Apple Music release, Apple again want to change the Music industry

cloud network hunting on June 9

apple again want to change the music industry.

when apple headphones popular logo in last year, $3 billion deal to buy Beats, a lot of people wondering if what the technology giant playing abacus. The answer now. June 8 (Beijing time) on June 9th, apple’s developers conference in San Francisco (WWCD2015) has released new Beats based streaming music service. Apple chief executive Tim cook decided not to do persuasive marketing (soft sell). He promise the promise at the conference, “it will be permanently changing the way you experience music”. “Revolutionary” is several other speakers use words.

the brand-new service Apple Music Beats based streaming Music services, but more than that. The end of the month, apple users will be able to use it (the starting of 100 countries not including China), and it could reach land by the end of the Android. Apple Music of the monthly price of $9.99, the user can in unlimited online to listen to the Music, not buy Music but “rent” Music. Predictably, the service makes apple less dependent on download music profit way, this way when apple iPod music released 2001 red moment, now the situation is changing, from the point of the whole music industry, streaming media revenue increase year by year in recent years, download the yields are falling. (see table below)

there is no doubt that, with the birth of the iPod leads the way is different, this time apple is following in the footsteps of other companies to enter the streaming music services, trying to include services (with 15 million paying subscribers worldwide), and other companies competition.

For You with a new function can recommend users like music, recommendation algorithm based on the user list, purchase music is put on, the user’s choice of the type of music, and listened to music. Apple also allows users to more convenient to look for music. Vice President of apple Eddy Cue at the scene demonstrates how to and looking for songs by voice. Apple is in the field of enter SoundClound company audio sharing, free musicians can upload their works to the SoundClound, apple also introduced the same function.

in addition, it is worth noting that the Apple is challenge other giants, as the Cue at the conference show how to watch video on Apple Music, it’s hard not to let a person think of Google’s YouTube video service online. Apple has also have action in the international and Internet radio station. “Beats One ‘is to integrate the Apple Music of a new, global, 24 hour all the time in Internet radio station. The station may attract those who don’t want to trouble to find song for song, just want to listen to the user at will. If the listeners enough, it may even affect the global music of the wind.

this big Apple announced that the two problems. The first question is, whether the service is really revolutionary. The answer is that Apple Music just put some other Music services made an integrated function. For the record companies and musicians, Apple Music doesn’t make them earn much money. Digital music downloads than to play to make money online. Apple is just one part will be paid to download user transferred to streaming media, rather than an increase in new users are willing to pay for music.

the second question is whether this time the user will sell apple’s account. According to 2014 data, apple has about 8 million binding credit card users, who prefer the apple equipment and interaction design. Apparently Apple Music in the first three months of free is in order to attract, including 15 million paying customers services, other potential users.

for Apple iPod release in 2001, Apple Music whether success is almost irrelevant, it does not decide the fate of the company. Release the iPod, apple is not only an ambitious computer company, and it is has the reputation of the luxury brands. In addition to Music, Apple Apple announced today that it has other functions are in order to allow the user to remain in their products within the ecosystem, these functions include the Wallet (users of credit CARDS, debit CARDS, credit CARDS, boarding pass and ticket can be stored in the APP.) As well as the new news aggregation. In other words, Apple Music just puzzle of a small piece of Apple’s hands.


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Encounter weekend: stranger interest social platform, about this weekend?

(text/Tan Ziling)

in late march, wuhan university, huazhong normal university and nearly one thousand people signed up for travel together watching movies, with nearly 200 people travel together successfully, watched by the organization of the encounter weekend make a block booking. Encounter weekend is a predominantly undergraduate scenario-based stranger interested in social software, through the “about” and “weekend” about two plates, coupled with the user avatar picture sliding pair, can create a good social environment for the user.

encounter weekend is Milky Way boehner’s products of science and technology, the company members are from wuhan university, founder Chen Yilong is GPS research center, wuhan university graduate, has to be included in the wuhan optical valley 3551 talent program and the first pioneers; The company’s strong technical director Yao Hua Microsoft innovation cup won the second prize in 2008, is now responsible for the company’s product development ideas and progress; Chief operating officer Chen Yihao is the dark horse contest winner of honor outstanding projects, mainly responsible for market operation and promotion in the team. At present, the team members have 15 people, research and development personnel 12 people, research and development personnel have more than 5 years experience in development.

“we team had developed two social applications, one is based on dynamic interest, in order to realize the dynamic interest for the purpose of social software to find you play, the application now has nearly four hundred thousand users; Another product is’ encounter weekend. Both products of the main line, the main is to want to pull the online users to line down to participate in the activities.”

