Pig’s decision: HTC’s flagship M9 +, his M9 “stuck”?

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after march HTC MWC2015 conference its new flagship HTC One M9, after today, HTC in China held a preheating again “wining One” launch for a long time, but the leading role of the conference is not march HTC One M9, but the upgrade version of M9 HTC One M9 +.

this time, HTC One M9 + finally on the industrial design of the machine continued the M8 product style, avoid the first ugly, return to the design of dual cameras, adopt the remains of luxurious metal fuselage; And on the basic configuration: HTC One M9 + USES a 5.2 inch screen 2 k resolution, 3 gb of RAM memory, 32 gb storage, carrying the mediatek MT6795T 2.2 G eight core processor, equipped with 2840 mah battery. In camera is used pre – 4 million pixels UltraPixel camera, rear 20 million pixels the combination of the two cameras, is still double BoomSound speakers, still support Dolby * Audio sound, still support characteristic Dot View protection shell, run on Android 5.0 and the development of China to HTC Sense operating system, the new touch entity fingerprint identification. Sharply grey in color, gold and silver Jin Shangjin currency, three kinds of color. Meet with the consumers time and price temporarily unknown.

, visible progress

relative to the M9 this “on the M8 this most beautiful smartphone challenge to self” model of M9 + obviously more sincerity, let him to shoulder the heavy task in 2015 to HTC survival, on HTC desire for the future will be more, I think. HTC M9 + has a lot to see ascension, in essence it is a near perfect mobile phone, and I will sing praises for him on the progress.

need sure M9 + this makes great progress, change me in the dream when Sue? No surprise what HTC self-reliance!” The article in view of the HTC One M9 listed in the product of its variety of regret in terms of industrial design, the camera. The HTC One M9 +, both on the appearance of the fuselage design, and in the fuselage configuration parameters, or on the localization has certain promotion, in some ways, is it really worth M9 + the title, the sense that gives a person is also more.

on appearance design, HTC is probably realized that he had blown on M9 cattle b is too big, finally a M9 instead on M9 + in several trough point on the appearance design, erase the ugly rear projection camera, make the M9 + lost flagship was memorable for many years behind the ugly, let HTC in recent years very not easy to save level scores were preserved in appearance, at least in appearance design of the first impressions can go well for him, letting a person return the M8 classic double camera design, more valuable is, on the basis of camera on the back, did not cut the pixel parameters of camera, is still kept 20 million pixels high. This is the result of compromise HTC bow to the market. But this kind of bow of reality and compromise, is has the positive significance, at least in the mainstream parameters, will not bring misunderstanding to consumers. Although the practical experience and the parameter is not a connection, but the parameter is important one annulus.

this is an age of excess performance, actually M9 5 inches 1080 p on the configuration screen, 3 gb of RAM memory, 32 gb storage, qualcomm Xiao dragon 810 eight nuclear 64 – bit processors in today is enough. But the HTC in M9 + plus on the configuration of a fire, the screen resolution up to 2 k level, fingerprint identification technology, and new touch entity in HTC One M7 Max had technology to try to try again, it is to this year, and the mainstream android flagship of a standard. On the configuration, and samsung HTC’s own mind is standing on the same starting line, also walk in the forefront of The Times.

in a more critical localization, HTC launched speculation has long more localized system ROM – China to HTC Sense. China Sense not only have personal can custom theme, create a virtual buttons can be personalized Settings; Touch the treasure to scientific and technological cooperation, and with the stranger calls identification, yellow pages information intercepting filter, life functions such as platform, let HTC phones in the mainland of China is more suitable for Chinese people to use habits.

2, chaos strategy, unpredictable ending

M9 + relative to the M9 progress is obvious to all, on the whole more beautiful appearance, the parameters of the stronger and more localized system; The combination of these let M9 + can yet be regarded as the best smartphone. But that does not mean M9 + will be successful, the success of a product, the product itself is good enough, but reasonable and appropriate product line strategy is more critical. But this time is not appropriate to HTC product line strategy.

no reasonable embodies the strategy of product line, HTC after January, with can’t stop the rhythm of the released two consecutive annual flagship – M9 and M9 +. If HTC is ready to learn samsung or apple, adopts double flagship strategy, to hustle the putative foe, that HTC could really is in handan toddlers or arrogance.

