Overseas tour one-stop service “A small sack” pack out

(text/He Yuying)

small sacks: focus on outbound tourism, theme tourism one-stop service, the early marriage industry as China, to provide users with honeymoon trip abroad, wedding photography, wedding overseas and related supporting services. Products launched in September 2014, has been to provide services to more than 100 couples, with various famous places such as north wide photo studio, and with a number of the maldives above five-star hotel successful docking.

a small sack of founding team entrepreneurship are an occasion and southwest branch member, before independence in 2014. Long-term accumulation of marriage industrial resources, coupled with the founder for 10 years of industry experience abroad, let team came up with small sacks of entrepreneurial ideas. Small sacks will be located in the new generation of high-end outbound passengers, choose a prototype in the maldives, market, in the form of fine XiaoBaoTuan within 10 couples custom travel route for the user.

small sacks tourism f y tell hunting cloud network founder, team recommend three-step process course click on the way. Users in the website home page click on the city, budget, and departure time, the website can match the activity within the scope of the most aggressive of hotels and airlines to choose from. At the same time ensure that provide users with air tickets hotel are the premise of not more than three options, hotel covers the boat as much as possible, water or in forms of transportation, air ticket to provide direct and selection of personalized, enhance the user experience.

“swim now domestic tourism has gradually developed into the depth of stage, one-stop service experience is especially important. Although XiaoBaoTuan form, but every couple can complete their own personalized custom route before departure.” F y to hunt cloud network is introduced, the maldives route about in a week or so, among them 1-2 days to shoot photos or wedding, other time according to user needs small sacks provides a number of value-added services, the couple can click on the project before start to customize your own itinerary. “Just like before you go to a restaurant, we provide users with a menu choice, at the same time with close” dessert “– little sacks travel practical items bags.”

in 2014 reached 117 million, China’s outbound tourism island line by more than thirty percent, only the maldives reached 400000. Overseas trip as a popular theme tour product, OTA, entity, travel agencies, the traditional studio, the intention of online photography platforms are involved points. How to survive in several warring, f y have their own views. He thought a lot of OTA at the beginning of the development of their own products on the market is less, concentrate on what an O2O platform. At this stage to cater to the market demand of its own products, but the lack of experience in product segmentation and depth. OTA user, on the other hand, most is sensitive to the price, but low price means travel experience is in control and influence.

traditional travel channel can guarantee user traffic at the same time, the user is not accurate positioning, the quality of wedding photography cannot grasp. And more recently emerging photography platform, adopt the C2C pattern let the photographer and the user direct docking. This bold attempt because exit the lack of resources, did not figure out a reasonable business model.

a small sack of tourism as a wholesaler to butt end B, C. For B side, small sacks using their own channels to bring the user resources for hotels, photo studio, through patterns of value-added products into B side relative to “go it alone” more profits. To the sole provides free housing and wholesale cost, in divided into, make a good photographer resident island.

for C end user, a small bag of straight to B side saves the intermediate links, to provide users with high-quality low-cost services. “High quality user experience can bring us more user resources, with a small bag of users to share their wedding, the surrounding have the same needs of customers will become our potential customers.”

y tell hunting cloud network, docking is a small bag with B business, profit redistribution process, such as docking further also can achieve win-win interests. In the future, the small sack to maldives model market be replicated, from two aspects of theme travel type, destination on line. And related physical product docking at the same time, the one-stop service. “User access to the site can not only choose travel plan, can also be a key to buy travel suit, save her check strategy gathering equipment trouble.”

“small sacks will categorize user requirements, the marriage users as our front end, which set out according to user requirements development parent-child swimming, scuba diving, business topics such as product. Enhance the user viscosity, also can extend the back-end service.”

hunting cloud network know that water can reach millions of small sacks tourism at present month, with A round of funding plan.