Private lawyer, “red hat legal guardians” like a great white protect you and your business

(text/Yang Sihui)

cloud network hunting note: is a red hat legal guardians of micro, small and medium enterprises and individuals to provide free legal consultant platform, launched in October 2014, currently has more than 1300 lawyers in all parts of the country, last month to get the first angel investment.

as a industry know nothing about the law of outsiders, always thought that the lawyer is a busy and stressful “tall” career: every day through all kinds of legal provisions, case analysis, there are endless lawsuit, processing is not the case. And founder of the red hat legal guardians Xie Huaixun tell hunting cloud network, the actual situation very different: “over the past few years I have been in law firms in the process of I found that most of these lawyers are extremely lack of diabetes mellitus, they get diabetes mellitus channel is usually a friend introduction, paid advertising; Even ran to the Supreme Court, hospital, pay, the door of the vice squad looking.”

at the same time, according to the state administration for industry and commerce issued in January 2015, the national small micro enterprise development report shows that the country currently has micro, small and medium enterprises 1800, by 2016 to 2200. There is no legal service guarantee 95% of the enterprises, they mostly because of the high threshold of legal services, high cost, often to find a lawyer after legal problems in the solution, taking unnecessary legal risks.

based on micro, small and medium enterprises lack of legal consultant, lawyer, lack of diabetes mellitus, pain points, have a lot of idle time market Xie Huaixun thought of building such a service in the enterprise and the lawyer’s online legal platform – the red hat legal guardians.

by red hat legal guardians, users can get: telephone consultation, by consulting, online booking site consulting, written contract, review the contract and send the lawyer letter, custom private lawyer, seek legal counsel and other free services. After users demand, red hat based on LBS automatic matching lawyers and legal classification, closest to the user’s location and several qualifications accords with the requirements of the lawyer will receive demand information. “We can also call it” legal software with taxi “, a lawyer like car to provide users with convenient and quick service.” Xie Huaixun said.

for lawyers, they can get diabetes mellitus push, free promotion on the platform, through the “red hat lawyer tool”, the lawyer can quickly online for the user to solve the problem of basic law, realize the use of spare time easy access to diabetes mellitus. Through the red hat platform, according to the existing single lawyer took a month 4 110000 cases revenue.

at present, the Internet legal profession has a green dog, fast legal law such as electricity, online selling legal services for entrepreneurial companies registration service, produce legal revenue; Do vertical search method of fighter to help lawyers find diabetes mellitus; And the network the Internet platform to provide loan credit services.

the red hat for micro, small and medium enterprises and individuals to provide free legal adviser, cut into the legal service market. Business model, user depth legal requirements are paid, red hat can be achieved by matching, transaction charge into. For the future, Xie Huaixun smile said: “we want to make red hat this legal adviser every micro, small and medium enterprises with!”

team, CEO Xie Huaixun is a restless entrepreneurs, 17 years old school work entrepreneurship, 08 in the legal profession, in 5 cities operate six law firm, has rich legal marketing experience, currently responsible for the overall operation and promotion; Wang chao the COO from tencent, proficient in product design, currently responsible for online and products; Another co-founder Li Jun,, practice and students computer is 5 years of professional lawyers, is responsible for the risk control and legal administration.