Founded Facebook, a former CFO Lyra, focus on behavior barriers to health care

Facebook’s former chief financial officer David his bosman (David Ebersman) has played an important role in the process of IPO fame, and some of you may know is, he has in the United States genentech (Genetech) for 15 years, can say, he has been devoting most of the energy in his life to the health care and life sciences. From leave Facebook last year to now, Mr Bosman has kept a low profile, do quite mysterious. But he left after Facebook has revealed that he left for his back into the medical services industry.

“most of my career at genentech, or health care industry.” Mr Bosman said in an interview that “the industry’s most attract me, is that it can give me a real feeling, I give help to those who lost their health, I’m trying to bring some changes to them.”

startup Lyra the establishment of the Health, marks Mr Bosman to step back into the Health care field. The company is committed to broadening the channels to better support and help people behavior disorders, including depression, addiction and anxiety, etc.

now, those who need psychological and behavioral Health more and more, but can provide practical help resources rarely, this also is Lyre Health company is the biggest driving force.

“we are talking about the behavior of the health problems, in fact, now there are a lot of people join in, and classifying behavior disorder, but I want to say is that these classification research doesn’t work.” Mr Bosman mentioned that “the depression, anxiety, and ceaseless various drugs has become the main tone of the patients life… Health care system is, in fact, it is difficult to provide some really effective solution to the problem.”

“patients to the hospital now, or can’t diagnosed, or it’s confirmed, get a clue treatment, in other words, there is no solution, patients cannot obtain the medical services they need,” he said, “in many cases, these people were not treated, even if the so-called now hospital treatment, also no benefit to them.”

Mr Bosman added, actually or is there a way to solve people drug abuse, depression and anxiety, but to get the useful resources, we have to do a difficult job. So the Lyre Health mission.

the company hopes to set up between the patients and more individual experience of each other, can not only meet the specific needs of the individual, and can make patients get the best treatment to the greatest extent possible. Companies provide solutions including establishing analysis model of determine the condition of the critically ill patients; On the basis of medical software and a patient’s own servers need to match the best behavioral health treatment; Set up a specific medical device to evaluate treatment effect and platform, and provide resources to help patients adapt to a variety of treatment options.

“if you are in some treatment, but no progress. We have the ability to treat it’s helpful for you to turn into a real thing, “said Mr Bosman transfer.

Lyre Health is necessary, but it’s also a very challenging task. Talk to Mr Bosman transfer, you will feel his hands-on, make sure for those suffering from addiction, depression and other behavioral health disease afflicted determination to change.

after conversation with Mr Bosman, I found the Lyre Health for him is a passionate construction project, which he previously served as Facebook’s chief financial officer’s attitude is totally different.

his bosman also bear a lot of criticism from the industry, because Facebook is not so gorgeous appearance make many, also because he as a chief financial officer for stock overvalued, directly led to the later start, so high price and the joint of a series of problems emerge in the Nasdaq trading together, make the Facebook at a disadvantage.

“Facebook is a very good place to work,” said Mr Bosman transfer. “Where work let a person feel very interesting, we watched the technology how to promote industrial development, and the connecting way of the rapidly changing world.” He added.

“even though I was fascinated by this,” said Mr Bosman, “but I haven’t find a word to describe it, but sometimes it is such a feeling, suddenly find that you are working on your career, has always been your dream.”


This is some experience on advice of financing a startup

cloud network hunting on June 8 ,

let entrepreneurs looking for investors is tempting at an early stage of a thing, especially in today’s market. Although there is little income, but due to the risk investment companies and other investors’ money, like Snapchat and Pinterest company has grew up in a few short years for billions of dollars worth of big companies.

but to give up equity into investors can produce any risk for the development of the company? Entrepreneurs how to decide when to introduce capital, introducing how much capital?

