Zhang blowing baidu general offensive horns, O2O ming-yuan li said in a proprietary manner

baidu structure adjustment is full in April, President zhang said baidu baidu mobile transformation has been completed, in all-out attack stage, system integration to improve efficiency, to promote synergy. Baidu now emerging business enterprise group system is divided into six divisions and two large enterprise group. Emerging business group to explore new business model, new markets and new growth point, now do many things is representative for the development of the Internet industry in the future. And will start from the baidu the doctor the platform the entrance, the single point of breakthrough.

baidu CEO robin li to do connection 3600 lines of common platform are put forward. Baidu’s vice President, promote strategic ground connection “forward” ming-yuan li, said before the construction tool attribute strong entrance, transition to become a service platform, as soon as possible to improve its activity and frequency. Ming-yuan li believes that baidu universality existing business of the user, the contact frequency and different groups of permeability is the highest, so the most suitable scene: for with user requirements universality widely and has a large scale of the long tail of demand, the high frequency O2O scenario. This is baidu, in the form of proprietary do O2O logic. For the less common in all walks of life, high frequency, baidu will be open with pain-killing injections.

the following is the core content of his speech:

into six divisions and two big business group

this half a year’s time, zhang within the group have done some adjustment, zhang said, “the first point is the focus, less is more, the single point of breakthrough, we put the product line from 64 into 34;

the second point is the new model, how to perform better, including strategic positioning, task decomposition, and culture fall to the ground, we all have specific measures and solutions; The third point is important, it is we want to really take these new business, do it step by step.

baidu emerging business enterprise group system is divided into six divisions and now two big business groups.

his positioning is to six divisions, safety is the home front, is the moat, is the company’s defense forces. In the forefront of the global business is the company’s overseas. The other four are relatively vertical big business. Which medical and financial business is Internet +, the Internet technology, business model, and applied to the traditional industries inside and combined, produce the multiplication effect.

the other two big business groups, one is the digital entertainment, including mobile games, video, music, literature, and lottery; Another is the digital content, including post bar, library, class, Hao123, are some of the original department better integrate together, effective coordination between each other.

zhang said that the two large enterprise group, there are a lot of baidu is familiar to the user consumption, is also very important part of Internet activities people, baidu also have every confidence in the potential of this part of the business.

“into two big business groups, better able to play each business synergies between each other, the user and realise the value of the two sides have a greater. There is also a new business, such as the Internet securities in the new market expanding territory, try a new development.”

will start from the doctor baidu platform entrance A single point of breakthrough

baidu doctor is one of the important products this year zhang’s group, which is the breakthrough to his eyes.

zhang said, bring health, see a big problem now, is the region between different hospitals and medical resources between the height of the asymmetry.

3 armour hospital patients too much, such as big cities the doctor gu not to come over, but many patients do not need to the other side to see a doctor. There are many rural and lower-tier cities, is to find a doctor, actually have a good doctor, only patients might not know.

“our purpose is to eliminate the information asymmetry, the allocation of resources more reasonable and effective, to help the patient to use the fastest speed around to find the best doctor, and then use our positioning technology, searching technology, we machine learning precise matching technology, let everybody can find the most suitable for their own doctor.”

zhang said, will start from the baidu the doctor the platform the entrance, a single point of breakthrough, trying to do the first two years. Do it after the first, there are many places can use baidu resources.

the doctor not only can communicate with patients, for example by baidu, management of the patient, can communicate with another doctor, discuss the problem, you can find professional literature, investigate the prescriptions, and even social security are connected together.

“we want to build an effective platform for the ecological health, it is a very basic task, is a very meaningful thing, is also a big chance to baidu.”

in addition to health, and finance. Zhang said, “finance is also one of the fastest Internet penetration in. On the one hand, it is a vertical industry, on the other hand, finance is a tools and leverage, can help to leverage other business.”

zhang said that baidu with consumer finance credit education as the breakthrough point, in particular, make full use of baidu’s technology and user resources, set up strong account system, risk control model, and the credit system, open the situation.

the core of the Internet of things is baidu brain

zhang revealed the baidu the layout of the future. “Internet of things, that is, the Internet’s physics. We need to do is in a cloud of ability, the ability to deal with large data in the cloud, the ability of artificial intelligence, including speech recognition, image recognition, and advantage in the search, LBS, baidu is the brain, it should be the core of the Internet of things.

a is baidu in the end to have more layout, cut into the Internet of things by intelligent hardware and vertical industry chain industry hardware on the ecology, and cloud are closely linked. This is crucial for baidu.

zhang said, do the Internet of things is not must do intelligent hardware, the need to separate. “We are still a big Internet software and data of the company, and we would have hardware ecological closely together in a large company.”

