Peep department: drawing a “resume” to the company thinking of job information asymmetry

(text/Zhang Huiqian)

about the job, whether it’s just graduating seniors, or change their job preparation, all in a relatively passive position. In addition to the information provided by the recruiter, there are many details on the new company is the applicant of the unknown, both HR and headhunters, they give information is limited, and in many cases from its own standpoint, often from favorable direction induced applicants, unless internal have acquaintances for details, in order to understand the company’s full picture. But this percentage is not high, do not have universality. And some job search the information on the BBS is uneven, not only can’t find the true and false, you really want to know what does not necessarily occur.

is because see the cover of these pain points, 4 hunton & Williams and his team developed the APP “peep department”. Hunton & Williams said he had been working for seven years, at present a total of three jobs, in the process, he has been focused on information asymmetry, thinking to find the problem, the idea of doing related products also have, but until the end of 2014, to put into practice. And that he had worked with some other projects with others before, although finally failed, but the accumulation of contacts in the process of let him quickly in the business have a suitable team.

they develop “into the” this product is a work for 5 years and have a job-hopping employees demand information gathering display platform, comes in the form of a mobile terminal APP, users also includes recent graduates. On this platform, users can not only learn about the salary, benefits, attendance, bonus and so on more basic information, and the team atmosphere, overtime situation and development prospect of these more detailed situation, there will also be reflected, which helps to ease the phenomenon of information asymmetry between candidates and recruitment firm. Product positioning is a tool + app community model, in addition to providing the basic information of the fixed, can also through the “division” communicate with employees in a timely manner, to know something about you want to know the details of the two kinds of information can be complementary. Early product, the app’s content is about 90% of the fixed information + 10% of the users, in the case of limited resources, want to retain users, must provide valuable information on it. While hunton & Williams’s vision, to the late development, increase in the number of community discussion, the amount of information will increase, the information settle, forming a certain effective data, and will have a more objective reference value.

department of APP in android and apple has just launched two weeks, unable to operate a propaganda, only through the small circle of friends, the current number of users is less than 1000. And peep division on the updated company has more than 100, the early stage of the development because of a lack of operating costs, these firms’ information is through their friends in the company founder, collected human flesh. , of course, this is based on initial shortage of resources, everything is a proprietary model, plans for the future is to be able to form the crowdsourcing model, according to the platform to develop a good standard, guide the user on the platform to create interest or better understand the company, and other users with knowledge constantly adding information, make it more perfect, even by the reward system user activity.

the current more than 100 companies including tencent, procter & gamble, huawei and so on large-scale enterprise, it wasn’t considered a small company and start-up companies. This hunton & Williams have their own reasons, he told cloud network: hunting “products now in 1.0 stage, must consider big companies, one is that people will be more attention, the second is for the role of the candidates are, the greater the after will expand to the small and medium-sized companies.” And this is more than 100 companies around the branch after calculated plan alone. About why calculation, hunton & Williams said, although it is the same company, but different place all kinds of data, there will be differences for job seekers, this information is of course the more specific the better.

the similar products on the market is not much but there are still such as wages, toast, etc. And relative to the peep company have bigger influence. Hunton & Williams told hunting cloud network, a large proportion of these products is the main mode of the exposed wages, but he doesn’t look good. Because in addition to fresh graduates wages is fixed, the salaries of others and your working years, working ability, including ability to played job-hopping talks about, is affected by various factors, and this kind of product are usually is a very broad range, from two aspects, the actual reference value is not large. And peep company want to do, is in addition to the salary, to master the information of some of the most common employees, such as annual leave, the festival bonus, the bonus at the end of time, the company hardware facilities, such as let applicants have a more solid impression on the company, help to consider. Operating point of view, back to the other products about community because looking items too early, not comparable in magnitude, don’t talk about here.

snapshot of division is still in its infancy, the products need to be further polished before hunton & Williams is also have a job, work is the use of spare time in the development of this product, he’s going to be next, dedicated to this project, hope to be able to contact with VC, seeking financing. He admits, the product of the operation and promotion need resources, and only spread out, can be found in the use, grinding modified products, products if you want to do, only the product itself is not enough.