Chen Yihao tell hunting cloud network, establish what the purpose is to solve the user encounter weekend weekend to play and difficult problem. “Often in daily from the companies to account, watercress WeChat public to know that we are interested in all kinds of activities, but the last few implementation, we analysis the reason is no one to accompany, so we want to do such a product, let users can quickly find he is interested in the activities of, at the same time also can quickly through the card (user avatar picture) about sliding pair they are interested in.”

encounter weekend APP page design is concise and easy, is the idea of core activities and social, based on user activity in the city information release, recommend quality activities at the same time, about activities and weekend, users can choose their own encounter themes and activities, and then matched with other users, through cooperating with class tinker slide card user avatar picture, the left slide said ignore, right slide said like, if choose to each other, then pairing is successful, the formation of encounter, may be invited to offline activities, one week only travel together a user, if you want to choose other users, cancel the original meeting. In the process of users encounter, if see loved ones, but not choose each other, will be for the Ta to explode light to strive for the opportunity to chat with each other. Encounter weekend through “friends” at the same time, in their own circle of friends Shared links can be directly open the activity travel together, travel together information real-time synchronization with the APP.

Chen Yihao said, now the social competition is intense, many software and channel cost is also increasing, therefore, between the people and activities require trial and error to the formation of the ecological environment, promote the use, also need a different approach, the development direction of later encounter weekend mainly lies in “activity” and “about” on, the main highlight the activity itself, the main channel to release platform into activity, and social mechanism.

“we are in each city will set up five banner as recommended activities, businesses would recommend its activities, these recommendations has the advertising value; At the same time, through the sales movie ticket coupon structures, user communication bridge, the user can purchase corresponding movie tickets or coupon is ahead of time, travel together to participate in relevant activities, assuming no travel together is successful, the ticket or the coupon can be returned.”

Chen Yihao tell hunting cloud network, at present, the company’s marketing operations are divided into two ideas, one is the promotion of the product itself, through the distribution market, and various online channels to let everyone understand product characteristics; Second, with businesses to hold all kinds of interesting activities, business activities through propaganda, to merchants also give our drainage of drainage. On promotion with changjiang daily, group of light, a universal, che merchants established a cooperative relationship.

encounter weekend in February, nearly sixty thousand users, do activity retained 50% the next day, day of active number at about 25%, 1000 new users a day.

in addition, according to the hunting cloud network understanding, encounter weekend team in 2013 shenzhen innovation investment group, a total of 5 million angel investment funds, at present, officially launched PreA round of funding plan.

note: the data are supplied with founding team, hunting cloud network does not make any endorsement.

The red wedding industry, xi netting just want to quietly make a material communicator?

(text/Zhang Nanqian)

a lot of new people when they are about to hold the wedding, often confused, don’t know what good wedding, ideal elements in how to operate in the real world. Xi netting was established to address the pain points of market, which aims to “make the wedding more easily”, brings together all the information related to the wedding, offers inspiration for the new people’s wedding, looking for service team.

hi netting Peng Quan soldier before startup founder of the stay in shenzhen, successively in zte, Microsoft, huawei engaged in IT technology development related work. Starting xi netting later returned to chengdu, because of his wife, “my wife has been engaged in the related work of the wedding from do wedding planning wedding makeup artist. I often help her to think about the inspiration of wedding planning ideas, and over the wall to find a classic case in foreign websites, so imperceptible hand have a lot of wedding planning related resources.” Peng convective cloud network said.

in 2011 when their husband and wife go to phuket for a couple of months, a lot of photos, in these beautiful photos and previously collected data, peng made “wedding material collector” sina weibo account, established an endorsement of the net friend let them have the idea, so on March 31, 12 xi netting was formally established. Xi netting team a total of nine people at present, mainly operating and edit member.

in the netting on the home page, there is “find inspiration”, “overseas wedding”, “color”, “partners” and “inspiration” functions such as plate, new people can understand the various dazzling on the site of the wedding photos, decorate a process, and so on.

and hunting before cloud network reported wedding wedding project comparison, such as wedding reservation platform, main overseas wedding trip, etc.), what is the distinguishing feature of xi netting? “Xi netting is a disseminator, the role of the foreign material, photographs, templates, domestic excellent team work, spread to the couple there, do not thinking of newcomers to find inspiration.” Peng Quan soldier convective cloud network said, “on the one hand, we take the initiative to collect good wedding team, on the other hand the team can also contribute to us, after we review and ensure the quality of the premise, through our channels to release out, browse or netting a lot of new people, see desirable work will contact them for their wedding services.”

it is known that xi netting has been with the national 180 excellent wedding team established partnership system, business model mainly from the consideration on the partner system now. Xi netting on recently launched A round of funding, App is plan launched in August this year.

Internet + wedding industry, has given rise to a large number of variable quality wedding wedding project, a lot of good projects also sweep, market share a piece of cake. The author’s opinion, has set up more than three years or the development of the netting is easy, perhaps is because its value the quality of the material provided and wedding wedding partner, the next step, xi netting may be on the identity of the “material disseminator” add more new features, etc. Mom-and-pop stores like netting in the future, hunting cloud network will continue to focus on.

