Panda private chef: for health and safety of home-style food O2O platform

(text/Wang Yiru)

curtilage at home can get other people’s house kitchen delicious? A team of “version” inspiration in the chat about food, planning to build service in home-style food O2O platform, so we have the panda private kitchen online. The panda is a domestic private kitchen provides the vertical electric business platform, family kitchen food cooking enthusiasts can will share his “good food” to the public, for profit, at the same time provide consumers with no additives, no preservatives healthy fresh food. As of April 1, the panda private kitchen launched the half-year, turnover amounted to 250000, gained more than 100 merchants, 300 various dishes and 1200 registered users.

panda private kitchen CEO Chen has more than seven years of investment experience. In the International Netherlands Group (ing) as an investment manager, is responsible for nearly 10 large-scale projects of investment. Who was involved in planning the cisco digital media system in chengdu metro applications: planning of the DMS system business model, the data center budget and investment strategy in advertising applications. Project manager Hu Jiang with 5 years of experience in Internet project, was responsible for multiple mobile application projects, such as letter, ding-dong, good credit P2P door and so on.

panda private kitchen, co-founder of xhi zhou told hunting cloud network, website construction, though not long, has already passed the second revision, the early stage of the web page is not enough beautiful, shopping patterns also relatively heavy and complicated, after comparative study “taobao”, such as the Internet platform, team consultation modify repeatedly, just had now.

interview xhi zhou has stressed the panda private kitchen safety, health, food is not provided by the adding additives, preservatives. “Panda private kitchen USES no tenants B2C mode, consumers on the site one day in advance booking the right food, kitchen connected by panda private delivery channels of merchants and consumers, in charge of food distribution. For the supply of food choice of merchants, we also have very strict control, the first is online examination, must be a private kitchen not disguise ‘distributors’ private kitchens. The field visits, in the will to review the clean degree of food manufacturing environment, try to eat, taste the taste and identify whether to join in food additives.” And then private kitchen management, panda private kitchen at present also has a set of perfect private kitchen integral management mechanism and order compensation mechanism of risk exposures.

profit model, the panda private kitchen is mainly composed of registered businesses advertising, service fees and management fees, catering enterprises in the advertisement cost, group purchase, ingredients, late gains registered users with the merchants and sales kitchen utensils and appliances, kitchen utensils and appliances of advertising on brand suppliers. “The next step we will build the micro letter distribution platform, launched the APP video function, intensify propaganda, let the food of the rendering process more transparent.” Chenny convective cloud network said, the future will be in other cities to set up the third party cooperation way, further expanding the audience area.

at present, the food share O2O platform and related products have large market, nature also thering is no lack of competition. Focus on the folk manual food trading platform application – foraging to invest in angel rounds has just completed a $4 million. Xhi zhou will panda is compared with private kitchen and foraging, she admitted that the panda private kitchen there are limited short shelf life, transportation, special food to distribution and problems to be solved, such as locating in health food without adding private O2O applications and has perfect supervision mechanism and a certain distribution services panda private kitchen also has its own advantage and competitiveness. Panda private kitchen can race to the top in the wave of the Internet has yet to be Que.

it is understood that the panda private kitchen plans to raise 1 million yuan, at present is still in seeking financing.