Pet smart hardware escort “result not egg”, do domestic sales overseas communities

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the pet market segment has got the attention of entrepreneurs, the emergence of various forms of App constantly applied in each big market, such as hunting cloud network previously reported the O2O as breakthrough point to touch the dalai and pet as the breakthrough point of DogVacay have obtained financing. Upright egg hunting cloud network attention recently called “match” pet smart hardware, aimed at solving urban white-collar pet care problems in the process of working from home.

result not eggs in early April to land the dream-seeker net open the raise, the founder of jiang xin lian successively in zte, huawei marketing support on the overseas market and product planning work nearly eight years, co-founder of weeks when I was a star who act as purchasing agency network, after get financing failure, 13 years began in the pet industry business, on the dog for a walk as the breakthrough point of pet guru APP, pet guru after a merger with result.

result not eggs in 14 at the end of the prototype, constantly tested BUG fixes, now in the stage of small-scale production, the end of this month will be officially launched, priced at 699 yuan. About App, now only test version, the official version will be launched in May. In addition, not eggs are trying to docking with WeChat, later, the user will be able to use match to fail by WeChat egg equipment.

“result not egg” built-in 720 p hd wide-angle video, two-way voice calls, support gesture recognition of infrared ray, by using the principle of the revolver intelligent hurl food, help the user to interact with family pets anytime and anywhere, in addition to support remote 1080 p video recording and video, and a button to upload the cloud, for the user to save love dandle image. At the same time there are many people share permissions, realize real-time sharing more than family and friends. Didn’t have a dog or not buy not egg user can apply for access to others, to achieve the effect of interaction.

for love dandle no pets, egg match to fail to provide online video public channels, through to the stray dogs and cats base support equipment, let the user need not to the scene to complete the whole process of adoption, increase the adoption rate, at the same time the base into the online video community to the public.

weeks stars when hunting cloud network interview, said: “not eggs, the main market in overseas foreign a clearer view and spending more mature than the domestic, for the pet smart hardware acceptance is better than the domestic, in addition, the team founder jiang xin lian has nearly 8 years working experience in overseas Marketing Department, there are Germany, the United States and southeast Asia agents find result not egg team talk about cooperation.”

however, when asked about result is not the egg in the domestic market, chow told the cloud network hunting: “the current domestic dog ownership in at least 160 million (excluding the cat), mainly concentrated in north chengdu, Beijing registered dogs in 3 million (many of them are not registered). 2014 pet products consumer market in 400 by conservative estimates, at a rate of more than 30% growth, the market potential is very large.”

promotion, the result is not eggs in addition to the cooperation with several large domestic pet electricity, also in a positive and offline pet shop and family foster care shop cooperation.

result not egg user positioning is in the process of the white-collar gens home pet companion. Client based on UGC and PGC presented in the form of video entertainment community, the main content of UGC upright egg’s recording of video capture, video itself from the user’s every interaction to generate a video. PGC clip self-control, by a team at the same time create online to stray dogs and cats base and offline pet shop online video public channel, let pet and pet lovers can experience on eggs.

upright egg prophase result mainly video entertainment community, pet O2O synchronous layout. Selection and cooperation is offline pet store O2O service lays the foundation for later, offline take with family foster care and foster care services pet store cooperation, to provide equipment and a full range of technical support, the terminal retail channels to become a result not eggs, at the same time the mobile end offline training for store. About profit, the result is not egg mainly to the overseas sales equipment, cash flow, subsidies to domestic market.