China will become more important Internet leader

in the next five to 10 years, the next generation Internet technology will be what kind of change and influence on the China and the world are concerned about the topic is the industry and society.

zhang firmly believe that China will be a leader in Internet is more important:

the first point of the Internet is a big trend of physics, the connection with the service. Mobile Internet from information to the service, the entire Internet technologies, products and business model is mapped to the physical world, and is also directly find service.

service refers to our life on the one hand, on the other hand is the service industry, into every vertical industry, the agriculture, to manufacturing, to the health, we have just told to all sorts of the physical world we now can see. This is a big trend, not just people, and the content and the content is linked together, people and objects are linked together, everything is interconnected.

the second big trend is China will become an important leader of the Internet more. In the early China’s Internet industry is more in imitation of the United States, in the past five years, China has already surpassed the United States in some way.

through the scale effect, through the integrated innovation, through business model innovation, in the next five to ten years, China’s leadership role in global Internet will be more significant.

zhang, said many ways China has to learn from the United States, come back to find, and also learn from China in the United States. “Such as the recent Google (weibo) has just introduced a new page rank policy, ‘friendly to mobile website will be more on top, baidu will do it in the two years ago.”

his classmate four Suggestions to young baidu

for baidu such a group of young people with an average age of 26.8 years, zhang also from the perspective of a n experienced person to everyone puts forward four Suggestions:

it is to do things you enjoy, should be interested in doing things;

the second is to keep on learning, to have a curiosity, to see whether the industry are doing, have an open mind;

the third is to have a concentration, don’t follow suit. Such as now everyone to entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship is more of a spirit, the government encourage the venture is to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit, encourage more innovation, entrepreneurial spirit is more important is to create value.

zhang said, no matter in the big companies, or your own small business enterprises, are the entrepreneurial spirit so that to find your own position, required to do one thing, don’t be too bubble mentality.

zhang cautioned that last one, simple, can rely on is very important. To curry favor with all straightforward, respect others, don’t go, don’t make gangs, don’t go to face, politics. Focus on hand to do things, how to create value.

below is the internal speech ming-yuan li’s sayings:

mobile battle over the entrance just the dust settles, the battle of O2O is in full swing. O2O makes is the nature of the Internet from providing information service and business level, to connect with the service of ecological construction.

so I think that this influence is bigger, the upstream and downstream ecological and more complex, many opportunities for us, but for our time window is also very clear. Robin mentioned offensive moments, I think is to see the crisis and challenge, see this time, the market test and requirements for us! O2O come this is so, we will go all out!

offensive point is not to say that everybody article tied a red cloth is washed up over his head, but seriously examine yourself whether you are ready, managers and architects, we should see from the organization to the business logic to the task decomposition and implementation is in place.

then according to the requirement of the market, our military forces, hay, equipment, its own training and organization, and behavior, also quickly adjust to a state of war.

as soon as possible from the entrance of the ecological

in the past two to three years with the next two to three years, we want to do strategic is consistent, is the entrance, standard, ecological system, we should do this three parts.

is a regional war in the past, Internet companies and Internet companies for the entrance, is now with various industries to go to the Internet connection service who will win. From this perspective, I the responsible thing to do is to as soon as possible from the entrance to migrate to the ecology.

in this process was also hope that our standard is still feasible.

now the most important job is to keep tool attribute of the strong entrance before construction, transformation into service properties, as soon as possible to improve its activity and frequency, to transform tool as soon as possible into the service platform, transformation into ecological.

baidu mobile three entrance bearing the mission of connecting people and services

we have our own hand, map, distribution of this important entrance, the three entrances are hosting services as soon as possible. If we keep a large entrance, or do before search business, while other people were in the connection services, that in the future we still so important? May become not important. So in this process, we must win, be no return.

connection with the service, direct number is a method of delivery is a method, the wallet is a tool, is also a part of it.

we people in connection with services, one is in delivery, this way, is baidu proprietary, another is the direct number, is the ecological benefit.

completes the task decomposition, fast iterative improvement

the first one thing clear several levels, is online these two dimensions, or multiple dimensions. Then I’ll talk to the man who can make a decision in this dimension that together to discuss more, rapid practice test, with the facts, and to optimize execution.

our style is all together, I tell you, I think you will give me feedback, again to find everyone’s consensus, then quickly went to trial and error, fast iterative improvement. So, the first team goal is consistent, information symmetry;

the second you to do this thing is together in deepening the understanding of the. This is my one way of doing things. The third is a transparent process, timely decision fair and clear evaluation, gain and loss, this is my work is a basic method.

not shaoguang, said to himself, that youth, I don’t regret!

Robin had a phrase to speak very good, is not art. I think people once in a good state, jump in combat, youth goes by much faster than the imagination.

let’s the company’s average age is 26, 27, watershed is five to ten years after the laying.

every moment, I always remind everybody to constantly reflection, is squandering youth, whether the time and energy and mood, USES for their most important or valuable things.

15 years, 20 years later, you will become a mother, the father of others, into a mainstay of our home, into a few old man almost can only rely on the children… You are taking this role will be more and more, your life inevitably more and more complicated.

but only in the average age of the forward and after five years of this decade, is your best time, is that you can lose some baggage to spell for a period of time. Did you do it without regret, really go all out, if found love and good at field to have a foothold and struggle. Later you can talk with myself, that youth, I don’t regret.

