Product manager ecological investigation: most people believe that PM is meeting “dog”

in fact, the product manager has become the powerhouse of many modern organization management, however, their role in real life can not be good to know people, even sometimes be misunderstood.

so we often think of, how to people through what method ability well interprets the importance of the product manager? Really can only let us real into their lives, they may feel?

we from all kinds of small and medium enterprises as well as wealth 500 strong enterprises gathered in 106 a product manager from all walks of life to participate in an online questionnaire.

plan and execute

first of all, we have to ask them about their professional roles, what on earth is in the company, their answers as expected, each are not identical. Here are a few examples:

I am a product manager for outside the company. I usually deal with consumer crowd, at the same time I also have some of their products. I also from time to time with the marketing team to disclose the some reliable news … “

I leading product strategy, from product development to scheduling work deployment, etc, often with the sales manager, marketing manager, operation manager and r&d manager cooperation … “

I am responsible for the management and promote the development of the product cycle, from the beginning phase generally I arrange to release to review these items a priority.

in response to daily affairs, product managers say they generally work in the strategic. A few people mention they also learn some special skills, such as often write code in person. Below is the statistical product managers to participate in the daily activities of percentage of some data:

2015 in-depth product managers’ daily activities:

81% product managers think that their main task is to strategic work;

84% people find they want to be engaged in the work of senior management oriented every day;

90% almost all of the product manager will do is to participate in various meetings every day;

34% product manager of other management tasks;

60% people need daily regularly communicate with supervisor job content, results, etc.

61% product manager is to communicate with consumers every day;

43% in addition, there are some people who want to advisers and even suppliers with the company.

not surprisingly, almost all of the product manager will do every day is the meeting, undoubtedly reflects communication is their priority.

focus on consumer

a product manager, not only need to know about the user and the demand of the market, but also can find problems, seek opportunity and create innovative products. And according to the above results showed that only 60% product manager will take the time to communicate with consumers.

to get the user’s comments and feedback, product manager, first of all should implement includes interviews with clients in person, online surveys, group discussion, for electronic products and tracking using measure of these measures.

2015 in-depth product managers user tracking:

51% is mainly responsible for electronic product managers will track customer use to measure;

62% people take the initiative to send consumers online questionnaire, in order to obtain feedback;

80% product manager is the most common ways to interview clients;

56% most of the product manager will organize group meeting, communication work;

35% people willing to buy marketing investigation report;

24% there are a few people will hire some consultants to do the consultation.

product manager usually think they are well acquainted with the demand of consumers, and some potential customers, and in fact after consumed a lot of time and money, and finally found that is not customer want. Therefore, in order to avoid the waste of waste a lot of energy to guess the user’s intention, the construction of many product managers through product and got some insight on the market the development process.

organization and communication

in fact, there are a lot of organizational structure can help to coordinate the efforts of the product management. In the survey, most product managers are mentioned need to report to the vice President or director of the work of their team. Interesting to say, we found that a large part of the customer’s interest are turning to innovation laboratory construction.

2015 in-depth product managers for customer testing time:

6% said they don’t need to test the link customers;

33% managers in research and development of products before user tests;

11% company put test products on the market before;

6% the company is listed on the product for the first time after the user tests;

44% there are quite a number of managers in the process of research and development of the entire product listed continuously for user testing.

daily challenge

so far, the product manager reflects one of the most common problems are mainly concentrated in the company’s internal policy, product research and development process, and the company’s bureaucracy. In addition, the shortage of resources, financial resources and cooperate with r&d constant iterative development.