Evening: millet 420 million in jinshan, micro letter 6.1 can the new found a restaurant nearby

hunting cloud network on January 19 (text/who)

millet technology 420 million in jinshan software

kingsoft released a statement, announced the millet will, through its wholly owned subsidiary company of science and technology, a wholly owned subsidiary from tencent TCH Saffron Limited acquired a 2.98% stake in jinshan software. Based on millet with tencent the share purchase agreement signed on January 16, millet will be the price of hk $14.93 per share, from tencent acquired kingsoft 35298057 shares, accounting for 2.98% of the shares issued for kingsoft, the total amount of hk $527 million (RMB 420 million). The acquisition is expected to be completed before January 30, 2015.

ng financial, accused of guest, Macao company of science and technology, step to throw, the financing for the venue, Boxed

Internet financial services platform “wutong finance” announced that tens of millions of dollars to complete A round A round of funding, this round of financing investors for investment, keeping one letter with direct investment in securities and venture capital letter day. Wutong finance, founder and CEO Chen Ken said that this round of funding will be used in risk control system, IT technology upgrading, product development and customer acquisition, in order to attract talented people to join.

small K smart developers to control the guest socket technology announced that the company has completed 40 million yuan A round of financing, the investor for thick national iot industry guide funds hold capital, the company currently valued at 400 million yuan. Accused of guest, co-founder of science and technology with said that this round of financing funds will be used for new product development and technology upgrade, enhance the user experience and hopes to attract more talents to join.

Australia announced its ten million yuan level A round of investment, the gobi investment is the only investor. The money has been in place, will be used to improve the current services and developing more tourist destination. Australian company in order to solve the overseas destination to eat live play as the goal, to sell fragmentation products, such as tickets, cruise ships, diving, sightseeing plane and hotel + package products for the main business.

budiu intelligent positioning children’s shoes, founder and CEO GanZhiQuan announced A $5 million series A investment, investors for capital A clean. GanZhiQuan says this round of funding as early as the end of September last year has been completed, it is mainly used for budiu research and development of new products and the team’s expansion. Budiu intelligent positioning between GPS module into children’s shoes and comply with the corresponding APP, to keep their children safe.

focus on meeting venue booking O2O mode platform for the venue, announced its 20 million yuan A round of funding, the rice capital and well-known angels Eddie wu joint investment. Tao hall, founder and CEO li said that a new round of funding will be used in company strategic layout, one is rapidly moving in Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, shenzhen, nanjing, sanya and other meetings popular cities; Second, accelerate the mobile terminal layout, to provide users with more convenient platform services, gradually build perfect conference O2O business closed loop.

the main membership wholesale business of mobile electronic business Boxed announced a $25 million B round of funding. After completing this B round, Boxed plan further to innovation, the traditional pattern of warehouse shopping will be selling big-ticket goods directly to the customers without charge membership fees. The financing by GGV Capital and Digital Sky Technologies, led.

360 compensate sogou 5.1 million yuan

the Beijing second intermediate people’s court of sogou Sue 360 a case of the unfair competition, the first-instance judgment sogou won. Court, 360 security guards hinder sogou browser installed properly, and prevent users will sogou browser set as the default browser behavior constitutes unfair competition, was sentenced to compensate sogou RMB 5.1 million yuan.

the industry with the highest compensation type cases, congratulations to you two got so glorious title of “the most”.

the hutchison whampoa, consider acquiring UK mobile operator O2

li ka-shing’s hutchison whampoa is considering acquisitions telefonica O2 wireless subsidiary in the UK, hoping to expand the European market. Hutchison whampoa, the other choice will also include the company’s mobile division in Italy a merger with local competitors. Britain’s plans at present in the early, in the short term will not strike a bargain. Hutchison whampoa, the highest possible bid 9 billion pounds ($13.6 billion) to buy the UK O2.

legend or listed in the second half of this year Hong Kong

the news that the legend will be listed in Hong Kong in the second half of this year, raising $2 billion to $3 billion. It is reported, legend holdings is contact with several brokerages, including cicc and ubs. Mr Liu has said, legend holdings listed two years later, if the company in a smooth, he will retire completely.

blocks box sign strategic cooperation agreement with big search vehicle

Internet financial platform building blocks and O2O second-hand car trading platform by big search box car, signed a strategic cooperation agreement, lego box will be big search vehicle used car dealers, upstream of the recommended offer short-term stock financing services. According to the agreement, the big search vehicle recommend lego box its stable relations of cooperation as the main financing used-car dealer; Dealers to sell vehicles must pass after the big search vehicle access and complete the test in perfect condition, stored in large search has its own warehouse to wait after, can online finance.

