Google search new evolution: towards a “session”

tencent inquiry on January 18, science and technology, for a long time, Google’s flagship product has become a part of our life used to. But Google don’t slack off, its search service is quietly transformation.

Google search for 17 years, have been become

a: why is the sky blue?” The children will often ask this question, but a few parents can give an answer right away. In the past, people may be in an encyclopedia or go to the library to find the answer. In recent years, parents can be rushed to the computer, input the problem in the Google search, and then open the various links, reading all kinds of explanation, finally the answer to the child.

but by 2015, even though seemingly very fast computer queries and few do. Because compared with mobile devices, the input on the computer search answer is more complicated. You should not only choose the most relevant links in the many links, sometimes even can’t immediately get a clear answer, people disappointed, even angry. And Android phones voice search function, less than 1 second is understandable given the answer.

team director, Amit Singhal, Google search engine (Amit Singhal) using the example helped to prove: over the past few years, Google that so far the world’s most popular search engine is quietly changing yourself. In an interview, singhal count Google search over the years to make changes, including its changed the ranking algorithms, add a new database (such as pictures, books and travel, etc.), in front of the user input problem began to search for answers, and so on.

in the past few years, Google has not only changed its search engine, its “cockpit” also had the very big change. In 2015, as the rise of a cell phone is unstoppable, people on the phone or tablet computer to search activity for the first time more than on the desktop search, this will force the entire search industry occurred earth-shaking changes. Singh said: “in the world is moving towards direction, we have to think deeply on behalf of the meaning of the search engine. And every time think of this question, we head to explode.

in the past 17 years history, has been in a Google search evolution, Google is often celebrated with a blog entry and accidental news events this process. Because the search engine still is Google’s flagship product, the support of advertising platform is still Google’s main source of income. For the more than 1 billion people every day use it to find information service, Google never ceased to improve it. But in a few years, this kind of improvement pace is accelerating. Both long-term and short-term efforts to ensure that Google ahead of the competition.

users not forget some of the changes Google search. Search speed is faster and faster, as a result, more and more fresh, more and more social. Google search even looks different. Joshua is responsible for the Google search experience executive tower mal (Tamar Yehoshua) said: “early, we only have less function, including the home page and search results. But today, our search results page can show many different features and products.”

the Internet is becoming a Google’s biggest rivals

in the future, Google has been a pioneer to promote the development of artificial intelligence, hopes to create a huge “brain” to better understand the user and the world, provide human thought and exports has yet to ask accurate answer. However, many critics believe that Google search is going downhill. They complained that there are too many garbage information in the search results, or too much emphasis on the previous results of new information. When you enter a topic, often feel confusion arose as a result, even there are a lot of people Shouting “Google search more useless!”

singhal fiercely rejected the allegations, he said: “the opposite is true, we have carefully studied those who complain, I found a lot of people are nostalgic. In fact, our search has become better.” Singhal comment was full of pride and confidence, it is also a Google search team key members of the collective attitude today. A few years ago, although Google believes that its search quality is unmatched, but in fact, the company is very worried about weakening market dominance. Google also experienced Facebook’s pain, and even has been likened to failure of the pan American airways.

but now, almost no one in this analogy. Facebook’s Graph Search is a new product, still had a little effects on Google position. Look from the search quality, Microsoft’s bing is a respectable opponent, but its progress 1/5 search market share. Although Google Plus failed to meet the company tried to eventually create blockbuster social networking products target, but it does succeed, and attract more users.

on the contrary, Google has always been connected to the Internet is becoming the biggest competitors, the threat to Google search is to attract users from the website to colorful mottled applications. Google applications that increasing trend in the information can be overcome, after all, such as webmasters mobile developers need their information was found. Since the fall of 2013, Google has set up a App Indexing, trying to bypass into the general index of data in mobile applications. Right now, 50% from Android subscribers search results show that the information within the application. App Indexing not including iOS applications, this is a serious defect. Apps Indexing product manager Lawrence (Lawrence zhang Chang), said: “although still have a long way to go, but we are set up base module.”

now, and application of diffusion are not affect Google in the search market dominant position. Statistics show that Google accept the search request up to 3 billion times a day. In the United States, two-thirds of using Google search. From a global perspective, Google also to dominate the similar advantage. More impressive is that Google also occupies the mobile search more than 80% of the share. In 2013, when Google confronted with 5 minutes “blackout” incident, the global network traffic is down by 40%.

no competitors in the field of search can threaten Google infrastructure, it has a strong talent strength and rich experience. In addition, there are few competitors with Google’s ambitions. So when Google had to deal with regulatory issues, Google glasses after-sales, Google’s video sharing site YouTube and search services have undergone a stable and competitive innovation.

biggest challenge from desktop to mobile

to some extent, this kind of innovation just for Google since its establishment has been evolving way of searching. At the micro level, Google has carried on the fine adjustment to its algorithm. In fact, in the start search quality meeting every week, there will be similar to fine adjustment. Then every 2 to 3 years, Google will to overhaul its search ranking system, based on highly relevant keywords with the enterprise named winners and losers. Singhal top aide this grumman moss (Ben Gomes), said in the past three years, Google ranking system for the adjustment of more than the previous 13 years combined.

in various ways, Google search is the biggest challenge is to search from the desktop to mobile devices. Like many Internet companies, Google search to take “mobile center” strategy, explore how to interact with the user. Google search engine designers, Jon Wiley (Jon Wiley) said: “the mobile has enormous influence on the way we design.” Waley as a search engine, the main designer, he will do first thing in the mobile and desktop team integration. At first, this method is only used in the design of mobile phone, now the search engine also need more equipment experience.