in Accelerators, the challenges and strategies of blog about entrepreneurship, experienced entrepreneurs and investors in the blog to share their advice on when financing. Here are edited interview excerpt:

financing? Please first modest

I hope entrepreneurs to abandon the mindset of arrogance, instead with a modest attitude. Completely don’t need to raise more than its value, also is very dangerous to do so. If you have excessive financing, the company can’t handle, then your fate will be very miserably, this usually leads to chief executive was fired, this is all the entrepreneurs have to avoid mistakes.

entrepreneurs need to know that there is no free lunch, especially in silicon valley. Investors tend to use their capital in exchange for shares of the company, because they bet on the future of the company, so they will hope that entrepreneurs can create value every day. The more money they have expectations, the greater the this also means that entrepreneurs have to return for more profit, far higher than the money.

to raise the appropriate capital is key. Obviously, you don’t want to fall in bankruptcy, was forced to sell the company or exposed themselves who are more likely to be using the shortcomings of others. But also can’t financing too much, because you are confused about what to do. For example, when you don’t have a product, waste a lot of money on the luxurious facilities or hire a large number of sales personnel. Or haven’t product design recruited a team of engineers.

— Maynard Webb (hunting cloud network note: Webb investment network, the founder of the Everwise co-founder, Los Gatos, California)

you really need the money?

well, today’s full of venture capital, capital market seems to be every day “unicorn” under the rainbow. You can see all kinds of stories in the news, the young success entrepreneur financing for millions of dollars. But money doesn’t grow on trees wait for you to pick, it requires you to pay a lot of sweat and tears, often pay and do not necessarily get such financing opportunities. When you choose the venture capital, you are kicked out at any time in their own hands to create the company’s risk. Once you introduce investors, your company is no longer belongs to you completely. If you can accept the result, then you go and financing. But you remember, institutional investors to invest in the company, this person is not you.

in addition, ask yourself, is it really need the money. Capital is a big commitment, you need to think about how big is your market, what you need to give up in order to become the industry leader. Sometimes, bring more is the problem of financing, rather than the solution. For example, if you only $1 million a year of profits from the market, that you don’t want to raise $10 million. You might have not been able to gain profits, in order to avoid such situations, you need to clearly understand their financing is what to do, and ensure the goals to achieve.

– Richie Hecker (New York), chief executive of Traction + Scale

unless to profit, otherwise please patience

now market created a startup’s first priority is to ensure that the financing environment, it also led to a number of entrepreneurs can’t wait to financing, although they have only a concept, although just a good leadership team. But when you first time, you don’t know what the future will be like. If a start-up company at this stage it has deep pockets, the founder of it will be a waste of money, in the form of a stupid like grabbed a throw spaghetti against the wall to see luck, rather than a careful planning to ensure sustainable growth. So, if you can profit to financing, but the best.

let’s assume a scenario where you went to visit one investor, told him about an idea only, and requires its investment of $250000. What do you think will happen next? If you’re lucky, you won’t be laughed at. If he decided to accept your request, he will give you the company set a very low valuations, and requires a large amount of equity returns. After all, you just an idea, provided good ideas are everywhere.

but imagine, when your ideas mature, profitable to find investors, what would a scenario. All you have to do is no longer just a prototype, you even have their own market and consumers. In order to profit, you set the balance of cost and income of financial policy. And these are what every investor want to invest in reason.

after the profit seeking financing may sound silly, but it is often the opposite. You can not only with a higher valuations for financing, you will also need to abandon only very little control to return for money

– Sujan Patel (hunting cloud network note: When I Work marketing manager, from Minneapolis)


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BoxGreen let you say goodbye to junk food, development of health food to home every month

walter’s childhood was a fat kid. Now, he was running a new start-up company, busy business work might let him keep healthy body. If the startup pressure was not enough to make him thin come down, he can rely on your company’s products to maintain body – a large number of proprietary brand of nuts and dried fruit.

