Financing evening news: jingle Delivery financing Hero, little red book, etc

June 8 (word/Zhao Zixiao)

application test-tube baby ask doctor 30 million RMB financing, investors is unknown. “Ask a doctor” is a test-tube baby APP, by providing the doctor and the doctor, the doctor and patients, between patients and patients with a communication tool, for through assisted reproductive technology (assisted reproductive technology, ART) help pregnant young men and women, provide full service, to improve reproductive success.

marketing automation start-ups Colabo $7 million for A round of funding, by Marker LLC led, Kaedan Capital, and the original investors Paul Maritz isoparametric shot. Colabo is one of the marketing and sales staff to provide real-time service startup cross-domain data analysis and decision, its marketing and sales solutions can be integrated LinkedIn, Twitter and so on nearly 130 kinds of online data source, automatically generate sales leads for the use of frontline staff.

electricity the whole channel management platform cloud store won A $10 million round of financing, the investor to softbank saif, the financing will be mainly used for building entire network product library, the entire network marketers of products to the cloud storage, custody. Cloud store based on the Internet “cloud services” business model, using cloud technology to solve data exchange and synchronization between the electric business platform more difficult problem.

the little red book to receive tens of millions of dollars of B round, GGV GGV capital led, GGV managing partner of Tung (Hans Tung) to join the board of directors of the little red book after this round of financing. The little red book product positioning is: to share shopping community, recommend worth buying overseas product for the user.

Indian startups Zopper $20 million B round of financing, the investor for Tiger Global and Nirvana Venture Advisors, this round of funding will be used to expand and upgrade technology systems. By Zopper, users can be from a nearby store to buy things on the Internet, and wait for business delivery.

domestic intelligent parking platform ETCP $50 million for A round of funding, the SIG, easily Shared, source of capital, joint investment partners China and business celebrities. ETCP parking parking without a stop electronic payment systems of independent research and development, based on the traditional license plate recognition technology and the combination of mobile Internet, parking lot owners focus on “parking” ETCP WeChat public or installing the APP, registration license plate number and binding credit card, can obtain real-time position around the parking lot, free parking number, yard information such as charge standard, and can enjoy the “navigation” parking space reservation, parking lot etc. The precision of application service.

jingle platform Delivery Hero won $110 million in a new round of financing. Investors for failing to disclose the name of the two public market investors. Delivery Hero in 34 countries around the world at present, cooperation between restaurant for more than 20 m, monthly order quantity is 10 million, on sales of $165 million.

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Chinese is no longer difficult – Outlier as the saviour of his Chinese language learners

adult learning Chinese is like in the brain makes Chicken game (Chicken game). When I was 26 years old in mandarin lessons learned nine months, whenever I get a stack of new literacy card, I need delete in the brain have to contemplate how many previously learned to remember new Chinese characters.

a little boy in the United States participated in the Chinese lessons on Saturday morning. For the first time in class, I experienced many help memory device and method of Chinese characters. Teachers with the image of the expression of these characters, such as “chicken” looks like the chicken peck rice, while the word “China” is similar to a map. These pictographic philology very interesting, but it was not until I adult formal curriculum in Taiwan when I found that most of them say goodbye to my brain.

one of my teacher introduced me to the Chinese character component of Chinese characters radical, namely 214 part of commonly used Chinese characters. The Chinese character component radical is of great help to the memory, but at the end of the course I will cost a lot of trouble trying to recall these Chinese characters.

allegedly Outlier the new development of chinese-english dictionary can let these problems solved. In Taipei, a doctoral candidate Ash Henson lead the language of the research team is dedicated to developing the early stage of the Outlier, they get by access to a large number of ancient books on the teaching of Chinese history and the most authoritative explanation, and will become even for beginners this information concise accessible style (online interactive demo).

Outlier are raised on Kickstarter, and plans through Pleco this top han Chinese learning application sales to download.