first from its putative foe samsung and apple, though they all use the double flagship strategy; But their double flagship not only for its own products is obvious to the market and price differentiation, and in the right place on the product also has the degree of differentiation. Apple iPhone6 and iPhone 6 plus the conquest of conventional screen market and the domestic mobile phone market, the samsung with two same size S6 and S6 Edge to deal with iPhone6 from apple and the iPhone 6 plus, although the size of the same configuration, but there is a double take on S6 Edge screen such differentiation are not copied. Although the M9 and M9 + both products for HTC itself, is the degree of differentiation in the configuration, it can be seen that M9 is a flagship, but on the price, the degree of differentiation is not so obvious, although the price of this two products are not released stage, but from the perspective of the information of current leakage, should be generally low, of course may be HTC conscience, but the injury is his own conscience). But the two products in the face of the enemy is not HTC itself, but the putative foe, HTC products, relative to the HTC mind with those competing goods of the first world war, only equipped with 2 k seemed qualified screen, fingerprint identification and dual cameras M9 +. The two flagship, internal price differentiation is not obvious; Abroad, with competing goods of the first world war and M9 + only. And double flagship strategic move, HTC is not stuck his enemy, is not yet listed on March himself flagship M9 card brilliantly to death.

I was in the HTC is such a decline: don’t always “with” ju yung and clear, the article concludes that One of the important reason of the decline of HTC is product line strategy, said: “the HTC mobile phone product lines in poor, cause time flagship overlap, tender is the flagship, and at that time HTC One, HTC One X, HTC One X +, HTC One XL, HTC One V, HTC One S head on.” Although two years ago HTC in M7 and M8 change this habit, to change product line more clear, divided into flagship only M7 and M8, upgrade edition also has obvious time interval and a more obvious differentiation, these measures also made once HTC product line chaos changes greatly. But in 2015, don’t know HTC is what is the idea, that of string two flagship, and let the two flagship inside the HTC hands and right. The, HTC is not only let the M9 became the most short-lived flagship, also let us again about the time a flagship YiBingDing together on the HTC in the product line to distinguish the degree of chaos.

HTC M9 + was introduced in this moment, the sense that gives a person is strategic chaos, there is no reasonable divide the product key and product launch time. Such confusion to HTC M9 + the outstanding product, is likely to become the victim of the strategy of chaos to HTC. Maybe I’m not qualified to comment on a strategy of international manufacturers, but I want to say what I confused. I want to say HTC move, this time really let me very confused, HTC in what to think, I really didn’t see. I’m not understand what HTC is eating the wrong medicine, impatient? What excited? (this words have no malicious, if there is any offensive, please forgive me!)

three, instability

to remove the product launch of confusion, HTC this month to internal and external conditions are not calm. Its first launched in March MWC 2015 conference of M9 this annual flagship, although material, improve the camera parameters, but the pictures on this board did not disappear, still camera problem, the accumulation of a variety of poor let it is seen by many as the sincerity of a product. And the launch of HTC yesterday M9 +, more let its fast died on the beach; Secondly, HTC internal personnel unrest more attention. “In order to ensure that HTC successfully into the next 10 years of growth stage” change CEO Peter Chou, replaced by ms wang mountain personally, save the future of HTC, and on HTC soon change, and the damage of one general, chief designer of Jonah Becker (Jonah Becker announced departure; Although the recent release of than analysts expected profit still weak earnings in the first quarter of 2015, according to HTC’s future challenges remain, and launched M9 + on April 8, the product itself can be criticized, at least from the point of subjective parameters and design, is very few, but the actual experience on whether there will be some ills of M9, currently unknown. In general, HTC this month, a lot of things, for HTC, miyoshi two arms.

4 and conclusion

M9 + released yesterday, both lost in appearance make life evil bulge on M9 rear camera, let the classic M8 design regression; Or with 2 k resolution on specific parameters, such as fingerprint identification configuration, or a more localized in China without the operating system. These improve to make the M9 + relative to the progress of the M9 mandates, the combination of these let M9 + can yet be regarded as one of the best smartphones. But there is no reasonable division of HTC anxiously, product launch time, and focus on M9 + show that the strategy of chaos, not stuck his enemy, is not yet listed on March himself flagship M9 card brilliantly to death. For HTC M9 + the future of the product added a lot of uncertainty factors, HTC M9 + this great product, will become the victim of the strategy of chaos to HTC, remains to be further observation. In a word, this product is good! Good luck wish HTC finally led to the king!

postscript: in wining One conference, HTC launched M9 + not only, also launched a HTC Vive and HTC One E9 +, HTC Vive is its cooperation with international famous game platform steam launch of VR games helmet, its appearance at MWC 2015 convention; Vive have a range of position detection that x4.5 4.5 meters, consists of two base injection laser, helmets and handle on the receiver to receive, calculated the location information, scope of nearly 20 square meters. By lin2 xin such as endorsement of the new HTC One E9 +. Is using 5.5 inch 2 k resolution, carrying mediatek processor, equipped with 2 g memory and 16 gb of storage space, owned and M9 configuration 20 million pixels as the main camera and 4 million pixels UltraPixel front-facing camera, and support the HTC BoomSound technology.

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