Picture social announced In B round of funding of 300 million yuan, warp/weft led In China

picture social company officially announced today In complete B round 300 million RMB financing, jointly by partners China and well-known investors Lin Lijun led, thousands of joint ventures and the management the original jia and, cyberworks’ investment are all with, huaxing capital as the financing of the sole financial advisor.

In online In June 2014, is a focus on women’s images social platform, through individual stickers, top fashion labels, filters, interest subject and rich functions such as the people around to help users to share and record the dribs and drabs In life. Platform completely around female psychological demand designed from the beginning, the proportion of women as high as 92%. In less than a year, In has brought together more than 32 million users.

after finish this round of financing, will continue to dig In and meet the demand of the user’s source as the core continuously to achieve product optimization and iteration, achieve 100 million users In 2015, established the needs of users of social platform type business ecosystem, and to forge A a-share first mobile social stocks as soon as possible.

as to why the yuan funds, rather than the dollar In the founder of the water, said social has a large market In China, listed In the current domestic investment environment has become increasingly mature, the environment is also becoming more favorable, under the trend of social and even the Internet is still a shortage of good leader platform for the domestic capital market. Of images has become the largest social platform In, choose the more familiar with the domestic capital market of RMB fund is not only beneficial to the development of the future In the domestic, more hope can be In a year of rapid development vigor into domestic capital markets, together with other excellent companies build a new and prosperous business ecosystem.