Page failed to turn to do the H5, tencent business department TaoZhaoHong 3 months to 9.7 million users

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he was working in tencent interactive entertainment group of seven years, successive, head of the QQ game plan, tencent evaluation, 3366 founding producer, assistant to the VP. He came out in 2013 page business failure, partners flee, company to the brink of collapse, at that moment, he grabbed the QQ space open to the opportunity of H5 hand swim, made a 9.7 million users “to eliminate the stars you”, its users first.

now, he also tried to H5 IP together with big movie, launched the official authorization H5 mobile game with the same “crayon general mobilization”… His name is TaoZhaoHong, a native of CP in shenzhen. This game for gyro launched tencent entrepreneurship is a report of the fourth article, let’s come to the H5 tencent is a startup is CP, see how he rescue in adversity.

users 9.7 million! The fire before the nerve cat H5

“we are in 2014 in January in the research the H5 mobile game and through review in March for the first batch of tencent play H5 platform developed the first products” to eliminate the stars you “. Continue to operate this product for eight months, become one of the biggest H5 game of tencent registered users, 9.7 million users, and domestic in the operation of H5 hands to swim.”

about the origin of the name of the game, introduce TaoZhaoHong because there was a Korean dramas “you from the stars” in play, “the name of our game and the TV name is very close to the fire, the game from the design of the worldview, characters and stories have drama elements, is a fine line, so the game downloads are high, ran to the platform first, until now still registrations first.”

“we use COCOS engine technology, now several main engine include: great COCOS engine, engine, engine since etc, other engines we continues to focus on” River, surround nerve cat is Q3 only online, using egrets engine, namely the H5 slowly into the line of sight of people. H5 after fire, lei jun to start investing H5, each big investors also begin to pay close attention to the H5 investment.

“before” the nerve cat “fire is lei friend H5 game development technology companies are doing, is innovation works incubator project, have the hand of H5 developing an RPG” dawn empire “, they insist for a long time,, but at the time of filling is not perfect, H5 technology is not mature.”

prequel: do first page failure, partner to leave, the company to the brink of collapse

in 2013, entrepreneurial TaoZhaoHong resign from tencent, established the lotte into science and technology, choose to be a leisure class page. He introduced for investment at the time was not so good search, can only put into savings first running early, then I get a angel.

“entrepreneurial teams is four people, I am planning, others to be responsible for the front-end and back-end, fine arts, a total of four people, start page. Does the rectified, is a major recreational swim pages, remove the class play, but includes many RPG elements, a real-time PVP and PVE. But the game to quality is not good enough, insist on one or two months was optimized, finally failed.”

TaoZhaoHong says it has been proved that choose to do swim is a strategic choice for error page. “Because we were on the size of the team and do a good technical level. The page about tourism market and now the hand of the market, several big page manufacturers occupy 95% market share, our team itself research and development ability is not strong, but the success of the product to bet on on the channel resources, the results finally do not have enough good products to consumers, product failure is inevitable.”

page for the first time to do swim failed, TaoZhaoHong decided to try the mobile game, he used the original FLASH technology, use a month time to do a chess game, but also failed. “Then do the purpose of this game is to find a lay their hands on market situation, we use the technology that was not the mainstream technology do hand swim, lead us to a chess game to dozen trillion package, and others just SiWuZhao, so the result is bad, live performance is very general. Phase by a company to pay tens of thousands of yuan a stage version Jin Daili, but in the end is the other strategy adjustment not online game, also drunk.”


TaoZhaoHong concluded: “failure is decision-making mistakes, then hand swim card haven’t fire up, for the situation of the control is not enough; Mobile game is the second time failure, to a large extent depend on comfort zone and USES the FLASH technology is relatively backward, inclusion is too large.”

more worse, at the end of 2013, the company of the original three partners have left, founder of the four only TaoZhaoHong 1, there are only 2 people, the whole company team can not function properly.

twist: make H5 ecosystem and play platform, tencent business department cooperation with tencent

company is pushed into the wall, and the company also used more than half of funds, but still has been losing money. At the same time, a transit appeared — —

“tencent was just in play with QQ space to do such a platform, the platform need to be inside, at that point in time, will get a good flow of support, but their quality request is higher to the game, don’t like the little game WeChat friends circle rapid spike. Type of game play this platform is very rich, and will only do high-quality goods. So no matter you are what kind of game, only high-quality goods.

