Passenger travel liu unified entrepreneurial hero collect 】 【 : one piece, ole, lu


the development of 39 days, 76125 lines of code, apple store 21 days of waiting, officially launched on January 3, passenger travel IOS version, after collecting the countless support, finally launched AnZhuoDuan. If compared to the “one piece”, is equivalent to enter the new world, opened the second half of the grand line. This article attempts to “one piece” analogy, trying to change an Angle to think about entrepreneurship, view of passenger travel this product.

wanted to send yesterday, due to delay, the following will introduce why choose this point yesterday.

ke, English duck “duck” homophonic. In 1992, a ship from Hong Kong, China to the west coast to the port of tacoma container ships in the Pacific Ocean in a storm, the ship a container full of 29000 yellow plastic toy duck crashed into the sea. With nearly 10000 ducks journey north arrived in the Arctic Circle, the other 19000 ducks of super drift tour to the south, the way to Australia, Indonesia and South America, after 14 years of drifting on the sea, together in 2007 reached the British coast in the Gulf Stream. Thirty thousand “da” (Duckr) travelled with, “swim” through mountains, is the largest and longest in the history, the most romantic trip. we met on the trip, travelling together, laughing together, watching the scenery along the way, as the yellow duck romantic trip.