Financing evening news: image sharing PicsArt financing, abundant nest intelligent express and etc

June 9 (word/Zhao Zixiao)

wedding service platform to find my reservation network millions angel financing, soft angel fund investors for the north. Looking for my network platform, is China’s first wedding people online booking from chengdu to find my technology co., LTD., investment operation, to let the couple easily find the most suitable wedding, including host, photographer, cameraman, dresser and so on.

carat mobile game channel millions angel financing, fund investors for the Milky Way of digital entertainment. Carat mobile game channel is committed to building to mobile game video network of new media, has been for the blue port interaction, hot and cool, harvest, touch, share, torrents, gyu, many manufacturers and distribution companies, such as reports and interviews, for XinYou online and enterprise brand publicity has opened up a new way.

intelligent weighing luggage brand “donkey walkers” 2 million yuan angel rounds of financing, the investor has many individual investors, including “the donkey walkers” founder and CEO of high feather tutor ChenZhenYu where Dr Wen-hua shi, vice President, director sun bo, Beijing Cree hai-yan huang founder da trade co., LTD., etc.

youth international education and innovation practice platform for business school for millions of Pre – A round of funding, investors in Hong Kong A well-known family. In Beijing, Shanghai, shenzhen, guangzhou and so on six cities fall to the ground and carried out several rounds of “design thinking” workshop, and last year after completion of the first international travel camp project young business school to think in the Internet transforming social practice project, launched “live video online + offline independent practice” mode of online education project “boring subject.

Vidooly won a $1 million round of funding, the seeds of investors for the Bessemer Venture Partners (BVP). Vidooly start-up companies is a video analysis from India. The funding will be used to get the user for the company in the global scope, and continue to product development work.

Cockroach Labs won $6.25 million in financing, the venture capital firms take part in the financing Benchmark, Google Ventures and sequoia capital. By former Google employees spencer Kim bor and other eight developers departure was created. – CockroachDB they designed an open source database, Spanner, similar to Google’s database system in a large number of the system can continue to maintain the company’s online and automatic balance between server resources.

local transport collaborative platform providers oTMS to receive tens of millions of dollars A + round the investor to become China’s capital, warp/weft and baidu. Had earlier in August 2013, purple angel fai vc investment, and in October 2014, warp/weft, baidu, purple brightness A round of venture capital. OTMS, a logistics transportation management platforms, using the “SaaS platform + mobile App” mode connection transportation, is committed to create a commercial platform for the local transportation coordination.

high-end villa rental platform LuxuryRetreats $11 million B round of funding, the investor is A round cast their iNovia capital. In 2012, after they had received A round of $5 million in financing. LuxuryRetreats is referred to as “villa Shared version of reality”.

photo sharing application PicsArt won $15 million in a new round of financing, the Insight Venture Partners and Sequoia Capital investment (Sequoia Capital). PicsArt aims to share pictures and editing for the perfect unity. Users can PicsArt mobile editing features to your own pictures and paintings for editing. Users can share with others, contact and cooperation to get inspiration, stand out in the end.

smart tank express “nest” 500 million yuan of financing, the company shenzhen technology co., LTD. By suitable abundant, nest shentong, zhongtong, YunDa, prologis jointly created, dedicated to the research and development operations all express company, electricity use logistics oriented 24-hour self-help open platform – “nest” intelligent express ark, made the platform express collected interactive business.

road tiger have Shared C in nearly $one hundred million round of funding, cheerful capital led, the far east macro letter, attendance, haitong, jun lian, ignition and investment. Road tiger have Shared business scope covers tires, maintenance, beauty, and so on several big car market after the product line. 10 core in Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou and other cities have warehousing logistics system, the service can be covering 266 cities, cooperative stores more than 6000.

to learn more knowledge, entrepreneurial innovation quickly add hunting cloud network micro letter public account:

You guessed it Porn Time is Popcorn “Porn version” of the Time

hunting cloud network reported June 9

Popcorn Time can be said to be a controversial in the industry of the torrent streaming media video applications. Now, it’s “cousin” Porn Time do not help. See Porn Time the name of the app, you may put it with pornography; Yes, you did not guess wrong Porn Time is an offer Porn video playback applications. The application in addition to being able to use bittorrent client and as a media player, it also supports the seed file to download and play, integrating multiple functions.

at present, Porn Time can be used for Windows, Mac and Linux operating system. Developers say they are planning to release an Android and iOS version, and Popcorn Time, is expected in the next week or so can be completed.

The working principle of

“Porn Time and Popcorn Time is the same, but it is full of pornography.” Porn Time chief developer told VentureBeat the interviewer said, “Porn Time users will be able in the first place, to see the latest and most popular Porn, or hd version; It’s also not complicated operation, the user can enter the watch just click a button. And Popcorn Time, Porn video content on Time can also through the connected devices like Chromecast and Airplay directly projected onto a large screen to watch.”

researchers also point out that although the Internet can provide pornography broadcast address has a lot of, but PornTime development purpose isn’t to provide pornography. After all, it will not be able to like Hollywood and some mainstream television programs have a high quality of pornography, able to provide users free online conveniently. There are a lot of pornographic video web site, users need to register, download and pay to watch.

however, Popcprn Time developers say their users provide pornography always requires a version (obviously, which exceeds the Popcorn Time application range) of the construction of the social channels. In Popcorn Time by one year after the disputed Porn Time appeared, it actually response the Popcorn to the call of the Time.

now, Porn seed resources mainly from pornleech site on Time, but in the next few months, there will be more resources. And Popcorn Time, Porn Time resources project is opening to the outside world (the above resources released quickly) Porn Time developers hope that society can from two aspects of features and content to help the application.

although Porn Time could not like Popcorn Time as popular, but it can embody the developers are easier for application should let users download the concept of seeds and watch movies.


