Pleasure Feng Xiaohai entrepreneurship for the third time, optimal subsidy in M2C mode after cut into the car

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in the automotive industry chain from the second industry in the process of manufacturing to the third industry, brought new opportunities for Internet entrepreneurs, along with the increase in private cars, auto after market service has become a big gold mine, attracting more and more intensive cultivation of entrepreneurial company in this field. After 12 years of regiment campaign and after 13 years of carpool war, also ushered in the booming auto after market service first, makes the 51 cars and full founder Feng Xiaohai also to auto after market services business, made by car beauty as the breakthrough point of “optimal subsidy”.

choose superiorly happy maintain in low technical requirements of auto beauty for, make technician support this point. As M2C (technician connected consumers) model, it is necessary to introduce the experience of senior technicians, to establish the credit system. From this point finally penetrated into the whole car beauty maintenance of the system, with people to influence some relationship in the industrial chain.

after 3 months of superiorly happy maintain a closed test, technician training, on March 18 in Beijing, chengdu and open a car beauty services, the services include: on-call car door, the door of the car washing waxing, deep clean automobile internal SPA, hub and in-car air purification and so on.

in the prophase, optimal subsidy services are based, so the service quality is the key to develop user viscosity. On mechanic screening, it is to recruit new blood, to develop, also is the senior technician in the mining industry to do the output of the standardized platform, and provide them with a set of car maintenance solution. In addition, Feng Xiaohai tell hunting cloud network, optimal subsidy team very grounding gas, irregular and offline technician communication, to understand their needs, also in order to be able to get professional feedback in time.

superiorly happy subsidy online for a month, currently in Beijing and chengdu technician and service providers has 200 +, average daily order quantity is 600 single, service nearly all of the owner. Feng Xiaohai said that over the next six months, will continue to do large-scale expansion in a second-tier cities. First through the car beauty services cover more private cars, the future can consider to launch car clubs, car finance and car insurance form, accessories and other products.

for a successful serial entrepreneur, Feng Xiaohai tell hunting cloud network, in terms of choosing partners, and team, is the key to venture on the road, it both in personality and decision to play the role of promoting the development of our company. Optimal subsidy team at present a total of 50 people, besides Feng Xiaohai personal experience rich, the whole team is also a scenery line, in charge of public relations and marketing personnel with rich experience in auto after market service, the operations team in full has experienced the baptism of group-buying war, technical personnel from sina sogou, everyone also all platforms.

as we have learned, in April 2015 to obtain optimal le maintain IDG capital of angel investment, financing amount is not convenient revealed that are currently in contact with the Pre – A.

auto after market services in chengdu is centralized, hunting cloud network previously reported many service site in chengdu auto after market services, , such as,,,,, will also choose superiorly happy maintain service located in the chengdu besides Beijing, next, the author also will continue to find, compare more car after market service projects, but eventually who can share this cake, auto after market service remains to be seen.