Pigeon of wisdom: institute of male a heap of intelligent product development, solve the playing sandbags, pathfinding, insomnia, etc

(text/Qiao Zefang)

pigeon wisdom is a wisdom sandbags to cut into the fitness market, but trying to rely on its patent module and data analysis ability into household life wisdom of innovative enterprises. When smart devices power into our lives, from intelligent bracelet to intelligent clock, from Google glasses to Watch, Apple smart hardware began to attract the eyes of the public opinion more and more.

when hunting cloud network first saw wisdom zhu xin hua, founder of the pigeon, plaid shirt, jeans, institute of male image of the standard. According to zhu xin hua himself, he worked in east soft group, in this one of China’s largest IT solutions and services provider, he worked in technology, worked in operation, industry was gradually thorough, ripe and flow. But also because of this, the thinking of him to do the product is somewhat different with others.

wisdom pigeon hardware core is the module, and sandbags form is new, easy to spread. Pigeon’s wisdom sandbags not hanging in the traditional sense of type, equipped with multiple wrap around the sandbags, can cooperate with various types of action. At the same time because of sandbags in the process of sports center of gravity change, whole body muscle group can get exercise. Load in the sandbags induction module, user can select records, frequency, speed when the fitness movement quality can be inspected. And these are use laid the foundation for the App. App provides professional coach development fitness movement, users also can choose on the App to learn to appreciate the coach professional counselling, fitness plan. And their data will be compared with the coach, combining virtual coach and real coach, the introduction of scoring mechanism.

according to zhu xin hua, they also now has a total of more than 100 countries coach to join, they choose to cooperate with fitness studio, rather than the gym, but because the fitness studio to seize the customer first service concept, with good experience to ensure that the user viscosity, avoided the handle card but not consumption. Because wisdom sandbags don’t need to just go to the gym and experiment, different sand size but can let you convenient to carry. Wisdom sandbags and wisdom pigeons have now been sold to the United States, Australia, India and other countries.

at the same time, the wisdom pigeon software is the core of their data analysis ability. Zhu xin hua from neusoft after leaving office to choose to read Sydney university of science and technology. From students to the professor, he even the government was selected to specific analysis of the development of the Chinese market data system. And this also gives wisdom pigeon ability of data analysis provides the guarantee. So when learn wisdom pigeon planning the development of smart home, seems to be a natural thing. But also be a concern: product line too long. About the whole market, xin hua zhu told hunting cloud network: “smart home is not just for China’s such a big market, we need to do is to be able to help some people to solve some problems. In the smart house, is a specific insomnia.” Using the same module induction device, such as collecting light, smell, temperature and humidity, and sleep in the bedroom posture and the duration of the data, then through data computation and analysis, to automatically adjust the room type of music, the volume, the head of a bed lamp light intensity, so as to provide the best environment for sleep.

if you finish reading the above, do you think wisdom pigeon sandbags and intelligent household plan only, that I can only say that there is actually a below, and maybe more in the future.

the popularity of baidu, Scott map is for most people to get rid of the plight of don’t know how to ride, but in the last mile to a destination often have a road ahead, where does that leave the frustration. Wisdom pigeon is not promoting the pathfinding is the user of this App to hit said hurt Yang points. And wisdom pigeon mode of operation is in hospital, office environment more complex to install modules, covering every corner corridor. Users according to the information from the module and prompt, can quickly reach the destination.

all in all, pigeon is relying on the wisdom. Company developed a variety of resources can bring a lot of convenience, also can make the products more perfect, better user experience. But the direction of attack, more energy dispersion can be caused by wisdom pigeons will be faced with a problem. At present, the pigeons are actively seeking wisdom pre – A round of funding.