Outlier online demo has developed a part of Chinese characters, and says the money raised will be mainly used for digital and make up for the index to the required data for future development.

Ash Henson was an engineer, he began to learn Chinese in 1993, now works in Chinese research center, national Taiwan university. Henson asks his students to grasp the essence of Chinese and not just learn fur, and hopes to Outlier for their future Chinese quest to lay a solid foundation.

, Chinese characters, the principle of Outlier is said by breaking down, to show Chinese characters form and meaning, tone, and tell the user how to Chinese character component radical combination.

Henson said “even forgot how to write these Chinese characters, but can still remember how to recognize them. So when we write Chinese character component radical, these components can inspire our memory of the Chinese characters as a whole. Even if you don’t write anything, you can infer that Chinese character component by sound and radical.”

although each of these items are included the origin of Chinese characters, but it is a present in learners more beneficial way.

Henson explained: “one of the strengths of the Outlier as we join the many etymology. Some netizens think Outlier requires learners to learn the ancient Chinese, and I think that it’s nonsense.”

“etymology because of the existence of its own interest, but our main purpose is probably the most effective method of learning Chinese characters.”

Outlier will launch two versions. Basic edition emphasizes the understanding the core contents of every character, also expounds what information only understand without memory. And is the high stage of learners, language enthusiasts and scholars tailored improved version has added more parts of linguistics and history.

Outlier makes easier memorization of Chinese characters, however, it is not just a program to help memory, more contains many information Henson thought not often appear in English. Henson believes in learners learned several hundred Chinese characters and Chinese character component radical after an overview of Outlier will really work.

“you may just notice these functions at the beginning, because we will continue to mention when you use; But when you after 400-500 Chinese characters, you will understand the real function of these. You not in learning Chinese characters by rote, but really learn the function of Chinese characters and the meaning behind it.” Henson said,

“when you meet a new word in this context, the sound and you know it, then you can get a clever answer.


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The Dash for Radio audience with a digital Radio new play

The rise of streaming music did not kill the traditional radio. On the contrary, the traditional radio industry is still prosperous: 91% of americans still listen to very old AM/FM radio. In front of the data are so attractive, Dash Radio in nature has its significance. The Dash Radio, an online Radio service, hope to take the traditional Radio listeners into a digital age. The Dash Radio during beta has won 1 million audience proud record, seems to be a bright future.

“when a variety of streaming media platform, such as services, and the recent Tidal and Beats between battle continuously, people seem to have already left the traditional Radio in the brain,” Dash Radio gini founder and chief executive, Scott said. Better known gini has another name, “DJ Skee”. In the field of music, he is a respected pop music show host, host some radios for a long time, including LA ‘s KISS – FM and Sirius XM. Dash Radio based algorithms and Pandora music box is different, also don’t live for Radio show, for example, iHeartRadio. The Dash Radio DJS invitation personally masterminding the more than 60 stations. It has no advertising and subscriptions, Dash Radio intends to create a better online Radio.

without advertising, quietly met the most beautiful music

in private after 1 year, the company officially released last week, the iOS and Android version of the application. Dash Radio is convinced that the Radio has been a good place for people to discover new music, and there is also a competitive relationship between today’s streaming service, both can coexist. “Is not our intention, and streaming media service competition” gini said, “people meet wonderful music by listening to the radio, if people like a song, from hear on the radio before they can then buy on Vinyl, or buy a tape, CD, MPS, and now they can find that song on the streaming media service. Although age in change, but the radio has been people find good music hall of gold.”

the Dash Radio station on the strong, has a history of knoop doug (Snoop Dogg), Old Future, these artists have XXL, DJs, record companies and brand publishers. Similar to the operation mode of traditional Radio DJs, Dash the Radio host on the Radio are free to choose, they want to play songs. When the radio host, not online, the system will play songs chosen by the host before, until they are back online.

