Prediction: the five famous investment Banks on the 10 major science and technology development trend

note: hunting cloud recently by Winston Churchill in SAN jose, Club (Churchill Club) at the 17th annual dinner in “ten big trend of science and technology”, from the world’s most famous five major investment banking institution of a number of top people in the vc for 10 projections for the future trend of science and technology. Content by Forbes, tencent’s translation of science and technology, the following is the main content of this article.

these top venture capitalists including GGV Capital (GGV Capital) of Jenny Lee (Jenny Lee), DFJ risk investment company (Draper Fisher Jurvetson) Steve Zhu Erwei peterson (Steve Jurvetson), Canvas risk fund Rebecca Lynn (Rebecca Lynn), Benchmark Partners Bill Gurley (Bill Gurley) and Sherpa Ventures company, shelvey skin, even tile (Shervin Pishevar), etc. In addition, Forbes magazine publisher richie Carl lagarde (Rich Karlgaard) and others attended the event. The following is the venture capitalists to predict the future trend of the 10 major science and technology of.

1, the wisdom of on-demand configuration environment computing technology, from shelvey, what point of view.

skin said, driven by artificial intelligence application will be able to predict our needs, and make a decision for us, for example, decided to go to where we use Uber, or in the case of our flight was delayed know when we arrive. Leather tile is Uber investors.

skin watts said, “you will see is that before you express it predicts what do you want to say. Invisible computing power is on-demand configuration environment we see integration and automation.”

2, with the decline of the currency, the traditional Banks will lose share under the impact of the start-up, from Rebecca Lynn’s point of view.

start-up will continue to preempt the banking market, but does not provide a specific service, such as the back-end infrastructure. In addition, the instability and transaction costs will help to cause the currency to lose over the next five years, though the currency is “also has the real irresistible force”.

Lynn says, “it is clear that traditional bank inefficiency in serving customers, but also very bad, and the fast nimble start-up are able to do better. Traditional Banks will disappear.”

this, gayle said, “in the American political system, our banking system is the most corrupt industry, but also the most important factor in the control policy. I feel very doubt is — the U.S. government will cease to protect Banks, in the past four hundred and fifty years, the U.S. government has been protecting bank.”

3, privacy, track, from Jenny lee’s point of view.

hardware and sensors will collect the data, and to create profiles for us. Is expected to 50 billion by 2020, the content of the article is connected to the network. Jenny lee said, “I hope one day, someone will bring my want to do or tell me what I want to buy items.”

however, gayle said, “I think people don’t want to receive so many tracking. They don’t want to know they may have lost some weight. If you are beginning to track the transactions and tell people what to do, then most probably will be strictly confidential for their actions.”

4 , “god” economy, Steve Zhu Erwei from his point of view.

low-flying satellites will be for those not connected to the billions of users to provide low-cost broadband access services. Per 16 gb of Internet access services will cover the world, this will bring the user extensions more opportunities in developing countries.

this, Jenny lee said, “I do believe that the world will join together. I hope this day come as soon as possible.” Lynn says, however, shall give priority to solve global problems such as water purification.

5, the end of the car country , from bill gurley’s point of view.

used to design the private car property related city in the United States, this result has been invalid, however, there are still large Numbers of deaths and pollution. On average, U.S. auto idle rate is very high, that is to say, a large number of assets has not been fully taken advantage of.

gayle said. “we may not have to see the status of the so-called peak car. Teenagers in their 16th birthday won’t show that they obtain a driver’s license, smartphones have become a tool than a car more socializing.”

Lynn says, “in one thousand a new generation may not buy cars, because they don’t have a job. But I have a tesla’s cars, I like it very much, I can’t imagine what do not have a car.”

6, 5 kinds of modes of transportation, from the view of skin even.

skin watts said, like super loop and able to take off or land on the surface of large uav technology will change the people and things, such as the mode of transportation. Leather tile has invested Hyperloop technology companies.

leather tile also said, “things like super loop to more simple than people imagine. (California) speed railway don’t know which day can be completed.”

Zhu Erwei peterson responded, “I agree with this point of view, but I don’t think this will be able to clean up the risk brought by the regulators.”

gayle said, “it’s like what you did in the vc industry a big adventure, of course, I from the optimistic point of view of the problem.”

7 women, science and technology industry rise again , from Rebecca Lynn’s point of view.

in the next five years, there will be half of the computer science students are female, so the future of science and technology industry will be more women founder and chief executive.

Lynn said: “as a woman, you didn’t really want to become a women venture capitalists, you just want to be a good venture capitalists.” Lynn also said that in the engineering field of computer science, more students are female. She also said that “early shooting on the popularity of personal computers and war games and software engineering, women don’t have much contact. Not to kill, but need to help the animals. You may have the best personal work/life balance.”

8, “individual economy” mode , from Jenny lee’s point of view.

predicts 2020, commerce and service will eventually networking and globalization. Over the next five years, the number of mobile Internet users will be doubled, and thus form a kind of “individual economy (personal pa.)”. The traditional real economy or will be out of date.

Jenny lee said: “the retail industry will be a highly localized characteristics of the industry, perhaps the retail industry will disappear. I like to call it the ‘lazy me.”

9, the rise of robots , Steve Zhu Erwei from his point of view.

Zhu Erwei peterson said, “for those who have a chance to become a member, you will never be back. I think that they have more security than our parents.” At first, they will be at a speed of 25 MPH or less. Jewell looked at also said the chief executive of Uber Travis karan Nick (Travis Kalanick) has told, he says, if tesla motors can have before 2020 “autonomy”, so karan Nick will buy 500000 such cars.

10, native mobile application platform will continue to dominate the mobile network, from bill gurley’s point of view.

gayle, claimed that the smartphone will become our life of the remote controller. He said, “the browser and search will be as a platform, and this kind of platform will eventually become more sophisticated.”

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