Overheating and homogeneity. O2O business window tend to be closed temporarily

note: hunting cloud O2O entrepreneurial boom is still on, but the fact that the giants are fireball resources advantage comes into play, the more unfavorable, every O2O vertical appeared the serious homogeneity, investment, the problem of cluster, the more critical requirements for the new project at the same time, between the industry reshuffle and inevitable, despite the O2O areas there are a lot of opportunities, but for now this wave of entrepreneurship heat or there will be a periodic adjustment.

the following articles to tencent technology, from the perspective of some reading status O2O today:

like night of spring breeze comes suddenly, thousands of O2O financing.

two O2O is the talk of all Internet companies are repeated, only O2O allows businesses to survive the next generation. Such a crazy dance naturally attracted capital, the word “O2O” frequently appear in the startup business plan, appeared in the round round of investment of investors, and tencent, baidu, ali, 58 market represented by Internet giant, small giants in the field of O2O frequently is to let the O2O industry looks very attractive.

but several glad several sorrow, behind a rising tide lifts all boats and valuation of financing, really stand out from the O2O project but does not see more, according to tencent technology understand most O2O enterprise is hard to get C round of financing. Behind the flock of O2O project are faced with the problem homogeneity is serious, offline resources, capital chain is difficult to guarantee.

a natural question, without a TAB or giant flow powerful financial support O2O enterprises are able to see the dawn of the victory? In the offline channels and users spent a great deal of money on subsidies of O2O companies can insist on how long? If no money, these ‘wild can wanton galloping across the plain?

O2O well-known entrepreneurs carved ye said publicly: “O2O business window period may be over.”

O2O war for

after the car market, take-out, booking tickets… Spending money on most O2O enterprises adopt increasing subsidies to attract users.

the latest news is spent 1 billion yuan drops quickly announced subsidies, to launch “free express” activity. And declared “O2O business window closed” carved ye has announced its beauty industry O2O platform beaver family subsidies of 100 million yuan, open the beauty industry is the largest ever within the territory of O2O subsidy scheme for the user, at a time. Since May 25, Beijing, Shanghai, shenzhen, hangzhou, chengdu, guangzhou beaver home users can enjoy low price door to door service.

in the back of a huge subsidies nature is large investment, with two giant tencent, alibaba backing behind drops quickly since needless to say, the beaver’s home is 58 market has just had a $50 million financing order, this natural vulture ye be able continue to burn for market expansion.

beaver home is far from alone, according to tencent technology rough statistics, only in May 2015, the main O2O concept reported complete financing and the company has more than 30, totaling more than $400 million plus 400 million RMB.

even more crazy, a big Bob is on his way to the O2O company funds. An investor to tencent technology not to be named, said: “now the investment circles almost all people think that the mobile Internet is the future, the mobile Internet and traditional industries combined with nature will not be the most closely O2O industry investors.” He even said to tencent technology, as long as O2O, won’t make mistakes.

all cars CEO li also to tencent technology, said: “the current domestic O2O niche business too much, there could be a leader in every industry. From now, the development of O2O not wrong, just see the team’s ability to execute enough.”

in the short term is still no return

but for O2O business, no matter how much bread painting eventually still need performance support.

at present most of the O2O project finance purpose is to buy traffic subsidies, the user or the enterprise once broken “hay”, perhaps will face a tragic ending, recently announced it will stop love carpooling is a typical service.

an embarrassing data show that in the field of O2O, last year to get A round of entrepreneurial company has more than 800, and got B wheel is only more than 200, A C wheel is less. In addition, the influx of capital for many O2O enterprise capital carrying forward, TAB giants such as more frequent in the industry layout. An investor to tencent technology said: “now many O2O enterprises prefer to choose from, it is took a fancy to the resources of the giant Internet companies bring behind.” In his view, the real independent molding and profitable O2O enterprise almost won’t appear in the two years.

some calm investors to tencent technology, said many people believe that investment O2O not wrong, but now O2O is overheating, for investors, O2O opportunities may have been in the past.

YunQi venture investment managers QuKai to tencent said the future of science and technology in a short period of time the rapid development of the O2O will continue, there are two main reasons: one is the mobile phone is still in rapid development, the realization of the popularity of smart mobile devices make O2O infrastructure is more and more perfect; The second is the rise of the middle class consumption and information consumption from offline to supply to the service quality and experience did not keep up with, be badly in need of O2O change. But he also said the O2O problems is diminishing marginal cost is difficult to and barriers to entry are very low, poor stickiness. O2O, in his opinion, now don’t have a lot of business opportunities, because of the high frequency for standardization of giant intervention, and the new model need more upfront costs.

in carving the ye view O2O business window period is over, but has entered the field of struggle of entrepreneurs still have good space to grow up: “if you had already started O2O, run forward as soon as possible. Now the biggest advantage is that take the door O2O capital markets, like investment, high valuation, investment quickly.”