Photo: domestic online print another break

June 9 (word/yan-mei wu)

network print is the user through the Internet to upload digital photos, after storage, after adjustment, share, and selected and a series of process, output, or made into all kinds of video products. In the process, print service providers will need to provide including network, storage, software platform, production, packaging, distribution, customer service, etc. A complete set of supporting system.

from 2006 public offering in the United States, to click into the Chinese market after acquired by HP fish (Snapfish), to such as domestic impression, colorful music, print the guest, and many other emerging network print service providers have rise. But for now to be able to achieve a common cognitive in the domestic brand almost no. So to break a startup there is some chance of success.

a photograph is a subsidiary of Beijing imprinting technology products, focus on developing online business, through the photos APP, the photos can be independently defined, according to the specific user scenarios to text and add photos or pictures of the set time axis user personalization scene, finally submitted to print pictures. Play photos mainly locate in infants and young children and travel market, profit model is photo print customize product and its surrounding product profit. Templated playing photos of innovation lies in, and the future will serve as a platform to recruit designer team, small to a photograph of the custom.

a photo fee is a five inch photos five MAO and postage borne by the user. Strength of the current activity is bigger, registered to send 20 photo print, share a software can get 10 free print, there are preferential activities throughout the year.

the current online cloud print currently out of the still is the essence of electricity. Price competition is to attract the common use of the previous user. But the future is customized and personalized online cloud print path. Print the photo scene under the impact of the social platform, print the photo scene is commonly festival, activities, wedding, and a series of memorable scene. Under this scenario, the logistics and quality as well as the initial breakthrough of personalization is small print platform team.

now play photos based on self-built print studio, the photo print quality control, logistics through the cooperation with large logistics platform, customized gift bags and humanized service at the same time, help users will photos story scenes and contains the emotional pass it on.

photo team is a young team, the founder of chang-an yu Fan Xuesong graduate university, founder technology market 2 years work experience, 1 year experience O2O product manager. Technical director Wu Guoxing, graduated from university of chang-an yu, have 2 years of development experience, familiar with the mobile APP development, experience in large projects. Operations managers zhen-xing Lin, graduated from north China electric power university, dispatch information on product managers, 1 years O2O business experience, good at APP operations and offline event planning.

Fan Xuesong told me that, although the photos from the nature of electricity, but in the end will be based on a designer platform and flow of transformation.

designer platform, that is, the niche of customization can be developed, real will customize as characteristics to attract users, let photos design is no longer restricted to the template. Mobile cloud print’s greatest value is actually the drainage, attract users to consume. As the user for the pursuit of personalized products, photo design will be expanded for the new profit point, but the quite high request to the team. But if a photo try, will become the first domestic eat crab.

look of domestic network print service providers, “my album”, full color, click fish, netease impressionist, etc. But the market is still in the stage of education consumer, has not been fully cultivated, is faced with smart phones, polaroid emerging things such as huge impact. It is difficult to have a chance to make users a large number of returns through family album era, so China has no such business development to offering the size of the industry and the user habit, and now online printing in addition to continue to take low price strategy, follow up students and from the market, almost do not see any other effective way of innovation. So widespread the leading type of products in the short term in the basic unlikely, but small assault success is possible.

when the network printing and expand the brand effect of ordinary people in daily life, is the real mature network printing brand, but before it has a long way to go. And obscure.