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Bring Google benefits to society, a former Google employees financing millions of starting a new database

spencer kimball from Google after leaving office, he found himself has always been to use custom software to charge inside the company. So he called to a group of like-minded as from Google’s departure as his friends decided to begin to like custom-made software design. And now, they are going to let everyone can enjoy the welfare of the custom software, ambitious, by the way to create the next super company like Google or Facebook.

exactly, kimball heart Spanner is read by the Google database system, also is a and he wants Spanner about function of the software. Spanner is designed to take into account the potential of millions of the data on the database server, even if a few server, or a bit more serious, the whole data center paralyzed accident, a Spanner this powerful tool, Google’s service is still can continue to run online. However in reality as the size of the very few companies have Google, but most of the other company is very need software like Spanner, in a large number of the system can continue to maintain the company’s online and automatic balance between server resources.

in the early years, still work at Google, kimball and his colleagues are not responsible for the design and maintenance of Spanner, but they are often used in his project to the Spanner. And found similar product of Spanner is not on the market, they decided to use the Google white paper on an open Spanner, an open source database in design – CockroachDB himself.

since last February, after the official launch CockroachDB quickly attracted a large number of participants, speed the progress of the project, however, has always been an ideal team is better than expected. Until now, the software is still in the experimental stage. Then kimball and eight others developers resigned from his job as Google established the Cockroach Labs. Nowadays, the start-up announced $6.25 million in financing has been completed, the vc firms take part in the financing Benchmark, Google Ventures and sequoia capital.

Google , is everybody’s

a long time, Google released a lot of important innovation, a company of white paper. Thanks to Google’s share spirit, in the past ten years, people have developed many important software. CockroachDB project team also is not the first to attempt to Google’s internal technical team to the masses.

two white paper files from Google inspired the Hadoop open source data operation system design. After the reform of large data base is based on Hadoop, now from Facebook technology companies to large financial services company to the national security agency, everyone in the use of Hadoop.

at the same time, a data storage system on inside Google BigTable paper file to promote the innovation in the field of database design tide, one of the most famous is the no. Until today, the design concept of BigTable has affected the Apple, Facebook, Netflix, the survival of more companies and database design. But Google itself have already started to study the Spanner, and claims that Spanner can be achieved in the case of minimizing weigh the scale of the extraordinary, especially in the case of considering the server data consistency.

Cockroach Labs believe similar Spanner database before long will be like today’s Hadoop, no special important significance, because this database will allow small companies also benefit a lot.

“Spanner, compared to a great innovation of CockroachDB is a simple deployment,” kimball, stressed that “even if your application is very simple, you can still install a CockroachDB instance on the computer, and then with the development of your company’s business gradually expanded to hundreds of thousands of servers.”

the next innovation

kimball admitted Spanner may represent the current database development at the forefront of technology, but this situation will last long. He pointed out that the traditional relational database of Oracle and other companies sell dominated the market for decades, and the emergence of a new wave of no database is less than ten years, but Google has to develop a new database technology. The development of the technology faster and faster.

“innovation has only just begun,” kimball said. “now I need to do most is to speed up the pace of innovation.”


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Technology start-ups to the IPO, first consider to be clear about these problems

after a 10-year period of recession in the United States and Europe finally raised a wave of an IPO of science and technology. Index Ventures can already through our to Arista Networks, Criteo, Etsy, Hortonworks, Just Eat, King and Zendesk to sniff out the boom in the company’s investment of ci.

a few weeks ago, we invited a part of the creation of listed companies “and their consultants to our London office to share their work experience, practice communication with emerging enterprises. This was invited to the London stock exchange, the famous investment Banks and law firms of CFO, chief counsel, staff, and a public relations consultant. The communication to our finance, operations and communications colleagues well.

we agree that it is necessary and is considering an IPO of people with lofty ideals to share the following what I learn valuable experience,

you have to do preparations before IPO

listed is like marriage, the wedding is important, but the marriage itself is more important to maintain. by the same token, the IPO is the most important is not listed, but after the enterprise as the operating performance of listed companies.

business absolutely not distracted. although the IPO for enterprise is a big deal, but only when the enterprise management team to focus on it only as a project and do not ignore the note business, IPO is the most effective.

prior to the IPO, you have to start enterprises think of yourself as a listed company, of course you can’t think too far. too many companies eager to break into the market just because all of a sudden market situation is good or have opportunity can grasp and so on. However, you should slow down and calm down, in the present business conditions of listed before you project. Not everyone need to do this, of course, but there is no doubt that your management team, accounting, and corporate counsel you trust need to consider the status of the post-marketing. They need to prepare for an IPO in advance, ensure that financial transparent, and audit as early as possible.

before starting operation, understand the bankers and select the public investors. keep in mind, and bankers communication dialogue as soon as possible. Want to know, and some bankers pleasant maintaining good relations is very important. Early for you in a few years to build the harmonious relationship is the advantage of the listed in the future. This can let the buyer know in a few years the development of the enterprise, gradually gain trust. At the same time, keep options, do not appear only at early stages and the possibility of a consortium of cooperation.