Ericsson mobile phone market report: in 2020, the global smartphone users will break through 6.1 billion

hunting cloud network reported June 9

at present, the global number of smartphone users is 260 million, although the developed countries of the smartphone market development speed is slowing, but the growth of smartphone users did not stop. In 2020, the number of smartphone users will reach a tipping point: 6.1 billion. Then, will be more than the number of fixed-line users. These data are from Ericsson on the latest mobile phone market in the mobile report.

Ericsson said that 6.1 billion people use smart phone, which is means that five years later, 70% of the world’s population are using smart phones. These smart devices will become the main tool of our daily communication, the degree of our dependence on it more and more is also high.

in fact, the total number of mobile users will reach 9.2 billion in 2020; If you put iot, M2M (machine) – machine communication services, mobile broadband, even a small amount of feature phones are taken into consideration, five years later networking equipment number will reach 26 billion.

although new mobile services are constantly emerging, such as tablets, mobile device users is in constant growth, but smart phones are still dominant in the consumption of mobile data traffic. By 2020, the smartphone will account for 80% of mobile data traffic.

Ericsson in the report with a series of data to illustrate the results report, here are some interesting statistics and forecast:

in emerging markets is the growth of smartphone users area. Ericsson, the asia-pacific region, the Middle East and Africa in the next five years will be 80% of the new smart phone users, to continue its current growth trends. New smart phone users in the first quarter of this year, the top 5 were India, China, myanmar (in terms of the development of smart phones, myanmar is quite backward, it has only recently launched a similar to several mobile roaming), Indonesia and Japan. In the first quarter of 2015 new users of global smartphone is 108 million.

by the end of 2020, the smartphone will account for 80% of mobile data traffic. We often hear such a news: now most people have their own smart phones as the main computing devices. But it is really that simple? In fact, the development of mobile data traffic is in the middle, it is of explosive growth continues to grow up. Ericsson, is expected in the next five years, mobile data traffic will grow 10 times, the mobile data traffic will account for 45% in the Asia Pacific region

although the total amount of the largest mobile data traffic growth areas in Asia, but it doesn’t say in the rest of the growth space is small. Take a current example, USA/North America and Europe still ahead in using of each smartphone data traffic, because the local users will continue to use data traffic on smart phones consume large services, such as video.

video application in flow rate and the proportion of is from the current 45% to 60%. Ericsson is mentioned in the report OTT business (refers to the user via the Internet to provide various application service) provider YouTube and Netflix is the world’s most popular video website, the ability of its bandwidth to transmit data is also the strongest. Ericsson said, people must see an indisputable fact that cell phone video traffic growing at an annual rate of 55%. At present, only YouTube video site is 40% – 40% of the video flow. Ericsson found there is a very interesting phenomenon, streaming music ranks second in the mobile phone traffic. Although music streaming media has become more and more popular, but it can’t be more than video in data traffic, because many users prefer offline to listen to music. Social networking account for only 15% of mobile phone traffic.

and compared all kinds of application in the data flow, mobile Internet browsing data traffic is continues to decline. By 2020, it will be dropped from the current 10% to 5%.

a event also can rapid increase in the use of data traffic. Ericsson said that the 2014 World Cup football match is one of the “2014 social media event,” the event to let more people use smart phones to send information, call, and application in social communication. During the World Cup has produced 26.7 TB of traffic, the equivalent of 4.85 million digital photographs and consumed 450000 voice data traffic.

Ericsson said the size of the size of the mobile device to the use of the data traffic is also key. As we all know, the size of the screen to a certain extent also affects people’s consumption data traffic, because the screen size, different people choose the service mode is different also. For tablet PC users, the video is still a highly attractive service. The report of the results are surprising, because the tablet screen size is enough big, can provide a better user experience.

now, the function of mobile phone is more and more powerful. In terms of mobile phone use, SMS first in the United States, is the second voice calls.

however, when you take your smartphone all the service consumption data traffic into consideration, we can see that the user is the main groups of data traffic surges in North America. Ericsson said that in North America every smartphone monthly data traffic will grow from the current 2.4 GB to 14 in 2020 GB.

this is the main reason is that heavy users of the data. Ericsson said, “a heavy data users account for only 10% of the total, but they use data traffic accounted for the 55% of total flow. Heavy users of the data of the main consumption item is video, they watch the video about an hour, a day of data traffic consumption was almost 20 times the average user.”


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Bannerman: in addition to call takeout, now you can also be a key called bodyguards

“Uber bodyguard” Bannerman released in Seattle, now our smartphone touch a few times can help us to call a car, call food, now can also call bodyguards.

