Ant Financial releases Block 7: Do you think it’s April Fool’s Day joke, I saw the future of the blockchain

April Fool’s Day has become a marketing feast for the Internet giants. The videos we see are the result of brain holes and brain holes. Ant Financial Labs “released” the industry’s only blockchain product: the world’s first blockchain spray paint Block 7, the driver spray it in the car, you can turn the car into a blockchain node , And then prevent touching porcelain, smart travel. Blockchain is the key direction of Ant Financial Lab, but it is not Ant Financial’s core business. In my opinion, the purpose of this video is not only marketing, but it is to convey to the outside world that ant gold clothing is for the blockchain. Thinking, and their direction to develop blockchain technology.

Block Logic Technology Block 7

From the video point of view, Block 7 operates in such a way as to prevent touching the porcelain:

1. After a car is sprayed with Block 7, it will become a node on the chain, and it has the ability of IoT and biometrics.

2. When the driver judges that someone suddenly appears, he brakes immediately and does not touch the pedestrian. The pedestrian pretends to fall and the behavior is suspected to touch porcelain.

3, the sensor on the car to identify the touch porcelain may start chaining request, the driver confirmed, the car will biometric information, pedestrian spacing, image information and other data desensitization after the chain, on-site information is locked and can not be changed, deleted.

4. At the same time, the car requested a nearby public transport infrastructure joint license such as Block 7 IoT car and street light camera. Each IoT blockchain node will securely encrypt and encrypt the site information at the time of the incident.

5. Based on information from all parties, ants calculated the results in real time through quantum calculations. After determining the behavior of those who suspected to touch porcelain, he wanted to blackmail the driver again.

6. In the process of spraying the Block 7 car, if it is involved, it can also obtain credit incentives through smart contract statistics.

The story logic is not difficult to understand: the accident scene information is completely recorded through the blockchain, and is permanently locked, so that the truth can be restored with 100%. Some people will say that there is a driving recorder for collision-proof porcelain not? otherwise. First, the driving recorder can only record one angle of the picture, and the application of Block7 is equivalent to having God’s perspective. Second, the driving recorder may be damaged, the content may be tampered with or lost, and the blockchain multi-party record data is permanently locked. Third, and more importantly, it is through the multi-factor cross-validation that the decision to touch porcelain is immediately available. Traffic police or insurance do not need to go to the scene, blockchain can calculate the results in real time.

The ant released blockchain paint on April Fool’s Day, which is more of a technical brainstorm. However, the idea that it applies the blockchain to the transportation industry is very meaningful to me and may become a reality in the future. . In order to prevent the impact of porcelain to apply blockchain is not a chicken knife? no. When the car becomes a blockchain node, with the three capabilities of on-site locking, mutual testimony, and smart contracts, it can be applied in many scenarios, to name a few examples:

1. After some major traffic accidents occur, public opinion will always question whether there will be a lost package, such as the case of the Nanjing BMW car owner. If blockchains are used, anyone on-site data cannot be changed or deleted, and it can be absolutely credible. Naturally, this will no longer be questioned.

2. In the event of a 120KM Mercedes Benz car driver incident that occurred a while ago, the driving recorder, regardless of whether it is damaged, may not be able to restore all real conditions at that time. If the blockchain technology is supplemented with IoT and other technologies, the truth of the matter can be 100%. reduction.

3. When traveling, if each vehicle has become a blockchain node, you can change the current way of collecting traffic tax and environmental tax, because the blockchain can know the mileage, carbon emissions, etc. of different vehicles. According to who runs more, who discharges more taxes. Of course, in theory, IoT technology can achieve data acquisition, but blockchains are needed to avoid data fraud and real-time statistics.

After all, when the car becomes a blockchain node, there will be great changes in our transportation and travel, as well as the insurance and other supporting industries. Of course, this change can solve some of the current pain points. To be sure, Block7 is just a brain hole, but its thinking can not be underestimated. Its applied blockchain, high concurrent real-time distributed computing, IoT, biometrics and other technologies have become a reality, all of which are integrated into The car will only be a matter of time.

This is not the first time Ant Gold has released a video on April Fool’s Day. Previously, Ant Financial has released repayments of the retina, “empty payment” where all things are wallets, “in place” to connect peripheral services, “search on the code” of AR search, and “like shadow” videos that are integrated with users. Some or all of them are implemented in ant-based products such as PayPal brush face payment, unmanned shop “Amoy coffee”, Alipay in place, and so on. There is reason to believe that the Block7 released this time also means that future ants will apply the blockchain to car traffic.

