Prick silk PM entrepreneurship (2)

hunting cloud network (note: this is exclusive for hunting cloud network fast red envelope founder wang qiang’s second manuscript, from a view of a prick silk PM a retrospect of the “red envelope” you started living.

this is wang qiang full text:

this is the sequel to “the prick silk PM entrepreneurship, want to see” the dream silk PM entrepreneurship “can access the following link: and I will be with the prick silk PM to start a business” as the theme to record my entrepreneurial journey memorable place to share with you.

keep on trying to find really suitable for their own:

in our team in the prick silk PM entrepreneurship, seem to find the direction of the struggle – pocket little game (H5 little game collection).

but after a period of time as found in this direction is not suitable with us.

first, micro letter but this thought is the cradle of H5 game spread of H5 games under the pain killer, a game when more than 200000 IP will be blocked;

second, 4399, 7 k7k flash small game platform also shift in the direction of H5 game;

again, baidu, 360, tencent, big flow channel platforms such as the cheetah also in force against H5 direction;

think again what’s in our team, if we continue to adhere to is meaningless.

at the time of struggle, 58 home of the elder brother hope to cooperate with us, to do a small game in micro letter H5 marketing platform sharing, transmission. Then starting from the collaboration, we on the path of H5 marketing game outsourcing, H5 marketing game outsourcing, we receive a lot of big companies, such as: 58 city, jingdong, music elements, etc. We work team also lived a open your eyes close their eyes to sleep the tension busy day. In these days, although we earn the money, but I always feel unreal, because outsourcing project is not continuous, close to the ceiling, and WeChat constantly killing H5 games, we try to get rid of this day, but it will take time and chance.

I have an addiction is a registered domain name, in one day ago, I registered a domain name:, and applied to the micro letter fast red envelopes 】 【 male, a new story began from then on.

the registration number WeChat fast red envelopes 】 【 male on the second day, I was amazed to see that we had the user attention, want to know this number is new, not run even no # WeChat male head. I tried to chat with users, to ask why they focus on “fast red envelope”, some said I have seen in WeChat search a red envelope, fast red envelopes 】 【 is concerned. Some said I in WeChat search red group, see your male with attention. Hear these, I am very excited, search requirements are generally very rigid requirements, and search in the letter. So I simply made a logo uploaded to fast red envelopes 】 【 WeChat number, amount of fans is growing faster, when I began to use alipay red password do operation (quick is the first home pay treasure filled password do WeChat number operation), the growing rate of the fans.

when calculating the user acquisition costs, the average for a user to 1 wool much money, sometimes it can be a few cents, users get really cheap to make me surprised. The thing I told me a friend, he said as they made a new number, just in this way to give them new number and try to import some users. In years ago, we sent the four red envelopes, imported more than 1200 fans, average accounting down a few cents. Then on the fifteenth day of the first, has set up a, the effect is better, 4 times a day, a red envelope, imported 3500 powder, far more than expected. This makes me realize that marketing model can copy a red envelope, some do!

when we [fast red envelopes], progresses day by day, fans will break 100000 there was a very serious problem, because small make up mistakes manual issued a red envelope for 1 minute in advance, make complaints from users. In order to remove the user complaints, we send it again, the result because nervous and red envelope advance payment for 1 minutes, eventually lead to some users put our WeChat fast red envelopes 】 【 male report number… We get banned for 7 days. Titles is painful, the result of the search in micro the letter before a red envelope, quick ranked fourth for the red envelopes, now due to ban, can only be found by searching for a “kuaihongbao” we…

after this bitter lesson and we decided to do two things, first manual issued a red envelope, no longer to realize automation of distribution; Second, we are going to get rid of the shackles of WeChat, be sure to set up their own product platform.

explore automatic red envelope tools:

the first thing we think of the development of the micro letter a red envelope, but the micro letter envelopes limit a lot, such as: the issuance of a red envelope limit, limit, limit distribution platform, etc., finally gave up the micro letter a red envelope.

accidentally saw the alipay merchants red envelopes with timing function (namely shows a red envelope, password, at a fixed time to rob) this function is useful for us, at least you can set the timer task. So we opened the function of alipay merchants, found in configuration merchants a red envelope, merchants red envelopes each at least 1000 yuan, the cost is too high for our entrepreneurial teams (to know us a red envelope activities also can send a maximum of 200 yuan or so) and pay treasure to a red envelope only pictures, pictures only have brand exposure effect, its spread bad sex, not to share.

off-the-shelf tools can not solve, can only rely on our own. Red envelope tool problems and summarizes these platform combined with the current status of our products, we decided to develop a set of red envelopes. The red envelope tool to have the following functions: custom countdown, custom brand logo and custom background, custom filled the title, the custom activities, used alipay filled password (alipay group of red envelopes) there is no limit to the amount of red envelopes, and automatic generation of H5 page can share to any social network unimpeded.

after 2 weeks of development, we complete the function of PC background of research and development, we finally can distribute regularly pay treasure to a red envelope! After online is very popular with the users! And because of the spread of its own web pages and pages of brand exposure makes our weibo and number WeChat male fans get faster.

custom red envelope page into fast red envelopes 】 【 trial:

do you want to be happened to a friend of zebra kingdoms activity new users, so we hit it off, and I provide it with a red envelope tool, zebra provide a red envelope money. Activities on the same day, zebra kingdoms spent 500 yuan, the four red envelopes, fast red packets forwarding official weibo for their activities, on the day of its micro letter and the introduction of 2100 users, the retained 1800 users. With this good grades do guarantee, other partners are pouring in, the school federal, baihe, green lotus seed, etc have become our partners, and has brought good results.

to teach fishing is better than teach them to fish:

in order to make more small and micro enterprises can use red envelope marketing, we decided to this red envelope tool APP, anyone can through our free APP customized fast red envelopes 】 【 red envelopes. We are for those who like us lack of money, lack of research and development capabilities, or r&d time and need to do marketing promotion of grassroots entrepreneurs and small business operators free red envelope tool development. Have fast envelopes APP + pay treasure to the wallet APP can customize their own red envelopes. For the average user, but can be by emotional red envelope and fast red envelopes 】 【 memorial day red envelopes, such as: I married a red envelope is issued by fast red envelopes.


this along the way, thanks to my team, regardless of day and night for fighting with me, never give up;

this along the way, thanks to my parents and loved ones, have been silent support and encouragement to me, and never had a complaint;

this along the way, thanks for my angel investors, Mr Zhou Chengliang trust in our team as well as the recognition of product direction;

thank south elder sister, let’s automation outside the red envelope tools the opportunity to provide unified service, and give us a lot of cooperation partners;

thanks to tingting, let me see the red envelope marketing success can be copied;

thanks for elder brother, let the start-up stage, we found the profit way to let us through the H5 little game outsourcing passed the most difficult time;

Xie Kai elder brother feeling, let we left the living room, office space into the zhongguancun venture building;

thanks for Monroe ku and entrepreneurial valley teachers, after we check in zhongguancun venture building to our meticulous care;

thanks to all our friends to help!

there is still a long way, we’ll always go on! Dream to some, one thousand achieved!