Bannerman graduated from Y Combinator projects last year, first in San Francisco, expanded its services range from California for the first time for the first time to Seattle.

the company let users at any time of the day through its website or mobile app can be order due to no armed guards, they will appear in an hour and provide protection for you.

co-founder Johnny Chin and Antoine Chevigne is found in living in a dangerous city, after the work together, the idea of Bannerman

“we’ve come up with in your hand on the press of a button, a security guard to you right away” Chin said. “with San Francisco’s first, people start booking immediately, and the company from then began to grow up.

the company’s users to extend service scope from the office to need protection, including as potify and Zendesk these needs security or professional to maintain order.

by HBI and guards for background investigation by the justice department, according to their performance evaluation, most of the rewards is $35 per hour, a small number of people with the guards will be Bannerman.

this 20 people open business is a lot of new “Uber for X” in the business, like Uber. The use of smartphone technology to deliver a product or service. Bannerman currently in San Francisco, Los Angeles. San Diego is available, will soon be available in Seattle, the company said its choose in Seattle because its tech savvy and vibrant nightlife


Apple WWDC 2015, high walls trip to repair itself

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with Google I/O 2015, apple WWDC 2015 conference this year is also flat in power. It did not bring the significant function and hardware innovations, but rumors so long experience of ascension “notice on system performance and stability” in the convention to get incisively and vividly. The convention is more like apple’s “self healing repair tour” at a time, it further perfect the system of apple’s experience, for the existence of apple repair soft rib, promote the intelligent degree of apple devices. And all this nature also built apple closed garden walls, and higher for trapping the apple and the each and every one of the city provides more security.

deserves more attention ponder, however: this year’s Apple for this enclosed garden opened two gates – “Swift, open source and Apple 2 whole platform of Music”, which seems to be for us to release the Apple subsequent selective opening its technical tools and application more imagination space. And its integrating all a long time to build the new system, also makes the apple 2015 subsequent new product selling points out the function of the tip of the iceberg.

apple seems to keep the pace of the agreement and the Google this year, developers conference did not bring the black science and technology, even for Healthkit, Homekit, Car slid over Play these hot trends are just; Just rounds of plot revealed after the OS X El Capitan, 9 iOS, Apple Watch 2 and its affiliated Mac OS performance improvement, Siri intelligent degree enhancement, Apple support for public information traffic map, create more selling points for the split screen multitasking, picture in picture function and official forcing the News of his fellow App News aggregation applications and new Apple Music Music services. They come after the round wheel revealed the plot, although many optio are old function, but apple’s absorbing, has further perfected the apple equipment experience, strengthen the competitiveness of the apple devices.

a, Mac, the performance of the coexistence of

computer equipment in recent years has been towards the direction of light, however in this direction, but you cannot sell the cow and drink the milk: all aspects of the performance of the processor and equipment seem to have natural contradiction. On the new Macbook, it is particularly obvious. Although apple using the fifth generation of Intel Core M processor for your Mac equipment unprecedented thin and long battery life, but in performance is compromised. In order to solve this contradiction, apple Mac product line has launched a new OS X El Capitan operating system, in order to resolve this contradiction. Apple will launch in the WWDC 2014 meeting, the graphics rendering technology, the Metal into the new operating systems, and cooperating with companies such as Adobe, in order to improve the performance of the Mac products. At the scene demonstration, application launch, switch, PDF rendering performance is a change of current Macbook minor delays; While on a game show, show the Metal powerful real-time image rendering ability, reveals the Metal for apple Mac equipment performance improvements in reality. Can let the pursuit of light and life, of course, Macbook real big game on the Core M processors to run, still have to rely on subsequent continue to work hard.

OS X El Capitan of the operating system to remove the Mac performance improvement, also did not forget to Mac users to add more friendlier to Mac user experience to enhance the practical function. On OS X El Capitan, apple brought a more friendly way of mail processing for Mac, friendlier Sifari browser option to support operation, such as the fixed support TAB) and Ma users the most looking forward to the split screen of multitasking function (though Microsoft Windows have already).

2, armor stronger iOS 9

the iPhone, this apple is by far the most successful products, not only for apple to create the most substantial profits, in the moment it is the most important pillar of the apple empire. IPhone for error, and android’s dramatic progress in recent years, the iPhone on the hardware in the present moment has the advantages of little. The present building iPhone sales frenzy of the world’s more internal iOS iPhone, so the iOS system is Paramount, so at WWDC 2015 conference, apple iOS 9 for the radical redesign, starting from the bottom of the whole system to conduct a comprehensive promotion, gives it more powerful intelligence, integration and stability.

on the iOS 9, apple to join Proactive intelligent assistant to promote the intelligent degree of Siri; Its integration with Siri, mail, contacts, music these daily information, can be intelligent episodic memory study, and the third party application developers to provide search API, to connect the Apple service data, and further widen the application range of Proactive. The intelligent assistant, makes the Siri on the function is more close to Google Now and Cortana. Although it’s hard to say it can appear the Duang apple change the backward situation in the voice assistant war, but a sharp rise in the intelligent degree, also for iOS users lit the hope of change.

