Passenger travel: in the name of security social travel


a said go go travel, always talk about, because be a stranger. About good friends and classmates to travel, been releasing doves believe that many people have experienced. Social travel since social subdivision out gradually, and to introduce today is called “guest travel”.

target customer group of passenger travel is willing to share and accept new things and new friends of young people. They are willing to learn in life valuable communication and sharing, high travel frequency. Mainly includes the college students and graduate college students within the next three years. Guest, English duck “duck” homophonic. In 1992, more than 1992 duck for accidents, drifting on the sea for 15 years, and 28000 kilometers after arriving on the coast of Britain. The duck symbol of freedom and dream, according to introducing, hence the name of guest travel.

the main entry point of passenger travel for long distance and mutual assistance to swim, to solve the user free line demand and company requirements. he provides users with a from online to offline, can bring more authentic and unique way of social experience, to meet the user’s curiosity in the “new” psychology and vanity, thereby increasing the user viscosity. Specifically, for passenger travel into contract with two plates. As the name suggests, the host is similar to the tour guide, waiting for you at your destination, can be one-on-one or one-to-many (maximum 20) with your beer and skittles. About partner is formed spontaneously within 20 people team, set at the same time, the same destination, travel the same cycle. For passenger travel will have plans to join the members of the synchronous generated group chat, users can know ahead of time, exchange experience.

cloud network hunting, passenger travel with safety for the principle, take the front desk on condition of anonymity, the background of real-name registration way. every time the user travel plans, provide early warning in advance, make supervision and feedback mechanism. Especially the post-project evaluation system and punishment (including the address book of relatives and friends informed, etc.). As a result, the author thinks that it is a slow hot type “dating and dating” platform. , of course, this understanding may not be so narrow, thanks to the guest travel safety protection mechanism, and the understanding of each other, in the traveling together through wind and rain, the user can create extraordinary deep friendship.

of course, passenger travel time is very short, users, and it remains to be rich in content and large-scale promotion is necessary. Hunting cloud network also learned that some time ago, please come around college students walked to passengers traveling bag around with skating, this matter has not borrowed from media reports, is based on the principle of product first, the user experience in the first place.

of passenger travel founder liu is unified, second year students of Beijing university, people like to travel very much. Team existing nine people, including technical development team 6 people (2 product manager, artists, code 3 people), marketing and operations is responsible for two people. They are from Peking University, tsinghua university, central beautiful courtyard graduates and graduates.

liu to domestic entrepreneurial teams braggart, the behavior of the drama, but a self-deception of finance data fraud, mix into a sad. So he very accurately tell hunting cloud network, of passenger travel has gained an angel investment: 3.5 million cash, and another 3 million 12-month interest-free convertible bonds (according to A round of consideration). and started before they get a business, then start of passenger travel project. This also coincides with a xiao-ping xu initiated “refused to finance information fraud” activity.

as for the business model, liu unified convective cloud network said: “to the guest at the time of birth position himself led by mutual swim P2P application, P2P is the nature of the PPP, namely Person – Platform – the Person. So, up to passenger travel early do not profit, late can contribute to the user and the scenic spot service, trade and travel related products to earn commission.” In particular, is to attract high-end custom tourism services businesses, launch targeted advertising, one-stop services, carpooling living services, etc.

I think a “treasure hunt” activities, a tip can be in accordance with the middleman multi-worlds, get the next station, through an intermediary, finally reached their destination, get the treasure. Online activities, of course, there can be a variety of style, of passenger travel through offline activities on a regular basis to maintain the user relationship with each other.