Block 7 embodies ant’s “block chain rules”

If we replace the cars in the ant video with pets, bicycles, home appliances, food, and many other objects, there are many imaginative possibilities for applying blockchain technology, such as pet application blockchains, and if anyone’s puppy is in the community , can immediately be on the chain; for example, applied to sharing bicycles, not only can solve the deposit problem, but also can avoid man-made damage, private use of the bus, excessive delivery.

In fact, the blockchain military regulations of ant gold suits do not do ICO, but apply blockchains to life scenes.

The current problem in the blockchain industry is also the lack of killer applications. Most players still stay in the stage of digital currency, ICO, or financial integration. This directly hinders the development of the blockchain and even causes many people to blockchain. Misunderstandings. However, since Ant Financial’s decision to do the blockchain started on the first day, it did not consider making ICOs and other hot spots. Although it was the largest fintech giant, it was surprisingly not focused on financial issues.

At present, the ant blockchain technology has been successfully applied to food safety traceability, product quality assurance, and real estate housing rental guarantees. All of these are real life situations and have a large market.

One of the most classic application cases is that in November 2017, Ant Gold took blockchain technology to ensure the authenticity of milk powder. 26 brands of milk powder produced in Australia and New Zealand have traceable QR codes, and users can use Alipay App to search for relevant information. This is different from what they used to record in the past. The product information is just in the blockchain. Independent and non-modifiable records, thus avoiding the possibility of counterfeiting or disclosure from the source of the data. In the future, Tmall International’s global origin traceability plan will cover 63 countries and regions in the world, with 3,700 categories and 14,500 overseas brands expected to use blockchain technology for traceability.

If bitcoin and other digital currencies are blockchain 1.0, and financial integration is the blockchain 2.0 era, then applying blockchain to all walks of life is the 3.0 era of blockchain, and ants have now entered 3.0 directly. The era has come to the front of the industry. In fact, on a global scale, the exploration of ants is forward-looking. Ant Financial Service VP and technical laboratory leader Jiang Guofei (prototype of Geoff, the chief engineer in the video) have clearly defined the idea of ​​Ant Financial as a blockchain:

“Whether it is proof-of-concept, production-level applications, or financial-grade applications, the scenarios we have chosen are all based on the ability to solve the market’s just-needed, social pain points, and bring value to people.”
Ant blockchain technology focuses on mapping the physical world

The April Fool’s Day video of Ant Financial has a main line from beginning to end: To lock the site, whether it is applying car blockchain paint or mobilizing the surrounding IoT transportation facilities, it is necessary to “wind up” a space and time instant in the real world of physics. “. In fact, this reflects the key technical direction of Ant Financial’s next step in the blockchain: mapping the data of the physical world.

Blockchains can record data, and cannot be tampered with, copied or deleted. This is its technical capability. However, if it is applied to real life scenarios, it is necessary to solve a key problem: how to change the “atom” in real life scenes. Re-winding for “bit”? If the data itself is a problem, it doesn’t make sense to put it on the blockchain. An example is: It is not difficult to put the data of Maotai into the blockchain, but it is difficult to ensure that the data is absolutely related to the corresponding real wine.

In response, Jiang Guofei once expressed to the media: “In addition to the authenticity of the data, we must also resolve the reliable mapping between the existence of physical space and digital space recording.” The anchoring of the physical world and the digital world has not yet been a good solution. , is the core technology bottleneck of blockchain technology has not yet been applied in large-scale landing.

From the video, we can see that mapping the physical world is the focus of ant blockchain technology exploration. This is also the prerequisite for ants to let the blockchain fall to the life scene. In the video, ant technology lab gives two solutions:

1. The use of quantum computing to solve the shortcomings of power and efficiency. With quantum computing, realizing high-concurrency real-time computations for distributed blockchain nodes in the real world, quantum computing is no longer applied to the Turing model of classical computers, and computing power can reach hundreds of millions of times in current computers. Alibaba is one of the Internet giants that has been vigorously deployed in China and has made remarkable progress. It has cooperated with institutions such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences to launch programs such as quantum computers and quantum communications. Without high concurrent computing power, the physical world cannot be chained.

