Play mouth live OR real ability? What the hell is Nubian Z9 claimed that the interaction of the revolution


seems to be the mobile phone manufacturer for the user’s g-spot, with music playing ball before occupation, after gaining momentum OPPO. Nubian as the earliest shout out “no frame” brand slogan, speculation has been a long time of Z9 can be “true”, only on May 6, see the face, such as hunting cloud network will also be closely tracking.

in March, Nubian issued Z9 Max and Z9 Mini, is there a Z9 rumors already a long time, without the frame design may be Nubian cited as a closet, so need to open a conference, to impress. The Nubian choose in the water cube on May 6, roll out ceremoniously Z9, in addition to bring confidence extraordinary design without borders, but also show “unprecedented interaction experience”.

let’s look at the Nubian, managing NiFei weibo illustrated content: the 1990 s, nokia’s keys, 2000 s, after apple’s touch screen, Nubian will bring new smartphones interaction, can also be referred to as “the third revolution of interaction”.

hunting cloud network to see what “third interaction revolution” is a ghost, then see NiFei hair long weibo, to a comprehensive explanation: first Nubia Z9 is the mobile phone has no borders, so means that under the condition of border is almost zero, in general, common user’s finger is easy to cause wrong operation. Nubian in order to solve this problem, the traditional mobile phone flat touch upgrade to 3 d touch, on the edge of the mobile phone of curve gently after answering the telephone, the background can be completed through cleaning, adjust volume, start the application and other custom multifunctional operation.

hunting cloud network of particular concern is that it is said that when held a horizontal machine, Nubian Z9 will identify the finger press the point, automatically open the camera, gently click arc edge shutter function can be realized. The Nubian also plans to open 3 d touch API, provide more support to the third party application services.

here, how has a sense of samsung hyperboloid both view.

hardware configuration, each with one, want to keep advantage is not an easy thing. So, in the design of the big time, became a chorus of tacit understanding. Moreover, limit of samsung hyperboloid screen, patent, technology, production, etc.; E-ink screens also has many problems. Therefore, “without borders”, has become many manufacturers further understanding.

drop by and see Letv super cell phone use without borders ID design concept, is not the people generally understand the “show without borders”, but rather through the adoption of high difficulty of “total float glass technology, reach the effect without border shows on the vision. To achieve this effect, however, the difficulty is not a general.

this stage, consumers expect is designed without borders, and before a stage of ultra-thin design, a bigger screen, high-definition camera… Wireless charging is the next stage? Super capacity battery? Anyway, there is always a reason can let you change of mobile phone. You will pay for what? The design of the mobile phone, total felling the manufacturer in toothpaste, bit by bit good things will not be out at a time.

so, hunting cloud network even had to return uncut jade to put in idea, keep the cell phone only answer the call of the function, the reason did not say to send and receive text messages, because it seems that the function is completely replaced by WeChat (in addition to the authentication code, harassing messages). Further, perhaps the relationship between mobile phones and watches can switch, mobile phone has become a entertainment terminal (the mini), or a combination of watches and glasses (glasses legs with headphones, microphone), to unravel cell phone is necessary. Is this a revolution?

above, and it can be seen that Google’s original design, because really too advanced, so not perfect, so that the relative apple this, sneak in the transition of type a bit bleak. We have every reason to believe that apple will touch glasses products, in the liberation hands on this road, there is still a lot we need to do…

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