Positive signal. Prime minister li keqiang, 13 in the government work report to talk about business

cloud network hunting note: in today’s meeting of the 12th session of the third session of the National People’s Congress, the state council has made the government work report premier li keqiang, who spoke of “entrepreneurship” 13 said to continue to reduce the decentralization, provide convenience for business, and form a new wave of entrepreneurship. Vigorously develop the space, make the “grassroots” innovation become more common, and flourish everywhere. With business plans. “Internet +” action plan, to set up venture capital guiding fund 40 billion yuan of emerging industry, entrepreneurial support emerging industry.

the following is a prime minister li keqiang records from the government work report:

continue to form a new wave of entrepreneurship and to delegate

continue to combine and decentralization, the pipes as the reform’s signature. the various departments of the state council to cancel all the year round and down 246 items of administrative examination and approval matters, 29 cut out standards for projects, the professional qualification license and identified 149, revised approval of investment projects catalogue again, reduced the approved scope. Focus on reforming the commercial system, new market main body of 12.93 million units, the registration of the new registered enterprises rose 45.9%, to form a new entrepreneurial boom. economic growth is slowing, jobs is not increased, shows the great power of reform and market potential.

propulsion mechanism, provide convenience for entrepreneurship

the local governments shall be put to the market and social power, thoroughly, intercept, examination and approval items of the superior down, to pick up there, too. Strengthen the regulation of things afterwards, sound and social services for the enterprise network, promoting the construction of social credit system, establish a nationwide unified code of social credit system and credit information sharing platform for exchange, information security protection enterprises and individuals in accordance with the law. Avenue to Jane, have the right to not capricious. governments at all levels should establish and decentralization, transform function of powerful propulsion mechanism, loosen to businesses, provide convenience for business, to create a fair competition environment. all the items of administrative examination and approval to simplify procedures, a clear deadline, “subtraction” with the power of the government, in exchange for market dynamics “multiply”.

promote the entrepreneurship, peoples innovation

we want to hold good general requirements, with an eye to maintain high-speed growth and toward a high level of “double target”, the policy of steady stabilizing expectations and to promote reform and structural adjustment “double”, create public entrepreneurship, innovation and increase the public product and public service “twin-engine” , promote the development of speed not because of better quality, quantity, realize the Chinese economy to increase quality upgrade.

promote the entrepreneurship, innovation. It can increase employment, increasing the income of residents, and is advantageous to the longitudinal flow and promote social equity and justice. has a population of 1.3 billion, 900 million labor resources in China, people’s diligence and wisdom, there is a boundless creativity, thousands of market cells alive, will converge to the development of the huge kinetic energy, and must be able to resist the economic downward pressure, China’s economy is always full of vitality. The government want to self revolution, leave enough space for the market and society, set a good stage for fair competition. Individuals and businesses to entrepreneurial innovation, the society will strengthen the entrepreneurial culture, make people in the process of creating wealth, better realize the spiritual pursuit and their own value.

to vigorously develop the gen space

enterprise is the main body of technological innovation. Claim additional deduction to implement and improve the enterprise research and development costs, high and new technology enterprise support, such as general policy, encourage enterprises to increase innovation investment. Support enterprises to participate more in major project of science and technology, scientific research platform construction, promote enterprise leading production-study-research cooperative innovation. to vigorously develop the space, add national independent innovation demonstration area, do a good job in the national high-tech zone, cluster innovation elements leading role into full play. micro, small and medium enterprises “to rotary launched, delivering a ride, make” grassroots “innovation become more common, and flourish everywhere.

Entrepreneurial lead scheme introduced

strengthen employment and social security. Improve employment promotion policies, entrepreneurial lead scheme introduced , the employment of university graduates are going.

“Internet +” plan

new industries and new forms are competitive high ground. To implement high-end equipment, information network, integrated circuit, new energy, new materials, biological medicine, aviation engine, gas turbine and other major projects, to training a batch of new industry as leading industry. “Internet +” action plan, and promote the mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, combined with modern manufacturing industries such as the Internet of things, and to promote e-commerce, industrial development of the Internet and Internet financial health, guide the Internet companies to expand the international market. Countries have set up 40 billion yuan new industry venture capital fund, to integrate to raise more funds, cheer for industrial innovation.

support emerging industry business

to promote employment. Adhere to the priority of employment, job creation and encourage entrepreneurship to create more employment opportunities. college graduates this year, 7.49 million people, for the record. To strengthen employment guidance and entrepreneurship education, the implementation of the college graduates employment promotion plan, encourage to the grass-roots employment. lead good students undertaking plan, support to the emerging industry business. well structure adjustment and excess capacity to resolve unemployed again obtain employment work. Transfer of rural labor force as a whole, town difficult personnel, veterans employment, peasant workers’ professional skills upgrading scheme, implementation and improvement of unemployment insurance to support enterprise stable employment policy. Comprehensive governance problem of wage arrears for migrant rural workers, improve the labor inspection and dispute processing mechanism, law became the patron saint of rights and interests of workers.