Private kitchen O2O Munchery won $85 million in financing, and valuation to $300 million

hunting cloud network May 25

on-call food booking service has raised $85 million in financing, which will make the company valuation to $300 million. On Friday, the Wall Street journal made a reported that, according to people familiar with the matter. Now, this message got Munchery confirmed.

this round the main investors of the Menlo Ventures and Sherpa Ventures, at the same time NorthGate Capital, 137 Ventures, Mousse Partners, e.v entures and Greycroft Partners, also for the investment.

based in San Francisco’s Munchery teamed up with Blue Apron and Sprig (the two companies in recent weeks, raising large amounts of financing platform for the delivery is scheduled to stand out). Munchery seed stage in 2012 for A $210000 investment from private investors, after A round of received Menlo Ventures and SherpaVentures both A $4000000 investment,

this new round of financing the company total assets of $117200000.

at present, Munchery only in San Francisco, New York, Seattle, and Los Angeles. Company claims will use the new financing to fund the service to more areas, expand service areas and extend the service project.

unique Munchery food delivery service: the customer must before eating the food in the microwave heat for a few minutes. Most meals cost $10 – $15.

customer using a mobile phone APP (either iOS and Android) can preview can be sent to the dishes, and then place an order. This menu contains 3-7 main course, dessert, meals, and beverages, including beer and wine.

Munchery by founder Tri Tran and Conrad Chu after thoughts of solving “family meal crisis” was founded in 2010.


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