Please treasure your contact partners: the other half of the entrepreneurs

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cloud network hunting note: business is never easy, as the leader of startups, they tend to ignore a has been support and advice: the role of their partner, the startup contact partners. Suranga Chandratillake with his tender words back to his own experiences, and summarizes the experience for future entrepreneurs. Suranga Chandratillake is an early venture Capital firm Balderton Capital the pan-european region of partners. Before joining Balderton, Suranga is the founder and CEO Blinkx, Blinkx listed in 2007.

a few years ago on a Friday, Cambridge, a technology curtilage and his fiancee in planning their wedding, is expected to be held in the city of Cambridge, a few months later. They have to go to the wedding on the day of the site validation work, and communicate with service personnel, choose the wedding flowers, food, red wine, and make some romantic wedding party.

but our technology curtilage and wasn’t there, because his company has six weeks is going to IPO, he spend all his time to experience in lawyer team, investors and his team on the telephone communication.

the talking on the phone all day igawa is me, my fiancee at that time already became my considerate wife. Although I during our wedding preparations are busy with work aggressively squeeze our private life (attention: don’t put wedding and IPO in near month), my wife still indulge me in any time I need to concentrate on work. When I have to drop about the preparations for the wedding is, she always take down soon.

later, finally arrived in the hotel when we can have a romantic wedding, she also no slack, help me to comb through all sorts of problems encountered in the process of IPO, and in moments of choice or difficult to give me a lot of support and help.

from my experience, I found that partner “invisible” – the entrepreneur’s husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, or partner – often for the success of start-ups with unquestionable contribution. Why is that? As the founding partner of an enterprise, or, to do an entrepreneur is not a nine-to-five job. Relative to their rivals, entrepreneurial companies often lack of funds, lack of channels, and a lack of resources. As the leader of startup, overcome this kind of difficult situation to create their own businesses, need superhuman effort and investment, need a dedicated commitment, a sense of purpose. You this state of tension for the company, the tension is nature. You need to do a lot of business trip, sometimes even to go around halfway around the world, with or without advance preparation or whether it is convenient. You need to devote to your company, this is a mission, you will stay up late, often all night, or spend the whole weekend work.

but more disturbing is the fact that this physical tension, often can cause mental tension. As team leader of your resources, you need to keep the best state, keep the most positive attitude, the load brought by the struggle and struggle actively carry on the shoulder, so that the team can keep inspiring morale and the optimal condition.

all the tension and anxiety will catch up with you, do you need from other parts of life, usually you to that part of the family, and get extra time and energy to deal with them. If your partner can at any time for you to change your plans, take you to finish the task, when you strive to ensure the family, and even provide stage between the support, understanding and Suggestions (then again, who match partner is more suitable for advice about your life?) Is to let you keep the optimum state secret at work.

if you want to keep this relationship for a long time, though, I personally believe that each partner needs to be absolutely clear that we contact partnership people to the sacrifices, and try to compensate them, for they do everything can do for them. Each relationship is also need to these factors, according to my personal experience, they are:


respect for your contact partner (their own career and in the future is often neglected) is important, respect them, support them without reserve. Respect can be shown in your limited personal time with their proportion, and you for their commitment and investment. Given you should be in the absence of the former, give them your promises, no reservations of input and support they have. For example, when you promised to ferry their children to school a week so that your partner can go on a business trip, don’t break his word.


contact partner with you to share your team, also like your team to introduce her. I and some cooperation together in the Blinkx team members formed a large family. Our time together than many real family time together, just like the real family, we have experienced the ups and downs, but we encourage each other, support each other, insist on. When your team members and formed such a relationship, you don’t and you really care about them, especially the artificial creates a space between your partner and let them know each other. Make sure that they know each other, and know the other side of your life. If you have to work overtime, this will make your partner is more easy to understand, if your colleagues need you to help him at, you will know the reason why understand him. If your partner know that people who work with you is how good, care about each other, she will be more easy to understand and support you.


I don’t believe for a leader or member of the start-ups to the real state of work/life balance is a possible reality. But I think you can use it as a long-term goal (or lifelong goal) and the effort. My wife and I have never achieve eat can go home together every night. So we balance our schedule, when we are one of them (usually both of us are, of course) to work overtime of time – usually this situation lasts for more than a year – another of us will do some support of the nature of things, or do something that we are interested in.


work very tired, when I come home some people will often encountered in the work all tired and not helping to go home. Your contact partner often have to help you resolve absorb these fatigue and bad, to support you through the difficult times. But, for some reason, people often forget to entrepreneurs partnership work smoothly in the flash moment of omen to share with their partner to success. You often need to remind your team or investment in these moments people need to share with their partner, of course, also don’t forget yourself.

and the creation of a company with its right is never an easy thing. You need to realize that the only can help you at any time to support you, is your partner, and please remember must respect their support and help, and give them the same in return. This may be the most important investment you do.

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