Europe and Andrew Lin is BoxGreen co-founder, because their main entrepreneurial teams focus on Singapore, so the current BoxGreen business is given priority to with the Singapore market. As the Singapore People’s Daily life is filled with more and more junk food, the founders decided to use BoxGreen green concept to guide people to return to healthy eating habits. “BoxGreen originality comes from my co-founder Andrew and I work together in a personal question. We found that when very unhealthy eating habits, our work is always grabbed my desk to eat junk food, “said,” to be honest, I don’t know anything about nutrition, childhood is a big fat man. But my body is constantly reminded me that such a poor diet will ultimately lead to a series of health problems.”

simply set up a e-commerce venture company specializing in health food and can’t satisfy the two person’s ambition, they want to create their own more healthy food brands, and invite a dietitian to develop healthy food together. “When BoxGreen ideas emerge in our mind, we feel that is very necessary to develop our own brand, and guide the consumer concept of diet.” O continue explained.

Subcom type survival method

you might have eaten the company some snacks, such as banana stem and pistachios, and elaborate the candy such as “Sunshine in a Bag” (‘ pocket light ‘, consists of dried apricots and melon seeds) or “Cranberry Fusion” (” berry feast “, including cranberries, red berries and blueberry, blackberry dried fruit).

BoxGreen didn’t provide consumers with a single product to sell, but rather by mail every month sales sell products. Cosmetics start-ups often sell products in this manner. The sales way, however, there is a big risk, not everyone can harness cosmetics company, finally failed or transition to a more traditional electricity mode case everywhere. Despite the warning is there, and still think the pattern of sales strategy and the company provide service with perfect snack. “Order project will help us to keep the product quality standard. We must be at the end of each month trying to get consumer recognition. Rather than put our snacks in retail stores waiting for consumer choose and buy, I think this way of direct-to-consumer sales more help us improve the quality of food.” Ou explains. Here are his words:

“behind the subscription model, there is a very subtle but important point. This model provides a steady income for us, let us have the ability to predict inventories ahead of time, especially when we mixed snacks are their production, it is very important. In addition, this model we have to collect A large number of consumers to evaluate data, and by A/B testing method of rapid analysis trend of consumer food selection. In the traditional food manufacturing, production cycle in the snacks are usually 15 to 18 months, while in this mode, our production cycle can be shortened to 3 months.”

the further stated that if the company’s products can get the favour of broad consumer, the future will be changed to on-demand sales model.

but before that, the BoxGreen sales strategy seems to imply that the if consumers in the next months BoxGreen healthy food instead of high quantity of heat is going to be toast for breakfast or replace M& M chocolate sent office of leisure time in the afternoon, it seems that the only hoarding a faulty goods every month.

BoxGreen is not the first startup, but very likely to be his first obtain financing start-ups. In the summer of this year is expected to be successful. At present, the entrepreneurial teams will graduated from 100 days of JFDI start-up incubator project.


cloud network hunting: focus on startup, the original technology blog! We help any dream of entrepreneurial team! . Commitment: completely free, beware of counterfeit.”

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Morning: apple will reduce the “apple tax” of digital media, wanda commercial real estate and the raise

June 8 (text/who)

apple will reduce digital media “apple tax”

according to the financial times reported that apple is working with media companies to negotiate new business terms, in order to reduce was invented by Steve jobs “apple tax” of 30%. Since 2003, iTunes music store, proportion of revenue sharing between apple and media companies have to 37 points.

notoginseng, still matters, it’s a problem, however, apple has less money, generous, will die?

Google free charges in sniper apple

Google recently launched the Android Pay payment service will be taken to avoid handling charge mode. While apple to Banks and card issuers charge high fees, for credit card transactions, issuers need to apple to pay 0.15% commission on every transaction. And for the bank debit card transactions, each transaction fees for 0.5 cents.

the cook found ma about it, seems to be no results, the somebody else all free, you receive a wool ah.

push wanda commercial real estate and the raise

by wanda group, quick wanda company teamed up to build the Internet financial business now on the ground, first the raise commercial real estate project “sure no. 1”, on the basis of wanda plaza, raise money around will directly into the construction of wanda plaza, investors get the square of remuneration, enjoy shops rent double return, and property appreciation is expected to total annual yield can reach more than 12%.