whenever you listen to the Dash Radio, you will not hear hate ads. First of all thanks to the company in the seed round 2 million financial funds. Another reason is that the gini think these annoying little practical effect. “Now, few would believe that traditional advertising. We agree on a radio show has no advertising slots for 30 seconds. Statistics show that most audience choose directly turn off or change channels.” In fact, the company plans to make radio host to read these ads, like those you hear in the podcast, brands and to be allowed in the limited radio to promote their products. So far with EA Sports FIFA (electronic game publisher), grammy award related radio show, and the Entourage film soon.

apple push heavy iTunes Radio, Dash in Radio the enemy

the Dash Radio has many advantages worth attention. Free, no ads – unlike Pandora music box or iHeartRadio, any song may be in the Dash – and Pandora Radio broadcast music really only included the 1 million songs on the box. If you don’t like play list this set, you can try the Dash Radio. History of knoop doug joined is a big plus. But the Dash Radio one of the biggest problems facing the pressure of competition from apple’s forthcoming service delivery. Apple has reportedly invited drake and can act as the artist ACTS as a Radio host, plans to launch the iTunes Radio, is likely to suppress a Dash of Radio.

there is also a chief executive before meet apple rival circumstance. Before the apple into their markets, the chief executive is positive, think apple is the company decision to them. Gini is no exception. He said, “it is a good thing. Our ideas and development direction are correct. Apples are online radio field makes us feel very gratified.” Gini and immediately pointed out, however, the Dash Radio just do one thing, and do well. “We are very clear about our position; We are not going to Dash to try a variety of different services on Radio. We won’t to sell music audience, we would not be record company. We can only hope for the audience to provide the best in the world broadcast content.”


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Goose window, start-ups video sharing platform

(text/Zhang Huiqian)

goose window net is a video sharing site, to help entrepreneurs to share their ideas and projects. Founder Peter before starting a business in Shanghai film group work for nearly three years, be responsible for investment and mergers and acquisitions, project operation, also exposed the raise field, in the investment and financing, and film and television culture gained some insight and inspiration. He thinks the video itself as a kind of media, but was now a big part of the case as an entertaining tool, in fact, there are a lot of application scenario has yet to be developed better. With the advent of the era of 4 g and the further development of the mobile Internet, combined with modern more and fragmentation, the concept of time strengthen, time video (including real-time mode and streaming media) can be applied to some of the more business, more practical. He hopes to create a show in the form of video media entrepreneur idea platform, practice their own ideas.

actually now remote video conference overseas this kind of form is more common, but also domestic relative lag, entrepreneurship activities, more in the form of offline roadshow, symposia, subject salons, etc. For some type start-up companies, such activities consume resources, we hope that we can open a new train of thought, by using line roadshow in the form of services for entrepreneurs. Goose online roadshow window mesh will do once a week, now is WeChat group as a vehicle for online roadshow, through the form of video + audio in the roadshow. Upload video in advance, showing the basic situation of project, after the entrepreneurs via voice + graphic project, participants can also use voice interaction answer. This is just the initial stage, in the form of Peter hope technologies and platforms, such as to be more perfect, the user can directly enter the studio involved in road shows or other online activities. Core purpose is to bring better service to the user experience, can participate in anytime and anywhere, and save resources.

goose window network video as the breakthrough point, can have two, one is streaming media, the second is the live system. Live and streaming media complement each other. The defects of live is not suitable for the complex, and through the streaming video clips are easy to find after watching. From the perspective of experience, each have each point can meet the demand.

