Personal comprehensive financing platform “pony financial” officially launched the IPC technology cross guarantee risk control

cloud network hunting on March 26, the message

on March 25, the pony financial information service co., LTD launched Internet personal comprehensive financing platform “pony financial” officially launched, registered capital of one hundred million yuan.

a pony Kim served as a holding company, will build its online Internet companies including a “pony online”, three line “pony consumption”, “the pony micro gold”, “pony agricultural loan”. Pony online power in the online Internet finance integrated platform, the pony micro gold consumption, pony, a pony agricultural loan three offline companies in microfinance, consumer finance, and finance for poverty alleviation for the pony online platform to provide quality financial creditor’s rights.

it is worth mentioning that the pony financial quotations from German IPC risk control technology are adopted to decrease the defective rate, 5 years of the technology was introduced into China for the first time, partner basic for Banks or large financial institutions. IPC technology is the core of the cross validation, that is, to check the two aspects to obtain the data, if the deviation of the data in a range that is reasonable.

a pony, said an official with the financial related financial small pony teams are composed of small micro credit bank senior elite, historical performance breakthrough billions, bad debt rate is three over one thousand. Company will also form independent risk control team to complete all audit and due diligence, to reduce risk to the greatest extent.

a pony financial CEO Mr. Zhang stressed that the company will deliver adequate security on the asset side, relying on the small micro credit, funds and other financial business, to the Internet, mobile Internet technology as the breakthrough point, solve the problem of safety and efficiency of modern financial services, for the majority of investors to provide a simple and efficient, high yield, reliable investment services.

“pony financial” comprehensive financial platform main Internet platform, a new on-line main three new products, “make” respectively “spread the wealth” and “pony current finance”.

it is understood that the pony financial CEO Mr. Zhang for the original contractor’s bank Internet bank financial platform a pony, head of the team, at the end of last year, Mr. Zhang with about 10 a pony bank financial platform pony financial team resigned employees own the Internet.