2. Superimpose new technologies such as AI, IOT, and biometrics to achieve anchoring of people and things in the real world. Biometrics can verify the identity of the person, IoT can identify the identity of the object, and the application of the two can realize the recognition of the real world people and things, and then provide the basis for the data in the physical world. For example: When the milk cans have the Internet of Things capability, where is it, its circulation path, when it was opened, is it opened by consumers, and all data can be collected, eliminating any possible fraud .

Ant Financial also has advantages in IoT and biometric technology. The authoritative technology magazine “MIT Technology Review” has paid ants their own brush face to “list the top ten breakthrough technologies in the world in 2017” and it will be an ant without retail payment technology. The person in charge of the algorithm selected “2018TR35”. Ali continuously lays deep on the AI ​​through the ET brain. Recently, Alibaba also released the IoT strategy at Shenzhen Yunqi Conference, becoming the main strategy for e-commerce, finance, logistics, and cloud computing. This means that Alibaba Cloud strengthens its layout on edge computing, while biometrics, quantum computing, and cloud computing The convergence of computing, IoT, and edge computing provides the basic conditions for blockchain technology to map into the physical world, thus eliminating the last obstacle to the landing of ant blockchains.

Of course, in addition to the physical world, there are many other difficult issues to solve in the very early blockchain technology. However, China is on the same starting line with the United States in the blockchain, and it is also indisputable to run in specific areas. Previously, IPRdaily’s “2017 Global Blockchain Enterprise Patent Rankings” issued by intellectual property industry media can also prove this point. Chinese and US giants are all overweighting the blockchain technology layout. China’s listed companies and institutions account for 49% of the total. In the United States, it can be seen that the Chinese Internet giant has always attached great importance to blockchain technology. Among them, Alibaba ranked first with 49 items. All these patents were from Ant Financial Lab.

In the past, the innovations of Chinese technology giants were more based on the mature technologies that have already been popularized in the United States, such as Internet technology, smart phones, mobile chips, and cloud computing, to combine the local environment to carry out “landing gas” transformation innovations. However, today, in the field of blockchain, artificial intelligence, autopilot, quantum computing, etc., China is paying more and more attention to innovations from 0 to 1, and begins to grasp the underlying technology. Last year, the Zhejiang Provincial Government, Zhejiang University and Alibaba also jointly established the Zhijiang Laboratory. “We will build a group of world-class basic disciplines based on national goals and strategic needs, and carry out major frontier basic research and key technological research. Actively striving to create a national network information laboratory.” Alibaba has set aside thousands of billions of dollars to establish the Bodhidharma, but also to increase the performance of the underlying technology. It now appears that blockchain technology is an important direction and is another technical track for China to surpass the United States.

Why is the blockchain a game for tech giants?

It can be seen that the story told by the April Fool’s Day video of Ant Financial is not about touching porcelain, but about a blockchain dream. After seeing the logic of the full video, we will also find that the blockchain will eventually be the game of the tech giant. If the entrepreneur does not join the ecology of the giants, I am afraid they can only play ICO, digital currency, or related mines. Machines and other services.

1. At the technical level, blockchain technology is not a single technology.

From April Fool’s Day video, we can see that blockchains have to fall to the scene of life, not only with blockchain technology, but also with artificial intelligence, biometrics, and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. That means blockchain is A cross-disciplinary.

At the same time, there are only a handful of players with multiple technical capabilities. Only a small number of technological giants have a diversified technical reserve. Ant Financial has become the leader of the blockchain because it has the corresponding technical strength. Its technical laboratories have 100+ engineers with the highest proportion of doctors. They are in the forefront of blockchain, artificial intelligence, VR/AR, etc., while ants are backed by Alibaba’s technical system, which has the Bodhidharma, Zhijiang Laboratories. Alibaba Cloud and other technical layouts provide many technical support for IoT, artificial intelligence, and quantum computing.

As long as there are a variety of technical requirements of the market, will become giants of the game, such as cloud computing, because with the operating system, databases, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies are inseparable, has now become a small number of giant Ali games.

In addition, blockchain also requires large-scale computing. Applied to the living scene will be thousands of times more expensive than the mining calculations. In particular, the smart contract calculation in the physical world is not only a high concurrency, but also real-time. There are only a few giants with this computing power.

