Products of addition and subtraction, what the basis to do?

cloud network hunting note: when we talked about the history of a product, we always tend to increase its growth and performance. Actually many times, excluding those unnecessary or about Australia , the performance of the resource to misappropriate elsewhere is the key to the development of products. After all, to make products, the most important and most difficult is: make it more streamlined.

when we talked about the development of a product, our main concern is often how products are made, on the way to increase what performance, and the development of the product and mature process. This is really quite good, but create Quibb according to my experience, I found out extra performance is also one of the important aspect of product design and management.

how to make the product less bloated, put the products do more concise, more vivid, such a thing has never been quite sure guide or indicators. I have seen too many mature company remove the various performance of the products. They want to identify, distinguish, weigh the product each function, and then make a difficult decision – which features should be removed. Only in this way can they achieve “make a better product”.

users vs developers

if a product of an existing feature is in desperate situations, it is necessary when we look at the features for the user’s influence and impact on producers of separate. Although in most cases the customer and the company’s goal is the same, but not all.

will have met a few years ago such dilemma. At that time, the problem in the Direct Question on this feature. Direct Question is to let the user directly through the function of the characters to site home page the user questions.

to the user, the lower performance threshold, save trouble. They can use this function to a particular user directly questions. But this feature was finally removed, because the company found that if the user can directly between questions and won’t appear so much valuable information on the problems on the home page.

this performance is a typical example: it is very convenient for users, but for the company to create valuable content caused adverse.

real user vs. ideal user

that you defined “target groups” users often is not the first user of your product. Maybe you know a lot about them and have reliable the reason why you prefer your users in “ideal”, rather than they.

a product users is a natural time and cycle time (i.e., the early and late users), but the most important thing is that you can’t be characteristics of the early users around your schedule. Do you want to continue to maintain the product characteristics, according to your first lock “target groups” continue to create and improve it, add new performance. Both for the sake of early adopters, retain their favorite performance, but also for your later users continue to elaborate products. Do you want the right balance between the two.

as to the performance of a product to add too much often means that you need to remove them in the future.

transplantation vs remove

recently, the developer has a tendency to more sensitive on the issue of trade-offs. They are no longer completely eliminate a performance; They choose to convert these performance to a new product.

Dropbox used this method to develop the photo sharing proprietary software Carousel, Facebook also similarly introduced a Messenger, foursquare is a Swarm. Even though most of us can’t do, such as legal system imitating the strategy, but keep it as we emphasized the importance of product is concise and vivid, especially the application of load on the phone.

mobile version vs web version

in recent days, I and several intelligence industry entrepreneurs talked. They all want to put their first products into mobile phone special edition page. Because the mobile version and common browser version product works really poor is too big, both in appearance and usage patterns between different.

design product is what exactly performance should be deleted from the mobile application, it is also a headache for the producer. Twitter is done very well in this respect. First take a look at the web application. Web page version covers noodles wide, sub menu items up to 13.

developers also realized that to add so many set on the mobile version of that use too much trouble, the application itself is also hard to avoid. Twitter had to make a decision, what are the specific function separating them keep in mobile applications.

you balance on one platform to remove products which performance is always a difficult decision, because you need the product done as compact as possible, but the user experience as much as any other version of your product.

so there will be a technical challenge

when you weigh the function’s future and make a decision, you must concern to every detail, being economical. And almost every function is a real technical limitations and requirements.

when you are making a new function, you can, and the future of the product, set the treaty: what do you want to ask you now to write in the future will not out of date, and can you add to the performance of the compatible. A few new features can make a simple software increased reliance on people, human resources limited production team may puff.

support OS version, loading time, legacy costs, scaling and so on, for the function of the software I can name a lot. Most of the time, reduce the technical part of the trouble, or function of eliminating the effect is not ideal is the real meaning of greatly save resources, good use limited resources in the existing, more popular, more promising performance.

Quibb one in the early function is used to resolve those not Quibb users but Quibb existing users of Twitter user profiles. If I can put their company name on the number, then I can determine the basic they are colleagues, so is the man they would invite people.

but after a period of time, I realized that this feature can cause some problems. Users complain their message loading speed too slow. After weigh the pros and cons, I deleted the function. At that time I didn’t have enough resources to make up for this problem so that the software can run on limited technical content better, but only has a better and more valuable use of resources.

history proves that within a certain range, for any one product designers to streamline is one of the most difficult tasks.

this article is my reading Ben Horowitz’s “Good Product Manager, Bad Product Manager” (Good Product Manager and Product Manager) Bad wrote. There’s a phrase which let me feel deeply: “a good product manager can always hit the nail on the head to see and set a goal.”