Pinterest to join a key to buy button, blend in electronic commerce social image

as a network pictures social service provider company, Pinterest has vowed to help people in real life looking for something new. And in the near future, users will be able to directly buying items you find in the website.

on Tuesday, the San Francisco company said it would add purchasing function, users can use this function to buy the items in the website, this is also the first to include e-commerce services. This new feature is named “buy a pushpin, the seller may choose big or small” buy “button and placed the items on their website.
Pinterest is by Ben Silbermann was founded in 2009, and several of his colleagues launched soon in a crowd of some like digital scrapbook rapidly in popularity, these people are very like online save something they are interested in. For example, a user on the network to see some very interesting jeans, he can put the pictures of these jeans “nail” on Pinterest boards. The original idea was that the user can be found through this website to collect their goods, in order to purchase in the future.
But is not directly buy these items on Pinterest, so for many users, the function add greatly to meet their desire. But for Pinterest, these changes in buying pins have brought more than $1.3 billion in financing for them, the function is valuation at about $11 billion. Although the company has not disclosed the actual number of users, but according to online analysis firm comScore, estimate Pinterest users in the United States more than 75 million.

Pinterest with major retailers, such as Cole Haan, Ethan Allen, Kate Spade and Macy’s and jointly purchase pins. Is expected to have more than 2 million blue “buy” button appear on the Pinterest homepage of these companies. Pay the service will be provided by the Stripe, will be provided by the Braintree payment processing business.

and other businesses can be through the use of Shopify for sales and service, which will greatly improve the smaller independent businesses online business ability.

for Pinterest, this change is a huge profit opportunity, may be the only opportunity. It hovered for nearly six years, after all, only at the beginning of the recent foray into e-commerce. In December last year, the company issued to promote the “pins” product, this is the introduction of its first large advertising measures; And the statement Tuesday is the build e-commerce sites a substantial first step.

Pinterest volumes charge some retailers do not intend to use the traditional way of e-commerce profit, on the contrary, they will “promote pushpin” advertising to sell to retailers, and profit, the retailer can purchase pins inserted into these ads.

is responsible for the general manager of Pinterest business Tim Kendall said: “we believe that if we are able to focus on nail for geeks to create an incredible experience, that had formed a big business.”

Kendall says that 87% of Pinterest users have bought items they find on the website, and two-thirds of Pinterest content comes from the enterprise.

he said: “in fact, this experience is a kind of business experience.”

Pinterest are struggling to build mobile version of the purchasing service, make it easier to buy. On many websites, consumers are forced to enter their address and credit card information before buying, and the same pattern to use on the mobile phone is difficult. Over the years, retailers and like Stripe and PayPal payment has been to try all kinds of methods to simplify this process, in order to avoid the so-called lost customer single problem (customers lost single refers to the customer to buy the shopping cart items).

with these buying pins, consumers don’t need to repeat input payment information every time shopping.

on Tuesday, an activity in San Francisco Silbermann said: “buying pins is Pinterest for special mobile phone shopping service.”

Pinterest company is not the first test to this model, Twitter and Stripe before the cooperation, allow consumers to buy through tweets. And Stripe and BrainTree also cooperate with Facebook development several mobile payment products.


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