12% annualized, or national husband home and easy.

suning consumer finance first “capricious pay”

Su Ningyun, five companies such as nanjing bank jointly funded suning consumer financial company officially opened, one of the first “capricious pay” product personal consumption credit of up to 200000 yuan. With online consumer finance business, suning formation of supply chain finance + + consumer credit fund insurance complete financial layout.

jingdong “note”, alibaba let you “beautiful bai”, su ning, you are too willful.

foxconn staff waging a micro shop sells 3 c

foxconn’s main 3 c product wechat business project “shells mountain” quietly online, huawei, samsung mobile phone products already. Mount baker from shenzhen foxconn group operating independently, currently in the testing phase, the early part in foxconn factory recruit individual distributors (namely “business partners”). “The promotion for foxconn employees only, did not do any propaganda to the outside world.”

madan, and everyone’s wechat business time is finally coming?

HTC free virtual reality helmet

HTC has begun to the first batch of developers, free virtual reality helmet. This includes all kinds of virtual reality developers, such as large studios, “three A” level of outstanding developers, as well as the development of the first independent development team works of virtual reality. HTC hopes to encourage more developers, for HTC to develop virtual reality helmet application function.

Vive helmets, monitor the wearer in the indoor location two units, HTC’s new game controller. No problem the full version of three-piece suit.

the first finance and economics editor Qin Shuo departure

the first financial daily editor-in-chief Qin Shuo would be leaving soon. Qin Shuo, said in the news a line for 25 years later, the heart has a strong drive, hope to the commercial civilization study of people-centered, promoting the progress of China’s commercial civilization, and the media of the new attempt. Financial author xiao-bo wu wrote “last” watchdog “will go to Qin Shuo highly.

xiao-bo wu, you are so praise you really good old classmates? Qin Shuo, moreover, children’s shoes, do you? No, what is the industry?

the IDG porch has left

according to industry insiders, IDG capital partners porch had left the company. Porch was a teacher of new Oriental school in his early years, around the year 2008 to join the IDG capital, since the end of 2012, he began to focus on business groups after 90, and IDG a dozen 90 after one of the main drivers of project investment. Face of, beavers, appropriate letter, such as copper street project has its participation.

IDG will chang, gaoxiang and old YueBin, the three VC “rich second generation” after the departure of ficus altissima capital is established. Porch for a “FengShuai capital” bai again.

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Hundred: comprehensive enterprise service platform based on S2C


hundred enterprise service platform is one hundred people in chengdu all the science and technology, a comprehensive service product, platform to S2C (service to consumption) business model as the basis of the business, carrier completely cover the PC, iOS and Android platform, functional integration the purchase order, quotation, bidding, order booking inquiry, information publishing, information query, information push, evaluation system and so on more than 20. And depends on the service project implementation platform, and pull the merchant business flow between enterprises and users.

hundred enterprise service platform, co-founder of Wang Yanling tell cloud network, hunting for the healthy development of the industry, the team developed hundred enterprise service platform. Hundred aimed at resolving the current market (demand, pain points is divided into two parts: the first is for businesses, is the malignant competition, information asymmetry and merchants Internet literacy is low; The second is for the user, service process information asymmetry.

Wang Yanling think the O2O for service industry has a lot of damage, the first is for after-sales service did not control; The second all the consumptive link, payment start from the consumer in order to enjoy the service to an end, as to how to enjoy the service results, there is no solution at present a lot of electricity agent.

it is understood that in the first half of 2014 the national e-commerce complaints, according to the field distribution O2O service complaints accounted for nearly 24%, service encounter O2O also appeared the phenomenon of “water”, and the traditional S2C (shop to the customer) mode, S2C in hundred enterprise service platform is the representative of the service to consumption, namely the online service guide line, simple to understand that through the Internet to provide customers with good service experience, clearly identify the user’s demand, the merchants platform or product information delivery precision, and thus guide users offline consumption.

the products with high quality services free guide value-added services, purchase order, quotation, bidding, booking information and other services for free services, after will guide businesses choose advertising and push, the right to use statistical tools, expert consultation and business depth drainage and other value-added services. For users, will provide professional consulting push, entrepreneurs support programs, corporate growth plans, and other value-added services.

