Plum blossom vc Wu Shichun talk O2O movements: some of the tuyere and the window quickly shut down

note: hunting cloud in 2014 is undoubtedly o2o, intelligent hardware and medical field business and investment dynamics, is to continue heating or cooling in 2015? Active in sleep has a keen sense of smell head of investment banking may have a more profound understanding.

below to invite the plum flower of sina science and technology venture partners Wu Shichun to describe his idea of the industry trend, the investment portfolio includes tone network, sing, water droplets baby, sea play network, interest in installment, doodle manicures, beauty director, hadad bliss logistics, travel, etc. The following analysis for it.

1. O2O

as one of the O2O important mode, door-to-door service in 2015 will increase at a speed of more than people imagine, but the market will decide. 2014 O2O door-to-door service and angel rounds of investment opportunities, and in 2015 the main door to door service company will enter the stage of ABC rounds of financing.

door-to-door service is emerging as the main mode of O2O, from traditional service industry under the rent and personnel factors of expenditure, and on-demand dominate the door-to-door service can help to solve this problem.

some people think will die a large number of door-to-door service 2015, this argument is more pessimistic, because there will be such a competitive field, just like all the bulk. But this argument is correct, confirm the characteristics of the Internet industry, winner-take-all.

in 2015, the leader in the field of O2O volume will be more and more big, the leaders will have more opportunity to establish a higher barriers, investor returns will be higher, and others can’t get financing will die, because the field relies heavily on subsidies.

O2O door-to-door service is also the main direction and reform traditional service industry is to service more controllable, and the user can evaluate the rival artists and occupy the dominant position, so the experience is better; The service is easy to achieve scale growth at the same time, when a pattern running after, can quickly copy and expansion.

2015 O2O four phenomenon predicted:

a capital market is selected O2O industry leader, generate hundreds of millions of dollars invested in a single field.

2 is a startup in order to find the flow entrance, hold thigh phenomenon such as BAT will become more common. (early rely on word of mouth and made a small scale model natural growth, and must be capital game.)

three are some of the tuyere and opportunity window O2O industry quickly closed, or the dominance of duopoly. (duopoly is stable, the investor will support each other, the second and first gap within twice is acceptable.)

4 is the final form of the service industry is to become a platform, all craftsmen will independence at the same time, become a free agent. (such as free men from the site constraints, not employed, and platform is a partnership.)

2. Medical

these two industries are very heavy pain points, although many of the services sector is excess supply, but these two industries is a serious shortage of supply, because of the lack of good doctor and teacher resources. (can appear in a relatively closed system of resource scarcity, supply is adequate and fully competitive field.)

in 2015, the ice will start a little break in medical industry, medical resources will be gradually released, but still need a breakthrough, technologies and ideas need to doctors gradually accepted the Internet mode.

in addition to a remote medical monitoring, medical industry the main pain points is to see a doctor difficult, developed region and undeveloped region there is a big gap between medical resources, every year hundreds of thousands of people from remote areas to big cities to see a doctor, not only the equipment, more important is to find an experienced doctor.

to see a doctor, the derivative mode is combined with big data technology, will be a lot more doctors medical experience judgment system integrated into the diagnosis and treatment, as you can imagine the scene is a disease, when the user need to decide the system to check the data, the user need users nearby detection, the system based on the data submitted to the diagnosis and treatment.

to see the doctor about it, the more patients in less developed areas to big cities to see a doctor, is not a simple search for more advanced equipment, more is the lack of experienced doctors judgment, so the medical model will be used by human intervention and intelligent system combining with the judge.

3. The supply chain

2015 transformed more logistics links startups and optimize the middle channel will have a lot of opportunities, including improving packing, reduce the loss.

China logistics costs accounted for 15% of GDP, compared to 8% of the United States, the contrast in the low efficiency of the supply chain, in such a weak areas will have a lot of opportunities.

the original supply chain from production to the final consumer, there are many layers of channels, how to shorten the distance, help the supply chain operation, faster to users, is a very worthwhile investment field.