P2P lending palm tens of millions of dollars, the financial financing for capital to favor?

(text/jing-jing fan)

palm all the financial recently announced that it had obtained the shenzhou pay nearly millions of dollars in financing and domestic well-known investor, this round of funding will continue to put the Internet payment and credit reporting two major infrastructure construction, strengthen product development, as well as new business development. Hunting cloud network interview to its founder Zhang Jinghua recently, how to explore the cause by capital favor.

founder Zhang Jinghua is Internet and financial backgrounds, the end of 2008 to resign from the post of headquarters of samsung electronics in South Korea back to China and after a few buaa students founded the “purse”, its main business is in view of the small and medium-sized businesses POS list and unionpay related mobile payment business cooperation. Purse treasure to the central bank issued in 2011 the first batch of one of the 27 to pay licence, became the only a full licence company focus on the mobile payment. In March 2014, Zhang Jinghua and set up the Internet financial firms, return to the science and technology co., LTD., Beijing officially launched P2P mobile end credit service platform “borrowing” lightning.

lightning borrowing based on micro letter platform such as SNS provides users with individual microfinance below RMB ten thousand yuan between, the membership invitation, 60 seconds lending, 21 days periodic payments, all users get credit by credit certification after borrowing anytime and anywhere. Lightning borrowing, of course, to provide users with the line size is related to personal information, user information audit must be conducted before apply for credit. Including financial information, consumption level, social circle, the repayment ability, and authenticity. User information is comprehensive, the higher the lines will be provided, if the conditions, the lightning borrowing will be 60 seconds to borrow into the borrower’s bank card.

60 seconds funds to the account, I can’t help but question really need so fast? Zhang Jinghua’s answer is sure. Initial lightning borrowing model design, he said, is 10 minutes lending, “but received loan users complained that almost every day – too slow.” On the other hand it also and loan target user related, lightning Zhang Jinghua said, petty cash requirements in first-tier cities may not be obvious, but in three or four line city is underdeveloped financial has a big demand. Therefore, the user can borrow not only, still can do financial management. Idle funds a second-tier cities high salary users can in lightning borrowing money, act as the role of lenders, and three or four line city users can when borrowers, so also can realize the function of the allocation of resources. It is understood that the yield of 8% to 8%, and age 21 100 yuan.

why choose ten thousand yuan loan market as a breakthrough point, Zhang Jinghua said, platform is the main user of the 85 s and 90 s, many are moonlight clan or petty cash borrowing requirements, but this is now a lot of companies are reluctant to do. “And a small drape is not only what we are good at, its risk is also can be controlled. Facts proved, borrowing from the lightning online today, bad debt rate is low, time borrowing money 500 million yuan a year.”

Internet financial product value most is risk control system, for this, lightning borrowing system also has its own set of algorithms. In addition to the invited system, lightning borrowing platform users all credit data based on his bank card record water or weibo authorization verification, to minimize the artificial intervention, by technical means and the routing management to ensure the safety of every sum of money. Once the borrower cannot repay the loan, lightning borrowing will be subject to agreement from the borrower SNS ethnic relations in various adjustments.

of course, in addition to the risk control system, policy and other factors are also necessary to consider the Internet financial problems. Zhang Jinghua is very optimistic about it, he thinks, explicit policy will be released soon, as the regulatory, P2P platform of inevitable Matthew effect of survival of the fittest, then net lending industry platform quality will be promoted.

lightning borrowing currently only exists in the form of WeChat public number, Zhang Jinghua think based on WeChat circle of friends, lightning can borrow personal credit evaluation of users, and through certain rewards Settings allow the user to spontaneous, old customers recommend new users, users scroll growth. Of course, the mobile app will be launched soon.

Zhang Jinghua told hunting cloud network, in March 2014, lightning borrowing has nearly five hundred thousand registered users, transaction more than 50000 users, the platform trading at more than 500 million, and the domestic more than 200 Banks reached a cooperation. Business covers Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, shenzhen, second-tier cities, such as the business scope is gradually sinks into lower-tier cities.

when it comes to the development of the future, Zhang Jinghua said, return to the financial strategy is to create a layout of multiterminal mobile financial platform, which covers the P2P business, Internet data service, mobile payment, mobile shopping and other services.