Part-time library: short-term labor and the docking of the package task management platform

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with the rapid development of the tertiary industry and labor costs increase year by year, enterprise labor part-time gradually become a trend. Especially for housing, education, and FMCG is cyclical enterprise labor demand, replace full-time workers with part-time staff is one of the most economic way.

there are forty million college students nationwide, on-the-job personnel intention to open up a second job is becoming more and more strong, the new generation of more inclined to freer work after 90. They have time, energy, and energy short in some close to blue-collar jobs. Part-time industry has become increasingly popular in recent years, however, with the development of industry, more and more people complain about part-time but, part-time business pain points is also growing.

pain points existing in the current part-time industry

1, enterprise want to need to use, find a suitable short-term staff at low cost. But the reality is difficult to recruit to the appropriate personnel, only in some recruitment website “brush” sea their recruitment information. Very not easy to recruit part-time workers, but frequency of “problem is to put the dove”; Recruit part-time need through layers of agents, recruitment costs too high; Mrs Part-time workers unable to corresponding cognitive and enterprise demand.

2, part-time workers wanted to free, instantly find nearby, on part-time. Have overseen by partial enterprises accept part-time membership fees, and unable to give students suitable part-time; Part-time subject indiscriminate, rules, no brand in the industry, even there are many false and deceptive information; To apply for “sea” problem, apply for the success rate is low; Part-time workers after been skimmed low wages, rights are not fully guaranteed; Recruiters and job search party communication, mutual trust degree is extremely low.

part-time areas for “small draught” but competitive

a part-time industry has the characteristics of high frequency, high guest unit price, and the pain enough pain, so good areas, entrepreneurs to natural can’t miss it. Along with the mobile Internet, O2O upsurge, all sorts of part-time product is overwhelmed, such as hunting cloud network reported before,,,, , etc.

in addition, the state shall encourage college students self-employment, part-time field early don’t need big investment, and college students think familiar field, so a lot of university graduates and students are committed to the field of business. With some investors that: part-time area is a “small draught” this year.

hong-yu wang told cloud network hunting, part-time library to adopt “heavy” model

under so much competition, part-time library based on the existing model, hong-yu wang to hunt cloud network expressed his overall perceptions of part-time areas: part-time field product is more, but no more than two directions. One is the “light”, the Internet properties more heavier, reduce the proportion of offline marketing input as much as possible. Is a kind of “heavy”, strive for penetration part-time each link, form a “closed loop”.

the vast majority of entrepreneurs to choose the first pattern, because this model is easier to make a number of users and easier to expand. If it’s purely from the point of view of mobile Internet itself, is really a good product. But because of part-time link control is not enough, “security” is hanging on the head of a “sword of the dharma,”. This model can not fundamentally solve the part-time workers and enterprises between “safe” and “efficiency” problem, because of these problems is rooted in offline. Only part-time process tracking and will be offline closed loop is also perfect, to fundamentally solve the problem.

short-term labor and the docking of the package task management platform

part-time library team’s slogan is: on a part-time job, do you dare to do, I dare to compensate. If part-time workers “on part-time” because companies unable to pay salaries, part-time library can be a full compensation for part-time workers.

part-time library enterprise of “part-time” on to authenticate and on-the-spot investigation, and requires its part-time wage will advance to the platform in advance. To some reputable companies, also can apply for a part-time library advances, this part of the cost. If because companies can’t pay in time, will send by part-time library generation part-timers, fully solved the problem of wage arrears, let part-time more save worry.

for enterprise special headache for people, “is to put the dove”, part-time staff’s not the right attitude, and poor quality problem, part-time library launched a “part-time” one-stop “work style butler service”. Part-time staff will recruit, interview, mount guard, personnel management, performance appraisal, salary, personnel evaluation and so on each link all the operation and monitoring, to help enterprises more effective screening suitable staff work smoothly, and make follow-up service.

hong-yu wang told hunting cloud network, part-time library currently has more than 1 million users, of which 300000 with detailed information to record the depth of the user. Part-time library’s upcoming part-time workers live “check-in” function, use of part-time library platform, a key sign, automatic statistics personnel arrive, a key payment of wages. To change the traditional model of part-time staff arrive after statistical chaos, the disadvantages of bad management, also save time and manpower cost for the enterprise; Part-time workers and enterprise mutual mechanism for part-time more transparent and by spectrum.

hong-yu wang, founder of the part-time library programmers, and it is a serial entrepreneur. Have 10 years experience in Internet industry, 5 years experience in the Internet business. Co-founder SuiChuan Long as part-time library product manager position, a former associate trainer, big customer manager, and has independent trading company.

part-time library had not to the capital market, next, the team in a planned way financing, capital used in major cities throughout the country at present, the main service city (is shijiazhuang) set up branches and improve product development and team construction.

the author thinks that the future of part-time should implement this goal: anyone at any time, any place can find suits own short-term work, play to their value, earn rewards, and at the same time, make enterprise is simple, fast, efficient recruitment to the appropriate short-term workers, say goodbye to the traditional recruitment channels of trouble, reduce the recruitment process trival, reduce business operating costs.