single correct answer to the question of finding

when it comes to major change, there is no doubt that Google search team become a top priority. Singh said: “first of all, Knowledge map (Knowledge Graph) is particularly important, as long as you build it, you’re basically can understand all of the real world. Speech is the second important thing, because I can’t enter here samsung smart watches (wrist). Then, we realized that need scientific support behind, so that people don’t have to keep asking. At the end of the day, we set up a Google Now.”

knowledge map will gather in to huge database of information about the world. Voice search including oral language search. Google can Now before they can tell people to ask questions they want to know the answer. All three are helping Google focus on mobile search. Even though they wouldn’t have been all of Google search, but these elements in the past three years to help Google search make the transition, it is no longer as clumsy as computers, but has a lot of intelligence, can provide you with clear explanations, and meet your information needs. And all this don’t need you to look at.

in 2010, when Google announced to buy company named MetaWeb, did not cause too much attention. But the purchase was a major change of Google search key. MetaWeb is a famous computer experts, entrepreneurs, Danny Hillis (Danny Hillis) was founded in 2005, he produced a series of innovative projects, but he believes the project is too big, just by his MetaWeb cannot be achieved. Hillis said: “we are trying to create the database, information from all over the world.”

because MetaWeb by scanning the Internet to answer the question, so it is widely seen as Google’s rivals. But several years later, the company received $50 million in financing, hillis realized only to become a part of a larger company, his desire to achieve. At that time, Google has begun to accept problems provide some direct answers. Barack Obama’s birthday, you input, for example, it will be on August 14, 1961, placed at the top of search results. But announced in July 2010 when Metaweb, Google, explains its search engine can’t answer this question “west coast university under $30000 tuition” or “won at least one Oscar under 40 actors”. Google promised, Metaweb will help Google to answer such questions.

Metaweb product manager in Emily’s Banks (Emily Moxley) said: “when Google acquisition Metaweb, it knows that the concept of things, this will be a very important part in the search. We think this is a quick summary of things that people care about the great way of facts and information.” In 2012, Google introduced Metaweb service, called the knowledge map. This product can complement the answer to the original search results, including the search object key facts, etc.

in the past more than two years, Google search and knowledge map integration gradually, Google is continuing to develop this product. Initially, knowledge map is static, but it gradually through the Google search evolved the ability to learn, to analyze the user behavior. Knowledge map is also into another – fresh in key areas. Because Google focus on providing a single correct answer to the question of a, its information must be the latest update. Otherwise it may provide false information, that is not for the user query.

Google has an ambitious plan to improve its search engine, constantly adding new elements. Recently, Google has added cars, video games and Hugo award winner. But Mr Cox says, Google is also trying to how to give the result of more complex. These results are no longer limited to provide the facts quickly, also can’t give more subjective and fuzzy. She said: “people are not only interested in facts, they also to take an interest in subjective, it all helps the knowledge map plan.” Google doesn’t want to let you feel is the query on the machine, but in consult an omniscient pundits.

but Google to achieve this goal needs more efforts, and from the knowledge map expect, with some frustration, for more help. Even in the silent, recently all the anger, she found that knowledge map to understand a lot of drama, but the lack of information about new plot and their playing time. In addition, knowledge map is one of the biggest mistakes it still failed to help Google answer its 2010 acquisition of Metaweb when put forward two problems, namely the “west coast university under $30000 tuition” or “won at least one Oscar under 40 actors”. But Mr Hicks believes that in the Google eventually can span the “transition”, finally achieve their goals.

create conversational search engine

once realized that mobile technology becomes ubiquitous, Google decided to its search engine is subtle and profound changes. Google no longer will inquire as submitted to the computer system’s instructions, but all input is regarded as “a session. Singer, a senior aide, moss said: “obviously, when you have a cell phone, language has become more important. When people talk, obviously more natural than typing.”

this reversal means not only search engine query processing ways need to change, at the same time means that we also want to change myself. Joshua executives responsible for Google search experience (Tamar Yehoshua) said: “before Google, people seldom to think in the query. People have been taught for many years, we get them at query time to think. But it is not easy, people usually in the normal session, also not be so.”

if you want to make this change, need two premises. A Google search engines need to listen more carefully, and have a parsing half garbled video input skills; Second, Google must be able to ensure that, when someone talk to microphone or by oral communication in the field of search, the system is able to know what these people are talking about.

to be sure, Google has been involved in speech recognition field for a long time. Joshua said, “many years ago, we have already foreseen the voice, natural language processing technology is very important. We know that need investment to solve the technical problem, but it takes years to get in return.”

as early as 2000 years or so, Google will develop famous for Google’s 411 service, it and telecommunications company’s customer call pay similar query system. Google USES millions of free calls to understand how to use the same kind of speakers correct different language and speech. This is useful, Google search now has 159 languages, voice search can identify 58 languages. Google announced that its application in the word error rate fell to 8%. Moss proudly points out, this is a big milestone in progress of Google, he even made a speech in person query demonstration.

but Google has had to rethink: Google search should be given like Siri quasi personality? Or the use of identifiable robot voice users maintain human consciousness, in order to let them know they are dialogue and machine system, the other party not to copy. Google chose the latter.

but the speed of scientific development is very fast, can provide a high level of speech interactive support for Google. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull

Carving ye: talk about O2O business mission, strategies, and tactics

the author: carving ye

just write down the topic, read child mind suddenly reminded of qian zhongshu’s “talk about art record”, the opening, “more than pleased to talk about art, and is the only who have compatriots, talk a little up and down the… “For me, why do like to talk about strategy? Because I will not other ah… Estimation of my readers, there are many like me, belong to “limbs simple, mind developed”, but as you know, any tactical, should be subject to the strategic guidance, and shall comply with the direction of the mission and strategy. Affiliation to make wrong, you will become I said before, “won the battle, lost the war”, is very terrible.