meizu will push MX4 international edition

the news that the meizu MX4 international edition, code-named “Superme”, will be developed by nokia equipment, optimization of technology and patent, and has a bright spot on the back of the design, the future will provide powder, silver, light blue, lime green, pink is green and champagne gold and so on six kinds of color choice. In the CPU and GPU are improved, the ISP will change too.

micro letter online version 6.1 can search a nearby restaurant

WeChat launched version 6.1, there are three major update function, can through the attachment column send WeChat messages red envelopes, change custom expression is not lost when the mobile phone, and you can search the content of the circle of friends and a nearby restaurant. The new WeChat ascension revealed on search function O2O markets for its further mining.

IT technology community CSDN launch online recruitment services

the nation’s largest IT technology community CSDN will launch online recruitment services CSDN JOB, free engineers provide recruitment services for the community IT. The CSDN users will use the method based on large data analysis skills, realize the user’s label, to help enterprises and users to achieve the best matching position.

godel published indoor navigation map

godel published Scott indoor map version, to provide users with mainland figure, indoor positioning, building indoor route planning, etc. It is understood that in addition to the release of indoor map showing interior architecture, also can appear shops, such as the bathroom, ATM interior details.

Daily servicing system, wutong finance dominant capital tens of millions of dollars. A round of funding

news on January 19, Internet financial services platform “wutong finance” recently announced the company completed A round of $10 m financing, investors in this round of financing is: keeping investment (JD Capital), with direct investment in securities and venture Capital letter day.

wutong banking location on the Internet banking, by non-standard financial assets pledge financing patterns provide investors with income. Non-standard financial assets, refers to the plan, including trust companies offering a collection of trust securities company or fund assets such as subsidiary issue of the aggregate asset management plan.

wutong finance do not do credit borrowing, the mining of financial assets include financial assets, real estate mortgage, pledge is strong mortgage, strong guarantee assets, such as factoring. Compared with other P2P, wutong finance shall practise a system of daily service.

wutong finance official introduction, wutong launched in 2014 at the end of June, platform online 6 months accumulated nearly 100000 registered users, online 6 months total transaction value of nearly 400 million. This round of funding will be used in risk control system, the upgrading of IT technology, product development and customer acquisition, in order to attract talented people to join.

team, phoenix tree, founder and CEO Chen Ken, Noah wealth in 2008, as chief marketing officer, cypress assets; partners, etc., in the same period as the risk control committee, managing assets of more than 30 billion yuan.

Chen Ken believe that Internet finance is a long distance, is at the heart of risk control for a long time. Internet financial will say goodbye to the savage growth, is gradually facing the industry reshuffle, risk control is rigorous, the team is the only thing good platform to grow.

2 habib gb: why WiFi master key for iPhone to release today

cloud network hunting note: recently, WiFi skeleton keys iPhone version in AppStore quietly on the online, the largest tool software, in the domestic various Dan an eminent store downloaded over hundreds of millions of time scale, users more than 5 . According to the China unicom, the android market and so on various major neutral authority statistics show that WiFi master key became the phone , QQ WeChat’s third largest after APP software. But what’s surprising is that in the android version online within two years, WiFi master key hasn’t been published iPhone version. Why two years, iPhone version to “late”? As industry renowned geek, even it is network founder and CEO 2 habib gb recently published an article “why WiFi skeleton keys iPhone edition being released today, honest to share the technical difficulties and creative solutions.

here are the original 2 habib gb:

in 2010, we have found a great opportunity, this is the hottest free WiFi today. In 2012, after several twists and turns of WiFi master key finally born, become the country’s first free WiFi Internet software and has been a huge success. In 2015, today, more and more attention to the direction of enterprise: abroad, Facebook launched Internet.org service, Google try to put a balloon around the world in the Project Loon Project, but in China, including BAT almost all well-known Internet companies have introduced a free WiFi service, is free WiFi is not only a business opportunity, but the whole industry, it also proved that the direction of the WiFi master key is correct.

