Play: light luxury fashion brand Community electricity capricious

(text/Zhang Nanqian)

from the magic of “play” App, “fool” is not frequently tens of thousands of big luxury brands, but fashionable circle in recent years very the fire “light luxury brand -” it is a light around the luxury brand of fashion electrical business community. Feng Fan founder in 2012, graduated from university college London technology entrepreneurship MSC, has been engaged in international trade work. The team a total of 12 people, three core members had in every guest, iQIYI, beauty pomelo companies such as work experience.

a luxury, namely “mild” luxury “, in Feng Fan terms “is that you can afford to buy hard commodities”, in the luxury goods consumption, light luxury is actually tend to be a rational and healthy consumption patterns. Light of luxury in China are the most easy to was born in a growing middle class population, their spending power is not enough to spend money like water and rich, but the pursuit of quality, brand life, therefore willing to under the condition of the economic power, purchase of unique design, reliable quality of luxury goods.

be App in April 2013, after iterative update, version 4.0 was released in early may this year, the new interface to change the previous style for low-key black, red Logo is more cool feeling to the person. Product function, mainly have three: one is the “play” community, users browse a selection of street snap here, light to identify his favorite luxury brand; 2 it is “buy big electricity”, play has exclusive cooperation sourcing company in the United States, with the method of the direct mail; Three is “free” brand, editor of thousands of well-known brands of a variety of materials for the structured process, such as UGG is not “chicken chicken” but actually “brother”, Hermes h doesn’t pronunciation, this exclusive benefits to users, took to the streets around big again a slip of the tongue.

do light luxury products on the domestic market of electricity such as shangpin, founded in 2010, has made a good example for similar products, its characteristic is to provide members of luxury consumption experience, adhere to buy handmade fashion, and organizing international fashion carnival activities. Founder and young play App Feng Fan thinks, the advantage of their products will light the combination of luxury fashion community and shopping platform.

“we sell brands of goods not only, also be the community to quickly establish its social word of mouth marketing; Users through our community more fully capture and understand the changeable trend of brand, and then make a purchase request, according to the demand, play platform will help the user to complete from the goods shelves, to the goods order operation guidelines. In addition, the sources of the introduction of work, we adopt the way of the direct mail – be sourcing company in the United States has exclusive cooperation, all the goods are all through the company procurement concurrent to the Chinese buying users.” Feng Fan convective cloud network said.

about the business model, play team to introduce the main products from the exhibition mode, as well as flat island’s sales commission to profit. Financing, play had earlier get very serious angel investment funds, ms independent investors Zhou Yu investment (which can be understood as the pre – A), at present, play team has launched A round of funding plan.

electronic commerce technology to the development of China’s luxury consumer market with “accelerator”, through the Internet, seemingly distant international “big” brand for income rich middle-class people linger. But luxury electric business faces “brand authorization, high-end users to acquire and pay for convenience” all sorts of problems, such as electricity from light luxury fashion in China wind can blow how many feet, combined with the fashion community and electricity be exactly how far you could walk again, we have to wait and see.