Pocket to buy and sell: help traditional Internet merchants, to do open O2O platform

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during the two sessions this year, prime minister li keqiang, highlighted the “sees the Internet as the carrier, online interaction of emerging consumer make prosperous”, this is the first time that the Chinese government prime minister mentioned encourages O2O online interactive consumption, O2O mode will also be pushed to a new level, predictably, the burgeoning O2O sector, will usher in a new round of outbreak in 2015.

under the commercial trend, custom development for many years engaged in mobile end of chengdu dean, chose the O2O business model, also introduced a “pocket” of buying and selling, but details with traditional O2O electricity, such as micro store do the distinction. Pocket to buy and sell as dean of its core products, latest in chengdu focus on small and medium-sized businesses O2O platform fleetly, revolves around the user mobile electricity, social marketing and other business activities, for merchants to provide one-stop mobile solutions.

at this point, the founder Luo Kun stressed that pocket to buy and sell the biggest characteristic is open 020 platform. Luo Kun convective cloud network, the future trend of the commercial is decentralized, absorb the essence of O2O concept pockets buying and selling, will traditional offline business guide to line up, help them to do customer deposits and Internet marketing. In the process, pocket shopping the entrance of the set is very wide, not to business division level and setting threshold, completely open a state; On the platform of sex, pocket business bear is more of a service provider, the role of distributors, like micro letter, baidu, the platform services to businesses, the marketing tool, make business more comfortable in the use of mobile Internet.

at present, the domestic small and medium-sized enterprise growth slowdown in the downturn, the international market, the domestic economic slowdown, the downside, labor and material costs continue to rise, financing difficulties, management, transformation and upgrading of objective reality. Causing covers online function and price advantage, as well as a way of covering traditional stores experience the advantages of mobile electronic business O2O mode has become a trend. The pocket to buy or sell specific what can bring to small and medium-sized businesses value?

with the traditional electronic commerce pay more attention to the brand, to obtain sales opportunities may need to be very expensive compared to the flow rate and cost, trading platforms in your pocket, the way of small business can become more widely. They not only have upload goods, receiving issuance of traditional function, more important is to have the distinct characteristics of 020 business mode, namely online together, diversity of marketing model. As mobile social shopping platform of “fair”, pocket business have to do is greatly reduce the sellers to find buyers, and the communication cost and buyers. Specific look at:

1, the cloud mall, strong operability

pocket to buy and sell O2O cloud platform is a SaaS architecture software service platform, implementing O2O providing operational support for all kinds of small and medium enterprises. Don’t need to install, easy to use, can quickly release and management of goods, processing orders, wireless receiving, relaxed and has enterprise own mobile market.

2, customer relations, close ties

pocket business include customer information, consumption records, customer care, word of mouth to share… Combining with the merchant service line, to develop more of a complete set of hand CRM solution, function perfect, flexible model. Pocket business understand customer relationship, guide to online trading data, through technical processing can provide businesses with precise marketing help.

3, activity promotion, various form

pocket business support the activity pattern of diversification, online, promotion resources sharing, share communication activities. Pocket business can easily create promotional activities, invite customers to participate in, view the activity progress at any time, fully interactive with customers.

4, technical support, data security

the pockets buying and selling goods, order, customer data cloud, along with the check with the. Based on the comprehensive technical measures and security mechanism of support, more exquisite scene template choose, data storage, data recovery and trajectory tracking cloud, safe and reliable.

Luo Kun convective cloud network, in the development of new customers, old customer maintenance, transformation offline customers, increase customer secondary consumption, pocket sweep implements the code into the buyer and seller, build fans circle, cultivate loyal customers, and other functions, includes member management, mass message, smart labels, micro communities, intelligent customer service, data reports, etc. Pocket to buy and sell 020 mode not only limited to the micro letter, is a comprehensive range of mobile business solutions, including the promotion push, the electronic coupon guide into the shop, a key share promotion.

in addition, the pocket for the sale of goods show form and also made some personal things, strict distinction from traditional electricity tile pattern, but will show form shape of mall, a sense of being more realistic shopping.

in hunting cloud network view, pocket to buy and sell O2O through discounts, provide information and booking service mode, the offline store messages pushed to Internet users, and converts them to their own offline customer, mode focuses on the consumption of goods and services, it is also a pocket trading has been heavily emphasized: product to grounding gas. Luo Kun take the example of a community of 020, there was a lot of negative factors, because the community has been muddied O2O market, the second is too Internet operating model, not to grounding gas, which is why pockets buying and selling is emphasis on ground, O2O strictly from the community.

have to say, pocket business will encounter some resistance, such as the acceptance of the traditional business how, most Internet cognitive difference, how online customer conversion rate, business costs such as various pressure. To this, Luo Kun confident said, “always have difficulties, we will overcome one by one. More importantly, once the mobile Internet and life with more and more closely, the traditional electricity value flow entrance and channel block will become more and more difficult, and pockets for the sale of open O2O model gives small and medium-sized enterprises (smes) an equal chance, is really doing business in accordance with market rules, a sporting chance of making money.”