(note: five days ago on January 14, 2015), we officially launched the iPhone version of WiFi master key, the answer a couple of years has been a lot of people ask me the question, why has not produced the iPhone version? It must be admitted that release time so late, bring the negative influence is obvious. First of all, on the apple’s app store, a variety of products using chunqiubifa counterfeit WiFi master key, therefore had lied to a lot of users, even all the year round to occupy the free list. More feel helpless, search “WiFi master key” appeared “guo degang collection” and the application of key words out of their bands. It is obvious that we missed a lot like our users.

second, we also became the investment circle of silence. Circle of friends are more than 85% of the investment Banks use iPhone, not the iPhone version cannot be entered the view of the investment bank. A real investment banking circles once happened, an investor in a massive investment parties, asked a question, “do you know the WiFi master key”? Results the response of people. But it does not conform to the master key market performance, so he decided to let his employees took to the streets in investigating the actual circumstances of the WiFi master key. No matter as a result, his employees in a taxi and go to the supermarket to buy things, go to a restaurant or ask the driver, ask the shop assistant, ask the clerk, a whopping 60% of people know or use WiFi master key. Caused by the reason of the difference of the two meet, just like we don’t have iPhone WiFi master key.

the problem here, why not on the iPhone before we release WiFi master key? In a word, the iOS system limitations. IOS system is closed, lack of the two important WiFi master key need API interface. First of all, the iPhone is not provided to the apple app list wi-fi hotspots near user interface, also does not provide the iPhone applications for WiFi connection interface. The two interfaces, is open on android and other systems. This leads to a WiFi master key can’t on the iPhone launch free WiFi services in android the same way. We’ve always thought, this strange closed because jobs have what idea. Then we saw a report, the United States a famous journalist Walt Mossberg said, one day, Mr. Jobs walk on the road, see a myriad of wi-fi hotspots and his iPhone but can’t get to the Internet, thought can let master share hot hot out? ……

however, we always believe that creativity is the ability to overcome all the difficulties of weapons. Over the years, our team of everyone is constantly thinking, constantly looking for solutions. A year ago, at last we use big data and cloud services to solve this problem, this is today’s WiFi master key for iPhone solution. First of all, don’t WiFi information listed on this problem, we take the GPS positioning and cloud services to solve. Since the apple is not willing to give, so we to provide. Through GPS positioning to the user’s location, and then from our huge billions of hot spots in the library to find the location of wi-fi hotspots, finally solved the problem of the WiFi list. After that, we took a year’s time, set up a billions of hot spot in library, finally the real hot hot spot information and data provided by the server is almost completely consistent.

this time, the technical man will say, GPS positioning is there will be a deviation. Yes, so we creative at the same time puts forward the screenshot of the connection way to make up for the shortage. Users in the “Settings” WiFi list after screenshots, open the image in the WiFi master key, will automatically identify, updated list of WiFi, let users get free WiFi around are accurate and can be connected. This is known as the OCR (optical character recognition) technology, it is mainly used for scanning business CARDS and documents. But we want to put the technology used in different places, so take it out on the “capture even WiFi” this function, let it be in even more interesting when WiFi. , according to a news we got WiFi master key, after the launch the iPhone version also found significantly increased the fake product downloads.

on your second question, we found an alternative method. Through the installation of the system to provide the interface description file, our success will be the cloud password, written into the cell phone records. Although we still can’t launch a WiFi connection, hot spot, but as a known password system started automatically connected. In the end, we use the method of a kind of very strange on the iPhone to achieve the mission impossible, launched a WiFi master key for iPhone.

however, a year’s time give us the hot accumulated a huge database, but also accumulated a great pressure. Today, when we launched the iPhone version found on AppStore has built up a lot of fake goods. Some products attract users, all in the name of our cannot provide WiFi master key the same quality of service. So when the user searches for “WiFi master key” now, our official version row after a lot of fake goods, to make our users can’t find the real thing, it is time to bring our costs.

but we always believe that good product is talking, users are voting with their feet, they will use their own actions, the fake goods out. Some of the data confirmed our ideas. When we launched the iPhone version on the first day, without publicity, WiFi master key was rushed to the AppStore tools software, 139, the second day has come to the position of the 17, today, I woke up in the morning, a lot of people to the information I sent congratulations, originally the WiFi master key already fifth in the total list for free in AppStore.

we like such feeling, one step a footprint of walk every day, a firm go on. We firmly believe that advertising is not necessary for successful product, but the excellent quality of the product itself is a necessary element of success. User is ultimately vote with their feet, they will choose the best products, this is we have always firmly believe that, although WiFi master key is also the past two years didn’t do propaganda, the main reason that has created a miracle. Today, on apple, we still won’t waste time to publicize, our club some force is used to optimize product.



good product will talk!