say first enterprise mission, the most “illusory” this thing. Actually, too small start-ups, are often the “guide”, catch a chance to make money matters, so often have you thought about what the mission of “what is our business”. But sooner or later one day, you have to face this problem, if through the start-up phase, companies began to some development, you do not to think about this question, you and your friends didn’t fly, still only know where I can make money as far as where to run… Ran ran, the estimate is lost.

take home beavers, for example, the mission is “the liberation of craftsmen all over the world, let them have a lifetime to protect the brand” -? Listening to “virtual” enough? But you have to know, I talked about the “strategic choice”, must revolve around the mission of “virtual” to line, if a strategic listen very cool, but violates the mission of “artisans, the brand”, no matter how to also won’t adopted by us, let alone be born at the tactical level to perform.

and the establishment of the mission, but also a benefit, which is able to “across the wins and losses” – as you all know, beaver home because don’t accept manicurist commissions, for a while can’t make any money, every month is losses, so the internal staff also trouble ah, won’t make profit, high wages didn’t also way, but why do you guess they also have high morale to the roof? Want me to say a sense of mission “brainwashing” played a big role! Take yesterday (January 15), make a “month”, on the day of 7424, 1.06 million turnover actually paid, on the day of the highest manicurist Wendy made fifteen thousand nine hundred dollars a day! But most happy is our internal employee, although many of them a month income also than the manicurist day, but because they believe that the concept of “liberation craftsmen”, heartfelt joy, overflow on her brow.

mission is how to guide the strategy? Let’s talk detail for the whole – a points of the strategies, not only to tell myself what to do “, “more” what not to do “to tell the staff! and beaver’s home, for example, since it is “the liberation of craftsmen”, then the corresponding is “not a craftsman can’t liberation we!” …… Well, that sounds so weird, craftsman is what? Suffix, simple says, is “teacher”, is usually a craftsman, such as teachers, cooks, hairdressers, manicurist, stylists, doctors, lawyers,… And suffixes without division, is usually not craftsmen, but all at sixes and sevens: such as the driver, waiter, cleaning aunt uncle, mechanic, porter, express delivery, security uncle brother… So Chinese is really profound! Did you see? Express little elder brother is very cute, but it is not part of our mission to “liberate express brother” this one, is mainly because they are not “craftsmen”, also can’t have “the brand”, even if we want to liberation, they are powerless.

service or commodity, points of the “product” and “non-standard”, such as taxi drivers and aunt cleaning services, is the “standard”, the customer won’t have any extra expectations, as long as the platform management specification, looks almost anyone’s service. Does not exist a taxi than another taxi “more excellence”, or a cleaning aunt than another aunt cleaning cleaning “better”… In the product service, there is only “pass” and “fail”, the role of the platform is to destroy those who “failed” server, but the “pass”, after ascending space is not too big.

beaver home is doing “non-standard” service, the same style, different manicurist to do, may be the result is “basically satisfied”, or “very satisfied”, even “super surprise”! Because the nail, after all, is an “art”! In addition, manicurist is often half a psychological consultant, a manicure and customer chat, when you say this kind of “the art of communication chatting”, how to regulate? How to do standardization? Each person’s “talent” is parents give, is completely different.

these are different, “gene” of different will lead to the entire team. There will be a fool dream combines the advantages of apple and dell? A laptop, both apple’s process, aesthetic experience, detail, and the low cost and low price of dell computer? Come on, these are two extreme! Either you make apple, make every aspect, but inevitably is high cost and higher price; Or simply rushed into the cheap, ensure the quality of basic premise, what is squeezing costs of orientation, will attract a lot of people love and buy – but you are unable to combine the two, who think so, is not only a strategic ignorance, and even IQ is grim.

do standard or non-standard service, there is such a strategic choice — to do the service, the core is the “personality”, all the pursuit of “pass”, the pursuit of “cost leadership”, the pursuit of “service consistency, uniformity, price”; Do non-standard services, the core is to pursue “carry forward the personality, the pursuit of” leading by word of mouth “, the pursuit of “service differentiation and diversification” price.

why I often laugh at those who see the manicurist and cleaning aunt together on the platform? Because this kind of mistake, it is said above, both want to pursue the perfection and the high price of apple, and want to pursuit of dell’s supply chain play and low cost… Have a dream? Team genes don’t allow you to this kind of “internal conflict” play! “Is the pursuit of consistent and outstanding individual character”, “is the pursuit of low cost and prominent differentiation”, CEO at a meeting in the morning said that we must pursue the highest quality in the industry, COO in the afternoon and he said to cut costs is the central task of everyone… Why don’t you put nine Yin true through and sun plays a practice, is not afraid of staff internal disorder, greenery and crazy?

so, a clear strategy is the trade-off between the judgment, must know you don’t do it. O2O, for one, have many options – from the consumer to judge the perspective, you choose the “random decision” services, is hard to provide “prudence”; You choose an industry type “link”, is hard to provide a “closed loop” packaging services, although the former easy orders quickly, but the latter can provide higher gross margin…

give you a basic judgment model: in a variety of service areas of O2O, often is the case, the first type, single quantity of fierce and rapid, tend to be “standard service”, “high frequency” and “link”, “consumer random decisions”, “service to all people”, “low price low margin”, such as drops, quick take a taxi, hungry, room, etc.

similar beaver home beauty industry (nail art, beautiful eyelash, modelling, beauty, etc.) and bear the door massage, is the second type, is the “non-standard” service, “a low frequency time”, “closed loop”, “consumer prudent decisions”, “service narrow and all the people”, “high guest unit price higher gross margin”, such as , this type, single measure usually are not so fast, at least you can’t hungry and drabs fast that day millions of single than quantity, beaver family killing himself did a year to get to the day before and after the Spring Festival of ten thousand single… To think is very poor!