at present hundred enterprise service platform has been officially launched, is in the closed investment period, is expected to started operations in mid June. Wang Yanling for hundred of long-term development planning is service provider chain cohesion and restructuring, and the introduction of large data analysis related services, focus on corporate image shaping and circulation of word of mouth, finally to optimize the depth of the merchant business.

team, Wang Yanling Internet promotion, planning work experience for 7 years, the main policy experience in recent five years, successively from the page, and youku operations team to promote the main strategy. Co-founder zhang qiang, a former gold medal in real estate industry managers, real estate Internet pioneer. With large district management experience more than five years, market development 10 years experience in related field. Now the management team to take the round table, in the form of relatively democratic decision-making to the size of the company.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, hundred team has completed the angel financing, has launched A round of funding plan.

Can’t buy apple table? Make a right

cloud network hunting day June 7 reported these products including top 1977 Apple computer and Apple II.

imagine if you met this kind of retro Apple II Watch will be how?

probably spent a month time this watch design, the project is a have a love of geek DIY project: 3 d printing. It has an impressive design! Senior custom preset the micro controller. The design of the countless clever function to perform!

don’t dismiss it! Under this kind of 3 d printing shell but they rhyme, (the color of the shell like try light sunlight faded beige) it contains a Teensy micro controller (note: cloud network editor king hunting Teensy is a very small based on USB interface and fully functional single-chip microcomputer development system, it can achieve a variety of types of project development and design), a 1.8 -inch LCD display, and can be rechargeable battery, and can emit various beeping boh boh 2 w small trumpet sound. It even has a tiny for floppy disk with the floppy disk drive. Although these are looks tall but nothing useful.

and because Apple Watch is the crown of “digital” hat to complete the design, so more its added a rotating button to implement the navigation and the function of the input.

maybe it is not impressive enough, so Aleator777 in order to make it a unique item vw’s wrist, he does not intend to a standstill. Instead, he hopes to launch a accurately to every step of the navigation products, which will of course include the need to establish files and software.

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Envelop: for audio enthusiasts club in the home

hunting cloud network reported on June 7, tell us how the open source framework, they can in as little as 15 minutes a church had never heard of Envelop artist flexible to use it. This means that even if you can’t experience this feeling once in San Francisco, you also can benefit from its innovation on the hearing, and the innovation is by Facebook’s first data division Roddy Lindsay.

Lindsay told us “if you’re a player and you are using Ableton Live place of composing, rail (note: cloud network editor king hunting Ableton Live is Ableton company production of a professional sequencer,) you can track in any position, and then applied to the space effect of music.” The idea is to let the artist can to design the space effect of the sound, and let it as time is committed to creating implement it influence more people with the increase of target.

in order to enrich the Envelop this audio media not only high cold to provide service for artists, but can reach more people. Envelop developed into artistry and practicality as its scientific applications. They plan to invasive audio sense experiment, to test whether it is good for treatment or stimulate the brain chemistry.

some academic research institutions, like Stanford university computer center for music and acoustic research devised a unique three-dimensional reverberation music space, but if can Envelop in Kickstarter get enough financing, it can be the dusty in the ivory tower technology found in the world, make more people can have the opportunity to enjoy the auditory feast.


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You not Uber, actually you should reduce the enterprise’s value chain

note: hunting cloud Internet tools gradually penetrate and combine with the traditional industry, a large number of companies involved in reconstructing value chain link to peek at the new business opportunities. However, the practice of most enterprises are simple imitation, often talk about the shift up the value chain, but promote the industry of value chain is really suitable for you and your business? Bradley from gets Staats and David m. Upton puts forward a new Angle of view, two people think reduce the value chain is the part of the enterprise should do.

the following content from the heavens and the earth will rudder to compile, zhuhai (WeChat ID: techgogogo)

today a lot of the top of the enterprise, regardless of whether they are engaged in manufacturing, is engaged in the software services, or engaged in consultation industry, and even the health care industry, once when it comes to how to bring more profits for the enterprise, often in a sentence is: “we need to increase our value chain”. This statement is at first glance it sounds quite reasonable: let the enterprise do the higher value, in order to gain higher profits. Like before I compiled an article, “billions of dollars of levels of” unicorn “enterprise is how to develop” mentioned in the Uber:

to extend enterprise function, the passengers and drivers the interaction about the price and other business spun off, completely to the passengers and drivers for processing, thus greatly reduce the marginal cost, and their attention to their own platform services of higher value.

but, isn’t it shift up the value chain of this practice is suitable for for each company? I’m not convinced.