Car Plus: locate new owner instant dating platform


there are about 137 million car ownership in our country at present, 105 million private cars, more than 217 million driver’s license, all in the pursuit of high efficiency and convenient Internet era, the interests of the owners group appeal must after polymerization in collective voice can be resorted to. For such a large user owners and prospective owners group launched vertical social platform is of great necessity, car Plus aimed at the concept of “instant and strange and social”, focused on instant social new owners.

car Plus there are four big functions, users can be based on the geographical position launching session at any time and place, make the new owners friends, to join the group at the same time, participate in the party and offline auto-driving event, another car Plus a earthquakes function, cyclists can users find the vibration at the same time, in the circle of cyclists, the user can focus on the trends at any time, so to speak, the functions and characteristics of the current car Plus like Momo initial stage, but the former points to the targeted customer is more vertical group of owners, users need to provide the relevant documents to prove that the owner identity (audit mechanism is not yet perfect) at present, however, car Plus team told cloud network, hunting for some want to car car lovers can also register success, these groups are defined as “owner”.

wu river, founder & amp; CEO, a former sohu swim swim page operations business data center director, changyou RC voice subsidiary lobby department manager. Team from sohu, jinshan, and domestic well-known Internet companies, long-term in the Internet industry is engaged in the marketing, product management and data analysis, etc. Car open online, Plus product yet are closed, there are beta, 3000 people, is in talks to angel round.

now about the social platform is roughly divided into three categories, one is the home of car, car, such as community sharing type; Second is the WeChat, weibo as a carrier of communication platform, platform above existing user groups widely, information is scattered, news timely.

the third kind is the car Plus, star people socially more vertical platform. Current car Plus biggest competition is the star, similar patterns. The difference is that the car of other cyclists can be found by searching for a licence. Both products at the start-up stage, but the model has high homogeneity, in the next stage of development, and is a pr PK battle.

wu river told cloud network: hunting “car Plus will with severe vertical juyou group chat and characteristic style attract users quickly, the business model, in the short term will not access any for-profit value-added services, focusing on grinding products, rely on word of mouth and vertical accumulation of service users. The user after reaching a certain size, construction from three directions; The first: value-added services such as car Plus members. Second, o2o links online automobile service market, car beauty, for example, cyclists drive, etc. Third, automotive electrical business guides the direction of business development.”

products: car Plus
Company: guangzhou card chet information technology co., LTD.

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More beautiful: plastic UGC community of the beauty industry and trading platform

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plastic surgery has been impressed people risk big, the price is high, its reason is reshaping organization mostly search engine rankings “kidnapping”, information asymmetry makes the plastic body of large amounts of money are spent on the channels of access to the user’s. Hunting today cloud network to introduce the “better” is a vertical community for cosmetic surgery, users can share their plastic in the more experience, or find a professional cosmetic surgery doctor.

Beijing perfect creative technology co., LTD., its products, doctor’s co-founder Liu Di the founder of the spring rain, founded in July 2013 more beautiful (former name: perfect clinic) officially launched. Liu Di thinks, renamed “means that women App has not only do the medical community in the field of beauty, go to ‘clinic, can give users greater degrees of freedom.” At present, the UGC communities better positioning for the cosmetic surgery industry and trading platform, the future will do consumer health platform, to promote consumption of high frequency, low guest unit price micro plastic project, and further extension of beautiful skin, thin body, mouth, etc.

plastic hospital will spend a lot of money in terms of access to new user resources, extremely dependent on various types of advertising channels. “Get the user in the plastic market, the hospital cost is very high, to capture a user’s cost in the channels of baidu basic in thousands of yuan.” Liu Di said. For orthopedic hospitals and doctors have no advertising, means higher cost to acquire new users, “one click need cost of 20 to 300 yuan, the new user in the baidu search keywords, without pay, she often to be seen in 20 pages after you.” Liu Di told cloud network hunting he wants to cut from the mobile end of industrial projects, become “public comments on” of plastic industry, let those who even without in marketing in hospitals and doctors, also can come into contact with new users through this platform.

as a UGC community, the more beautiful the main function there are three broad categories: case analysis and share, looking for the professional doctors in the field of plastic and plastic group (online help sell project). User is free to upload your real photo, seeking cosmetic doctor’s advice, can also be for the doctor, who can also share their experience of plastic.

even more beautiful is mainly involved in major cities across the country in the form of pushing the 3 armour hospital, will introduce a well-known doctor in cities more beautiful. In addition, the more beautiful in platform for plastic surgeon of word of mouth, since, postoperative effects and case data qualification audit office, hospital, etc. “If your doctor has negative news, such as user complaints, we will not delete, we will alert doctors and users to communicate in a timely manner.” Liu Di tell hunting cloud network, more beautiful hope for users, doctors and hospitals to build sharing platform, providing experts and users “online q&a + community function”.