the third type is caught in the middle, such as cleaning the aunt, several analysis Angle and the first kind of similar, but not “link”, but “closed loop”, at least the aunt help, e jie, 58 home than they are all closed loop, meaning that: from recruitment, training, looking for a single, security monitoring, payment, after-sales etc. Everything is controlled by platform. note, once playing a “closed loop”, don’t assume a single volume grow too fierce, grow too quickly may well be a dead end… Meh? You see, in 2010, when electricity is the most dazzling pair, jingdong and every guest is ultra high speed development, but you see, a few years later, jingdong still live well, the value of $30 billion. Every guest is contraction to under 300 people – the largest eset is jingdong is to do a “link”, retail, you buy a millet generation in jingdong, calorific value is too large, you will only scold millet jingdong dry what? Jingdong as long as to ensure the quality goods, low prices, fast delivery, word of mouth is completed. But every guest? Brand is what you do, the fabric is you choose, the paragraph is your design, process details are you control, even the wind up to express is old to… Play closed loop does not matter, but development too fast, any link chain, consumers have to scold you! People are not gods, how is it possible on the premise of rapid development, countless link all make perfect? Not about the amount is not important, (Cha, the quantity is too slow, the vc will not give you money!) Do the closed-loop model, however, at least you have to understand: the quantity and quality, is equally important. Any out of control, it is early death and afterlife of life…

there are a lot of O2O entrepreneurs, it is the third type, such as carradine maintenance car door, multiple characteristics is more like the second category, but it happened that the service itself is a “standard”, (they are not difficult repair, but an oil change, filters and other routine maintenance service)… In brief, the methodology above gives everyone, please make your own accordingly, had the basic judgment, will be able to make a strategic choice.

as for the transition from strategy to tactics, it is so simple… I usually sleep to nature to wake, but get up early today, because the tactical requirement, I have to attend a “manicurist gold camp opening ceremony,” this is why? Mainly because, from the mission, we are going to make nail ShiJianLi “the brand”, strategically, “non-standard” service to highlight each more craftsmen’s personality, and narrow the crowd a lot of demand, so the ground to the tactics, the “gold camp,” asked estee lauder trainer teach manicurist how to keep it to yourself and the 08 Olympic etiquette training division, please give them training manners, please last month more than 70000 yuan monthly income of celebrity manicurist, improve guest unit price, and keep the secret of customer loyalty, and Japan’s top nail art masters “masters” inspiration “advanced courses…

all in all, the line down, must be logically consistent. If, with the high cost of training cleaning aunt, unless you can put the cleaning it sold 150 yuan an hour… In turn you use cleaning aunt that “big Bob boom” means training manicurist, believe me, it would be a disaster, any good manicurist (or take a craftsman with dignity), can’t stand that kind of insult.

tactics don’t obey the strategy, strategic mission does not belong to, as long as the time stretched, let alone the O2O, no enterprise can survive for a long time all over the world… I hope this article, to to inspire O2O business friend on the road, of course, as always, many entrepreneurs probably all want to see the actual combat dry himself and his friends, the more clear their strategic path, every tactical behavior, don’t crash, but beg a single arch, direction of not afraid of road far, eventually top victory; The competitors don’t see hope, continue to go on the wrong road, west east walks, left and right and right, more walk more wide… Ha ha ha ha ha.

Palantir data analysis company to find new financing, valued at $15 billion

on 17 January morning message, data analysis software startups Palantir late last year has just finished financing at the $15 billion valuation, but now it is to plan for a new round of financing.

, according to people familiar with the Palantir in late 2014 by investor enthusiasm has completed financing. The round totaled $500 million, completed in November last year. But people familiar with the situation said, adding that the company now also began to seek new financing.

Palantir spokesman declined to comment, before that, the Palantir financing valuation at the end of 2013 had reached $9 billion, and now surged to $15 billion in further highlights the silicon valley startup valuations in the situation. Uber Technologies, completed two pen last year more than 1 billion dollars in financing, valuation has reached $40 billion last month.

the national venture capital association and PWC data show that investors have been to the startup of cash, a total of $48.3 billion last year, a record since 2000.

Palantir CEO Alex Karp (Alex Karp) was a philosopher, and later moved to the asset management industry. The company in 2004 by venture capitalists and Facebook early investors Peter tal (Peter Thiel) founded with others.

Palantir originally developed software can set separate database, in order to search and analysis. The technology is brought to the attention of the police and intelligence agencies, and can help them promote efficiency of data analysis.

Wall Street firms, then become a Palantir’s biggest customer, using the company’s software to detect fraud and loan risk assessment. Last march, hedge fund SAC Capital Advisors, hire Palantir help its monitoring ability to ascend.

In addition, the raised Fund, Palantir also received the CIA’s risk investment institutions – Q – Tel and other risks In investment capital of the company.

The vc totalled $48.3 billion last year Record since 2000

on January 16th afternoon message, from the national venture capital association, PWC, according to the latest data and Thomson Reuters last year, with total investment of usd 48.39 billion of America’s venture investment institutions,, the highest since 2000.

although the investment is approaching “. Com bubble era “, and the $19.8 billion to the software startups, but most of the venture capitalist, said last year investment market and the bubble is very different. For example, fast developing nowadays, many companies also achieved good revenue growth.

Insight Venture Partners, a German · Mr Parekh (, Deven Parekh) said: “from the view, on the basis of the current Internet models are better than in 2000.” The company invested in alibaba and Twitter.

last year, venture capitalists invested $48.39 billion through the 4356 deal, and the total amount of investment of $29.96 billion in 2013. Since the national venture capital association, since the tracking record came in 2000, the total investment of $105.01 billion.

last year, with $31.81 billion in venture capital to the late start-up company, compared to $2013 for the same period in 2013. Late startup companies tend to attract mutual funds and sovereign wealth funds investment, the investment institutions usually do not invest in start-up companies.