join the public information of traffic navigation map of apple further enhance the sense of provided nearly 300 cities bus navigation capabilities, it is still far from Google maps and nokia maps Here, but keep adding function, increasing accuracy, let a person feel apple in ceaseless effort. And will continue to gain ground mobile payment Pay Apple, now it will enter the UK, in mobile payment, a large market, Apple once again walk in the forefront.

and the upgrade of new memo in iOS9, newly developed News aggregation application News App and new Music service, Apple Music is more a progress improves the Apple on the main content of control. Enter power saving mode and new system reduced the capacity requirements of the iOS upgrade packages and upgrade support, bring the Gospel for 16 g users, and support to upgrade the iPhone 4 s more make it become the fighter jet of the iPhone, brings the user pressing desire to upgrade. All this repair and improvement, effectively avoid the iOS device fragmentation, iOS covered the stronger armor, as further enhance the ability against the attack of this kind of apple moat. And the upcoming iPhone 6 s (or 7), the characteristics of iOS 9 will be further carry forward.

3, the prescription for save

the device as a source of apple’s other big profits, these two years in its soft rib (not suitable for mobile office) and the mobile phone bigger domestic under the iPhone launch various impact, in particular, has rapid development of it has been declining. How to save, restore the sales, is one of the difficulties faced by apple. And apple’s prescription for its consistent with the industry after the action of nearly – screen points to the join the Windows operating system tasks, add samsung’s picture in picture function, further improved the keyboard experience and external keyboard support, and update the new task switching more UI. apple try to use it to improve the efficiency of the device. And all this functionality, seems to tell us, the legendary domestic it already on the road. but the arrival of the domestic tablet, can you really save the addition of these functions is entered a state of decline of the sales? Still have to go on a big question mark.

4, independent add Apple Watch

from PC to mobile phone that now the hot all kinds of wearable devices, equipment never stop the evolution of the revolution, of the billions of grade market changes and continue. In pursuit of the next level of billions on the market, apple’s bet on wearable devices, and that seems to have a smart watch. So its launch in 2014 the first intelligent wearable devices Apple Watch, though the industry for its mixed reviews, but the enthusiasm of the developers and sales second android smart, Watch the year’s domineering, let Apple Apple Watch a procession. But Apple Watch also have its argument, intelligent wearable devices around the core of controversy “intelligent wearable devices are independent or dependent, on the function is to do the addition or subtraction “. Apple WWDC 2015 conference given their answer: Apple to Apple to Watch the independence, for Apple to Watch to do addition. Apple Apple for further mining the possibility of a Watch.

so at the WWDC, Apple introduced a new Watch OS 2, the new system Apple to Watch for the dependence of the iPhone weakened sharply. The new system can make the App run independently on the Watch, and developers will be able to use WatchKit, visit including microphone, speakers, video, accelerometer, Taptic Engine, and Digital Crown, a lot of hard and other functions. And, on the Watch OS2, Apple further enhances the Apple Watch personalized options and capabilities, joined the new dial, such as Time – Lapse of third party information directly view and directly connected to WiFi, when charging can be set for the alarm clock and so on. All these blessings, also destined to let Apple Watch face more controversy. This time Apple add is right or wrong, Apple Watch can be Apple create a category under a “iPhone” equipment. We can only wait for time to give an answer.

5, Apple Music, whether fire to cao cao?

this year Apple seems like jobs when the magic “one more thing”, in this year’s WWDC, cook still took a “one more thing” – launched Apple rumors have long streaming music service “Apple music”. Apple Muisc, in Apple’s mouth is to solve the present music service for chaos, while the actual is to chase Apple has dropped the streaming music services market. Return to the Apple Muisc this app, integration is its core, everything is its characteristics. It has three characteristics: one is the integration of unprecedented music services; 2 it is to provide all-weather global radio services; 3 it is to build fans and music artists of the interactive platform. Although some features in the current media streaming music application has already been done, but based on apple’s powerful influence and strong financial support, in the future the copyright of war and absorb the content, will occupy the advantage, the development of the future, maybe will be thriving. And the service charge $9.99 in January, can let the apple as the big money in the music market, it is worth attention.

except Apple Muisc intrinsic characteristics of the app, its whole platform strategy will be more interesting. at WWDC convention, apple announced the music of the iTunes service and many years ago, took him to the Windows platform and Android platform, make it become a platform for all music service software, it is far from Steve jobs was “like send a glass of ice water to people in hell” heroism. But the application is open to other platforms, the apple was the first time over the past few years. Indicated that whether apple will open more selective application in the future, make it into a Windows system and Android system?