I think these should look before you leap: executive should not conformity to blindly accept the popularization of this point of view, but should have their own independent thinking. Under the earnest analysis to the somebody else who didn’t go with the flow to shift up the value chain, it is by reducing the value chain and the success of the company, have a look to his place.

overall, reduce the practice of the value chain will sometimes bring you some of the following benefits:

? Let your company to work more efficiently

? Create more opportunities to

? Provide greater operational space

? In case of a crocodile as

? Let your reputation standing in a moral high ground on

below we analyze these benefits, item by item.

promote efficiency

as companies for their own operation pattern and has more and more in-depth understanding of the supply chain, companies sometimes can appreciate them instead the “low value” (low value) of the suppliers. An obvious example is in California Morning Start the enterprise, the enterprise can be said to be making tomato sauce in the world the best of the industry.

in the past, it will tomato transportation to factories for processing in California and the tomatoes into a tomato sauce. Then they began to find the factory efficiency is too low, it should be improved, in order to enhance the value of the value chain processing chain, such as the increase of tomato heat decomposition and cooling technology and improving the process of the ketchup packaging delivery, etc.

unfortunately, factory up in value but not rise but lower earnings. Morning Star executives found that the problem of bottleneck turned out to be, at least in large part, because they are tomato suppliers – those farmers planted tomatoes “low value”. These farmers have not because factory improved efficiency and good to plan of tomato sowing and harvest, so can’t provide enough tomato to the Morning Star. Still have a kind of what is more, for some farmers was involved in a lot of impurities in the tomato to hear. As a result, the factory efficiency improves, but the number of tomato supply did not increase, increase in the number of impurities is tomato, tomato paste is down, the quality of eventually lead to corporate earnings are down.

so Morning Start decided that farmers began to invest himself organized system of tomato planting and harvest to meet demand, rather than completely in order to improve the value chain to the supply of tomatoes. Morning Start end to control the whole tomato to finish the production of end-to-end, started to get huge gains.

create opportunities

besides can improve efficiency, reduce the method of value chain can also bring you a new way of growth opportunities. Or take the Morning Star for giant ketchup industry as an example, systematically the farmers grow their own organization of another benefit is that it is in addition to planting tomatoes, can grow to other plants. So that, in the end, the company will have the opportunity to provide except ketchup products to let the customer get pleasantly surprised, to develop more market opportunities.

another example is to the practice of India on the other side of the IT companies, such as the TCS, Cognizant,, Infosys and Wipro. In tradition, they are through the pursuit to provide customers more stable mature and highly profitable services to enhance the value chain. So they may be will be, to provide technical support for the mainframe and claims process as well as other services, outsourcing to professional service supplier, outside to try this way to enhance the whole value chain.

however, if these companies not to ascend the value chain, but to reduce the value chain, the effect will again? Internal integration of some resource in their company to make adjustments, and technical support and customer comments – to the customer’s needs and complaints were collected for more comprehensive tracking, such results should be more obvious. Because you are either through the control to the whole process for sales to the customer more other business opportunities, but also can more easily grasp the user’s needs and pain points in order to better in the future improvement and development of new products.

larger work space

lower value chain can also make you more empty look. Here, the fashion industry is a good example. In the late 20th century, the practice of most fashion retailers are in fashion design, then fashion outsourced production cost is very low, such as factory in Asia. This means that the lead time (lead time – refers to the interval time from order to delivery) will need more than 9 months. Eventually lead to the consequence is that retailers in this quarter’s fashion hasn’t sold out, you need to in a hurry for the next quarter of fashion design and order.