Paris, says the companies will most likely be a bubble. But he also pointed out that many late start-up companies is still a strong growth, so need to use a new way for their valuation. Uber, for example, in December last year’s $40 billion valuation in the round of $1.2 billion in financing.

however, some celebrities have begun calling for investors remain cautious. Venture capitalists Bill gul (Bill Gurley) was Uber investors. He said in September last year, business circle there are already too much risk. The fed in July last year has said for social media industries such as valuations “seem clearly exaggerated”.

In the fourth quarter of last year, according to

, the risk of total investment of $14.75 billion, a single quarter since 2000, the highest risk investment. The risk of investment of $8.82 billion in the fourth quarter of 2013.

all of the risk investment in 2014, the software industry accounted for 41%, its highest since the report began compiling record. Biotechnology and media entertainment ranked second, third, but has a larger gap.

on Thursday, a separate report released by the CB Insights, at $47.3 billion, 2014 U.S. venture capital transaction number is 3617.

Vc is a nurse or a vampire?

article/kuan huang QiBaDian venture investment co., LTD. (Beijing)

meet between age, will talk about VC (venture capital). Especially young entrepreneurs, they usually have two kinds of extreme emotions to VC, a kind of like dad, mom feel a VC is like a milk to eat; Another extreme is very exclusive VC, the feeling is they seem to be blood sucking up his own company, and then take the money and run. Two ideas are more extreme. We first to get to know a VC firm how things back.

English name is venture capital risk investment, VC for short. This company specialized early fast-growing start-ups. VC didn’t have a lot of money on their own, they are from their father taking money. VC company’s dad called LP – Limited Partner. The LP is often very very, very rich fund company: can be a big private equity funds, investment funds can be insurance company, can be a big company of idle funds, and so on, anyway, is all some people with a lot of money. The pulse of VC company is by holding the LP. , from the perspective of LP can vote for their money in real estate, also can be cast for the stock market, also can cast for VC firms, the key see who returns is more high. Basically see a VC firm’s performance return on investment. General VC firms if the rate of return is 2 to 3 times, it’s performance is poorer; 5-6 times the average performance; Of more than 10 times; 20 times as it is rare. I can tell you, VC company ask LP want money more difficult than entrepreneurs ask the difficulty of the VC for money.

VC are willing to invest in your, it is because they think that your company has a huge growth potential. Here I say big not refers to the growth rate of 20% to 30% a year, but the rate of more than 100%. VC high expectations for you, that’s because the LP high expectations of them. For early stage companies, speed of growth was the first. You as entrepreneurs, if they also didn’t want to good how to maintain high-speed growth of the company, then you go to talk with VC, only have insulted.

VC hope your company do big, do not easily sell. For them, their biggest reward is owned by a company to become an industry of a big MAC. The birth of a gigantic without bully, bring VC investment returns are hundreds or even thousands of times. On behalf of the part and entrepreneurs will have a certain degree of conflict. For example: you took VC200 thousands of dollars of investment, the valuation at $5 million (VC accounted for 40% of the company, you and your team accounted for 60% of the shares). What did you do the results after 1 year, sina buy prepared to spend $10 million to you. For you and your team, only use the time you can cash out $6 million a year. Special like Internet early now, teams are small, all points a, is a considerable number. Take money, you can go on holiday to Hawaii beach, the sun for a month, and then come back for a second. Media rated you as serial entrepreneurs, and then a lot of young entrepreneurs to your idols. How scenery! But for your VC investment, their rate of return is only 2 times. The day of his have absolutely no you so smart! You in taste red wine, to invest in your VC could be in for the LP to be spanked, worried about their bonuses and not the end of the year.

VC role in the company have classification, a managing partner, as well as an ordinary partner, there are principal, below is seniorassociate again, and again the following is the associate. Generally the associate to do 2 years, their research is mainly responsible for the specific company. The Associate if rise will not come after 2 years, many will leave. The direction of a principal is responsible for research, finally couldn’t vote for, or a partner in charge. Some VC companies and the role of a great call EIR, Entrepreneur in Residence. EIR is used to VC company and entrepreneurs a good way to keep the relationship. EIR sometimes to help watch our portfolio, together with Due Dilligence, “bringing deals. The EIR basic it is with many people experience.

know this background knowledge before financing, in fact, a lot of help for entrepreneurs. Such as entrepreneurs, often receive a letter sent to you the associate said that to your company is very interested in, want to talk about. Received this letter, don’t have chicken. The associate to many of these signals in each month, your company is only one of them. Large VC company also has a political struggle. Generally more hard work belongs to the kind of person who have hope to become partner. These people want to become a partner, they must be “bringing to the company deals. The so-called “bringing deals, is to make the companies that have the potential to take their investment, then hope that one day the company has a good exit bought by big company (or listed). So if you and those who want to be a partner together to talk about, they help you to investment of power will be greater. Of course, if you talk with LP and partner directly, the chance of success is relatively higher.

many VC companies co – invest: is to several familiar companies invest in a startup. In this way, people have extra money to cast other direction at the same time, share the risk. When the entrepreneurs in search of the wind, the hardest part is finding that would take the VC. Before a few times some of the VC on the company and team is interested in, but do not want to get shot. Because the lead VC responsibility is larger. 2011-2012, there are a number of startups to melt to run out of money, but did not reach can melt into the next round of milestone, as a leading VC sometimes have to save a sum of money, as a bridge loan to help pull through investment company. VC is a social animal. You will often find for months no one willing to vote for you, and then all of a sudden have a willing to vote for you, others will come back again to you are interested.

the cycle of VC investment fund also has exquisite. General large funds are for a period of 5 to 10 years. Is the most depressed thing, sometimes when you don’t easy to find an exception for you are interested in VC, and feels he is quick to you termsheet, suddenly received his email said “brother, your product is very good, I also look good on you. But I don’t have money, is currently talking to LP, an estimated 70% of the possible three months after can get new a fund “… . . This time, you have to ‘criticisms in the heart, and very politely say, “keep me posted”, and then go on making Qian Zhilu.

think VC is also poor, every day someone will send email to say they see a new app or website. Lucky, they see innovative things from time to time, bad luck when looked at dozens of the same product, read it again, may be can’t eat rice. Have a good project, everyone come to steal; They also dare not general projects. Hand with hundreds of millions of money, go be afraid of losing money, don’t throw must lose money again.

