Please he taught: online education O2O to tutor “knife”

hunting cloud network reported on February 11 (word/sun ce)

related data show that tutoring is K12 stage students many parents to buy the most common form of education service, 40% of K12 parents children learning cost per year in 5000 yuan of above, 15% of the parents invest even thousands. It is understood that in addition to teaching institutions, personal nature of the family education is one of the account for a large proportion of choice.

about tutoring class products can be divided into two classes. Category is given priority to with online tutoring, emphasize for student services anytime and anywhere, timeliness, answering questions including breakthrough interaction, 1 classrooms, etc.; Another focus O2O services, build platform for teachers and parents direct docking, save intermediate link, the offline finish teaching, the teacher was coming, the shenzhou tutor and teacher full beauty.

recently more fire “please he taught” belongs to the latter, is a dedicated tutor O2O business company, main “send good teacher to the door.

Students can through the course

category, age, location, time, dimension screening of teachers, and can check my teaching experience, education, teaching characteristics, and further detailed information such as user evaluation. In addition, please he taught with built-in IM tool, assist the teacher to communicate with their parents.

please he taught parents version

in addition, users pay order amount deposited in platform account, dollars settlement according to the time, the user to confirm payment before or after 24 hours will be transferred to the teacher. , you can apply for refund if not satisfied with course lesson, platform returned to pay all the rest of the class lessons.

please he taught platform with characteristics distinct K12, main K12 education and quality education. Course covers major disciplines, elementary school to high school at the same time also provide interest classes services such as dance, vocal music to choose from.

the end, the teacher can help the teacher recruitment and course arrangement, the transaction is accomplished on the platform, the location specified in the offline. At present, the platform has in more than 3000 teachers. According to understand, ask him to teach platform in order to ensure that parents, teachers, both sides benefit, not with agencies to only work with individual teachers. “For the purpose of the product is to the middle, if cooperate with agencies, or do the mediation” essentially, founder Chen Yuanhe told hunting cloud network.

asked him to teach on the platform is divided into three categories, including full-time, part-time, undergraduate students. Looking for ways to teachers mainly by pushing, for users promotion mainly depends on traffic. Tutor O2O products tend to face an embarrassing situation: there are teachers, not students. Chen Yuanhe to hunt cloud network, according to the current asked him to teach a stable orders every day, daily water has more than twenty thousand. Platform through offline services with parents after building trust, can increase the online one-on-one online services, for online education of dual O2O attempt.

asked him to teach the teacher edition

O2O another common fault of the products is, the two sides after the user through the platform to establish contact, is likely to run a single, especially family education this kind of non-standard products, it is easier to produce this kind of problem. The Chen Yuanhe said, “as long as the teacher on the platform of the income is enough big, he won’t leave. For most of the old teacher said, as long as it can provide plenty of students, the teacher will stay, and free platform, but also help recruit students, curriculum arrangement, maximize the profitability of the teacher.”

it is understood that the founder Chen Yuanhe is an early webmaster, China’s Internet has 10 years of continuous entrepreneurial experience, good at traffic and operations, the current team 25 people. Relying on established before covering cities since the media resources, have a lot of traffic, “if the dispersed flow gathered import, also is to be reckoned with.” Doing O2O, he argues, must begin from big cities, slowly but surely, then slowly spread out across the country.

Chen Yuanhe to hunt cloud network said, in fact, the root of the O2O will return to the products and services, or the experience itself, so recently to a group of teachers exclusive contract, in order to maintain the stability of teaching staff, to provide the corresponding guarantee.

cloud network think hunting, asked him to teach mode is simple, it is through the O2O model to optimize traditional family education industry, integration of user needs and teachers resources, improve the efficiency of industry. Model is simple, the market space is enough big, similar competing goods compete who is by no means rich, who is famous, eventually compete execution and the execution strategy, can the ideas, strategies, the biggest degree ground execution is the most important thing.

as we have learned, please he taught at the beginning of the project start to 2 million + angel round, is currently in contact with many VC companies negotiate the Pre – A round of funding. To ask him to teach the final performance, hunting cloud network will continue to focus on.