Please eat App: rice of friends, only food and girls do not live up to

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please have a meal is not a food app, but it is a gourmet nearest app, because it is a fast friends offline mobile applications by eating. Use please to have a meal, user can spend credit release date, also can sign up another launch date, please have a meal to transfer online dating to the offline, make friends quickly.

please eat the drawer new hot team do a list of new products, at present there are about 20 people team, in February 2014, is launched. Users can please dinner invitation issued directly to sign up other people, also can release dinner invited local partners. To exactly match degree, the registered account user must perfect the basic data, including photographs, nickname, date of birth, gender, height, and detailed data such as income, job, career, marriage, whether smoking is not importune. Please have a meal at the invitation of the process is also very clear, choose restaurant, indicate the meal time, invite objects, the reason for the invitation, to indicate the payment method (” I pay “or” going Dutch “), an invitation is completed.

the user participation about rice when signing up the publisher can be found credit value, credit value more as more trustworthy, when personal credit is not enough can top-up online. The system will automatically tip which have friends who want to attend this appointment, click on the other side of the head can view basic information. Of course, in addition to the release date information, can also go to other people about, the background will be ordered by the height of the credit, displaying a map click the name of the restaurant, at the same time.

do real half acquaintances social relations

do social product on the market at present is always can’t get away from the concept of “gun”, it seems to please eat the founder Liu Gangjiang, produce reason for this is that no one can be the normal channels of communication, that is, the social app now did not meet the needs of users.

Liu Gangjiang said, please have a meal to do is the real social relationships, is directly meet, allow the user to find a job outside the existing social.

“we imagine a concept, our current environment is actually an acquaintance society, and a half and half acquaintances society about how to develop social relations is very limited, either students or colleagues.” Liu Gangjiang think, please eat allows users to meet more people, not necessarily is based on the men and women, may also be other industries or just to satisfy curiosity, the scene is very diverse.

please eat user age between 20 to 29 years old, male to female ratio is about 6:4, currently has more than 10 million registered users. Please eat has made some user information security mechanism, such as the user to participate in a chance to eat, only the date we can see that is invisible to the others, or the boy send date, can let the girls take a girlfriends etc. In order to reduce the user’s psychological barriers, let it be better to accept this kind of environment.

for offline friends, may not be the right choice for free

for Internet product, most product will choose free or the low threshold into the way, and released for users, please have a meal to eat the opportunity is need to spend money, Liu Gangjiang tell cloud network hunting, the reason for this is that I wish to see the sincerity of the sponsor to block the purpose is not pure.

please eat transfers online users to offline, users release date is required for credit. Credit way to accumulate there are two ways, one is paid (a dollar a credit value), is a behavior, such as dating success, others gave high praise, can store credit.

Liu Gangjiang told hunting cloud network, by paying please eat there are income, but they are more hope can become the threshold. For why did you choose this way of “simple” money rather than for the identity card or identity authentication, Liu Gangjiang admitted that a limitation is the team, on the other hand is operating costs will limit the expansion of the product. Overall , please use increase the pay wall, want to do is eating with payment of credit system in a way that social sincerity degrees higher.

for some rice software Joe rice wine is a big problem. Please eat also do this aspect on technical limitations: first of all, the limitation of payment, the user you have two options launch date, it’s my treat and AA. Second, the location of the user about rice are open on the platform, there is a public restaurant choose library.

in addition to increasing pay wall, please eat the background also set up its own set of standards, some false information for users and the purpose is not pure invitation to filter, type of pests users with titles such as measures to guarantee about food security and the user experience better.

date is the key to success: matching

dragon with sabrina wind, for offline dating Liu Gangjiang think in real life dating, marriage most are class, generally difficult to jump out. Based on this principle, I eat dinner, I try to match the belong to the same classes, allows users to find and their objects of the same class.

in addition, the user’s personal data will also be some matching, will also add some purpose, I am a student, for example, a person of hometown to attend. Please eat fun is that users will be able to find some new social relations.

about the future development, Liu Gangjiang also revealed that about this restaurant, popular restaurants can do import and business cooperation. At the same time, in addition to eat, the user’s personal interest, to eat some of the data collection can be mining. In terms of business model, in addition to the credit value of prepaid phone, please have a meal in the future will also consider and businesses into, such as bidding mode.