IPO process

to choose the appropriate consultant is the key. The key to the whole process of trading is to choose the appropriate advisor – is a lawyer at the beginning, and then the banker. You are very clear what you need from consultant. For example, if you need a lawyer to help you understand technical experience and industry knowledge, that would be just the reverse, a pain, no gain. You have to ensure that the tacit understanding between you and your advisor, and harmonious coexistence, after all, who also don’t want to hate people work to the middle.

select analysts and select bank is just as important, but few people realize. because analysts are outsiders, but involves the trading company, and you don’t need to employ the most just don’t know these blank analysts. So, choose bank half the reason is also to ensure that they are excellent analyst can help you.

when you listed company, your company will be close to the KPI (key performance indicator). the more data provided to analysts, the more they can reach a consensus, this is a good thing. KPIs negative effect is the data you provide, the more the more you one of them is likely to be disappointed. So there is a balance, on the one hand, you have to let them enough insight into your business and then give them a good impression, on the other hand don’t let them thoroughly he who sees through the workings of your business, otherwise you are doing it.

period of the shareholders in the IPO and try to reach a consensus on the move. raising pre-ipo financing especially when you are in the final stages, whether written or oral, by, and will try to advance agreement about how to shareholders in the IPO. This will avoid the shareholders endlessly explore whether quantity decide the price or the price decision.

shares the first day of the performance is one of the focus of attention. Where is compared with an IPO, when released plans to release quantity and price, how stock performance is more important. if the share price started his promise was realized in this and the company, then people will be on the small flaws in the process of tolerance, but if once, on the other hand, it is hard to recover.

listed company law of the survival of

first, “will have a bearing, your word”. if you as a listed company, do not have a socket, and your word, you’ll soon be discredited. This loss is difficult to repair. But if you did, company will also gain credibility for a long time.

the following three kinds of people is you need most in operations listed companies : one able to communicate with analysts unobstructed head of investor relations (IR). Second, you need an excellent enterprise external public relations consultant, help you will investors into the media information, because the attitude of the media for the most part can affect the investors. In the end, you’ll need at least a trusted advisor (is likely to be a broker), can be into your inner circle and participate in the discussion of any transaction.

limit of time you spend to cope with external affairs. when you are in the operation of the listed company, you should spend most of their time with analysts and the meeting of shareholders. So the best way is to plan in advance. Set aside a specific time of the year abroad, some important moment for example: in the first quarter or half year report; And you have to do not meet with other irrelevant personnel in foreign period.

can choose the person to help you on the strategic level as non-executive directors (non – execs). you don’t need to be control, all you need is a man of rich experience and familiar with the business. All you need is predictable and can help you to stay away from trouble. Most importantly, a non-executive director should do is to fill the vacancy of the board of directors. Review the knowledge and skills you have, can with you mutually complementary.

the author Ben Holmes yes partner. His areas of focus are games and e-commerce. He made investments in the aspect of the game from us, including the King, Playfish (has been EA) and Mind to invest on the Candy. In addition, he also invested iZettle, Just Eat, Notonthehighstreet, Rebtel, Secret Escapes, Shapeways and Trustpilot.


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Local transportation coordination platform oTMS announced A + round tens of millions of dollars

(xiao-miao li)

the first domestic local transport collaborative platform service providers become capital oTMS announced today, the partners China and baidu A + round of tens of millions of dollars. Had earlier in August 2013, purple angel fai vc investment, and in October 2014, warp/weft, baidu, purple brightness A round of venture capital.

oTMS is a logistics management platform service provider, was founded in 2013, using the “SaaS platform + mobile App” mode connection transportation, freight link of the owner, the third party logistics company, driver and the receiving party set on a platform, committed to build commercial platform for the local transportation coordination, its products include: oTMS cloud platform, mobile terminal product driver “kaka” end “to the” and the consignee. Currently has 130 home owners, transport logistics companies use oTMS product management order, about million month order.

this conference, oTMS interconnected transport concept is put forward. OTMS co-founder and CEO Dai Re qi (Mirek Dabrowski) said: “the Internet is different from vehicle matching software and TMS management software, is around the core processes, key is through the synchronization information to complete the parties together, raise the efficiency of the transportation management, to reduce the transportation cost and get a good user experience.”

at the same time, based on the mode of “SaaS platform + mobile App”, oTMS will further extend product layout, out side moving oTMS main platform, implement across to the PC, tablet and mobile “cloud + end” full coverage. OTMS platform, moreover, in addition to transportation order management function, will also through the analysis of the large data intelligent technical support to the shipper control the market situation in a timely manner. In the consignee and the driver side, oTMS original “handshake transition” function by kaka and where App qr code scanning order way for receiving confirmation of operation, the traditional paper receipt delivery cycle is long, damaged or even information lost the wrong questions.

oTMS co-founder and chief operating officer Duan Yan also reported, “at present, the oTMS have include twill to customers, such as clothing, panasonic, Hettich in the clothing retail, consumer goods, industrial products, such as market segment has a customer.

in addition, the oTMS have begun in-depth regional marketing plans. At present, the south China branch has been set up, the north and southwest area of the branch will be set up soon. OTMS new management team is a team across the logistics and IT two.

