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note: hunting cloud entrepreneurship is a great thing, no matter for the ideal, or for free. To ordinary person, can have no ordinary dream. Sometimes I don’t know how the road ahead, should be looked back, ask yourself the beginner’s mind, back to childhood, retrieved, ready, on the road again.

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I was about 12 years old, my mother had a quarrel with my neighbor, back tears secretly in the room. I remember, this scenario is often appear in my childhood, in China’s rural areas, home poor is extremely easy to bully. And finish every time cry, mother would hold my hand, tell me, want to have a reading, getting ahead, will not be bullied!

home very poor in childhood, I have a brother and a sister, is for the rest of the village, will not let three children go to school, because the tuition is very expensive, we are brother and sister sa the cost of one year’s tuition is common for the poverty of the family circumstances at the time, it is astronomical. But the mother insisted that we all study, in her mind, only we read, is not being bullied at home one day.

in the ten years, the mother almost without interruption, 5 o ‘clock in the morning, others are still in his sleep, she has been working in the fields after a, because during the day to empty out the mud man in the village to do coolie, 12 dollars, bask in the sun all day, day of brick. In summer, the village dealers started buying bamboo, mother every day in the mountains, to the middle of the 30 pieces for only one day to earn money. Only one time, my mother came back surprisingly early, also I brought back a piece of watermelon, when I was ecstatic to took the watermelon, just detection, mother came back early because of hand was cut to knife, have been drops of blood. I’m eating watermelon, tears couldn’t control. In my memory, the mother’s hand all the time with the wound, never interrupted.

when I was a little, but really want to share something for mom, even thought about giving up reading. On one occasion, I summon up courage to propose to drop out of school, the mother cried, said I unwillingly, still use bamboo stick ruthlessly hit me, then tell me, your brothers must give me to go to no.1 middle school. Is one of the best middle schools in our county, only went to there, to get the best education.

later, my brother and I are all very screws up to get into the one, but it has become a heavy burden in the home, mother in addition to work hard every day to earn money, also everywhere to borrow money to get the tuition fee for us. Once, see will school begins the next day, but our tuition is 700, the relatives in the village don’t lent it to our family, my father and mother grabbed a flashlight in the middle of the night out of the door, walk 20 miles to the next village, find a distant relative to borrow money, and then my father told me that on the way back to borrow money no electric torch, mother accidentally fell into the mountain the roadside ditch.

“second, when you grow up to be nice to your mother, she is really hard for you guys to read!” This is the most I have heard before the age of 18, at that time, as long as you meet any one in the village, uncle, grandpa, grandma, uncle will come over and I said that. Later I went to the city to go to school, others write and tell me once, vomiting blood, when I was working my mother let me persuade mother, don’t be so desperately. I cry while finished the letter, the in the mind only one thought: I can’t because of their reading, instead of the mother, big deal I don’t read. So I didn’t manage was in class, crazy back to his hometown. Entered the room, and my mother is a person ate dinner alone, and cuisine or that of a bowl of little oil dried turnip. I asked mother work vomiting blood is how to return a responsibility, you don’t be so hard, I can’t read, mother cried bitterly again with bamboo stick hit me, how can blame me not to run for class again, if the teacher angry fired you what to do.

this is mother’s final beat me, from then on, I dare not say don’t read a thing anymore, because I know, let’s read, is the most extraordinary dream mother in my life. I don’t have the heart to break her dream, the hard for 10 years, as the inferno mother depends on the dream alive.

afterwards, I through the efforts, out of the mountain, and came to the city, the mother also follow we came to the city, leading a peaceful happy life. But I know, in China, how many parents like my mother, in order to their children, living a hard life, only the heart of the dream. I want to do something for them, so I paid for more than 30 poor children in the whole country, to send their cost of living every month, send them to write a book. I want to do something, let more mothers and their children get help, but always feel had no clue, don’t start.

that day, I drink tea in the office as usual, leafing through the microblogging, suddenly saw a for help: a dustman aunt hurt, have no money to heal. I immediately went downstairs to take the money, go to the hospital to see her.

ward the dim light, dark and thin she fainted in the corner of a bed, may be broken leg pain, with some pain in her face. In order to thank me, she didn’t listen to the nurse’s dissuasion, insisted on climbing up to shake hands with me, and I talked a lot. Old aunt years ago lost her husband, a man dragged the child. She is on the way to send their children to after-class tutoring agency hurt, she said she had so hard, don’t want to let the child followed hard after, so she in addition to the cleaners also part-time several jobs, just to let the child go to after-school tutoring. I asked her that how even a little self-defense money is unprepared, she sighed deeply told me that even if so many jobs, also only enough children in the class. She now what also don’t want to, just want their children to study better.

