Part-time joy: at and 58 entrepreneurial teams, hope to solve enterprise “by releasing doves” and “risk” of employment, college students part-time job market

(text/Qiao Zefang)

over a long period of time, part-time job has long been regarded as a means of work-study programs, many college students choose a part-time job just to be able to more smoothly through college. And now, as living standards improve, the more people to contact a part-time job, you will find the meaning of this industry is not limited to survive, it can provide more people with different growth environment of a touch, or even a kind of social way.

and part-time le is a try to segmentation part-time this big cake of emerging enterprises, CEO Sun Xu tell hunting cloud network, their heavy O2O mode is thorough enterprise part of choose and employ persons, combining online and form a closed loop operation. And part-time cat, classmates help competing goods such as logic is not the same.

what is a “heavy O2O”

Sun Xu with cloud network communication in the process of hunting, repeatedly referred to the “heavy O2O” this concept. In his eyes, many part-time job at a company pay more attention to now is platform and tool attribute, is information gathering tools such as function, seems to provide a lot of convenience, but the whole process from employees choose to pay liquidated enterprise will cost a lot of energy, people post match is difficult, the problem of information asymmetry and other online and offline for many part-time company set up the difficult barriers. The whole industrial chain to form closed-loop, more do not convenient and concise.

part-time demand of more than 20 people, in particular, from the link, sign in to the personnel, the control of a link defects could be affected the entire activity. such as the temporary not present or casual perfunctory students, this is the distinction between part-time and full-time hard to control points. and Sun Xu years work experience in at the campus activities can let his keen aware of employees with enterprise connectivity issues. So the part-time joy doing? Part-time fun trying to go deep into the the link of choose and employ persons of the enterprise, is committed to connect enterprises and employees. Make the part-time activities more simple, more than 20 more relaxed, form a closed loop operation. “as long as you will need to quote for a part-time job, what kind of employees would you we will give you what kind of person,” Sun Xu mentioned that confidence. For the part-time job is difficult to liquidate this platform, part-time music online income has more than ten thousand in a week. Clients, such as just-in-time, country garden part-time class project.

the overall look, part-time joy on the depth of the accepting link intervention can solve enterprise “by releasing doves,” labor risk, management and supervision and other aspects of the problem. Define student credit rating at the same time, all the students have been face to face training to get a part-time job of “credit certificate”; More to make sure that the labor safety and part-time students on degree.

part-time music of all sorts of small details

a part-time job for students’ keeper. Students will receive training, such as “part-time” this time, the art of “part-time”, “cosmetic technology” and “business etiquette skills”; Enterprise will pay a certain percentage of deposit guarantee pay full paying of wages for the students; Part-time music to certification of enterprises, to ensure the personal safety.

part-time part-time housekeeper for enterprise. To the enterprise push resume; Determine the candidate after the App to automatically generate “chat” group for communication; Students can check-in or qr code scanning enterprises signed in App end, work to ensure the timely and effective; project manager will be sweep the street supervision and is not required to have to pull into the blacklist of risk, guarantee the quality of work.

future those things

Sun Xu in communication once said with a smile “part-time” the origin of the name, he wants a part-time job in the eyes of the people is a kind of happy life experience, is a happy job, and also “part-time, can the” is the smile when you in the eye. In the future longer distances, part-time music will also propose a summer job, season and call center, and more service concept of employment, though they can’t take the place of mediation function, but they want to do instead of the 50% of small intermediary in the market.

well, stylist back

team: team mostly engaged in recruiting industry for many years, founder Sun Xu worked in zhaopin seven years, there are three and a half years branch management experience, another, from 58 city recruitment department, head of the S8 level responsible for 58 city of shijiazhuang, the technical team of core employees from mobile design and research institute, cosette blue diamond, etc., most of the other teams from 58, zhaopin LTD, responsible for three carriers, the big four Banks, joint-stock commercial Banks and other large enterprises of campus recruitment work, have a lot of experience on campus promotion, project management. To remove working experience and working rhythm of the team advantage, Sun Xu said team more adept at “quick battle”, the company can run faster than their peers.

Sun Xu tell hunting cloud network at the same time, based on the principle of pragmatism, he also expressed their weak: 1, the time is tight, due to make us a lot of development demand did not reflect on the 1.0 products, 2.0 products would not be back online after a month, now the android version has been launched, IOS is reviewing; 2, we started relatively classmates help, part-time cat deer later, even spread to the tempo of the need to run faster.

team has also recently in contact capital financing, the current products in shijiazhuang university town near to pilot.