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Photo: domestic online print another break

June 9 (word/yan-mei wu)

network print is the user through the Internet to upload digital photos, after storage, after adjustment, share, and selected and a series of process, output, or made into all kinds of video products. In the process, print service providers will need to provide including network, storage, software platform, production, packaging, distribution, customer service, etc. A complete set of supporting system.

from 2006 public offering in the United States, to click into the Chinese market after acquired by HP fish (Snapfish), to such as domestic impression, colorful music, print the guest, and many other emerging network print service providers have rise. But for now to be able to achieve a common cognitive in the domestic brand almost no. So to break a startup there is some chance of success.

a photograph is a subsidiary of Beijing imprinting technology products, focus on developing online business, through the photos APP, the photos can be independently defined, according to the specific user scenarios to text and add photos or pictures of the set time axis user personalization scene, finally submitted to print pictures. Play photos mainly locate in infants and young children and travel market, profit model is photo print customize product and its surrounding product profit. Templated playing photos of innovation lies in, and the future will serve as a platform to recruit designer team, small to a photograph of the custom.

a photo fee is a five inch photos five MAO and postage borne by the user. Strength of the current activity is bigger, registered to send 20 photo print, share a software can get 10 free print, there are preferential activities throughout the year.

the current online cloud print currently out of the still is the essence of electricity. Price competition is to attract the common use of the previous user. But the future is customized and personalized online cloud print path. Print the photo scene under the impact of the social platform, print the photo scene is commonly festival, activities, wedding, and a series of memorable scene. Under this scenario, the logistics and quality as well as the initial breakthrough of personalization is small print platform team.

now play photos based on self-built print studio, the photo print quality control, logistics through the cooperation with large logistics platform, customized gift bags and humanized service at the same time, help users will photos story scenes and contains the emotional pass it on.

photo team is a young team, the founder of chang-an yu Fan Xuesong graduate university, founder technology market 2 years work experience, 1 year experience O2O product manager. Technical director Wu Guoxing, graduated from university of chang-an yu, have 2 years of development experience, familiar with the mobile APP development, experience in large projects. Operations managers zhen-xing Lin, graduated from north China electric power university, dispatch information on product managers, 1 years O2O business experience, good at APP operations and offline event planning.

Fan Xuesong told me that, although the photos from the nature of electricity, but in the end will be based on a designer platform and flow of transformation.

designer platform, that is, the niche of customization can be developed, real will customize as characteristics to attract users, let photos design is no longer restricted to the template. Mobile cloud print’s greatest value is actually the drainage, attract users to consume. As the user for the pursuit of personalized products, photo design will be expanded for the new profit point, but the quite high request to the team. But if a photo try, will become the first domestic eat crab.

look of domestic network print service providers, “my album”, full color, click fish, netease impressionist, etc. But the market is still in the stage of education consumer, has not been fully cultivated, is faced with smart phones, polaroid emerging things such as huge impact. It is difficult to have a chance to make users a large number of returns through family album era, so China has no such business development to offering the size of the industry and the user habit, and now online printing in addition to continue to take low price strategy, follow up students and from the market, almost do not see any other effective way of innovation. So widespread the leading type of products in the short term in the basic unlikely, but small assault success is possible.

when the network printing and expand the brand effect of ordinary people in daily life, is the real mature network printing brand, but before it has a long way to go. And obscure.

Interview carried goods net COO is the expo: Internet how maximum limit reduce financial risk?

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hold goods net belongs to the Beijing zhonglian venture electronic commerce co., LTD., in order to further expand new business, May 13, 2015, China united venture capital gain keller (600260) of 130 million strategic investment of science and technology, two times a year to complete. After completion of the first round of capital increase, kile technology will hold vanda a 10% stake in venture capital. In recent days, the hunters cloud network interviewed carried goods net COO is the expo, to interpret from the perspective of his goods net. Is the expo sohu’s whampoa military academy, worked at the Internet from sohu was established as a founding member of pull hook screen after departure.

the strategic investment of listed companies is not only the capital injection and pull the skeleton, cross-industry and comprehensive industry of listed companies, the whole system is very perfect. Hold choice goods net kile 130 million strategy of science and technology investment is favorable for itself, with goods net is the expo COO tell hunting cloud network: “the investment of listed companies is the fusion of the industry, is very responsible to its listed companies an action. Listed companies can provide more resources than VC and investment institutions.”

hold goods network self-built channels and sinking greatly reduce risk

hold goods net is Beijing zhonglian venture electronic commerce co., LTD., subsidiary, is a P2P lending patterns of Internet financial company. Hold goods net pattern and other P2P Internet company different borrowing side independently (borrowing from platform) and investment (put the money into the platform from earnings). This benefit is greatly reduced risk, but also has limitations of slow expansion.

actually borrowing side and the investment is relatively independent, it is not for most of the Internet financial ability to do that part of the line, only to pick up a third party, thus lead to uncontrolled in personnel and funding level, so there are risks. Yourself at both ends and hold goods net, more than 5% by a third party, this pattern compared to most of the Internet has a big advantage.

to specific products, goods net trial operation in March 2014, opened in June. Product type is basically mortgage type, which is given priority to with mortgage. Hold goods is very strict with the product type, for most of the original 6 fold, signed an agreement with payment at the same time, if payments are not able to complete payment, then embrace wealth network have the right to dispose of or even low price auction of the collateral.

hold goods net offline channel is completed, the main service scope is three or four line city. Tell hunting cloud network is the expo: “in more than a second-tier cities of competitors, the cost is high, the three cities for money end purpose more clearly.” Currently holding money network service scope in hebei, Beijing, fujian, guangdong in these regions. Hold goods net will launch next third-tier cities strategy, expand the scope of services.