I’m shocked, this is the very picture of my mother? Those bitter childhood mother fragments, all of a sudden welled up in my mind. I subconsciously tell myself that I should help her something, and I heard from my aunt’s child small peak home, contact the original small peak guidance teacher teacher zhang for his class. At the end of a class, teacher zhang did not leave as usual, and I said: Mr. Chen, I want to chat with you. I readily agreed.

we came to the coffee shop downstairs. Play the background music in the store that day was “grateful heart”, at that time, feel so abrupt, but now I think about it, it would be a special occasion.
“Mr. Chen, I want to say sorry to you, I know that xiao feng, but small peak of 500 is not my charge of each lecture.” Didn’t offer coffee shop assistant, teacher zhang couldn’t wait to start.

I said, it doesn’t matter, that is what you should have to…

“no, in the 500, I can only get about $120, the rest are all institutions earn. Or I that you don’t give me.” Before I say that finish, teacher zhang is interrupted.

I shocked again, for the first time, I know, in this kind of learning, is a whopping 70% to make those education institutions, and the money, how many mother’s sad and tears. I feel no longer sit still, until today, I can’t remember what is the end of the conversation of the day, how I back home, I only know that it all the way home, my head is full of traditional education institutions ferocious vampire. In the next few night, I almost stayed up all night long. I was determined to do an institution, not from the revenue and expense, the 70% commission to the thousands of parents.

the day after night thinking, I came to the office early, and seven of followed me out of my dream, and told them that we can to Beijing the next day, go there to look for people who know their education, realize the dream together!

on December 17, 2014, later that night, I and friends from distant south came to Beijing, began the extraordinary dream – create a named “ask him to teach” to find the teacher platform, parents here we don’t earn money, don’t make the teacher of money. But the problem is coming, I have been engaged in the Internet, before I never get education, how to provide a quality guarantee of teaching service? I looking for understand education partners, later I met Yang good future education, elite education to her, at first they don’t believe I will have this kind of feelings, they talk about my life experience, and I talk about my dream, they after 10 days of thinking, decided to give up high salary to come with me to complete the dream, slowly, we hit the road of “please he taught” hobbled.

today, I start the dream has been more than 100 days, no one will know that I gave up once every year hundreds of millions of fixed income, also gave up the superior life in xiamen. In Beijing, I and my friends every day on the floor, rolling the road and come up with the teacher, we finally have a batch of excellent teachers; We communicated with each parent, tell him our education feelings, finally have a batch of supporting our parents, they also help us to spread.

at the end of Chinese New Year, last year I was in Beijing on the streets of propaganda, call from the mother, ask me: you are now doing the business at a loss, to celebrate New Year’s money, do you want me to, the money you gave me before the Chinese New Year to you! I never failed to control their emotions, tears slide. I really want to say to mother: I don’t now hard points, as long as it can help a mother like you, is enough.

, I call Chen Yuanhe, above is my true story, I, is an ordinary person, but to do with an extraordinary dream.

if you have a dream, please don’t stop, don’t miss, just like my mother, like the cleaners aunt, the same to remain.

the author is introduced:

Chen Yuanhe, pen name three hairs, mirror in the autumn of personal micro signal: xmboy8, Internet education O2O project “please he taught” CEO, in the late 90 s, a teenager who is fujian famous prose writer in schools, once published an article on the same, 2003 years after the transition to the Internet business, has successfully established many Internet companies, at the end of 2014, with ideal of the “make education fair” education project “started the Internet please he taught” entrepreneurship, and no charge concept, aims to let the parents more provincial education consumption that has better!