but since the technology in the development, operation is not perfect, so now the main content is the first website. Video can be used as product specifications, actually in the first place in the form of video to show this product to you, show the concept of entrepreneurs. And video about the website, there are two sources, one is the PGC content, namely the goose window helping entrepreneurs production network video, regarding this part, there are basic version and customised version, base webmaster if you introduce the basic elements of the project, given the general startup capital is limited, is completely free for entrepreneurial projects, and customised version may use scene play or micro film form, is the need to charge. The second is user-generated content, that is, independent entrepreneurs to provide video. Peter said they hope finally can help entrepreneurs the goose network make it a window to the spread of the platform, rather than a media production company. UGC, while quality is uneven, can ensure that the content and the diversity of sources; And the standard requirement of PGC will have a website, can guarantee the quality of the project and the quality of content, both eclecticism, convenient entrepreneurs need to content, learn from each other.

goose window just started two months, has not been too much publicity, and initial stage is given priority to with homemade video, the content is less. Number and 25 projects cooperation at present, the public has not yet been launched, but has been formed in WeChat online activities regularly, WeChat public after launch and PC synchronization, increasing selection pressure, some good projects development. Peter thinks that the advantaged position of WeChat currently there is no denying the fact that in terms of strong flow import, develop their own app effect would not necessarily have WeChat good, so hope to push the app to the next stage. And Peter also told hunting cloud network, reserve team in editing technology, hope to be able to develop low cost, high efficiency of the template, is applied to the startup project video production, it also belongs to the one of the advantages of team. Goose window nets team every day there are about 70 IP, visits to several hundred, entrepreneurs enrollment situation and further development space, is now in the financing.

Pigeon of wisdom: institute of male a heap of intelligent product development, solve the playing sandbags, pathfinding, insomnia, etc

(text/Qiao Zefang)

pigeon wisdom is a wisdom sandbags to cut into the fitness market, but trying to rely on its patent module and data analysis ability into household life wisdom of innovative enterprises. When smart devices power into our lives, from intelligent bracelet to intelligent clock, from Google glasses to Watch, Apple smart hardware began to attract the eyes of the public opinion more and more.

when hunting cloud network first saw wisdom zhu xin hua, founder of the pigeon, plaid shirt, jeans, institute of male image of the standard. According to zhu xin hua himself, he worked in east soft group, in this one of China’s largest IT solutions and services provider, he worked in technology, worked in operation, industry was gradually thorough, ripe and flow. But also because of this, the thinking of him to do the product is somewhat different with others.

wisdom pigeon hardware core is the module, and sandbags form is new, easy to spread. Pigeon’s wisdom sandbags not hanging in the traditional sense of type, equipped with multiple wrap around the sandbags, can cooperate with various types of action. At the same time because of sandbags in the process of sports center of gravity change, whole body muscle group can get exercise. Load in the sandbags induction module, user can select records, frequency, speed when the fitness movement quality can be inspected. And these are use laid the foundation for the App. App provides professional coach development fitness movement, users also can choose on the App to learn to appreciate the coach professional counselling, fitness plan. And their data will be compared with the coach, combining virtual coach and real coach, the introduction of scoring mechanism.

according to zhu xin hua, they also now has a total of more than 100 countries coach to join, they choose to cooperate with fitness studio, rather than the gym, but because the fitness studio to seize the customer first service concept, with good experience to ensure that the user viscosity, avoided the handle card but not consumption. Because wisdom sandbags don’t need to just go to the gym and experiment, different sand size but can let you convenient to carry. Wisdom sandbags and wisdom pigeons have now been sold to the United States, Australia, India and other countries.

at the same time, the wisdom pigeon software is the core of their data analysis ability. Zhu xin hua from neusoft after leaving office to choose to read Sydney university of science and technology. From students to the professor, he even the government was selected to specific analysis of the development of the Chinese market data system. And this also gives wisdom pigeon ability of data analysis provides the guarantee. So when learn wisdom pigeon planning the development of smart home, seems to be a natural thing. But also be a concern: product line too long. About the whole market, xin hua zhu told hunting cloud network: “smart home is not just for China’s such a big market, we need to do is to be able to help some people to solve some problems. In the smart house, is a specific insomnia.” Using the same module induction device, such as collecting light, smell, temperature and humidity, and sleep in the bedroom posture and the duration of the data, then through data computation and analysis, to automatically adjust the room type of music, the volume, the head of a bed lamp light intensity, so as to provide the best environment for sleep.