6, Swift, open source

Swift, open source, can be said to be the apple of the WWDC congress agreement. Apple announced the Swift 2 language will open source, the iOS and OS x and Linux S will apply. Perhaps in the near future, android devices can have compiled by using Swift language application, Swift, open source language can say let closed apple took a big step, walk on the way now more popular open source. Provides more optional tools for developers. (given that personal ability is limited, know very little about the development of language, so I can’t delve into open source, still hope you forgive me)

7, the promotion of the position of women

the apple WWDC conference, one thing is very worthy of praise for apple point. The apple developer conference, finally said goodbye to the apple uniform state of man, apple senior women began to stage. This shows the apple to women’s status and their importance to the company and creativity on the recognition and respect. For women, this is a positive signal. At this point, although apple is not the first, but to be able to make a change, let female executives known to more people, rather than quietly behind the scenes with pay, also let us light a praise for apple.


every developer conference, are fans top-up process of faith. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull

Exclusive: intelligent weighing luggage donkey walker 2 million angels

(text/who blue)

today, intelligent weighing luggage brand “donkey walkers” founder and CEO of high feather to hunt cloud network exclusive revealed that at the beginning of the project was launched in August last year, for a number of individual investors angel round of funding of 2 million yuan, including takahane tutor ChenZhenYu where Dr Wen-hua shi, vice President, director sun bo, Beijing Cree hai-yan huang founder da trade co., LTD., etc.

the world so big, I want to see. How much luggage is so small, what hold? Donkey traveler so you know how much important items with you far away. For hunting cloud network editor you don’t travel frequently, may feel this suitcase to bring convenience, as the name of the intelligence of the luggage has been set, the future road can walk far again, with these question hunters interviewed “donkey walkers” founder takahane cloud network.

original product runs through each link, intelligent weighing the micro innovation into

takahane is Beijing university the student of 2, select smart suitcase this project, not blindly follow suit “intelligent” all things, but if it is to “love to travel” this is absolutely not the wrong standard answer to answer, also let a person feel not sincere. Takahane convective cloud network, frequent travel, baggage is inevitable, overweight part need to pay extra. And usually, a luggage overweight, another is some “water” ultra high, do not want to be at the airport take two suitcases adjusting back and forth.

takahane convective cloud network admitted that the core of the original product is weighing function, in the face of hunting cloud network whether the requirement of high frequency, pain points, he is also the truth, whether to measure high frequency low frequency, related to the crowd, such as Beijing university business school, after graduation to the big four auditing and consultancy work is more, travel frequency is very high, now under the background of big business industry, travel frequency is not low. In addition, do the product the intuitive sense that gives a person is smart in weighing in hand, it is a small innovation, but for our team, product research, design, looking for raw materials suppliers, contract, each is a quite important link, is committed to make high quality travel companion. Eventually intelligent weighing that micro innovation into the luggage industry, can also be understood as to run through each link with original products.

this little trip, small brands also have big feelings

despite the intelligent part of the product in the design is beautiful, and without using the design of the zipper in the middle, but without the zipper of aluminum alloy frame, high technical requirements, the corresponding texture has also improved. In addition, the processing link, chose the best quality in the three bags base of guangdong dongguan.

cloud network hunting scene feeling about the luggage, boarding standard size, bright color, to the taste of young people, is lighter in weight. Seem to see the cloud network doubts, hunting takahane explains: “light weight does not mean poor quality, general adult stepping up is also no problem.” To scrutinize weighing this function, will find that there are four patterns is adjustable, grams, kilograms, ounces, pounds respectively.

this product through taobao and micro letter public foreign sales. In addition, also and drabs, fast, telecommunications integration platform, such as flow platform for cooperation, launch points for activities. College entrance examination is over, also already started to university graduation season, therefore, to the identity of the students consider suitcases, derived from the “custom”, and the original price 799 yuan of products is also in the graduation season with 499 yuan discount promotion efforts, in addition, you can also customize your logo, message, such as youth memorial banner, personality labels, etc.

the second generation product join intelligent protection, trip forgetful is the biggest pain points

if weighing is low frequency, easily neglected details, so forgetful is traveling. To this, “the donkey walkers” in the second generation product with bluetooth locking and positioning, the corresponding App has been in the development, product also to open mould, is expected in early July or middle of jingdong the raise. Bluetooth can be locked automatically, lock automatically open within 10 meters, beyond distance automatic padlock. Considering the user habit, in addition to the automatic lock also can manual control. Positioning is to use interface, similar to the radar scanning to achieve short positioning, beyond distance will automatically alarm, for mobile phone vibration, etc. Prevent lost the event, of course, also including the luggage items lost, so the item count function is also a problem in the future.

financing also has a small story, just to present product shape, not win the favor of investment institutions and investors, but seeing the foreign Bluesmart has the raise up to $20 million. In comparison, the “donkey walkers” quality, function, and the price have advantage, and learn about the products of subsequent iteration plan (with luggage, will be transplanted into the backpack, handbag, wallet, etc.), after investors that are full of confidence, and decided to invest in.

in addition, plus and mentor as a consultant, give advice; There is also a senior, customer complaint. At present, the project is in orderly.