“Internet financial essence is”

financial are not suitable for explosive growth, more suitable for the stability of the progressive way. Goods net can continue to provide users with higher than the Banks’ earnings, this is mainly dependent on wealth network self-built channels, reduce the risk, it is the expo to hunt cloud network, according to hold goods online line so far at the very most has been operating for one year, the user level is less than 50000 people, 6000 + paying users. In the process of transaction no overdue, all investment is due to issue in time.

in addition, its network has its own offline channels, but also directly from the borrowing side and the investment and achieve decentralization, blocked by a third party, can bring the high yield maximum extent to the user, according to is the expo, goods net balance now. Hold goods network is now in its balance of payments, the relationship between later, if have a rival, goods net can give users more benefits to stick to the user.

in the financial sector, the Internet do better with lego box and all, but they all support with the help of a third party. The entire Internet financial there would be no big difference in particular, there may be differences is borrowing the source, it is also held goods the nature of the network is different from other Internet financial advantage.

Internet financial made entrance number WeChat service advantages, has formed the service users in the WeChat end habit, at the same time WeChat service party platform provide the endorsement on the level of the Internet, with the mobile end without the user has advantage on the Web. In addition, the development cost of APP high cycle is long, struggling, so hold goods net temporarily not in APP as a priority.

compared with lego box and all credits, carrying goods network propaganda is not enough, that is the expo says it will not burn on the promotion. Is the nature of financial services, is the expo I more agree with the practice of nirvana after every guest, focus on product, and then form a word of mouth, spread by word of mouth.

hold goods net will slowly but surely the first service do next. Is the expo to carry goods net is expected “ hope to do one hundred years old, not a meteor “. Is the expo to hunt cloud network, according to hold money network will become the alibaba Beijing unit of a certain lines of business cooperation.

in the end, make a small advertising: hold goods net now paid PHP, Java, H5 technicians, interested parties please resume to shangshibo@baocai.com

to learn more knowledge, entrepreneurial innovation quickly add hunting cloud network micro letter public account:

Apple versus Google head-to-head, WWDC and I/O on the underlying those things

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early June 9, 2015, apple’s worldwide developers conference (WWDC 2015) opened in San Francisco, the theme of “the epicenter of change (center) of change”. Opening apple CEO cook made a brief introduction, and revealed that the conference will be published nine, OS X and iOS watchOS three important system updates, and other services. Main task is to repair the apple some weakness, perfect the system. Time back to the end of last month, Google headquarters in San Francisco in the United States held a conference on “I/O”, also is to further perfect the Google system. Hunting cloud network to collect some information to make a contrast, and see what tricks on each side.

iOS9 with Android M

iOS 9 was completely redesigned system, starting from the bottom of the whole system has carried on the comprehensive promotion. Android M is improving the web browsing experience, to join automatic landing, stored passwords, automatic filling are congruent function, and optimize the multithreading safety. Android M there will be more perfect application permissions management functions, allowing the permissions of the application level management, when installing applications, no longer ask can control permissions, but when use to ask, whether can use location, camera, microphone, contacts, etc.

intelligent voice assistant

Siri’s speed and accuracy are increased by 40%, Siri assistant had received a week 1 billion voice commands, low error rate to 5%. Google voice assistant will error rate fell to 24% from 3%. Among them, Now On the Tap function that can identify you in different scenarios, and intelligent recommend relevant information for you.

9 built-in new iOS Siri UI, the user can achieve more functions on the interface. For example say, “please show me since last August in Utah photographs”, Siri will help you find the corresponding photos. And Siri can intelligent identification by the user in the scene, according to different needs in order to facilitate to provide help for the user.

in addition, Siri can according to your time, location, open the app, connecting device, and so on, to predict your next move. If you connect the iPhone to your headphones or a car, it will suggest you to you recently played a playlist, or audiobooks; If you are in an event calendar app to add the address, your iPhone will remind you that the departure time, even it will take into consideration of the real-time traffic; And when you start to add recipient email, your device will be according to your habits, for you to recommend some recipients.

other aspects of the iOS

apple iOS9 can enable the camera directly from the memo to add photos, you can even use your finger to draw sketch directly. IOS 9 Quick Type keyboard is equipped with a variety of new features, more simple and Quick to input and edit. In multitasking experience, the new added Slide Over function let you without leaving the app will be able to open the second app; And has the function of the Split View, two app can on the same screen, at the same time open, parallel operation. And Picture in Picture function can reduce the size of the video, let you in the mail and at the same time also can see the video program.

enhanced battery life, according to introducing, iOS iPhone 6 and 9 in daily use case, the battery can last one more hour. Beta version of the iOS 9 launched from now on, public beta will launch in July, the official version will be launched in the fall. The most important thing is that the size of the 9 iOS upgrade package will be before 4.6 GB reduce to 1.8 GB. Is this in back the user’s heart, after all, more than 16 gb devices on the market for said, you are a system directly for almost a third, think about all the heart ah, look down upon my poor is how to drop?