TaoZhaoHong worked in tencent interactive entertainment group of seven years, familiar with for tencent’s platform and policy. While doing page after failure, he think according to their own existing resources only do H5 suit, but the company didn’t have even the program at this time, “join a few QQ chatting on the Internet, one at a time to chat, looking for a partner, and finally to ‘outsourcing part-time + friendship help to do the H5 development game, after the full-time recruit just muddling through” in succession, reporters here wonder how something of a legend.

make thousand, the game has finally launched, “although our game is heavy, but if just see property income of H5 revenue than mobile game is much lower, and advertising accounted for a larger income. However, this game is the biggest contribution to our team: let’s team survived.” In August 2014, their first profitable company, income is not many, but the company began to the right track.

when it comes to business income and the state, he regrets: “in fact than ever at tencent’s revenue at work, a lot less, and even less than one 8 of the peak, but won’t regret it, because business is business, is in the long run, this is why the other partners had gone, oneself also will stay. Also, I’m glad that in the best time to join the tencent, with China’s Internet the best a group of people together and growth.”

“to eliminate the stars you H5 experience sharing: entrance, audience, cashing, divided into…

TaoZhaoHong think the successful experience of the game are: the first is the platform, with the aid of tencent this large development platform, there is a lot of traffic. The second is the product of the play has a certain innovation, art is very powerful, tencent’s recognised quality.

“about the H5, many people are concerned about the entrance to the problem, we developed the H5 now game in the main channel is not in the micro letter, on the tencent QQ space mobile end and play, but it can be Shared to the micro letter. A lot of users using a mobile phone QQ space, and the user age small whole, between 15 to 22 years old.”

it is understood that the H5 game is on the tencent open platform, so according to the policy of the open platform general standard to differentiate into proportion. According to the reporter understands through other channels, remove tencent channel cost, not into, within 100000 firmly into between 100000 to 1 million.

flow how to liquidate the game? “Tencent platform will provide cash ability, is a prop charge, by tencent, commonly used to pay to buy props, another is embedded advertising fees.”

new instructions of the H5: IP authorized cooperation, long-term operating

looking forward to the future of the company, TaoZhaoHong think: “we have done some H5 games, so in a certain technology and experience accumulation. We can now use the COCOS engine, cross-platform development, so for us to do a mobile game APP, H5 can still do.” Now, they have to try to blend of H5 and film IP, developed the H5 game with the same “crayon general mobilization”.

“the producers early in the film creation stage, in exploring films and organic combination of the mobile Internet entertainment products. Similar tour once had such as “where dad” hand “run your brothers” and so on, with the nerve cat night last year to detonate H5, brought by the producers to make authorization H5 hand swim.”

when the film is less than a month and a half of the time, with previous experience and understanding of the H5, the final game came out as scheduled, and also to play with tencent launched, finally get the support of play QQ space. According to TaoZhaoHong in “crayon general mobilization” H5 tour online after four days, hand already has 220000 unique users, brand has brought 100 million exposures for movies.


“we do more like a series of high-quality goods leisure swimming everyday, micro letter play is relatively abundant, iteration of line, but it don’t have to download the APP.” TaoZhaoHong believes that there is still a long road to success, this time after winning film IP resources, development of H5 game, with the same main purpose or try to cross-border cooperation, making money is not the main purpose. “” crayon” in order to balance the game experience, in on-line iterative release a new version every day after tuning, boutique H5 can be and must be long-term iterative operation.”

TaoZhaoHong in the eyes of the H5

H5 and end mobile game, is the difference between pages to swim?

actually image, H5 page is on the phone, H5 fit to play, we all know that APP hand user acquisition costs more and more high, the H5 is page game, with a relatively low cost, the user easy to access, but played after, users will need to survive is a research and development issues.

did you H5 performance is very good? Revenue sharing?

this should look to what standard, but water millionaire, at least I know there are several house. Because the H5 less channels, H5 filling players compare value or the cultivation of the market, not too much value profit, is still in a state of enclosure.

now do H5 development team, before do the swim, swim pages, tour of the hand, we are now the pressure is very big, because several big manufacturers began to join in. Like ink cochrane, upstream have do H5 development team. We initially enters play, only a dozen leisurely game, less than a year now, there are more than 60 games, and there are more than 60 models prepared online.

industry personnel is how to think of H5?

mainly divided into three categories of people: one kind is feel H5 outbreaks soon; One is about the H5 small to large wait-and-see attitude; One kind is development of H5 and a long way away. For tencent, has a high platform, set up WeChat is the world’s largest H5 platform.

how you think of H5 development direction in the future?

the H5 market now, games are relatively mild, a game to achieve an order of magnitude, and make money, you need to severe game development. Another way perhaps in H5 mobile game to do brand integration and interactive marketing, such as we work with the authorization of film, and more recently saw Uber H5 racing games, etc. H5 now technology is not very perfect, the market chain is not perfect, waiting for the market to mature, various conditions including platform like WeChat some opening policy implementation, outbreaks of H5 is coming.

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