Product: small and warm family love interactive APP

Wen/Zhang Nanqian

compared to before the cloud network reported hunting friend locate APP close 360, were to the scope of this software will be close friends social shrinkage more small, limited to the family. Users in the small and intimate family circle, can send voice and real-time dynamic pictures, records and remind important day relatives.

founder drumming Xiong Jun do this APP is designed for her family, due to the perennial work outside, he wants to have a pure place online can share his life with his family, but the micro letter, QQ and other circles and dynamic information is miscellaneous and scattered, not for their families, an independent record growth trajectory and detailed classification, so he will focus on the family in February 14, were to move on the application of interactive shopping mall and android version available for download at present, the IOS version is under design. Xiong Jun before startup had worked in shenzhen huawei technology research and development.

according to statistics compiled by Chinese family development report 2014, China’s 430 million m households, leads the world in, old people who live alone ratio increased, current families and families have emerged. In the national key and famous university, nonresident rates as high as 70% to 90%, in the regional colleges, nonresident also 30% to 50%.

the Chinese society is a heavy family values of society, economic development and opening policy makes the population mobility, and the family is everyone is not open around the affective component. Product for the young and middle-aged and stay home to home parents elders, this is a heavy vertical crowd, limited to long distance between the illicit close relatives, so it creates social space more concise, narrow, the highlight is the product, but that is the question, so subdivision of social needs in WeChat weibo dominates the world of today, there are living space?

“a lot of people think that social acquaintances is scarlet market, entrepreneurship and then choose the direction it is a dead end. But I think the more from all the people, small demand, the more insignificant, the more likely it is a chance.” Xiong Jun convective cloud network said, “many current social software is actually a lot of chimeras, the friend social dynamic, wallet, strangers, and so on, is the way people live, but not specifically used to communicate with loved ones, to track their health data, record the family tool, it is the product of chance.”

product aimed at the home of illicit close space three characteristics: one is the long distance interaction between relatives of low frequency and high strength; The second is the user viscosity has strong influence each other (relatives here, will not easily leave), thereby directly determines the user retained degrees; Three is the follow-up online high conversion rate: people are often willing to pay for the family.

according to these characteristics of the proposed solution: is more warm, rich in product design and issue various affection topic discussion; Product features in dynamic, sweet voice remind, recording family growth, family health care, affection, purchase, etc. To meet the needs of expression of love between relatives. Drumming on the business model, the future will turn out for the members and value-added services, gift electricity, combined with intelligent development direction, such as hardware. Hunting cloud network understand, at present the product is seeking angel financing.