if you finish reading the above, do you think wisdom pigeon sandbags and intelligent household plan only, that I can only say that there is actually a below, and maybe more in the future.

the popularity of baidu, Scott map is for most people to get rid of the plight of don’t know how to ride, but in the last mile to a destination often have a road ahead, where does that leave the frustration. Wisdom pigeon is not promoting the pathfinding is the user of this App to hit said hurt Yang points. And wisdom pigeon mode of operation is in hospital, office environment more complex to install modules, covering every corner corridor. Users according to the information from the module and prompt, can quickly reach the destination.

all in all, pigeon is relying on the wisdom. Company developed a variety of resources can bring a lot of convenience, also can make the products more perfect, better user experience. But the direction of attack, more energy dispersion can be caused by wisdom pigeons will be faced with a problem. At present, the pigeons are actively seeking wisdom pre – A round of funding.

Angels, Google should buy Twitter

as the “silicon valley’s most eye investors” Chris Sacca, it has a Twitter stake than any outside investors, the recently issued a statement saying Google should buy Twitter.

in an interview with CNBC, Sacca said for Google, the Twitter is a good choice, and Google as some ingenious use.

he added: “this is a match made in heaven, Google will be has been a lack of something, they never really understand social, never understand interpersonal interaction, so obviously flawed.”

Twitter investors before the annual meeting, before the start of Chris Sacca released a 8500 – word called “What Twitter Can Be” blog, and this article “casual” hair on a special day, called on Twitter through new products to broaden its appeal, popular events and hot topic around the content of the company.

as the incendiary talk, in the CNBC interview Sacca recently still insists that Twitter will become a large service providers, than it is now much larger scale, and point out that Twitter did well in terms of revenue, annual growth rate of 74%, bought valuable video broadcast application TellApar Periscope and marketing technology suppliers. But at the same time, it is also facing many challenges.

these challenges such as:

new users slow growth;

lost nearly 1 billion users;

direct response advertising effect is not good, the quarterly revenue lower than expected;

Wall Street investors confidence in twitter management team;

Twitter lack to convince potential investors to its ability to have confidence.

Sacca wrote at the same time, in view of the above problem, Twitter has made a series of adjustment measures, including the adjustment of the user experience improve product features at the same time, to highlight the user might see is one of the best tweets, rather than the latest tweets. The measure of the Sacca recognition, and early results, as new “While You Were Away” function will be to users to push him to leave during the period of tweets, let users won’t miss any valuable information to him; Selection is also Highlights a daily content push function.

he also mentioned that Periscope is a “beacon”, and in the future will become more big. At Live events on the picture content of Twitter still do better, Sacca the praise for “Live Twitter”, can be completely independent of Twitter as a single unit, good development, or as a standalone application.

and Sacca some sensational speech about purchase Google, Twitter, if not involving its himself, can be ignored completely. As a prestigious wonderful angel investors in silicon valley, Sacca over the past few years spent more than 40 startups, including Uber, sets, Stripe and surprise.

although Google acquisition Twitter is unlikely, but Sacca criticism of Twitter, especially about outstanding push the highest correlation tweets rather than the timeliness of the highest tweet, that this is a positive. Twitter on aggregation, filtering, the lack of interactive feedback and solutions, emphasizing the importance of “content” and “real time”, the user after is interesting content, “attention” and to “time” only dimension content filtering algorithm can reduce the efficiency of the information presented, raised the threshold of the new user.

this is as a unique social magazine, a pull content through social networking from the user account of the application of electronic magazine, let the subject of acquisition of fire.

