Own is the best investment

rags-to-riches story the same, a lot of people can imitate or find inspiration, starting from nothing, to reach the top of the fame and fortune.

this story in competition is the entrepreneurial spirit, this is a kind of helps you create a new land.

as a startup, financing is a way of development and progress. In an ideal world, have the money to support, the development of the company will be more rapid and more powerful than other competitor, believe that both you and the investor will soon see the dawn of victory.

of course, the road is not only this one, the other side of the story can also be like this: two or three ambitious people to set up their own kingdom, accumulating users.

when you don’t spend a penny others alone since founded a start-up company, means that you are determined to take charge. First of all, please don’t weaken his position, the investment itself, we are to make money. Second, if really don’t accept the financing, before the real into practice, you have to clear the company’s business model and profit channel. Third, when you really decided to strive by you initially only the money, you need time to make a decision carefully, do things absolutely must have the principle. Finally, no bother investor, you can follow one’s inclinations to build corporate culture, to know the company culture that is very important for a company.

want to know, startup the success rate of only 10%, the independent guide decision will mean that the company execution plan arrangements need to be tight and tight. So, is the following points must be considered:

give up your original job

when you devote a thing, you will see different things happen. But if you want to capricious don’t give up, this will require a great dedication. If tell you that, once the failure, you have to sleep on the high street but no choice, you should immediately alert, work more hard, even will not feel the existence of time. Wake up alarm clock will be pushing pushing forward, only to make to maximize efficiency. Early entrepreneurial teams, especially the group of people founding people need to have the courage to compete with other people, but also have a strong desire to succeed.

in the lucrative you leave that job, towards the “zero” income dream before, please be sure to want to know in advance, if not the income, in the next few months, how are you going to feed themselves?

think people want

self guide the key to a company is to develop people are willing to pay for its products. If you believe that the current this lucrative market still exist some inevitable problems, you don’t need to waste your savings on these issues, but can send money directly to the product development. Quickly to promote products online, and waiting for customer’s feedback, and then based on the customer’s advice on product improvement.

knew all about customer

when you knew all about your customers, your products will only do better and better. And through the customer’s eyes, you will find themselves the most unique. For us, “life” is our most unique positioning.

chatting with customers at the same time can also provide you with the target market of some nuances. A simple example, we can contact with most of the small and medium enterprises are long-standing, running their own company, hire also are mostly family members. The dynamic control help us more accurate to find the most appropriate way appeared in front of the customer, and related information for the fine-tuning, we make customers more trust, more satisfied.

Create predictable business guide

if happen to someone is willing to pay for your product, so, when acceptance of collaborators, fill the funnel will only increase your value. Have such is very useful for us in three ways: customers to participate in public BBS; List the software guide listing; Search engine optimization.

customer participate in the public forum is a long-term strategy. If you unreservedly directly show its sales status, most of the time, your end is to be shipped. So, this crucial first step is to establish a good relationship with webmaster, and the relationship established generally started buying website AD pages. Once contact closely, the moderator will be a post for your product, it will be some super reliable trusted the opinion of the best sources, since these opinions are you BBS great god the crystallization of the wisdom of god.

in addition to the BBS of the masses to actively participate in and great trust, we also need to ensure that potential customers are looking for software, everywhere we figure, which should also be included in the high rates of organic search search software guides. These BBS has been described as “enterprise software call” of the enterprise or the enterprise when choosing software in order to obtain reliable advice and go to the place. We also need to ensure that customer give us the positive evaluation on each site, so that the potential customers to find our time at a glance to see those recommendations. These huge traffic site will create a predictable business guide channel provides a great convenience.

we can rank in the organic search, high quality content is released because we customers care about and want to share real, natural is also a strong correlation. Surely this should be the best is the cheapest business guide channel.

understand own value

if you find a willing to pay for customers, also saw the company, for the continuous development of the public eye to you is about to begin. When investment invasion or purchase requests kept coming, please bear in mind that you are to create self guide, entrepreneurial companies in the first place. Yes, you have successfully created a valuable product, but actually created himself how much value to figure out what will largely help you choose the suitable investors or partners, can also help you decide whether want to continue to develop the company or stop writing, transferred to others.

a lot of investors about the costs is to contrast the customer lifetime value. If you don’t have those data, set a goal, can break before you consider rise, for instance, set the current revenue of $2 million a year. To do so, you can add all you will need to index all together, so as to obtain generous returns.

the right opportunity comes, it is well known

run a self-guided after startup, there could be a period of time, so you need to grow at an unprecedented rate alone. The importance of choosing the right partners must be severely stressed. Because you have well done the important work, if beauty disillusioned at this time that will be how regret things. Remember, now that I chose when “Cinderella”, so, as long as you work hard founded startups still have a glimmer of hope, you should bravely towards the ball like Cinderella, look forward to connecting!