Pray for Hololens project and designer condolences for the traffic accident died

note: hunting cloud in the critical moment, Microsoft is facing transition recently a new display of Hololens product has high hopes are, of course, also obtained the science and technology of joy and praise, but unfortunately, involved in the project designer Mike (Mike Ey) suffered a car accident, the influence to Hololens is unclear how serious. The following is the BI reports of Chinese article:

on Saturday morning, Microsoft participate in augmented reality equipment Hololens project designer Mike was killed in a car accident (Mike (Ey), at the age of 30.

according to the police in Seattle, mike was driving in the State 520 highway, the Route was suddenly behind collision of more than 160 kilometers per hour. Hit and speeding drivers Robert marr (Robert Malsch) trying to flee the scene, but Raymond police use dogs, finally arrested him.

omar death-dealing now face accident and hit-and-run felony charges, a king county judge has ordered that Mr. Shi’s bail of $100000.

mike’s friends said that the late software engineer “sincere”. Mr Ling his girlfriend kelly leather (Kelley Piering), said mike is involved in the HoloLens project is “the coolest thing ever.” She said: “it is built to look to the future. Mike said it still not perfect, but one day it will achieve perfect.”

mike’s Facebook page, he joined Microsoft in June 2013, became the company’s software engineer. Previously, he studied in rochester institute of technology (MIT) game design and development, graduated in 2010.

as a designer, one of mike’s sudden death will not affect HoloLens progress is still unable to confirm. Here, we condolences go out to the outstanding designer died.