Twitter now can plan and push in line with the user interest tweets, even if the push is the information of a few hours ago, and before the launch of the While You Were Away and Highlights characteristic is different, but as a unique over these, show a few days ago could potentially relevant content directly. And through the more compelling than Twitter graphics interface is introduced into the above information, the utterly different from Twitter before trying to emphasize the importance of photos in the picture.

more interestingly Sacca node selection this time, how to choose before Twitter convention published these provocative post? Don’t are forced this way Twitter CEO Dick Costello (Dick Costo) to resign? If so, whether in the follow last year Carl Icahn (Carl Icahn) successful spin-off PayPal business?


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Activist: find meeting + guests brokerage contract, meeting upgrade to version 3.0

(text/Zhang Nanqian)

on May 18, silicon valley’s top venture capital, the author of from 0 to 1, Peter teal patrol in the headquarters of the BBS, by a third party platform website called activist exclusive ticket, a lot of people because of the tour and met low-key “activists” — – pay a focus on business meeting integrated service platform, trying to organizers, guests and participants of the tripartite meeting industry 360 degree of quality services.

according to activists, head of liudong, since the second half of 2014 pages plus App online, through its own data made and human intervention, the method of activists has amassed a lot of pieces of data resources: activists released since launched a total of nearly 6000 meetings, the background to the total number of inventory meeting 15 field, a total of 60 service person-times of users. in the job of activist data is the core team member wang ping, worked in huawei big data solutions as project director, in the direction of data mining has a solid professional knowledge. Participants by activists according to the nature of the meeting, the meeting time and location choice, can quickly query to her business pay to attend the meeting and online registration. According to activist group, from 30 games/daily, activists now daily can synchronize key popularized 50 games meeting. Activist project director Liu Dongceng in mu tong mobile communications, suzhou pine crane tower restaurant, have relatively rich and life service experience in the field of business communication.

in particular, the activist opened “online seat selection” and “on site” features. imagine the scene when buying a movie poll – different participants choose a seat on activists online, you can see the meeting each reclined at the table, social attribute of the tag is own needs to choose favorite venue location, it is actually activists will be social and meeting with the combination of a try. About “on site” : that’s activist group for it can’t to the meeting user some “dry”, the content including meeting essence content and public opinion report and depth reports, etc.

“event industry has an asymmetric information market pain points, we at this stage is to solve the problem, but this kind of information/ service mode is easy to be copied, so the next activists will do different things, the brokerage model.” activist core team members hong-yu zhang convective cloud network said. He worked for the Taiwan panasonic hong-yu zhang from Taipei, organized and CAI qin and other large-scale performances, jay is also engaged in a law firm management related work.

the meeting broker, also can be called “guest brokerage contract”, it is a blend of western countries has played a very important role in the social life, “the bureau” the speech patterns: government agencies, academic community, enterprises through speech bureau invited guest lectures, to get the speaker in the familiar with professional knowledge, skills, and in the field of influence. “ activist will establish the cooperation with well-known Chinese speech bureau, next will be selected on a global scale, signed a number of potential guests (such as teachers in colleges and universities, Internet celebrity, grassroots people, etc.), to coaching conference organizers a more professional meeting .” Activist group convective cloud network explained, “in this way, the organizers to guests of the meetings of the brand, the pursuit of personal brand awareness as well as the participants hope to find a professional, the three can be better achieved by activists.”

activist development train of thought can be summarized as “meeting 3.0” – this is the interpretation of the team for the meeting industry. “Meeting 1.0 is closed, the organizers, setting up a object also has great limitations. Meeting 2.0 joined the elements of the Internet, through the network to strengthen the contact. Meeting 3.0 is the spirit of the mobile Internet, let the organizers and guests communication with participants interaction .” Hong-yu zhang convective cloud network said. According to understand, activist is now officially launched A round of funding plan, in the future will be driven by capital docking offline speed, consolidate the organizers relations and strengthening the Internet integration ability.