I appreciate a lot of foreign VC, they pay attention to communication, many people have their own blog. They often on his blog update their investment philosophy, observation of the industry and to provide experiences and lessons from young age. After all, everyone is just like in the blind date. If both sides strengthen communication, it can save a lot of, hand in hand at an early date.

2014 video all night, no matter what form, important or content

on Jan. 16, video site youku held “- 2014 video all night” awards, the winners include logic thinking, large outbreak events, such as flying saucer said famous PGC content brand. The content of the inventory is not limited to youku platform play, video inventory is covering the whole industry.

youku in UGC and PGC deep for many years, every day, tens of thousands of article 10 video posted on youtube; PGC ecological 500 content partners, 1000 projects, 20000 sets. Youku is now a UGC, PGC, outsourcing, network copyright self-control, and the content of the production of 5 kinds of content ecosystem.

on the other hand, whether UGC, PGC, or network video self-control, outside the traditional film and television content, the content of the Internet platform for more really emerging provides a platform of growth and development of the space.

this “the night of the video made by free studio on the road” the tip of the tongue in the dorm, instant noodles also harvest awards, the video copy “on the tip of the tongue of China 2” playscript with stage directions and music, touches the campus memories in joy. In addition, such as “big outbreak events”, “love gossip growth association”, “flying saucer said” wait for accurate positioning the Internet audience, maintain long-term hot classic brand, completely become a measure of PGC.

in 2014, various video websites are offering a homemade banner, but did not reduce the UGC/PGC. With the loss of the threshold of video production, as well as the young people the new understanding of video entertainment. Call beast Yi Xiaoxing “never expected” fame network; The small apples sung from across the country and even become a “nuisance” divine comedy; Since the media Luo Zhenyu with the logic thinking model has become all the fans in the heart. These programs enriched the image world of the Internet, and attract more and more people in video production.

in the last years of dispute, after several rounds of shuffle video industry, with youku potatoes, love art, music, as a representative of several has divided China network video entertainment. Each power is in addition to have self-control, copyright battle, each have their own power. Future deeply involved in the content of the homemade or joint quality produced, has become a landmark industry cooperation way.

although each has a killer, but there is no doubt that the specific forms of cooperation can never be a presumptuous guest usurps the host’s role, the content of the quality of output is the top priority.

Morning: Intel start Edison innovation, easy car, nine power of financing

on January 17, hunting cloud network (text/who)

Intel started Edison innovation contest

Intel launched to hard enjoy commune “, from now on, “as the theme of the Edison innovation contest. From Intel, tencent open platform, jingdong the raise, baidu’s representative and gen geeks to share the hardware such as entrepreneurial opportunities, the content of the intelligent logic hardware investment, etc. Registration of all items will be hard at Intel commune of online services and technical support. Screening out the good seeds after training will be equipped with exclusive one-to-one gold supervisor, finish in the top five “star of tomorrow”, will reach 2015 Intel information technology to the international big stage.

smart hardware business friends, jingdong have related to the raise this morning yo,

tencent do mobile phone operating system

Tencent is inside a named Tencent OS phone ROM, also known as Tencent ROM, Tencent OS, TOS. In Tencent OS propaganda page, Tencent did not provide details about the product technology, in the bottom of the propaganda page, the user can apply for to join Tencent ROM closed. In 2012, tencent has sent a based on Android 4.0 system ROM tita, although the pages of this product is now still can access, but did not download entrance on a page.

a penguin baby, if you can lose weight that would be great. PC more than 50 M, 20 M mobile end, forehead, feeling rising smartphone running memory is for you…

easy car jingdong and tencent’s $1.55 billion investment in

easy car with jingdong, tencent trilateral strategic cooperation agreement, easy car will get jingdong and tencent in the form of cash and assets investment totaling about $1.55 billion. Hope that through the easy car, chairman and CEO li bin jingdong electricity resources and experience, and tencent’s financial resources, to help easy car to complete the identity transformation – “electric car dealer”.

since the jingdong and tencent together, where is where you can see your love posture. Hunting cloud network thought of a word, show conjugal love…

200 million investment focus on large financial data of nine power

nine power of wealth (Beijing) co., LTD. Got the information of a new investment, capital letter, IDG capital, Germany as capital, rich kay investment institutions such as fund investment, led by letter capital, invested a total of about 200 million yuan. It is reported that nine power is to negotiate and data Banks, teamed up with the bank to set up the P2P business platform.

uav start-ups Skydio won $3 million in financing

Skydio received $3 million in financing. This round of financing by A16Z collar, Accel, and shots. Previously, A16Z also invested in another uav start-ups AirWare. Airware can be viewed as the operating system of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), while the Skydio is the application of the above the operating system. Skydio’s goal is to develop simple manipulation, which can realize self low-cost unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) navigation.

can be automatically fasten shoelaces smart shoes

the latest German engineers design an automatic fasten shoelaces smart shoes, it can adapt to different people’s foot size. After people put a smart shoes, need to touch the heel of the micro engine, can be the LACES tight. When you want to take off your shoes, click twice the heel, built-in engine will release the tongue of a spring, become loose shoelace. This ingenious invention don’t even need to connect the power supply or replace the battery, can be completely dependent on energy when walking.

it can’t close again, hunting cloud network for the disabled elderly and children, give you some one hundred praise.