we see in 88 countries around the world have chain Zara is what to do, Zara Spain’s Inditex group (stock code ITX) owned by a subsidiary. Zara has its own garment factories, so it can from the production of fashion ideas, to fashion production come out, just need a couple of weeks. So it does not need to guess next quarter blowing what is fashion, because it can completely before knowing the trend in a very short time will fashion to produce, and that is why it can provide many fashion in different quarter every year in secret.

in case of a crocodile as

we new competitors from where? Actually tend to be from us in the same industry in the low-end market oriented or accept your outsourcing firms, they have been girding ready to look for opportunities for you to carry on the counter attack. Once they learned to make a product skills like you, they can to improve their own value chain, their food and clothing parents is given once a fatal blow to you. On a personal computer, bicycle, software and services, as well as the music instruments and other industries are similar tragedy happened.

in order to prevent a repeat, so maybe we should have some reservations, and should not be blind to outsourcing, or is likely to help you do the outsourcing company, in turn, the second day will be your competitor, why keep him?

stood on the moral high ground

now many company’s supply chain are complex, complex to these enterprises are often not clear which play which. That would make you hard to make sure that you provide the customer is really high quality products, for example you may not know you purchase back from Bangladesh chittagong steel is dismantled from a wrecked ship, you also can’t guarantee you whether outsourcing partners in Asia is a sweatshop, more do not know you to Japan’s neighbours (taboo, who I guess) supplier with the product is created inside of “dirty” cotton.

this is not to say that we have to do to accomplish these things, but, at least we should look for those without a moral issue public praise good.record partner. Headquarters in Cambodia, for example, gives Pactics ultra-fine fiber products of the company, they will dare to guarantee provided by the product to the customer the whole production process is not in violation of the human morality. Their approach is hands-on, if when busy don’t come true to outsource, they are outsourcing company very in-depth investigation.

starbucks is very similar, as everybody knows, it developed a coffee and planting agriculture fair practice guidelines (CAFE), with their suppliers should meet the condition of complete guide, and also provides the third party supervision to ensure that suppliers have earnestly implement and meet these terms. It is this tactic has been guarding the gold paint brand and good reputation of the company.

so, reduce your value chain may look like a very stupid and crazy ideas. But maybe it is you can bring your customers more value, to expand your business, maintain unbeaten golden body most smart!

Body feeling ring “OK” to control the computer mouse, luxury or chicken ribs

(text/who blue)

since computers, human beings cannot leave the mouse, wired mouse from the first generation to the next generation of wireless mouse, are based on the plane, people need to for a long period of time in a fixed posture of the mouse operation, inevitably prone to mouse hand and mouse disease. Today, hunting cloud network with everybody know about the shenzhen and the guest team together for this pain points and development of “F – ONE” the third generation of somatosensory ring mouse.

posing as a gesture of “OK” to manipulate the

a guest from shenzhen so strong with his “qi booth” founded “exciting source of shenzhen industrial design team,” took nearly two years, the development of a wireless ring can be in 3 d space control mouse – F – ONE ring somatosensory inputs. F – ONE body feeling input ring with the body feeling, bluetooth technology, such as identifying human gestures, the user as long as the body feeling wear on the finger ring the mouse, move through the gestures thumb touch-sensitive buttons (namely OK gesture), can realize the computer control.

in particular, the first thing you need to plug the receiver into the computer, now supports Windows and Mac system, follow-up will be based on Android and smart TV development to upgrade the software. Receiver just plug in, you will be prompted new keyboard input devices, wait a few seconds to identify, without additional software installation. Then a ring, ring on there are three circular arc surface near the side of the right hand thumb buttons, used to implement traditional mouse click, drag, roll, etc. Respectively to control the movement of the mouse, select or right.