Three body: “the opposite”, dedicated to the development of audio and video + data real-time collaborative middleware

(text/Zhang Huiqian)

in the white-hot Internet startup atmosphere, what is “+” in the Internet, became more and more people to consider the problems, the importance of the business model has gone far beyond the technical ability, after all, in today’s technology are developed, to build a website, make an APP, build a server, is not what needs to be struggling to conquer difficulties, how to make the technology combined with their own products, and to show the most perfect out, that’s the key to entrepreneurs to care about. Hangzhou three body network science and technology, however, “the opposite”, specializing in technology, is committed to research and development of audio and video + data real-time collaborative middleware, such as text chat, audio, video, whiteboard, document sharing, desktop sharing and other people – people API function together. Their business direction more is to solve the Internet how to break the current technical problems still exist, combining audio and video functions better with other areas.

three technology CEO Zou Xuejun say, conventional Internet startup project is not our strengths, now the market is a young man, young people don’t understand the psychological, only consider the business model, certainly do not want out of market, and the audio and video technology is myself and the team’s strength. Zou Xuejun graduated from zhejiang university computing department, before starting a business in the world’s leading companies webex network meeting suppliers, core team members are also well-known at home and abroad from Cisco, webex network video conference and telecommunications companies, the whole team has ten years of network video conference and communication system related product development and operating experience. Reflect the market now a webex department of entrepreneurs, mostly doing audio and video technology related fields. Zou Xuejun think their products and other products, the majority of people do is a SaaS model, the three body is hoping to make it a PaaS platform.

3 science and technology at the core of the product is called avatar body, namely take the Open AVD – Audio, Video, Data, due to the avatar, the name has been registered, the late may change, but the essence of the product is a fully functional all Audio and Video + Data real-time collaborative middleware platform, designed to help the third party partners convenient to various real-time collaborative interaction between people’s ability to introduce products. A PaaS platform, is directly on the website to rent a server, provide the AVD technology to other companies

the user wants to use it to invoke the programming interface Will you need to program and AVD combination, so AVD will eventually become a b2d platform, programmers through this platform to do secondary development with our program. Of course this to the development of products such as enough mature stage.

Zou Xuejun said team are developing the technology, mainly to see the market pain points, many places need to be applied to assist in communication technology, people now on the market of the common video software such as QQ, YY, mainly used for personal social scene, and can provide AVD, the scene is in a meeting, support thousands of people at the same time the ability of video conference. And Office Automation, health care, education and so on dozens of industries can use AVD technology, wide prospect of market. Especially in the medical industry, according to the assessment, remote consultation by 2018 there will be 11 billion yuan in the field of market capacity. As an example, the remote medical needs is the most basic technology audio and video communication, combines AVD third-party product needed, but at the same time, the medical records, X-ray and even wearable equipment real-time data display on the screen directly, in case of an emergency, the doctor diagnosis can be directly through the video and display data, remote consultation is more convenient and efficient.

AVD can provide both p2p mode, you can also use the MCU center forwarding technology, and comprehensive support iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac, Linux, HTML browser, set-top box, smart TV, all terminal altogether. Is particularly worth mentioning is that webRTC spent eight years through HTML 5 standard, makes three company to develop in the new technical framework, is also the first domestic do support both native browser, PC client, mobile client, the set-top box can be barrier-free communication company. Zou Xuejun tell hunting cloud network, can, because team to track the direction for 3 or 4 years, from the beginning of last year the official start of the planning, spent a year to write code from scratch, has now completed the first generation of products. Second, although the video itself is a mature technology, but a long return period, especially the real-time communication direction, so have the ability and the company intends to develop the direction actually not much.

now 3 body and several listed companies to collaborate on a private cloud, in order to obtain sufficient funds to make the team can develop, and use of this process in integrated polishing products. Zou Xuejun tell hunting cloud network, the product really is not in the future, but in the platform of the development of autonomous attract users. Now the product version 1.0 has been basically completed, the next thing to do is to redesign website, promotional AVD technology. Hope hope that by the end of next year, three body platform has 50000 registered personnel, they now need financing.