: A week financing remit 】 【 APUS Group financing of $100 million and complete the Pre – A LIVEhouse

over the weekend, hunting cloud network for nearly a week investment information, take you glance Internet circle recent investment event.

the domestic company

1. APUS Group announced a $100 million, into capital, SIG investment such as

APUS Group ( is a mobile Internet development company, the APUS Launcher is owned by an Android mobile phone desktop software, adopts the minimalist interface design, installation package only 1 MB, can be based on the cloud data analysis, intelligent recommend suitable app for the user. At present, the APUS won more than $100 million B round of investment. By become, SIG of venture capital fund and qiming, A round of aurora borealis venture investors and red dot investment continue to follow up.

2. Fast taxi formal indeed received $600 million D round

fast taxi ( is a taxi a smartphone applications, software to facilitate the taxi passenger and taxi drivers, passengers can easily releases, a taxi anytime and anywhere; Drivers can decrease the rate of empty. At present, quick take a taxi to get $600 million D round of investment, investors for alibaba, tiger funds and softbank.

3, cloud bird distribution received A $10 million round of investment

cloud bird distribution ( is a start-up company main city fast delivery service, mainly through the way of bidding, the enterprise users and truck idle resources for effective configuration, the platform has integrated more than 3000 spare delivery vehicles. The company has received A $10 million round of investment, by the joint venture partners China, jinsha river and the grand capital.

4, Taiwan LIVEhouse live online platform to complete the Pre – A round

LIVEhouse. Live in ( is an online platform, allows users to start their own program, and the way and the audience through online chat instant interaction. The company has completed A t $40 million Pre – A round of investment, by the game orange and yuan capital investment.

5, lala park xue barbarian millions Pre – A round of investment from the

LesPark/lesbian park ( is a new online lesbian mobile social network, you can make friends, chat and dating. Through LesPark you can easily find nearby members, can also link lesbian friends around the world. At present, the company has obtained xue barbarian millions Pre – A round of investment.

the foreign company

1, Singapore payment platform MatchMove Pay $30 million series A investment

MatchMove Pay ( is a Singapore mobile payment platform, mainly to provide service for users not to open an account in the bank. The company has received A $30 million round of investment, by GMO Venture investment Partners.

2, Indian restaurant search services Zomato $50 million buying American peers Urbanspoon

Urbanspoon ( was established in October 2006, is one of America’s offer for restaurants and other businesses to search, evaluation of science and technology service company. Recently, India’s largest search engine service restaurant Zomato spent $50 million on Urbanspoon.

3, cross-border currency exchange and won $22 million payment services peerTransfer D round

peerTransfer ( was established in July 2009, is one of America’s offer of cross-border currency conversion and payment services for students of science and technology company, aiming to reduce students in currency exchange, the cost of tuition fee payment, etc. Round of investment, the company has received $22 million D by Bain Capital investment Ventures.

4, intelligent toy producer Teddy The Guardian to get $400000 seed round

Teddy The Guardian ( was founded in 2013, is a smart children toy manufacturers, their production of Teddy toy built-in wireless sensor, will monitor to children in all kinds of physiological indexes, such as heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen consumption, body temperature, real-time transmission to The parents’ mobile APP. The company has received $400000 seed round of investment, but the investment agency information is unknown.

5. Satellite Internet companies OneWeb get virgin group and qualcomm strategic investment

OneWeb formerly known as WorldVu Satellites, is a satellite Internet company, the company is mainly in the rural, emerging markets, and provides a quick Internet service on the plane. At present, OneWeb get virgin group and qualcomm strategic investment.

hunting cloud network entrepreneurship is a focus on innovation, new products new mode of science and technology, media reports for entrepreneurial teams free products, hope we can help the power of startups get higher rates of awareness, commitment: completely free, beware of counterfeit. Let startup the more violent.

Evening: iPhone6s was spread into what kind, APUS was awarded the financing

hunting cloud network on January 16 (text/who)

iPhone6s was spread into what the

the news that the next iPhone will introduce Apple Watch compulsory touch technology, upgrade to 2 gb memory capacity will be, and will use a faster LPDDR 4 memory, is expected to be made by samsung, hynix, micron, elpida supply manufacturers, etc. And news cameras will rise to 20 million pixels.

over the years, people always fuck broken heart for the next generation of apple products, mother than mother powder powder. Wait until after released, is estimated to know oneself is glass heart. Hunting cloud network don’t make any comments.

ali cloud confirm to cooperate with 12306

ali cloud in response to “12306 has been adopted ali cloud solution”, said the two sides have indeed reached a cooperation, specific details still need to learn more about to publish. At the beginning of 2014 both teams have started to discuss how to put more ticket query system in the cloud. During the National Day golden week was tested, the effect is very satisfied. In the peak travel ticket, 12306 will eventually switch to more than 75% of the ticket query business ali cloud.

home feel assured, didn’t buy a ticket home friends to pay close attention to.

APUS, Augmedix, the financing Beepi

android user system developers APUS announced over $100 million in financing, by becoming, SIG of venture capital fund and qiming, A round of aurora borealis venture investors and red dot investment continue to follow up. In addition, the light source of capital for APUS this round of financing the sole financial advisor.