at present, more beautiful and the doctor’s cooperation is still in the stage of free, but Liu Di also said that the future will consider to charge into ways to doctors. More beautiful APP will position itself as O2O mode, choose to cooperate with plastic hospital and plastic surgeon, user doctor’s appointments on it, then I do plastic surgery. “The users pay some booking online gold, hope that the future can be too much to pay full fees, offline consumption confirmed, more beautiful and then charge to the hospital. Similar taobao’s operating mode, to safeguard the interests of the users maximum.” But Liu Di also admitted that the more beautiful in the process of commercialization, user lack of large mobile payment habits is still the present difficulties.

a better target users, mainly young urban women are “more beautiful” platforms have cosmetic requirements of users, most give priority to in order to perfect and improve its image, congenital diseases such as repair group not mainstream users. Increasing demand for beauty but no fixed income of students, the more beautiful the APP to boring stage will be released in early February 2015 and tailor plastic special loan for college students, and commitment on the safety of surgery with the first pay.

Liu Di to hunt cloud network, according to the current, more beautiful, nearly 3 million downloads, 80, a second-tier cities of more than 3000 plastic surgeon has come the better platform. Completed in March 2014 millions of dollars to A round of funding, the investor for fabrics, sequoia capital China China.

the paper also carried on the thorough understanding to other competing goods. compared to the more beautiful pure Internet third-party platform, currently on the market a few other products are the traditional mobile Internet products industry transformation, the traditional PC consultants put back the clock APP website transformation, such as traditional cross-border transformation medical travel APP, can’t completely out of the third party mediation component. maybe this is even more beautiful to the biggest gene differentiation development.

the plastic website and App, basically is inseparable from the netizens share, doctor-patient interaction, discount electricity these plates, of the same product shape, how to avoid the homogeneity in the market competition to obtain more users is a crucial problem.

products: more beautiful
Company: Beijing perfect creative technology co., LTD.

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Short resume: provide salary forecast recruitment platform, has won the plum blossom ventures for A round of funding


“search this industry has been playing bad, the older generation can search services, such as salary, salary negotiations, industry surveys, such as insider introduced all didn’t, now many of the search has been made phone sales, information about the candidates in the dark, phone call ask job applicants see no see opportunity in the past, don’t look at opportunity to set point information, really not mean.” This is from a short resume founder ChuHao view of industry, based on this, the “short resume”, is the former headhunters can provide the service, to restore the functions of using the Internet.

a short resume from the perspective of job seekers, a function is at present the main salary test, short resume can accurately test the candidates to run the company to get the salary, and the error is generally not more than 3%, this function has been applied for a patent. Users only need to fill out a short resume can predict experience salary and job search services, channel mainly comes from the founder ChuHao personal salary database resources, existing users, and other channels (be), for privacy higher salary data accumulation is rather difficult, but a short resume team very hard, has now expanded to more than forty of accurate data. Short resume hope to provide more effective services and functions, let applicants in choice may have more reference basis.

with the existing similar to recruitment website, also support “resume” long, short resume for recruiters better choose talents, and flat Taiwan side will timing matching jobs pushed to job seekers, the frequency is determined by the applicant. The founder ChuHao human resource service company in the world’s second largest headhunters, team members from baidu, ali, gold and other domestic well-known Internet companies. Early for the future, ChuHao tell hunting cloud network, the main focus on the optimization of product features and accumulate on the salary data, the user service do deep, do the user manager don’t have to move the brain also can make the best choice, is not yet ready to transverse development and business model. Plum blossom vc and now China jiing susquehanna capital or A round of funding.

in the network recruitment market, mainly include the traditional recruitment company (51 job and zhaopin), new recruitment firm (cooperated net, pull hook net), professional and business social networking (network linkedin led Britain, street, the sky, and, nevertheless, if the neighbors), classifieds site (city market network and 58) several camps. traditional recruitment website demographic dividend gradually disappear, many still do, in the use of “advertising” model in recruitment service consciousness is poorer. Resume information asymmetry, still can not get feedback, the enterprise is difficult to find wanted talents.

the traditional thinking of wearing the Internet still occupy the mainstream, need to find a can let the user job demand and enterprise labor demand quickly match better way. a short resume of the core competitive ability is clear, is also a direct service, job seekers spot will gradually expand the coverage of the industry, will also launch the APP. But as mentioned above, no matter what kind what period of recruitment website, in the face of the challenge.

products: short resume
Company: Beijing light technology co., LTD.