The invasion of Google! Apple’s first Android applications, but also guide the user migration

apple and Google seems to be a war between two large ecological appear more tense, in the first two pulled back I/O smoke not scattered, apple WWDC congress struck again, from the perspective of both the content are centrally released their latest operating system, improve and to the improvement of pay, and voice applications, more direct competition. However, the iOS share under disadvantage, apple launched a new counter in succession.

in the conference, Apple’s back new measures mainly embodied in the following two aspects: Apple Music and Move to iOS.

the Apple launched their own Music in the conference service Apple Music, since June 30, will be on the iPhone,, tablet, iPod touch, Mac, etc. The important thing is that the service not only can be used on apple’s platform, will also be later in the year to the Android platform.

Move to iOS is the new appearance of products, can help Android users moving data into iOS devices, including contacts, messages, calendar, email accounts, and media files, many user data. These content can run through wireless transmission to any iOS 9 on the iPhone and the tablet. Apple’s move to rob Samsung, HTC and other series of Android mobile phone users.

Morning: apple iOS9 three systems, such as micro letter opened fingerprint payment

June 9 (text/who)

apple developer conference information summary

1. The iOS 9 Siri, will provide you with the response speed and accuracy are increased by 40%.

2. IOS 9 allows you to search events calendar, Netflix movie, information, and more content within the app.

3.7 months, Apple will Pay on the UK. Apple Pay can introduce store credit card, cash coupons.

4. Passbook turns into a Wallet, provide more rich experience of payment, such as pay with coupons.

5. Internal memo allows the user to define the style, including bold, italic, or directly to join the task list, add images and graffiti.

6. Maps provide the query function of public traffic. Can query the bus in the application of navigation.

7. New App: News. It is the news reader application, apple blockbuster will match elegant layout, photo gallery, animation and video interactive reports.

8. Focus on data privacy protection.

9. Shortcutbar besides will prompt you quick statement, also can be directly on the virtual keyboard: shear; Move the cursor. Control the font style, etc.

10. New Slide Over function let you in without leaving the app will be able to open the second app at the same time.

11. New split-screen multitasking function, only need to have been his fingers slide can activate the split screen, such as watching the news to chat. Also can choose different background application in split screen interface. The user can use multi-touch in two applications to operate at the same time. The Split View function, two app can on the same screen, at the same time open, parallel operation. As she watched the video, also can start multitasking – video will shrink into a small window, on the corner, and even can adjust the size of the video window.

12. Only about 1.8 GB of space.

13. IOS 9 began to developers to provide test version download today, July launch open beta, is expected by the end of September will be released at the same time with the iPhone 6 s official version.

14. New Swift release 2 languages, in addition to compile performance boost, a variety of new features will also enhance the efficiency of developers.

15. Apple Music Music service: not only can use on Apple’s platform, will also be later in the year to the Android platform. Price is $9.99 per month, starting from June 30, will be on the iPhone,, tablet, iPod touch, Mac, and Microsoft’s Windows PC platforms. Family can share account for up to six people use, the monthly price of 14.99 yuan.

16. The new watchOS 2 will bring more native applications for Apple’s Watch. This includes more new dial, the use of the new features and interesting.

micro letter open function of the fingerprint payment

WeChat version 6.2 introduced a “fingerprint payment” function, with optimization after receiving qr code, expand WeChat pay offline market. Users open function of the micro letter fingerprint payment, after place the order after enter the payment process, according to the interface prompt fingerprint identification area, put his fingers in mobile phone can be realized “seconds”. Payment process, do not need to input password.

apple built message transmission high-speed network

reports that apple is building a high-speed network, as well as the upgrade way of creating your own data center, the move aims to improve the competitive power of the company in the field of cloud, thus further with rivals such as amazon, Google and Microsoft to compete better in the field of cloud services.

the apple is ripe, can’t always rely on traditional network providers and technology suppliers.

samsung in the second half will push the new smart watches

reported that samsung plans in the second half of this year launched its new smart watches products, and the smart watch will support the function of mobile payment. Samsung near field communication (NFC) technology will be used to support the smart watches the built-in function of mobile payment.

if it is in order to fight against Apple Apple Pay, you should first to enter the China market.

crosses through billions RMB financing

rumoured zhongtong billions RMB financing, warburg pincus, hillhouse capital group, standard chartered, direct investment, zhongtong sequoia capital China old shareholders vote refs. Known as the existing staff of more than 160000, 72 transit center, more than 10000 service outlets, transportation to send more than 40000 vehicles. Daily express amount up to 24.2 million last year, operating income over 20 billion yuan last year.