Augmedix just received from angel investors $16 million investment, plus the $7.3 million in June, so its a total of more than $23 million in venture capital. Its investors including Emergence Capital and DCM Ventures, etc. It will use the financing expand operations, to speed up the product research and development, build new partnerships.

the used car sales website Beepi announced $12.7 million in silicon valley, said the creation of less than a year of the firm had raised to $80 million, more than $200 million valuation. Beepi mobile app is in development, in the first half of this year will launch the IOS and android mobile phone application.

baidu development supercomputer

baidu said, the computer vision system that is developing the world’s most accurate Deep Image. The system run in deep learning algorithm to optimize a supercomputer. Baidu said the object recognition score, the system error rate is only 5.98%. Minwa baidu development is to solve and Deep Image algorithm related problem. Minwa built-in 6.9 terabytes of main memory, 1.7 terabytes of memory, and in theory the highest performance of about 0.6 quadrillion floating point arithmetic.

Google will offer low interest loans service

Google says it will provide Google enterprise software distributor low-interest loans. Purpose is to help dealers business development, so as to promote the development of Google’s own business. Google will work with Lending Club is to carry out the loan project. By Lending Club platform, individuals and businesses can get loans by other individuals. Through the review of enterprises will be able to obtain a two-year loan of $600000. Loan enterprises only need to pay interest on the first year, all mortgage payment will be by Lending Club platform.

Microsoft started the company in mainland China market update denim

Microsoft announced that the company updated denim officially launched. In mainland China market, Windows 8 and 8.1 version of the company mobile phone in the next few weeks, will receive update alert. It is understood that the company Denim is a blend of Windows Phone 8.1 upgrade function, Cortana, the company special experience of smart phones. The company Denim to update the camera application, but also on the lock screen information deep integration, including the weather, health, finance, bing services, as well as the time, date, remind, application data, etc.

Millet Note the four deep reason behind the high-end

Note: hunting cloud millet release Note top-of-the-line version, breaking the original price system, lei jun tweeting claim that teams can make better after a few years in mobile phone products, but this is just surface, millet and deeper strategic considerations. Here is Yin Sheng of its thinking, reference for industry:

the author: Yin Sheng WeChat (jia zhi – xian)

yesterday (January 15), millet has released two paragraphs into the high-end market in the new product — 5.7 inch screen of millet Note standard and top-of-the-line version, prices broke through two thousand yuan and three thousand yuan respectively. For the China mobile company is known for it’s price, a move that is somewhat unusual.

but for its rival, should feel the chill – whether South Korea’s samsung, or local Chinese rival huawei. Aside apples here, both from apple minimum price products there is still one step away, moreover, apple seems to never aggressive of millet every otherwise why it still not come up with any decent corresponding action?

Yin Sheng (WeChat male jia zhi – xian) think, millet that means at least 4:

1, absolutely not allow local competitors in the high-end brand value , such as huawei in the past year have begun to pay off in the middle and high end management, established in the market segment and the strategic intention of tidal flats position has been open, once the formation of climate, huawei can use the market relatively high profit to subsidies in future attack of the low-end, forming the answer for a long time.

2, for samsung, millet attack on the high side, means that it either, as to the low end of the campaign to respond to, or more stick to high-end, and get out from the low end (at least distraction), which is the millet wants.

3, millet to high-end users to increase the average value of a single user. millet have been hoping that investors see it as an Internet company, and the Internet company valuation is one of the most common index value by the user. Apple’s single user value at about $900, Yin Sheng in another article thought millet single-user value at about $300 (corresponding to the average price of the two companies), if it is to continue to improve the value of a single user, improve the product’s average selling price is the most direct way.

4, which is the most important, millet a key of the entire business model, the user must produces strong dependence to their products, or its value will drop sharply, and rely on May ultimately from millet exclusive service platforms, but on the platform of the exclusive service form before, it needs to other sources of differentiation , high-end brand image, and increase a point source is the best, otherwise, once the low-end products due to competitive factors, such as goods, and services are still young, the whole business logic might be stuck.

the place on put together is narrated, millet into high-end, offensive stance defense in the mid-range of both the status. But a local Chinese rivals such as huawei, window of opportunity may be closed at the end of 2015:

once millet users reach a certain size, will be able to form a service income support product sales. I is based on the premise that if millet reliable data, by the end of 2014 millet sold a total of about 87 million mobile phones, if millet can get in the user to add a $2015, if do not calculate without the user’s repeat purchase, with beautiful MIUI authorized third party users, when using, then its unique users is expected to close to two.

if the data is reliable, millet by applying distributed in 2014 revenue estimates more than 1 billion yuan, if 2015 millet can be distributing each user’s income doubled again (with millet chain growth, it is possible), so 2015 is expected to bring nearly 5 billion yuan of the distribution of income, about 5% of the income for the millet.

5% estimate is millet and local Chinese competitors more optimistic net profit level, so, if millet like, it can almost completely sacrificed the profits, on the phone through the service income subsidies to its, so that it would be on their own without loss, will be almost all the local rivals into loss of competitive position. At that time, the initiative will be entirely in the hands of millet.

this will also let the samsung are in a very difficult choice: if it doesn’t want to profit is a drag on, will have to give up the low-end market. It also needs to calculate a bill, from millet in the industrial chain of (by selling parts), or with millet to soldier – even at the expense of profit of spare parts. So far, there has been no see which point it is like an Internet company, it is very likely to make it miss the product scale advantage into platform scale advantage of opportunities.

of course, all this is the premise of millet company can, in the case of a slowdown in China’s smartphone, through overseas expansion is still to keep more than 60% increase in sales, I continue to believe that huawei in the international market have a better chance – or samsung accelerated retreat, leaving more space. At the same time, samsung, Google, and those who have largely given up mobile phone business, but the company holding the key patent, are likely to become a spoiler.

in addition, if huawei in industrial chain, such as chip layout can scale as soon as possible, this will to win it some time, but fundamentally, it still must face up to the ecosystem of the millet pattern – it will eventually change of mobile phone product pricing benchmark.