Pick up my car pool: enterprise + community cloud incoming bus mode, how to fight?

(text/jing-jing fan)

a taxi with the rise of the software industry, people travel areas began to become the focus of companies rushed to develop. As one of the residents daily way to travel, and carpooling also gradually show rapid development. Domestic has emerged including haha, AA, tick, slightly, love carpooling, many startups, direction is mostly “car” model in the form of free ride.

and hunting cloud network recently contact pick me up “carpool” into the industry is relatively late, after the market for a period of time after the inspection of a direction to “bus” enterprise + community service business . Co-founder and COO sun said in an interview with hunting cloud network “carpool final purpose is to want to solve traffic congestion, environmental emissions, and the burden of the problem of fuel, Shared bus concept set time travel, will be coach of the limited resources more reasonable and effective configuration, let more people enjoy the community bus service, but also solved the problem of the emissions, congestion.”

“I” with the leasing company cooperation provided by the community to the company’s long distance commuting service (more than 10 km), pick me up at present community bus has exceeded 100 divisions, cover major community and Beijing business district commuter routes.

than the traditional car pool products, after I have my own characteristics: first, it coach have operation qualification of cooperation, in the process of driving safety coefficient is relatively higher, in an interview, when sun told hunting cloud network, “pick me up on the platform of all the vehicles pass strict review, also for every coach rolled into the do level of insurance; Second coach carrier number is more, usually in 50 people, costs are cheaper than private cars; Pick me up at the same time the community bus routes and time is relatively fixed, and can make it on time.”

Product positioning of the

pick me up at the travel white-collar crowd have certain requirements in the end, “community service is still a very vertical markets, but for the white-collar workers to and from work each day is a high frequency of demand, they pursue the travel cost performance, and community service can provide them with a relatively good service, quality and price is much lower than a taxi.”

on the product design, the user must pick me up at the platform to buy tickets in advance, then get in the car, similar to a train ticket, pick up my guest unit price in 8-14 yuan. In addition, if the user has the need to also can apply for refund four hours in advance. Pick me up at present only provide carpool service class in the morning and evening, the late would join activity carpooling, meeting carpooling, etc. Users can buy votes, half moon, commutation ticket, etc. If the end user’s route and C system does not match, the user can put forward requirements in the App, statistics will be opened after the bus.

pick me there is no profit, so on the profit model, pick me up late may through the car advertising and provide value-added services, such as breakfast, shopping, etc.). Sun also disclosed to hunt cloud network, pick me up after will cut into the social patterns in the APP end, “we now have their own micro letter group, social attribute is an inevitable result.” Pick up my team want to make the concept of first-class coach.

meet my team members from China auto rental, lenovo, tsinghua tongfang and other enterprises, the founder and CEO Liu Huiceng ren, vice President of China auto rental policy source vc and challenging funds last year millions of dollars in angel rounds of financing.

traditional taxi market meet the habits of people, a taxi carpooling market relative to the crowd, when early need a process of training users, along with the SEC recognition of carpool, the whole car pool market there may be a big improvement, may also be the drops and recognised by the public.

than the carpool homogeneity of the market, the concept of spelling a coach is a field of carpool vertical segment of the market, is by the users of korah. But recently are easy to transport also announced “easy to bus”, provide pick-up service from the community to the business circle to and from work. How to increase user stickiness, get more users, from the competition may be start-ups, including pick me up, the need to consider problems.