its size is only 35 * 25 * 24 mm, soft plastic material, along with the product is equipped with 2 sets of soft rubber patch, fingers slender can also be normal wear. Bluetooth 4.0 is connected to a receiver by low power consumption, low power consumption, stable, received 10 m range are stable. At present the wireless ring mouse version only right hand operation, the follow-up version of the upgrade will make his left hand. Now that is not a “state of the mouse”, nature also can avoid the mouse disease. These scenarios will be really convenient, fingers on the remote control: powerpoint presentations, bed using notebook, lying on the sofa watching movies.

ins or chicken ribs?

in fact, as early as three, four years ago, there have a ring of the mouse, however, the third generation of somatosensory ring mouse is far not reached the extent of the epidemic. Above the advantages of this kind of product is introduced, then open the “slogan” model, discuss the disadvantages of it.

the first operating sensitivity “erratic” can be used to describe that, after all, hand lost points for flexible, and the precision is not enough, perhaps by a certain time to adapt to, to realize accurate positioning. Apple, however, by a touch board plus various gestures instead of the mouse operation, basic can gradually adapt to apple users without mouse operation. So, in the short term ring mouse adaptation degree as well as fast as apple MacBook.

second, because it is worn on the index finger in a the ground of heart, so the battery is also nots allow to ignore the problem, have you noticed the Apple Watch will charge every day, even one day two charge.

since mentioned Apple Watch, hunting cloud network in want to Watch can be combined with the function of the mouse, to better connect computers, mobile phones, and even TV and so on. In addition, Google has been in the development of “rub a rub” black science and technology ().

operation gestures alone, to the traditional hand always fit on the desktop, the up and down or so knead, knead. Ring mouse can like a symphony conductor, ups and downs and gracefully. As for Google black science and technology, to feel, hunting cloud network can only help you here.

the product. According to hunt cloud network understanding, the team has obtained exciting source of shenzhen industrial design co., LTD., an angel round investment of 500000 yuan, is a joint-stock cooperative ways, is currently looking for a new round of financing.

90% of the YouTube video, Vidooly want to do SEO for the author

note: hunting cloud if a new video uploaded to YouTube, will soon be submerged in the numerous information, how to let the author fast access to a large number of users, produce added value is the Indian start-ups Vidooly of things to do. The translation of the following is a quick carp manuscript:

Vidooly is a start-up companies from India’s video analysis, the company announced today that they received $1 million in seed round of financing, the investor for the Bessemer Venture Partners (BVP). The funding will be used to get the user for the company in the global scope, and continue to product development work.

Vidooly want to solve, is a lot of video producers felt headache problem: they spend a lot of experience to make a high quality video content, but has found it is very difficult for these content to find a large audience.

now YouTube in searches, just behind Google. Every minute, there are more than 300 hours of video content is uploaded to the platform. In such a mass of video content, however, only a few can be widespread audience. Data show that in all the YouTube video, 90% of the content in the uploading of the first month, was browsing number less than 10000 times.

Vidooly for video makers and offers a marketing analysis, they can use this product to get the most viewed, increasing the number of audience, thus improve the video revenues. In addition to advice and the best time to upload video tag automatically, the software can also provide other services, such as search ranking analysis, rival track, and the subscriber behavior analysis, etc.

Vidooly so far only 7 months, their clients include some of the content business, brand and multi-channel networks. The company said that so far they have added 2000 channels, such as Bollywood Hungama, Glamrs and India Food Network, etc. Just last month, there are about a dozen video are uploaded to the Internet through Vidooly network. In the same period, their big data engine for 500 million video is analyzed.

the company’s co-founder Nishant Radia, said: “we established in India, and now we are also looking at the Middle East and southeast Asia market, we need to finish the global expansion with the help of these two places.”

in addition to the Radia, several other co-founder of the company include responsible for the technical work Subrat Kar, product manager Jabong and Ajay Mishra.

Vidooly is BVP for the second time in the field of video tool investment. After they have been investing VidYard video marketing and sales platform, vice President of BVP digital Goel said: “the video is becoming a major form content in today’s world of the Internet. Of all the data traffic, video occupies approximately 60%, video analysis product can bring more intelligent video makers work.”