don’t have to fill in the resume form, don’t have to waste time in not your core values. 3 minutes to complete basic information to fill in, the system automatically grab show important data, generate personal home page, the programmer circles to establish their own influence. Now to realize the automatic community information fetching, the future will try to grab automation work information, become a programmer automatically updates the exhibition hall of achievement.

good programmers inn founder Chen Ke convective cloud network, said: “we as an entrepreneur, project director and provide objective truth, and understand information talents, break the information asymmetry, improve the appropriate personnel. At the same time, employers are looking for the right programmers, with projects and cooperation intention will take the initiative to contact programmer, let the programmer be active pick party.”

I have my attitude, and was superior to ask for

programmer inn principle is the most good programmers, not want to jump ship programmer, they hope to dig, is the programmer can bring various more likely value for others, instead of a deal.

and programmers inn is close to the industry vertical recruitment. Chen Ke tell hunting cloud network: “in our view, the vertical is correct, however the attraction of traditional recruitment will gradually reduce, will be replaced by” just “, which is what we do ‘for the first station in the field of programmers’.” Based on this, they think not the same type on the market competition.

hunting cloud network learned that they want to achieve a result: no matter who you are, when you are trying to solve a problem, to achieve a project, or even work together, the first reaction is to programmers inn, and must be able to find the right person, to complete the matter together with you.

so, cloud network hunting think they also have the light of the social connotation, no righteousness in ‘ ‘buying and selling, hiring, though is the ultimate goal, but in the process of consultation communication is not the connotation of community, it eventually became a programmer’s alliance, even can organize various activities, competition, strengthening communication, learning, with the progress and development.

team composition and the original

good Chen Ke, founder: 2013-2014 in wuhan, I help network technology co., LTD. – head. Jane before Jiang Lou, product partners, seven finance small white financing platform is one of the founding partners. Ju wei, financial partners.

it is worth mentioning that team member is connected to the programmer inn. Team three partners are Internet industry serial entrepreneurs, they deeply realize, the programmer has a very high degree of market demand, but because of the high threshold is less likely to be understanding market value. We hit it off, want to make the programmer of choose and employ persons, is to save time, save worry docking.

project development and future plan

team in March, determine the direction, the current stable version of the product has just launched a little more than 2 months (Web), iOS and android launched a month or so. Programmers registered users more than 2600, through the website of contact also has more than 2500 times, some relatively good programmers even have more than 10 times by contact record, we feel it proves that this direction is attractive.

now are planning to angel round. Money will be used to increase the intensity of operation, attract more programmers to register. At the same time, because the product has just launched, there are still some shortcomings. Such as screening can reflect the programmer more influential professional community, such as how to more effectively weekly hero list of recommended selection, features prominent, etc., we are also interact with the user, hope to gradually improve.

profit model, the programmer inn will contact encryption for programmers, when employers determine demand charge, and some of the commission to give to the corresponding programmers, and programmers benefit together. Good Chen Ke tell hunting cloud network: “we believe that scarcity decided to say. Good programmers is worth to pursue the attentively, programmers inn is a place that let you have to ask for.”