motion directly, ali investment yuantong, tencent investment huitong the world…

ant gold dress purchase zhejiang melting letter

ant gold suit will be sent to you by subscribe zhejiang melting letter new equity and buy the shares of existing shareholders, the rest of the way, for a 100% stake in zhejiang melting letter. , after deducting transaction costs associated with the letter of zhejiang melting existing shareholders in the transaction will not believe equity holding and selling zhejiang melt any premium revenues. After the above changes, Mr Ma is still the actual controllers of the company.

jack ma=warren, refuses to answer.

baidu bid for a Japanese native advertising company popIn

baidu in Japan officially announced the acquisition of Japan’s native advertising company popIn control. Under the terms of the deal, popIn existing within the framework of enterprise management team will be in baidu to operate its business independently. PopIn focuses on news media support native advertising, content recommendation for the center with intelligent service platform.

advertising is the improved precision and is always unpleasant thought otherwise.

blue cursor acquisition of au and million more dynamic two mobile advertising company

blue cursor communication group announced that $289 million deal to buy Domob Limited more than 100% of the equity and au zhisheng network technology (Beijing) co., LTD. 95% stake in; $61.2 million deal to buy Madhouse Inc., a 51% stake, at the same time to capital of hundred million move, for $10 million, after the completion of investment owns a 54.77% stake in million move cursor is blue.

au and million more dynamic is China mobile’s two biggest advertising companies, 2015 total revenue is expected to around 2015.

cool finish 360 joint venture to the great god phone business acquisition

cool technology was completed in law yesterday formally to the great god of mobile phone business mergers and acquisitions, declaring the great god mobile phone business formally incorporated into the cool technology. Cool technology in future will be cool brand and brand brand operation, both brand directly, by 360, chairman and CEO Zhou Hongyi Zhou Hongyi to many great god company will also be a change and innovation.

a great god, assets, and mobile phone business personnel are all kinds of resources such as complete delivery, incorporated into the cool technology.

360 5.1 million compensation will pay sogou

sogou and 360 Sue each other in the near future. Sogou, on May 26, 2015, the Beijing municipal higher people’s courts make the final judgement, 360 behavior is beyond the reasonable limit security software, which violate the principle of fair and equal competition and cause damage to the lawful rights and interests of sogou, ordered its pay sogou 5.1 million yuan economy compensation.

360 appeal and losing, counter charges although won, but only 300000 yuan, 510-30=4.8 million (torn) B.

jiayuan get rich report

jiayuan in the first quarter of 2015 net income of 169.4 million yuan ($27.3 million), was RMB 134.3 million year-on-year growth of 26.1% over the same period last year, 172.8 million yuan compared with the previous quarter fell 2.0%.

to learn more knowledge, entrepreneurial innovation quickly add hunting cloud network micro letter public account:

Exclusive: wedding reservation platform “looking for my net” for millions of investment

(text/Yang Sihui)

recently, I find the net to cloud network exclusive hunting, has won millions angel investment in April, north soft angel, angel joint investment combination.

wedding people online booking platform looking for my net, from chengdu to find my technology co., LTD., investment operation, launched on August 2, 2014. Looking for my net mainly offers new host, photographer, cameraman, dresser and so on the wedding reservation service. Newcomers can sort through the screening schedule, price, credit rating, user evaluation methods such as fast to find the right wedding, and can be directly online booking. Previously, hunting cloud network was once a detailed report on the project:

in C2C mode into the wedding market, looking for my net has the following features:

1, provide practitioners credit rating, real-name authentication;

2, real time release the wedding season, direct online booking;

3, the implementation of consumer protection plan, pay the deposit online;

4, real user reviews, to provide users with choice basis;

5, according to user preference intelligent recommendation, planner to plan as a whole.

by looking for my net, selected from the wedding to the ceremony, the couple just five steps to get the wedding, also can save half of the cost of the wedding. Compared with other O2O model wedding services platform, find my network communication between the more focused on the couple and the wedding people choice, let the user can be selected, one-on-one to two-way choice a deal. At the same time, looking for my network as wedding housekeeper implementation regulation, the protection of the rights of wedding ceremony and the couple both sides.

find I tell hunting cloud network network CEO Long Hong, officially launched, there have been 650 wedding people have come to find my net, more than 600 couples by looking for my net held wedding, 99.9% were pleased with the couple in the wedding. Long Hong said: “finance, looking for my net will be focused on enhancing service awareness, on the one hand, strict wedding people into conditions, signing more good wedding in; On the other hand, we try to monthly scheduled wedding breakthrough 100 games. In addition, we are ready to chengdu and chongqing market will expand their business to other cities at the same time.”

it is reported, looking for my network will start in August. A round of funding.