Intelligent parking platform ETCP announced A $50 million round of funding

domestic intelligent parking platform “ETCP parking” announced today completed A round of funding, $50 million, by A SIG, easily Shared, source of capital, joint investment partners China and business celebrities.

mainly solve the ETCP parking along with the sustained growth in domestic car ownership of parking problem, the current industry mainly displays in the parking lot less parking space, parking lot set location is not reasonable, function of the parking lot.

ETCP parking is affiliated with Beijing yue chang technology co., LTD. Owners through “ETCP parking” APP, can obtain real-time position around the parking lot, free parking number, yard information such as charge standard, and can enjoy “parking space booking, parking lot, parking guidance, navigation no stop electronic payment”, such as the precision of application service. It is worth mentioning that “ETCP parking” pioneered at home without a stop electronic payment technology, the owner in and out of the parking lot, don’t have to queue can quickly in and out of the parking lot.

it is understood that “ETCP parking” offline layout has been completed after more than two years time, in the first half of 2015, landing in Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, shenzhen, chongqing, such as a second-line core cities in China, opened more than 1000 parking lot, more than 200 registered users, electronic payment average daily trading as high as 50000, the company quickly expanded to more than 1000 people. ETCP this financing is mainly used for team building and occupy the market more quickly, will be to second-tier cities to accelerate expansion.

YC chairman: science and technology industry is experiencing a bubble but won’t last

Y Combinator is silicon valley famous business incubators, such as reality, Dropbox people also start a business from here. Its chairman, Sam Altman said: science and technology industry may be experiencing a bubble.

“that the bubbles can last forever?” Altman asked.

in 2015, an open-air meetings, Altman said: cheap capital by the American government loan, which has led to the major national the huge expansion of the market, but we don’t need to worry about smaller technology industry.

“it also let us all an illusion”. Altman said.

a live interview, in reality, vice President of Mike Curtis’s encouragement, Altman had uttered their voices heard, he will be how to end, from the world when it comes to the people living beside the coal-fired power plants rather than next to the plant.

here are some of his views:

refers to the continuous development of artificial intelligence market : “artificial intelligence could lead to the end of the world, but at the same time, also will promote the rise of the company’s constantly.

if I were President barack Obama is what I will do : “if I were Obama, I’ll invest $100 billion to research and development of artificial intelligence security plan.” Altman said. He also said recently invested in a “security of artificial intelligence research” to discuss the potential risk of artificial intelligence.


Y Combinator : to be so successful? “the secret is that we will invest the unlimited plan period of the project. , for example, Y Combinator now invested in four to five nuclear power projects, the project investment only small seed round, so it has the ability in the next 20 to 30 years to keep its position, in the meantime, clean energy market will be gradually maturing, the traditional venture capital firms will gain a fast return.

why do people prefer to live in coal-fired power plants, also don’t want to close to the nuclear power plant : “because of the slow compared to risk, people are more sensitive to extreme risk. In fact, live in coal-fired power plants, are more likely to suffer from lung disease or other diseases, but living near the nuclear power plant is only a small risk of explosion. But chronic death not as dramatic as for nuclear power plant blasts die.”

why startups to ignore the hate them : “people often make some stupid mistake, this is the result of their ignorance. In fact, people often made in the past we continue to invest an teased us on this matter.

why is it so hard to find investment founder : “10 minutes of conversation can see a person’s intelligence, but he is difficult to make a decision.”

to Y Combinator applicant for one of the most serious danger signal : “if the co-founder diverge in the room, said the situation was wrong.”

Thursday is the first company Y Combinator investment Loopt’s 10 anniversary. Its some ideas that may sound, but the success of the Y Combinator start from here, it should be has a profound meaning behind it.

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