Pets in the United States: only to Wang Xing people come to take a bath and beauty, take not to go all the dog hair, don’t say oneself is O2O

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the pet is a Shanghai company, located in the field of pet door-to-door beauty, won the central capital millions of angel investment. Founder Huang Chaoji oneself also have a dog, so in choosing a pet beautician, compassion is the primary conditions for the interview.

it is difficult to develop love, no no, technical training, can master sooner or later. So Huang Chaoji told hunting cloud network, the company currently 21 full-time beautician, there are more than 3 years of industry experience, best female, patient and meticulous. Although some question frequently the abuse of offline events, but no one pay attention to the fact that pet beautician high pressure work every day, this is a kind of professional time deformity, most people because of interest in this line, most people leave disappointed finally, talent turnover rate is as high as 50%, so have to change.

how to service Wang Xing person?

in the first place, the pet will do to pet beautician training, all process standardization. What is standardization, is in addition to the standard specification for Wang Xing person service time, more in detail. Meet the door process, say what, bonding and pet, placed equipment, covering goods, services, the need to take away what, keep clean and tidy, etc. These details are the focus of the training.

so the finish. Pet beautician can mount guard. After receiving orders, phone users ask Wang Xing people, currently only support small dogs door-to-door service (team is ready to try large breed door-to-door service). So make sure good Wang Xing people age, physical signs, the hair is beautician according to the agreed time after related problems such as the door, with specially designed for the door of the familiar tools of production, first 5 minutes and Wang Xing people familiar with, then select in the bathroom for Wang Xing people. Before you begin with non-woven mask up all can see something in the bathroom, to avoid flying about dog hair disorderly fall.

wash, comb hair, blow hair, hair conditioner that re-moisturizes repair, eyes clean, check repair, cut nails, shave foot hair, around the anus clip, basic health examination, the service is to finish the process. Pet owner, hairdresser will give Wang Xing people picked up our one-time non-woven fabric, with a small vacuum cleaner again the bathroom, take away the trash dog dander. And would like a five-star hotel in on garbage bags, trash can border will be flat. Before giving the Wang Xing person to issue a paper lightweight check-up report, to guide the user how to develop at the same time.

so services out there is always an interesting phenomenon. Huang Chaoji tell hunting cloud network, users to experience the perfect pet service after Wang Xing people always attached kua 1, you to what is, the bathroom before you go or what. Spotless, sometimes also is clean than before. Recent Huang Chaoji is also working on new non-woven, can be more clean all stick to all Wang Xing human hair.

pet beautician can make?

now, familiar with 21 full-time beautician. Platform is divided into will not be involved. All earnings are owned by beautician. Earlier in the store is not free, large volume, enthusiasm is not high also. Pet time free in the United States, high enthusiasm, business also continued to grow. But the pet or hope, you have an acceptable the beautician constant orders. Tired not beautiful pet advocate service intention, freedom, economic, respect is the intention.

team, Huang Chaoji himself was drops the youngest city manager, responsible for Shanghai, hangzhou and zhejiang province cities of marketing and operations. The pet team leader, is also A co-founder of, from domestic top pet beauty school, is A grade teacher, responsible for recruiting and training of professional trained and have rich experience the beauty of the pet.

as pets O2O door products on the market at present is roughly:,, got home (MOE),,,, etc. With pet, touch the dalai is the same central capital angel investors. This is very interesting.