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Oh: a new version of oh, with “hero save beauty” cut straight light social game

(article/who 闫森)

to help the girl is a very gentleman, boy to get a sense of accomplishment, girls get a sense of security. And this sense of security to the network, and spread to female users is a safe, social sense of positive energy.

the title “hero” for girls, do oh team, recent oh and updated version. On the basis of the original, the girl’s desire to be more direct, previous recommend ourselves to save my sister. Social interest increased, girls male god the top three, respectively, have become the side-by-side arrangement, which is more heroes to save his sister, charm value will be higher accordingly.

oh, unlike other social applications, boys and girls side interface to use are different. Cody tell hunt, founder of the cloud network, whether ordinary social or private social on market, the number of female users can directly determine the social activity. But in certain dimensions, illicit close social, between the sexes is a requirement.

80, 90, after the phase? Cooked? Social circle, more inclined to social networking. On the Internet and exhibition? In?? Actual demand for parts? Sexual users? Say, let? According to yourself? What have a friend? To a stranger? The praise of a stranger, itself is a kind of intense psychological full? . But don’t let social to drag on forever.

women most users actually facing the social platform is more a form of harassment, social can not become a burden, so why is the girl to carry on the female end demand, the boy to the response. To avoid the social harassment of spam.

in oh, male users more is a kind of active attack, around women near the user’s demand, boys can recommend ourselves to save my sister. Oh good, based on the social desire and was subject to begin with, to avoid the straight on both sides of the early stage of the social embarrassment. Currently on the oh, women do not add the user as a friend can’t directly to the private chat. Cody tell hunting cloud network, actually product permissions can open, but for the purpose of protection of the opposite sex, so temporarily still need to add friend requests.

the present well is a can help men and women from a stranger? To produce? Goodwill, and easily communicate platform. The early on? Sexual demand, mainly male response. The future of most social scene will try to use the rules of the game to enter? . Want to become a future around the building to help men? The development of the platform.

oh will make in the future? Series of gout, gameplay features. For example, girls can make boys to play super Mario, rescued princess is likely to be the girl herself. Design is more suitable for “atmosphere of warm heart” game. Future “popular wishes”, “instant beauty”, “heroic” goddess collocation, such as “the activity of the hidden treasure” oh more social interest. Through the gaming scene for retained users and attract new users. If a social product allows users to get some what. Then he would be open for the second time.

the team aspect, oh founder Cody is a South American overseas Chinese, a former Microsoft Asia Pacific global technology? Support department? The manager, gen? Set up the most? The Taiwan? Community – taike? . Joint founder? Tommy to realize the computer? And graduation. Founder Richard strong science and technology, a former Microsoft? The user experience specialists for 3 years. Microsoft is responsible for large international projects? , has rich experience in IT project management and development. Team is considering A round of funding, at present, the team has A central capital Mr Mr Chen of personal angel investment millions RMB.

products: oh
Company: ah ah information technology (Shanghai) co., LTD.

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Magic call: cute chicken for the first time for intelligent toys “voice”


what are your childhood toys, believes that many people remember. In addition to fun, happy, but also for tree species, figure co., LTD. When the time came to 2015, over the past year, after everything that has been dubbed “smart”, after 10 children, can choose the toys more than a “smart toys” category. A cute chick voice, can attract the attention of children and their parents?

on January 15, in the second scene, the Beijing workers stadium chengdu tin man technology company released the first children’s intelligence toys, magic call. Image, it comes from the tin man original cartoon image – chicken call; System, which is based on Linux system, we build our own relatively simplified, faster operation, costs are lower jo-jo OS and jo-jo cloud services; Price, price 368, will be in the early WeChat shop opens to booking, pay attention to the official WeChat public “tin man” can find a shop, 1000 pre-sale prices fell to $1000 for the first time, has now begun.

function, it can replace the traditional kid-learning machine and story. Magic call 2000 first content in the cloud, and continue to automatically update online. Tin man said CEO Wei Wei massive amounts of content is not difficult to implement, tin man’s commitment is only to provide quality content. To this, the tin man has a unique identification standard, magic call all the content is provided by the professional children’s editorial team. Not only have the choice of content, and some control content, such as when you work in the study, the children heard the story with a toy, sound bigger and bigger, then you only need to take out a cellular phone mute the sound is reduced, actually equivalent to the remote control, can also be a key to turn it off.