2. At the scene level, the use of blockchain technology requires ecological scenarios.

From the April Fool’s Day video of Ant Financial, we can see that in order to apply the block chain to life scenes, there must be corresponding ecological support. For example, Ant Financial has applied the block chain to Maotai authentic guarantee and food safety traceability. Alibaba’s e-commerce scene is related to the rookie logistics scene. The application of blockchain to car traffic in video is inseparable from the layout of automobile ecology and traffic. Currently, Alibaba YunOS is geared towards car layout and strategic cooperation with SAIC. In addition, it also has maps of Gaode, Alibaba Cloud’s ET city brains, and so on, providing access to relevant data, automobiles, and transportation infrastructure. Similar to this ecology and the various scenes behind it, only giants have.

3. At the strategic level, only the tech giants can sit on the bench.

Technology giants have technical values ​​and sentiments, as well as capital and other strengths. They can do long-term storage and landing of technologies. The outbreak of any technology must respect the technological life cycle, and it must not be conducive to development and eagerness for success. Because of the pressure of survival and the shortage of resources, startup companies can never be the main providers of new technologies, and they cannot be the promoters of technology applications. Even now, new technologies are becoming more and more complex, relying on more and more technological paths, and the difficulty of R&D and landing is getting higher and higher, and even non-biggers cannot.

Ants don’t do ICOs and don’t send coins, but they do the hardest part of the blockchain + life scenario. In my opinion, it reflects the technical values ​​and social responsibility that technology giants should have. When everyone is following the trend, With the help of resource advantages as a base technology research, with the help of scene advantages to make use of the ground to advance, such a cold bench should be done by a tech giant.

The current problem with the blockchain is that it is abused by people who are eager for success, and it is a satirical joke that the outside world mistakenly believes that the blockchain is the digital currency of the ICO. It now appears that only the tech giant can prove the real value of the blockchain, and the ants dressed in April Fool’s Day video is not just a joke.

The most disappointing phone in Apple’s history is the iPhone 8 or the iPhone SE?

Although Apple initially had a relatively high stance on the Chinese market, such as not bringing products to China, it did not affect Chinese users’ pursuit of Apple. Even as a result, there were some extreme pursuits of Apple. This was an event for Huawei, Xiaomi, and vivo. For manufacturers such as OPPO, it is really embarrassing that domestic machine makers have made great efforts to build their own fan camps. Apple hasn’t tried hard, but it can also rely on products to win.

Apple’s market value was once as high as 900 billion US dollars, nearly a trillion dollars. This is really beyond the reach of technology companies. Since the iPhone entered the Chinese market, the iPhone’s multi-generation products have been called classic models, just like the original Nokia phones.

However, even if it is a successful Apple, there are still products disappointing, such as the iPhone 8 and iPhone SE. If you want to count the most disappointing mobile phones in Apple’s history, is it the iPhone 8 or the iPhone SE?

First of all, if you look at the product, the iPhone SE is much weaker than the iPhone 8. The iPhone SE was launched in March 2016. The initial prices for the 16GB and 64GB versions in China were 3,288 yuan and 4,088 yuan respectively. The new machine sold for only 3288, discounting is indeed Apple’s cheapest mobile phone products in recent years. The purpose of Apple is very clear, is to test the water with the iPhone SE to the low-end market. The results prove that iPhone SE is really unsuccessful, and users do not like low-end Apple products.

The market price of about 3,000 yuan is really low for Apple, but for Huawei, Xiaomi, vivo, OPPO and other manufacturers, the price of 3288 is the latest flagship machine for Huawei, millet, vivo, and OPPO. Moreover, the phone memory is more than 16GB. At the price of 3,000, Apple completely underestimated the needs of this group of users.

In addition, if the user is willing to pay 3,000 yuan to buy an apple, it is definitely willing to add money to buy the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, rather than the cheap version of the iPhone SE. Users do not need a cheap version of Apple. From the point of practicality of the product, the iPhone SE is different from the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus at that time. For a variety of psychological reasons, the user does not want people to see that he actually bought a cheap version of the iPhone. Will make users feel no face. In fact, at the time of branding, the brands of Huawei, Xiaomi, vivo, and OPPO have come up. There is no difference between holding these phones and holding an apple. There is no reason to buy a cheap iPhone.

There is another layer of consideration for users of the iPhone SE. The iPhone SE has a small screen size and is ideal for one-handed gripping. However, the iPhone 6 is only 4.7 inches in size, and one-handed grip is no problem.