Watch 2 with Android OS Wear

Apple released the Watch OS 2 will open Watch Apple native API interface, a developer can closer to the underlying hardware call API, access to the various sensors on the Watch, etc. The new Watch OS can customize the interface background, really want to do with the homemade dial; New to Time Travel function, can dial switch display information when you rotate the crown; Human nature is: will Apple Watch side and recharged, it will automatically enter the bedside clock mode. In addition, Apple can Watch reply (input or turn with voice text). To FaceTime voice calls. HomeKit, Apple also to Pay to Watch Apple. However, power really no problem?

smart watch platform for Google Android Wear currently has more than 4000 applications. The new support a series of new gesture, such as bobbing up and down the arms, watch can auto flip, and support for a variety of sensors are full.

OS X El Capitan

OS X El Capitan optimized the Safari web browsing experience, users will be able to lock in some labels, so that after the restart the browser still display them directly, and the volume of the Safari have independent key, can shut down the page.

OS X El Capitan further optimization of the global search tools – the Spotlight. Users can adjust the size of the search box, and can move the search box. At the same time, also can more good recognition, natural language such as input “in June I need to file”, the system will automatically associated with the file data. And search is not associated with your Apple ID, don’t share to a third party.

OS X El Capitan lets an open speed can reach 1.4 times that of before PDF open speed is four times as great. At the same time, the OS X El Capitan support running before the new added to the Metal in the iOS framework, can support based on Metal building applications, rendering speed will raise 40%, and Adobe AfterEffects of rendering speed will be able to achieve the original eight times.

smart home, payment methods, maps the three encounters

smart home:

HomeKit can support new devices such as home security systems, automatic curtain, the future can use up to control equipment in the home, no matter where I can control them. At the same time new CarPlay can in a more intelligent, more secure way in the car use iPhone, as for the connection way, temporarily is unknown.

Google introduced a Brillo with Android as the core system, it is equivalent to a simplified Android, retaining only the most basic function, so that the Brillo reduce all kinds of consumption. In addition, Google also launched Weave cross-platform agreement, can be connected to the cloud, mobile phones and Brillo support equipment.


Apple Pay will support more offline store. In July, Apple will Pay into Britain, support used in British London’s public transport system. In addition, will also support the merchant’s gift card function, users can save their own electronic coupons.

Android Pay is Google official launch mobile payment platform, support Android version 4.4 or newer devices, Google will build in the latest Android M official fingerprint recognition support.


about map, apple’s new join “Trances” function, when users click on any one site, location, travel over most of its traffic routes are marked clearly, allows the user to visual reference. Subway stations to join the new maps is aimed at different the export of more detailed information. Function also joined the domestic third party map users are familiar with “near” function, can search around the food, as well as places for shopping.

Google map has better use offline maps, you can in the case of no Internet search site, see the detailed information of the location, the most important thing is that can navigate in offline map mode. But have to wait for half a year, line at the meeting.

Apple first Apple Music, App, News, Google has Google Photos, unmanned, balloon


Apple Apple Music, in fact, the jobs Ping resurgence of version. The Apple has iTunes Music database, can hear Music 7 * 24 hours anytime and anywhere. In terms of radio, apple and Beats One cooperation, geared to the needs of more than 100 countries and regions, but no Chinese as usual. In addition, Apple Music and Beats Connect, builds the platform for the new singers and fans. 3 months before the monthly fee of $9.99, free of charge. At the same time as many as six family members can share monthly family membership for $14.99.

new reading News App, it will be according to your interest preferences, will focus on the News you are pushed to you. The article will provide you with exquisite layout design, picture gallery, animation and interactive video report, at the same time also will have more than 1 million topics to choose from, and include the latest stories, articles, and release content. It is important to News app will protect your data privacy. Also, China is not included in the service.

apple Swift 2 open source, bring more likely for APP programming. In addition to compile performance boost, all sorts of new features will also enhance the efficiency of developers.


Auto market after the O2O platform way tiger have Shared announced the C $100 million round of financing

road tiger have Shared today announced the C round of financing has been completed and the value of nearly $one hundred million. Led for pleasure capital, the far east macro letter, attendance, haitong, jun lian, ignition and investment, huaxing capital as the sole financial advisor. Jun lian capital, qiming is also the company A and B round the investor.

road tiger have Shared was founded in 2011, is subordinate to Shanghai aperture road information technology co., LTD., formerly known as capa have Shared. Road tiger have Shared is a main car service, car ownership class B2C electric business platform, the main tires, oil, car maintenance, car beauty, such as road tiger in Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou and other 10 core cities built warehouse logistics system, the service can be covering 266 cities, cooperative stores more than 6000, is China’s largest vehicle market after the overhead platform.

road tiger have Shared 2014 sales of about 300 million yuan, the sales forecast is 1.5 billion yuan this year.

the company in February 2012 for millions of angel investment, qiming in January 2013 and millions of dollars to A round of investment, B round tens of millions of dollars in July 2014, jun lian lenovo investment and capital investment.