at the same time, the magic name also provides the function of the family circle, and can implement multiple remote voice messages sent each other between members of the family and children. Hunting cloud network learned that magic call the next generation will have camera version, other more expand, such as security monitoring, there is no special to clear, but based on the service mode, there are more functions can be expanded. Wei Wei said: “in the second half of this year there will be a blockbuster products, focus on two or three such product, function may be about the same, but the appearance may not be exactly the same.”

last introduce design, it in the mouth, head, hands, the prominent place cloak and his feet are all made of silica gel, convenient to take and hold, up is not smooth, the most important is safe, baby kiss it wouldn’t hurt him. Silicone cloak and foot drop to the ground will also have the effect of the buffer. When it comes to the goal of this year, Wei Wei what to hit 500000 units, and on the profit-making mode, in addition to selling the intelligent toys, content and services in the future will be more rich and varied. Such as custom content and pronunciation.

tin man of science and technology, founded in 2011, chengdu team predecessor since 2006 created more than 500 kinds of children’s books. In 2012, the star of lenovo and qing vc 3.5 million angels, began comprehensive transformation into focus on children’s entertainment, and the application of children’s education and development of mobile Internet companies. In 2013 lenovo star 3 million additional investments. In November 2014 at grade yi da capital tens of millions of A round of investment.

in the domain of children, the tin man has tried for eight years, they have a group with more than ten years experience of editing, painters, writers, and engineers from huawei, baidu, etc., there is no denying that they in the content and technical strength. But also an inevitable problem, a child of nature, any toys into their hand, there is a such a process, to finally be forgotten even was dismantled. How to obtain a constant continuous growth, can refer to mobile phone protection shell, the inner core plate nature is constant, with the fastest speed to continuously introduce new shapes, these shell can also be produced by other manufacturers directly.

this is also true that with Wei Wei open interface consistent: “this year will be gradually open tin man user interface, interface will open online content, cloud OS system interface, the interface and toys that more partners to come in, let the more traditional toys, more wearable devices access to come in, brings to the child has a sense of science and technology, but is completely natural new ground.”

tin man CEO Wei Wei

tin man have to borrow the magic call this cute chick “voice”, how the future development of smart toys, still want to let time to decide, but value the tin man hunt cloud network, because of its open spirit is the spiritual essence of the Internet, Google android camp’s expansion is also for this reason.

O2O about pat: photography industry, customize your shooting needs

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recently, O2O flood swept through the concept of time, different industries have started to test the waters O2O market. As the main nail O2O beaver home,,,, a family to decorate service home help, etc., can almost think of industry are O2O touch water, of course, photography industry is no exception.

as hunting cloud network to introduce the “about”, today is the O2O business model, a photographer and docking services for the user of the mobile platform. On the product architecture and content about independent photographer structured in the personalized service, in a similar school graduation, children with taps, brigade and other usage scenarios for guidance, for consumers to conveniently in the scene to find a suitable service projects and is suitable for the photographer.

it is reported that about take part in some distance network technology co., LTD. Northwest of Beijing. Founder vladilena is a serial entrepreneur. A former vying figure company co-founder, deputy general manager, professional mapping software SV300 in third industry share; After the starting time and space walk as a CEO, the introduction of localization and the 3 d GIS Skyline, the share of industry first, after the sale to say eastdawn; VP as eastdawn company, responsible for the market.

in vladilena view, O2O’s greatest value lies in the industry of resource allocation efficiency, simplify the market effect of service process, such as about, photographer without owning an entity studio can provide services to users, when the deal photographer can communicate with the user temporarily renting on location or studio; At the same time, this greatly reduces the two-way choice after decided good photographer during or after the filming of the users are not satisfied with photos due to the reason of the communication, the photographer can also provide users with more personalized photography services.

around, the user can act as a photographic demand of consumers and photographer dual role. Consumers can check photographers work, check the prices and point or direct messages photographer, also can phone booking; Photographer can come about, and apply for certification photographer, published his work, service items and standards, and so on. Services mainly cover the wedding photography, wedding with taps, kids activities with, as well as personal photo four categories.

it is well known that O2O back to basics, eventually to precipitate into the line, and the service quality is basic survival of O2O industry rules. Taken in about App provides two dimensions to help users find their loved ones a photographer, is a photographer dimension, under this dimension user can be filtered according to the photographer is good at photography type products such as photo, wedding dresses, children’s, weddings, still life, etc. In another dimension is to use the service to filter, such as wedding photography, photo, wedding of children with pat and products as well as setting a still life, through a structured content presentation, to help users realize the personalized demand.