For iPhone 8, its own product is still okay. Apple A11+M11 coprocessor, 64GB/256GB storage space, rear camera 12 million pixels, front camera 7 million pixels, the main screen resolution is 1334×750 pixels, supports wireless charging and fast charging, 64GB, 256GB version prices are 5888 yuan, 7188 yuan.

Although the iPhone 8 does not have much highlights, it still maintains Apple’s best level, there is no “drainage”, and the processor is used with the iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X is the same. In terms of selling price, iPhone 8 is higher, but the product, iPhone 8 is much stronger than iPhone SE. On March 21, 2017, Apple announced that it will no longer sell 16GB and 64GB versions of the iPhone SE. In the spring of 2017 and 2018, Apple did not release the renewal of the SE series.

From the user’s perspective, the iPhone 8 is more disappointing. With the launch of the iPhone 7, there are already users who are dissatisfied with Apple’s products. Therefore, the iPhone 8 users have more expectations. Who knows that the iPhone 8 is still similar to the appearance of the iPhone 7, and upgrades and innovations are rare. The real innovation is basically on the iPhone X. After the release of the iPhone 8, some netizens even mentioned that “Is the iPhone 8 sent by the Apple Piggyback?” This also shows the disappointment of the iPhone 8 to a certain degree. .

What is disappointing for the iPhone 8 is the expected value it carries, and users expect it to be too high. The market’s response speed is also very fast. Soon after the launch of the iPhone 8, the price quickly became Waterloo. An e-commerce platform even quickly cut the price by 800 yuan, which is known as the fastest price reduction product for Apple.

For real fruit powder, the hope is that Apple can introduce more good products, rather than “lawful” products, because the user’s expectations of Apple are not the same, this is not a high price, low prices can be resolved, the product It is king.

Dark matter is missing! Scientists discover a ghost galaxy never seen before

The standard cosmological model believes that ordinary matter only accounts for about 5% of the universe, while mysterious dark matter and dark energy occupy about 27% and 68%, respectively. However, the nature of dark matter and dark energy is still unknown. It is one of the greatest mysteries of the moment.

Dark matter does not emit any form of radiation, and scientists cannot directly detect it, but it can be judged by gravitation. Scientists have discovered that dark matter plays an important role in maintaining the structure of galaxy clusters and galaxies in the universe, just like a pedestal.

However, the universe is big and there are galaxies. Recently, a study published in Nature pointed out that scientists discovered for the first time a galaxy that contains almost no dark matter.

This peculiar galaxy was named NGC 1052-DF2. Its size is similar to that of the Milky Way galaxy. The number of stars is only one hundredth of that of the Milky Way. It is very dim, like a ghost, a typical super-dispersive galaxy. Although the ultra-dispersive galaxies are not uncommon in the universe, the dark matter-missing hyperdispersed galaxies are unprecedented.

Initially, the researchers took note of NGC 1052-DF2 using a telephoto lens array specifically designed to detect ghost galaxies in the universe. Next, they used the Keck Observatory to measure the movement of 10 globular clusters in the galaxy, and based on this calculations, they came to an astonishing conclusion that NGC 1052-DF2 contains almost no dark matter.

Subsequently, the Hubble Space Telescope and Gemini Observatory revealed more details of NGC 1052-DF2. This ghost galaxy has no obvious core and cannot find signs of supermassive black holes. In terms of appearance, it does not have the spiral structure of the spiral galaxy, and it does not look like an elliptical galaxy.

In addition, the globular clusters of NGC 1052-DF2 are quite weird, twice as large as regular globular clusters. Judging from the globular cluster’s color, the galaxy has a history of about 10 billion years.

So why is the dark matter of this galaxy so scarce? The researchers proposed two kinds of conjecture.

First, NGC 1052-DF2 is a member of the galaxy cluster dominated by the giant elliptical galaxy NGC 1052. The absence of dark matter may be related to the strong disturbance generated at the beginning of the formation of NGC 1052. Second, NGC 1052-DF2 may be created by the strong wind from the outburst of the NGC 1052 supermassive black hole. However, neither of these conjectures can explain all the features of NGC 1052-DF2.

In order to gain a deeper understanding of the galaxies lacking dark matter, the researchers conducted further searches and found that 3 of the 23 other scattered galaxies photographed by Hubble were similar to NGC 1052-DF2. This may be a new subject worth studying.