Phil Spence runs Xbox anniversary: the Xbox One will be put on the counter attack

cloud network hunting note: truly successful enterprises not only have the classic products, more can realize organic combination of the product. Phil Spencer will Xbox One and PC is united in wedlock, make the Xbox One glow the “second life”! Xbox today One can not only make you more freedom to play games on the laptop, also has constantly absorb new gaming platform, let the user get value gaming experience.

The present situation of the

the Xbox One is no sweet without sweat, after months of hard after rectification, finally people can see it again. Yet these achievements cannot leave a person – Phil Spencer, his last year on March 31, be appointed as head of the Xbox projects, company nearly a year of time corrective game consoles, the Xbox from trough into a piece of the sky the sea is vast.

the Xbox One improvement project as the latest part of the Microsoft game plan, after a few months have beginnings: namely the Win10 system as an opportunity, combines the Xbox and PC seamless, the realization of “1 + 1 & gt; The effect of 2 “, and let users enjoy the cross-platform general game experience. Phil Spencer at GDC) (game developers conference officially released on the project, and shows the operation details. With all of the general characteristics of the Xbox with One game in the future can be streaming between PC and console.

Spencer after his speech, we spoke to him, still dressed in DirectX 12 t-shirts and it hit talk for 15 minutes. He was relaxed and confident, despite talk slightly long, but different from some of the senior executive of wind he give a person the sense with frank, and in the confidence also let a person feel reliable.

he said: “all the game team at Microsoft, we are in the company to the forefront. CEO approved everything we set out to work, reimbursing we fervently tried to sense of responsibility.”

in Satya Nadella after full authority, Spencer unprecedented project started the company. This project with the Xbox One designed, many team members for combining the PC online game consoles with plans to hold doubt or confusion. But along with the transition of the Xbox One development target, Microsoft department relationship has also improved, the combination of PC and Xbox game One service makes the split between different departments to change. Then, the 10 Windows system contribute to the turning point from the beginning of be considered within the Xbox One development?

Spencer this explains: “quite frankly, it is a new program, the original on the Xbox is just the idea of developing a console can connect TV or other device, we think it is enough to make big money for us. Of course is not so far, many of its media function we also in research and development.”

SONY lead, but the final victory belongs to Xbox

Sony has put last year’s research and development of the design into reality, as One of the competitors, Spencer speak for a few hours ago, claimed that the PlayStation 4 since release sales reached 20.2 million units. Sony has an advantage.

Spencer did not put forward the plan of Microsoft catching up, on the contrary, he said: “Sony achievement is really impressive, but in November and December we also have a good performance in Britain and the United States. Sony on the PS4 such a big operation, the product to its honor and its unique design perspective, are enough to make me heartfelt admiration, is really great. And so many companies want to a share in the field of game consoles are really interesting.”

“three years ago, the emergence of the makes people rushed to buy special equipment for connection to your TV. Now NVidia, the predecessor was developed the new game consoles, Sony is earn will slide on PS4, and we have sold more than 360 series of Xbox One. Have to admit that the field is indeed a fight. Is still our profit, but in the end because the active growing in the field of game developers group, they will own the game to join our platform. This is because our platform using DirectX, Xbox Live core application framework and the core of the general operating system, provides developers with more likely and more convenient development environment, it is enough to attract most of the developers.”

“we are trying to design a general tools and technology makes the game developers can take this link to all users. Game developers to absorb into the Xbox One benefit is obvious. We said to the developer to design Windows games, why not for the Xbox One design, the conversion by the compiler in a basic check box can be completed. The Xbox One will attract the more original game, users can enjoy extremely rich gaming experience.”

developer and platform

when a new game to join the Xbox One host, the PC will receive a warning, and vice versa. Fable Legends through the PC and Xbox released One of the most striking One of the game. Other Microsoft Games Studio products can also get the same treatment?

“now is the development trend of the game, no matter where, developers can be linked to the player, but it is also the trend of the future.” Spencer said: “the game developers have learned actively seek the opportunity to contact the user, and make full use of, they all want their own game is suitable for the equipment more users. Value the contact of the developers are very much.”

“we didn’t force a game and a must support all platforms, most developers think highly of our platform provided by the opportunity to contact with the user. How often are they don’t want the user whether to rest at home or at work, no matter use a laptop or a TV can play their own game. Xbox One indeed carried out the wishes of people play games on TV, but I more hope it can make people anywhere at any time to play games.”

“PC now to Forza such racing games and no huge demand. In the show in January, streaming media technology has been proved that any brand of PC can be Xbox. User can add port itself, and since then I may be more inclined to focus on creating user urgently ask for something.”

“we have the Halo added to the PC. If you know the enterprise model and other related factors, you will find the feeling of play the first-person shooter on the PC and play in the game on the handle is different. We want players to enjoy the most carefree gaming experience. If you feel the difference, then in the next three to four years you will notice that a growing number of developers to develop for the games of all kinds of screen. The players and developers are greater opportunity.”

VR technology

Microsoft on GDC put forward a positive slogan: a wash after 18 months of haze, let the Xbox One on a trouble-free pursued his opponent. At the same time, Sony’s covered with thick carpet are revealed in their near the booth of the final version of Morpheus VR headsets, Oculus formal version of the product ready, and Vive virtual reality products also debut. Microsoft, however, have their own enough to make the world a exciting products, that is Hololens, it made its debut this year AR technology, but does that mean it themselves locked out of the VR technology?

Spencer said: “we can’t cut off its way out. Have found that, in fact, a hybrid between virtual space technology can be applied on the Hololens, enhance its function and technology, and it is on the first party and the partner will not affect the operation in the field of VR. I have used Morpheus and Oculus, as you can imagine, in the field of products will emerge in endlessly.”

“talks about this area will be very fierce, many of them looked at the Xbox, apparently Oculus and other products in the near future will also combine with PC, but such talk is also very valuable, because it will promote our development forward. Objectively speaking, I think the development of VR is not yet mature, unable to gain a foothold in the market, but it will inevitably caused uproar, and the game industry will experience the road of innovation, both in terms of Al and sound.”

despite a few small twists and turns, Spencer took over the first year of the Xbox truly impressive, he let company more ground, which once brought some lack of motivation. In the next year, steam during the Christmas season now, Sony exclusive game recently, and the situation of Microsoft still like last year, can get a pen. Again with the Xbox.

Source: EuroGamer

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