cloud network understanding, hunting and 500 px, Flickr, Eput such help photographers show sell finished product platform is different, some film is a simpler and more direct P2P platform. Photographer, the certification after can be directly taken in some plain code marks a price on his services. Whereas ordinary users can like on taobao shopping easy and intuitive to choose their own want to photographers.

the whole, some solution is the need to take pictures of people can find oneself think right about taken directly from the photographer, no longer by studio, studio or photography agency, such as mediation, more direct communication with the photographer. And so a model of two-way choice, save the cost of communication between the user and the photographer, the user satisfied with the service at the same time, the photographer has also been profitable, and this is the biggest charm O2O mode. , of course, some will meet the same service standardization and the standardization, service security, a series of problems such as personalized service requirements.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, at present the main profit model is taken with the photographer, team currently at around 10 people, has obtained from sing CEO Chen, and former cool site co-founder Wu Shichun 300 w RMB angel round. And in the next stage, about the pat team will further polishing products, improve the mobile terminal and the PC build, standardized photographer services at the same time, further improve transaction closed loop, create excellent photographer domain closed-loop O2O product experience.

products: about
Company: Beijing west vines network technology co., LTD.

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The dog left, goal oriented strategy, punching, supervision subject community

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in order to solve the no goal, no direction, a goal is difficult to adhere to the implementation of problems, made a dog left goal oriented strategy, punching, supervision and theme of the community. When users have a goal to achieve, the dog left will provide full service from beginning to end.

the dog left Zhong Yue founder, was born in 92, was in college, have seen too many of the same age, want to realize her well, but the lack of a good guide, environment, often fall by the wayside, every day to live in regret. She and I have similar experience. Such as ielts, want to self-study, multiple aimlessly on the Internet looking for strategy and scheme, chaotic, inefficient, often experience found in the search for the suitable strategy, rather than a true review test.

she later found that if strategy can be well organize, routing, let the students be clear at a glance, independent choice, directly participate in, this will be a good experience.

in the crowd, there are a lot of set goals but not to stick to target groups, such as preparing for the exam by taking part in all kinds of students, such as hope through sports and fitness of young people let oneself become more perfect, for example, want to develop a good early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy life of people. Aimed at the dog left pain points to help the user to select and supervise the complete the life that you want to track.

in use, the dog left thinking mainly as follows:

1. Rich strategy community to help users solve the problem of have a goal, no method, strategy produced by every field talent; How can look at what others are doing and progress, followed do together.

2. Help the user to think seriously about, and clear objectives. The campaign launched after would come around the target.

3. The user can record on the platform and follow up the progress of each project.

4. On the platform users can communicate with people who do the same things, and focus on the other side of the project schedule. But you never know what is your goal, because scientific research show that don’t make your goals public will greatly increase the probability of goal.

5. Each user is assigned a professional supervisors, for the user to perform supervise and guide the process of the project.

6. Web site has a set of integral mechanism, high score users will unconditionally won the prize.

now also a lot of similar products, represented by seeds used to clock in application, mainly provide user record every simple habit; Mainly target share oath friend application, mainly let the user write their good wishes, and does not provide a specific plan and incentive mechanism; Predominantly record to-do Any. Do such an essentially just as a trivial or each a one-off event record tool, and tend to rely on to achieve the goal of complete has repeated the nature of the event.

it’s different, on the one hand, the dog left provide specific solutions to users; On the other hand, in view of the poor can power, their user inertia, the dog left supervision mechanism, and provide users with someone habit, supervised the user will track. Yale university has shown that there are someone to supervise, 6 times will improve executive force.

at present, a lot of the product of the Internet is to cater to the weakness of human nature, so development easier. To the user’s journey is often more negative effects. Zhong Yue tell cloud network, hunting dog left to hope is to be a help users grow products, to overcome human weakness.

products currently web side just online, AnZhuoDuan soon “. But products are not mature enough, still need to multiple iterations, the project is currently in xiamen baidu hatch center.

because or incubation period, Zhong Yue hunting cloud network to that dog with the ultimate goal to complete oriented, meet the higher level of demand for humans too, so in early may need to put more energy on the operation and guidance, can rely on its own was the spread of the virus type effect. After being mature community mode, will try to translate into some better life commodity flash sales platform, with self improvement as the theme of the electric business platform.

the dog leftCompany: xiamen format network technology co., LTD.

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